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Good morning! Still no internet so I am blogging from my phone, which is super fun…not. Anyway, just a little news on two of my favorite races!

1.) the RunDisney Tinkerbell half marathon registration opens today at noon eastern! This will sell out fast, especially the new pixie dust challenge, so I highly recommend registering right at noon. The weekend takes place over Mother’s Day weekend, May 7-10 2015. I really enjoyed running the 2014 race and wish I was doing this one!
Visit RunDisney.com for registration details.


2.) Rock n Roll New Orleans is giving YOU a chance to design the 2015 medal! How cool is that? I will be running this one so I can’t wait to see the chosen design.
Here’s the scoop of what must appear on the medal:

-The name of the event (Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Marathon & Half Marathon) and the event date (January 25, 2015) must be included
The medal design
-must be New Orleans themed
-Designs may be submitted in any format (written description, drawing, graphic design, etc.)
-All designs most by submitted by midnight on 8/25/2014 in order to be entered
-Winner will be announced September 19th *subject to change


QOTD: If you could design a medal what would it look like?

Tinkerbell Half Marathon Race Recap

I was so very excited to run my very first runDisney Tinkerbell half marathon in January.

tinkerbell race recap

I had heard so many great things about it, and about the course, I couldn’t wait to see for myself!


I forgot one thing however, that I would still feel exhausted from Dopey the weekend before, and I underestimated how much of an impact it would have on my race. My plan was to have fun and soak it all in, but I also didn’t want to FEEL bad during the race either. I got up quietly as to not wake my mom, and walked towards the start line by myself.

The convenience of staying onsite can’t be beat. A quick walk from my hotel room and I was in my corral, with time to spare.


Right as I was walking into my corral I heard a familiar voice. It was Crystal! We chatted in the corral and waited for the race to begin.




Soon it was go time (no fireworks, bummer) and we started running together. Crystal asked if I ran intervals, I said not usually but why not! We hadn’t planned on running together but just kind of ended up doing so, and I am so, so glad we did. We talked the ENTIRE race and it made things go by so quickly.

Once we got into the parks, I told her no hard feelings if she didn’t want to stop and take pictures with me. She said it was fine and so we stayed together.




I felt bad for all the waiting so I kept insisting that she go on ahead but she hung with me.


We didn’t stop for all the characters, but still got a lot of photos. We made it into Disneyland park, and down Main Street.


The lost boys were on the carousel!







As we ran towards the Haunted Mansion, Crystal spotted Captain Jack! He was hidden off to the side so only had 3/4 people in line. I would have run right past him had she not said anything.


We headed out of the park and through Downtown Disney, where one of the highlights of the race happened for me. HUNDREDS of red hat ladies were at the turn by the sorcerers hat! They had signs, cowbells, and were cheering SO loudly. It warmed my heart and made me want to cry that there were SO many of there out there so early in the morning. They were totally awesome.


As we made our way off property, the sun started to come up.


I was so, so glad I was running 4/1 intervals with Crystal at this point. We were not even halfway through, and my legs felt like lead. It didn’t matter how hard I pushed, I just couldn’t go any faster. Luckily our chattering away was a welcomed distraction (as were the one minute walk breaks!) I would be lying if I said I paid a ton of attention to my surroundings at this point. Lots of different streets, buildings, houses, etc.

I got excited when we made it back to Disney property. We were getting close! We hit the mile 12 sign and I texted my mom to tell her we were close. She was waiting for me at the finish line in the cold, what a trooper.

We took one last walk break then charged ahead and finished around 2:45. I had a blast running with Crystal, but my body was definitely telling me it was time for a break from long distance racing for a bit.


We collected our beautiful medals, said our goodbyes, and I was off to find my mom.



Mom sadly somehow missed me crossing the finish line, but that’s ok she was still there. We were both cold so we didn’t hang around long. Back to the hotel we went for hot breakfast and then playing in the parks.



I love my medal!


Final Race Thoughts:

Tink has never been my favorite character, but I do love the idea of a women’s-focused race on the west coast. It had a fun girly atmosphere that I really enjoyed. The medal is beautiful, and I am so glad I could WALK from my hotel to the race start! I enjoyed the course and the fact that you are in the parks for further into the race than at the Disneyland half over Labor Day. It helped make the second half go by much faster. The volunteers were friendly and plentiful, and there was plenty of water and Powerade on the course.

There aren’t really many negatives to this race, I wasn’t a fan of starting at 5:00 (30 minutes earlier than the east coast races) and I also felt like the finish line was so skinny and cramped compared to the east coast races. My mom said that was why she had a hard time spotting me because so many people were funneling through such a small area at the end and you come around a quick corner so it’s hard to see. I felt like there were not as many bands/on course entertainment as at the Disneyland half. I don’t know this for sure, it’s just the way it felt to me (maybe someone knows how many there were?)

Would I run this race again? Absolutely! I really enjoy the west coast races, the weather is always SO much better, not having to take a bus is a MAJOR plus, and getting to run through the park where Walt Disney himself walked is truly magical.

QOTD: Have you ever run a race at Disneyland? What are your thoughts on all of the women’s focused events that keep popping up?

