April 2017 Goals

Happy Spring! Can you believe it? I’m actually EARLY with my goals post this month! I hope the weather is warming up wherever you are. I know that spring makes people want to clean and organize, so this is the perfect time to get serious about those goals you set in January (or to create some new ones). Before we get into my goals for April, let’s take a look back at my not so stellar March goals:

1.) Track my food 1-2 days a week on My Fitness Pal: F This was not my best month. As you may know, I injured myself running the Princess half so March was just kind of wonky on the health and fitness front. I was angry and frustrated with my injury for a couple of weeks, so I wasn’t super focused on my eating. I will say the second half of the month I did much better and ate by feeling of fullness rather than snacking just to have something to do while I worked etc.


2.) Orange Theory twice a week: F After the Princess half, I went twice in 3 days before realizing I needed to freeze my membership for a month in order to heal my leg. So, obviously I didn’t go twice a week after that/the entire month of March, so this one doesn’t really apply and I don’t consider it a true failure because I have been stretching and foam rolling and doing PT exercises.

3.) Put Together my Bar Stools: A+ YES! Finally an A+! I put one together by myself, then helped Bobby with the other two. I am sitting on one as I type, too. It’s nice to have another seating option other than our dining room table, especially for quick meals or just to chat with someone while they are in the kitchen.


Now for my April goals:

1.) Be able to run the Star Wars Half pain free: I started walking some, and also continue to stretch and foam roll in hopes I can run walk the Star Wars half pain free at the end of April. Fingers crossed!

photo (28)

2.) Organize extra room: We have an extra room in our house the we currently use for storage. Since I never go in there, I just shut the door and pretend it doesn’t exist. I know I need to get it organized though, so I am going to work on that this month.

3.) Walk 4x’s a week: My plan is to walk 2-3 miles four times a week, with a few short (like 1/10 of a mile) runs thrown in until I feel like I can run for longer without hurting.

4.) Stretch and foam roll every day: Honestly I should have been doing this all along, but when things don’t hurt, it’s the first thing I let slide. I have been doing pretty good about this, but I fear once I am well I will forget about it again and I don’t want to do that!


Want an easy way to track your goals and fitness habits? Check out my free set of printables to help you take action steps!

QOTD: What is a goal you have for this month? How do you handle a workout injury?

Easter 2016

For Easter, Bobby and I went to New Orleans to see my family. We dropped EK off Friday and stayed downtown to race Saturday morning (recap coming up tomorrow), and then we came back Saturday afternoon. The weather was great so we sat outside and grilled and snacked while Emma Kate played and had an Easter Egg hunt. She is really getting the hang of finding the eggs.


It was supposed to rain all day Sunday so we went ahead and had our fun Saturday.


I guess Bella was trying to help?easter17

After dinner, we dyed eggs, and I forgot the crayon at home that we use to write on the eggs. #MomFail.


Easter morning, my parents had a basket for Emma Kate as did we. Lots of fun new toys for the bug!


So I have this old book from when I was a child that has sounds on the side and Emma Kate loves it so I found another one from the 1990’s and bought it for her. She loves it!

Emma Easter1Emma Easter2Emma Easter5

She of course liked her Disney princesses, too.


Apparently her new thing is sitting in the window sill? emma easter

We ate Easter lunch with my family and then loaded up the car to head home during EK’s nap time. It rained hard the WHOLE way home. Not a fun thing to drive in!


So glad we had a great weekend with family for Easter, and I hope you all did, too! Ready for some beautiful spring weather (and no rain!)

My Spring Workouts

As the weather changes, I feel like my workouts change as well. Not only that, but honestly, I get bored really easily. While I have continuously professed my love for boot camp as of late, I know I need to mix it up as well, so I wanted to share with you all what I plan to (loosely) be doing this spring as far as workouts go.

1.) Boot camp 3-4 x’s a week: Boot camp is held on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I always plan to go Monday, Tuesday and Friday, and try to make it Thursday every other week. This ill give me the opportunity to get an extra run in every other week, or a second rest day if I feel like I need it.


2.) Run 2-3 times a week: After a near PR at Rock ‘N’ Roll NOLA after only running once, occasionally twice a week, I decided I want to ramp up my running to 2-3 times a week, but since we are getting out of half marathon season, they will be shorter runs (but I would like to keep a 7 or so mile base through the summer). So I will run on Wednesday and Saturday, occasionally throwing in Thursday as well.


3.) Rest 1-2 times a week: I always take one weekend day off to rest (preferably Sunday), and on weeks I run twice instead of three times, I will use that second day as a rest day. I just think every other week my body responds best to two days off. Let’s face it, life happens, and sometimes we have doctor’s appointments, extra work, or are out of town. I don’t want to get so strict that I am beating myself up over a missed workout.