For more information on this and other runDisney races, be sure to visit rundisney.com

*Disclosure: My race registration, hotel, park tickets, and some meals were paid for by runDisney. However, all opinions are strictly my own.

Tinkerbell Expo 2014

I was really excited about going to California for the runDisney Tinkerbell half marathon weekend, it was my first one! Not only that, but my mom had never been to Disneyland, ever, so I couldn’t wait to show her around. The first thing we did after check in and grabbing some lunch was head to the expo. We were staying at the Grand Californian, and mom was impressed at how convenient the expo was for those staying on property.



Unfortunately, there was quite a long line just to get into the official merchandise area, we waited about 20 minutes or so. However, I was glad it was at least organized unlike at Dumbo back in August.


There was a lot of official merchandise to choose from, but sadly the sizing of the shirts was way off. The “I Did It” tech shirt was very boxy and SO short compared to the Dopey I did it shirt I got not even a week before. Sizing inconsistency bums me out. I was able to get what I wanted (coffee mug, sweaty band, etc.) and my mom bought me this adorable shirt:


I loved that lots of items said “flutter to the finish” and thought that was a very cute slogan.


We paid for our merchandise and did a little walking around so I could visit with some friends working various booths before heading downstairs to get bibs. We headed back outside and down the ramp to packet pick up.



Mom got her 5k bib, there were hardly any lines down here.


We had to go back into the expo to get the t-shirt for the race, and then bib the expo farewell. We would end up coming back on Saturday to walk around some more and say hi to some friends, but it was time to go rest before our 5k the next morning!


This being my first Tink, I have no previous expo to compare it with except the one for the Disneyland half marathon which was a nightmare. This one had a lot more volunteers, and they even had tape on the floor making little lines so you knew where to stand while you waited to go into the official merchandise area. They only let in so many at a time, which definitely helped with the flow of things. Also, there was plenty of merchandise out, we weren’t waiting for more to constantly come out like at the Disneyland half expo. They were not out of any merchandise that I am aware of (we were there about an hour after opening) and we had an overall positive experience!

QOTD: Do you buy official race merchandise at races?

Want to learn more about runDisney races? visit rundisney.com for details, dates, and runner information.

Weekly Workout Recap: January 2014 Week 4

Happy Sunday! This week was quite odd as I was in California then traveled home after being gone most of the month. I wasn’t sure how I would feel after Tinkerbell, and if I’m being honest, the answer is VERY burnt out on running.


So, I did what I felt my body needed…and I didn’t run. Genius, I know. I didn’t run for six days, and when I DID finally run, it was slow and I hated every step of it. I am hoping to get my mojo back in time for Princess next month, then I am taking a distance break.

Here is what this week looked like, day by day:

Sunday: Tinkerbell half marathon

Monday: walked around the parks all day

Tuesday: rest/travel day

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 20 minutes elliptical

Friday: 30 minutes stationary bike

Saturday: 3.1 mile run

I mentioned last week that I pulled my back at the airport. It has been slowly getting better, but yesterday after my run it really started bothering me again, so I will probably lay off the running until it’s healed.

I have also been using this sunscreen from Skin Authority, I like it because it doesn’t have any dyes or fragrances in it, and it also moisturizes as it protects.


QOTD: How soon do you go back to running after a race?

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Tinkerbell Half Has Flown Away!

If you wanted to sign up for the runDisney Tinkerbell half marathon, it’s already gone, like a flash of twinkles…er…light


However: Limited half marathon spots available through Charity Groups and Travel Groups; registration still available for Tinker Bell 10K, Never Land 5K and more


This race sold out less than two days after it opened for general registration! The third annual race will be held on January 19th, 2014 at the Disneyland resort in California. If you still want to tae part in the weekend you an sign up for the new Tinker Bell 10K, Never Land Family Fun Run 5K and Kids Races at runDisney.com.


The new Disney Fairies-themed 10K is Saturday, January 18, giving runners another option to experience a new runDisney event at a bit of a shorter distance. Tinker Bell 10K finishers will receive a new, specially-designed, fairy-themed medal.

tinker_bell_half_marathon_medal (1)


QOTD: Will you be running at Tink? Don’t delay in signing up for one of the other weekend events!

Tinkerbell 10k Announced!

There have been lots of rumors, but now it’s official: the runDisney Tinkerbell 10k is actually happening!

Tink 10k announced

It will be a fairy themed 10k held on Saturday, the day before the tink half marathon.

As if the runDisney series and women-focused events weren’t popular enough, now there is more fun to be had! Tinker Bell 10K finishers will receive a new, specially-designed, fairy-themed medal. I can’t wait to see what it looks like.

Quotes from the wonderful Faron Kelley: “We’re excited to add the popular 10K distance to Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend,Tinker Bell 10K expands an already exciting series of events, and adds more opportunities for our passionate runners on the west coast, especially those new runners who are stepping up to the 10K distance.”MG_1188-640x568

Exciting! Registration for 2014 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend opens July 9 at 12 pm EST/9 am PST Will you be registering? Did you believe the rumors? What will the medal look like!?!? *Note there will not be a challenge for this event.

Check out this cute video:

and Faron talks about the new race in this video as well:


more info from the runDisney website:

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Start Time: 6:00 a.m.

Start/Finish: Disneyland® Resort

Discover your inner pixie and run in the newly created Tinker Bell 10K. This 6.2 mile course will take you on a magical journey throughout the Disneyland Resort.

The Tinker Bell 10K Highlights

  • Timed 10K race
  • Disney Characters and Entertainment on-course
  • 10K course through Disneyland Resort area
  • Race within walking distance when you stay at a Disneyland® Resort Hotel
  • Event transportation included when you stay at a select Disneyland® Resort Good Neighbor Hotel

Tinker Bell 10K Race Participants Receive

  • Champion® Long-Sleeved Tech Shirt in Women’s or Men’s Cut*
  • 10K Finisher Medal*
  • Official Race Program Guide*
  • iGiftBag
  • Personalized bib (Must register before November 1, 2013 for name to appear on bib)*
  • On-course and post-race refreshments
  • ChronoTrack B-tag timed race with live runner tracking signup for friends and family

QOTD: Who is excited about the new 10k?!?


runDisney Updates


A lot has been going on in the magical land of runDisney lately, and with all the excitement of me running Goofy’s challenge I feel like it’s appropriate to recap some of the current (and recent past) happenings that are spanning both coasts.

In Florida, Adriano Bastos won the 20th anniversary Disney marathon for the eighth time. Looks like he is going to have to get yet another Mickey head tattoo. Rumor has it he wants to win ten! This was a hard fought victory for Bastos, running neck and neck with fellow training partner Fredison Costa until he surged ahead in the last half mile to claim the victory.

photo (6)


The following weekend in Disneyland, runners were flying through the parks for the second annual Tinkerbell half marathon. Over 21,000 runners joined in the fun, while Angela Escay set a course record for the event running a 1:24:10.

Ali Vincent of Biggest Loser fame, and Sean Astin (Rudy, Lord of the Rings) were also on hand to celebrate during this women’s health-focused weekend.

MG_1188-640x568 (1)

In the midst of these two races, sign ups began for the Disneyland half marathon and it’s newest component, the Dumbo Double Dare.

Twenty six hours after opening general public registration, the Disneyland half marathon, 10k, and Dumbo Double Dare were completely sold out. Over 25,000 runners will take part in the race weekend, with 5,000 of them taking on the new Dumbo Double dare (running the 10k and half marathon in one weekend). Since this record setting sell out, the Family Fun Run 5k has also closed registration, and the weekend is completely full. I am very excited to take part in Dumbo’s Challenge this year. I love inaugural events!

*A very limited number of spots remain open for the 10k and half marathon through charities, check out rundisney.com for details.



Also, a few dates were recently announced. Registration for the Tower of Terror ten miler will open February 12, and registration for the Wine and Dine half marathon opens on March 12th. Get ready, they may sell out very quickly!

*Some photos taken from Disney Sports News

QOTD: Were you surprised at how fast Disneyland sold out? What are your thoughts on the idea of the Dumbo Double Dare?

You Can Fly!


Did you know that registration for the Tinkerbell half marathon opened yesterday? That’s right, the 2nd annual race in Disneyland is back on again! I would SO love to run this race. If only money grew on trees and I could make it out to California for it. Looks like a BLAST!


Here are some deets:

-Nearly 20k people are anticipated to sign up!

-you can register at runDisney.com

-This fun weekend is slated for January 18-20, 2013

-The half marathon runs through Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park – including the new Cars Land – and the streets of Anaheim. The half marathon course will include music, entertainment and Disney characters at various junctures as well as runners in colorful Tinker Bell costumes. Runners who finish the half marathon will receive a Tinker Bell medal with its own set of wings.

-The race weekend, hosted by Disneyland Resort and the City of Anaheim, features a variety of events, including The Never Land Family Fun 5K and the runDisney Kids’ races on Saturday (Jan. 19), and the Tinker Bell Half Marathon on Sunday (Jan. 20). There will also be a health and fitness expo Friday and Saturday (Jan. 18-19) showcasing the latest running merchandise, as well as guest speakers – all geared toward women.


I am all about bling and I LOVE this metal! Hopefully I will get one someday! What are you waiting for? Sign up now! Prices increase mid July!

Speaking of price increase, the marathon weekend price increase for those races June June 19th, and Goody is already 72% full, and the marathon is 53% full. (Interested in more info on the full, check out my post revealing the new course for the special 20th anniversary run!)

More exciting news, registration for Disney’s Princess half marathon opens JULY 10th!!!


Guess what? I will be hosting a discounted room block for the Princess half race, just like I am for marathon weekend (I still have plenty of rooms available for the marathon weekend room block! contact me for more info at [email protected], great rates!!!)

No matter what runDisney race you choose to run, you will NOT be disappointed. Feel free to contact me for more details on any runDisney race!


QOTD: What runDisney race is your favorite (or would you like to run) and why?

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*Registration for Healthy Living Summit opened last night! I am one of the speakers, I can’t wait! Have you registered?