Now that the weather is nicer, I plan to be outside a lot with the family, too. We love going on walks, and Emma Kate is now old enough to go to the playground, so I will do some “active rest” as well. I mean, let’s face it….with a toddler do you ever REALLY get a full rest day?


QOTD: What will your spring workouts look like?

First Spring Weekend

Hey guys! I meant to do a weekend recap yesterday but wanted to get my Princess half recap up, so I am going a little out of order. We were blessed with some amazing spring weather this weekend, and we took full advantage of it!

Friday morning I went to boot camp and we spent some time outside running sprints. The sprints weren’t fun, but the sunshine was wonderful! I am finally starting to notice a difference in my muscle mass. Hooray for baby biceps!


Friday Emma Kate had daycare, so I worked and we just hung around the house that evening. Saturday morning we were in and out of the house walking up and down the street with Emma Kate. That girl LOVES to be outside.


After her nap, we took Emma Kate to the park to play on the playground and swing on the swings. We then headed to the yogurt shop to help out and do a couple of things, and it’s a good thing we stopped in because they were swamped! Everyone was apparently out enjoying the weather.


Saturday night Emma Kate must have been one worn out child because she slept until almost 8:30! We were running late for church because I didn’t want to wake her up.



After church we went to Five Guys and ate cheeseburgers outside, again enjoying the nice weather. Emma Kate did great and sat on the bench for most of the time and then just ran around a bit saying hi to everyone. We got some stuff at Fresh Market to grill that evening and went home for baby naps.


While the little one napped, I decided to go for a 5k training run, again, because…sunshine and warmth. One thing I forgot was that a cheeseburger and fries is NOT great pre run fuel and I was HURTING during that run.


Silly girl slept for an hour 45 (who has kidnapped my child? She never sleeps this long!) and was in a great mood when she woke up.


Then it was up and down the sidewalk again until it was time to BBQ.


We had some wine and cooked some chicken and sausage and I got to use my new wine glass from marathon weekend.


We so very much enjoyed being outside and I think we were all worn out that night! I’m excited for daylight savings for the extra daylight but not looking forward to what it will do to the baby sleep schedule.

QOTD: What did you do this weekend?

Fitness and Running Event Registration Details


Happy Friday friends! Spring has officially sprung in the south, I did some work outside yesterday because it was just too darn pretty. The dogs really enjoyed being outside too. We took a nice long walk down by the lake. Lots of new smells apparently.

unnamed (12)

There are a lot of exciting things happening, and lots of fun events coming up to sign up for! I just wanted to highlight a few for you to mull over for the weekend. Who is registering?

-Registration for the Disney Fit Challenge is now open! Go HERE for details on how to register. Remember dates are September 26-28, 2014 for ages 18+ to participate.

-Registration for the runDisney Avengers half marathon opens Tuesday, March 25th at noon EST. You can register at runDisney.com at that time. I would do so ASAP, I have a feeling this will sell out in just a couple hours.

-For those that love the Rock n’ Roll running series (me! me!) Be sure to check out info on the 5k virtual/ and fun run for the Vegas rock ‘n roll stop! Go HERE for info on how you can participate even if you can’t be in Vegas. There will be hosted fun runs in select cities AND a virtual run you can participate in. Way cool.

Official event hashtag: #LVKickoffNight


QOTD: Will you be registering for any of these events?

St. Patrick’s Day 5k Race Recap 2013

This was my third year running this race, and I can honestly say it was most likely my last. There are some issues that have yet to be resolved, and the disorganization is not worth the stress to me! If you will remember last year it was very hot, and the rae started late, and they ran out of water. I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and try again this year, but they got a big fat fail.

It was a beautiful sunny day, but the temps were climbing and the race wasn’t slated to start until 9:30 (one of the things I had hoped they had changed…even a 9:00 start would have made it a little cooler and given a little more shade.) Bobby and I got dressed in our St. Patrick’s Day green and headed down to the beach.

photo (39

photo (33)

We were running a little late, and we got there a minute or two after nine. The 1 mile started at 9:00 with the 5k starting at 9:30, so we hurried to get our bib’s and T-shirts so we would still have time  for a restroom stop and to warm up. Well, what do you know…they ran out of shirts…again. I asked the lady why…we were pre-registered…shouldn’t they NOT give away our shirts to the day of people registering? All she said was “we have a bigger crowd than anticipated, sorry” Um…ya…that’s exactly what happened last year when they ran out of WATER! Just don’t give pre-registered shirts away, it’s SO simple. Problem solved. Annoyed, We ran back to the car to put on our bibs, take a GU, and get ready to go.

There is a BBQ and craft festival on the adjacent village green every year, and I remembered last year that we used the bathrooms down there and it was a MUCH shorter line than up by the race start. Yes! Something was going right for us, Virtually no line. We ran about a half mile warm up, and got to the starting line at 9:30….and we waited….and waited. As I was standing there, someone taped me on my shoulder. It was Gina! We chatted for a few minutes (mainly me griping about the race and starting late again, sorry Gina!) and finally we were on our way about 9:40.

I wasn’t sure what to expect for this race. I had been struggling with my sinuses the end of the week, and also with the heat/late start time I wasn’t sure if I had another PR in me. A 7 day turn around for another 5k PR is tough! I admittedly started out a bit too fast. The course was CROWDED and with no chip timing, I knew my time would be “off”. I hurried to get around slower people and into some breathing room, which ended up making me go too fast that first mile. So much for negative splitting! I chugged along looking at all the green outfits, and we quickly were at mile one. I felt good, but knew it wouldn’t last. I knew we were getting close to the turn around, and I saw Bobby and gave him a high five as he went the other way.

I typically don’t stop for water during a 5k, but I was having a hard time breathing with the phlegm in my throat (again, you are welcome.) So I thought maybe some water would help. I walked for about ten seconds drinking water and dumping it on my head. I kept going and we hit mile two. I know it was only a mile left, but it was a tough one. There wasn’t anymore shade, and the heat was starting to get to me. I had stopped paying attention to my Garmin and I decided to take a walk break. Keep in mind I walked ZERO seconds just seven days prior in my other 5k. I only walked about ten seconds, and kept moving. I ended up doing this two other times because I didn’t think I had a chance to PR again so thought why kill myself. Well, I am apparently an idiot and wish I had been paying closer attention to my Garmin. I looked at my watch when I hit mile three, and saw…holy crap, I CAN PR! I gave it all I had, and crossed the line with a ONE SECOND PR! I am of course happy, but also made at myself because if I had realized I had a shot I never would have walked so much and could have run probably about 15-20 seconds faster. Oh well. I learn new things every time I race, but I won’t be back at this particular one.

photo (29)

So, new PR stands at 27:51. Bobby PR’ed by about nine seconds, 23:10. Luckily, they did not run out of water this year. Smile The small area where you hung around and waited was VERY crowded. This race had over 600 people in it. There was nowhere to stand or sit, so we decided to go.

photo (30)

We headed back to the car to change into some flip flops before walking down to the BBQ festival next door.

photo (32)

Thank you KT Tape for another pain free run!

photo (31)

Kind of creepy how similar these photos are! (2012 and 2013) You can tell I started lifting weights and now have arm muscle, score!

2012-03-17 10.19.24 photo (2800

Every year we say we are going to stay and eat BBQ at the festival and never do. Since it was such a nice day to be outside we decided to hang around this year.

photo (26)

We shared a pulled pork sandwich and beef brisket sandwich, and Bobby also had two ribs.

photo (25)

photo (23)

They had live music, entertainment for the kids, it was a neat little thing, officially called “Grillin on the green”.

photo (24)

We came home, walked the dogs and sat outside in the sun. I ended up getting a bit sunburned though.


I’m not sure what is on our schedule as far as another 5k before it gets too hot to race them. I would love to hit 27:30 before the summer but with the way the temperatures were climbing yesterday I’m not sure if that is going to happen!

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QOTD: Would you go back to a disappointing race or other sporting event if they had this many mess ups?

Signs of Spring?


Happy Saturday! Today has been a nice relaxing one! I slept until 8:30, then me, Bobby, my mom dad and the puppies went for a 30 minutes walk. its about 72 degrees and beautiful! We ate lunch then me Bobby and my dad went to Menchies for some froyo! I got pistachio and angel food cake with cherries, strawberries, and almonds.

2011-02-19130924 2011-02-19130930

I am really trying not to jinx it, but I am hoping spring is REALLY here and we don’t have anymore cold snaps! My mood is definitely better when the weather is nice. I seriously don’t know how people do it who live where it is cold, rainy and/or gloomy for a good part of the year. I need the sun! Regardless of if the weather stays in the 70’s or not, I am for sure suffering from a case of spring fever!



Bella does NOT like it when I go outside without her! How dare I!


Spring around here also means 5k season. While most of the country is just starting half marathon season, we are wrapping it up. Most half’s around here are between November and February. I can’t even find on in LA or MS past February! I plan to run maybe 2 more 5k’s, and continue to follow the rule I have put into place which is NO 5k’s after May. it really should be after April depending on the weather. I end up running slow because of the heat and ending the season on a sour note with a bad time, and I am determined to not do that this year! I am still looking at races trying to decide which ones I want to run but I am aiming for one in March and one in April if possible.

Half the house is taking a nap and the other half is playing on computers. I think it may be nap time for me, too. I just love a nice lazy weekend! Go enjoy your day, it’s to beautiful here to be inside on the computer!

QOTD: What is the weather like where you live this weekend?