December Goals 2016

It’s the last month of the year! (Insert happy and sad face all at the same time.)  Did you make any big goals for the year? How are you doing with them? What about your November goals? Am I asking enough questions? I’m going to be honest, with the move last month, I didn’t have much time for anything else, and my goals kind of got forgotten about.


As a refresher, here were my November goals:

1.) Get the house ready for moving: A- Ready or not, it got moved! I didn’t get to comb through everything I wanted to and purge/donate/sell, but I did get most of it done and have only had to get rid of a few things while unpacking boxes. Pretty happy with this one, but also wondering how we have accumulated so much stuff over the past ten years?!

2.) Workout consistently without boot camp: B- Meh. My last week in Mississippi, I did HEAT class and went for a run, but it wasn’t my usual intense 5-6 days of workouts. While I was on the road, I did two hotel gym workouts, and I worked out yesterday in our new neighborhood gym…but I need to get on a schedule and get more consistent. I’m considering starting Orange Theory. Thoughts?


3.) Get Bella groomed before we move: A+ Bella got a haircut and looks so pretty! One less thing to worry about for awhile. Check!

4.) Change our address on all the things: C- I got our mail forwarded and have changed some of the things, but there are still SO many more things to change address on. I think this will be one of those things I will be constantly doing for months, and doesn’t really get changed at one time (at least that’s what I keep telling myself to feel better mmkk?)


Moving on, here are my December goals:

1.) Get unpacked: Y’all, we have a lot of boxes to still unpack and go through. A LOT. I think they may be growing at night while I sleep. I am trying to not get overwhelmed and take it one box at a time, but it’s hard to not want everything in it’s place right away.


2.) Be intentional and present this Christmas season: We have a lot going on this month especially with being new and trying to get settled in, but I don’t want to “miss” Christmas. Emma Kate is starting to understand things about Santa, the tree, etc. and I don’t want to fly through this special time. I mean, we still have so many Christmas movies to watch.


3.) Get into a workout routine: We haven’t decided what we are going to do yet as far as joining a gym (again, maybe Orange Theory?), so for now I will be running and working out in our neighborhood gym. However, I need to get into a routine and be consistent. I have worked too hard to go backwards.

Are you having a hard time keeping track of your goals or reaching them each month? I have found that printing them out and keeping them in front of me either on my refrigerator or mirror helps! Check out my free fitness and other goal tracking printables here so you can download and print for yourself!

QOTD: Did you meet your November goals? What are your December goals?

House Photos Part 1

I have been getting questions about the house, and because I can’t do a lot at once it is taking a long time to get unpacked. Things still aren’t exactly like I want them, but the main rooms are presentable enough to give you a peek at the space with some house photos.

The thing that drew me to this house was the big open space that is the living room/kitchen/dining room. We like to entertain so choppy rooms don’t really work well for us. Also, I want to be able to have line of sight now that we will have a kiddo in the mix! It will be so easy for me to be in the kitchen while baby M is well, pretty much anywhere in the big space. We downsized homes when we moved, but with the big open space it feels a lot bigger. There are also a ton of windows so lots of natural light!

The master bedroom is through the hallway on the right of the photo. I am standing next to the counter/bar in the kitchen and the dining room and front door are on the left.

House photos

Front door is next to that blue table on the left. (I also really like that I can see the TV from the kitchen!)


Below, the kitchen is to the left, and back behind that wall where our wedding photo is, is a hallway that has stairs going upstairs to the bonus room, and the laundry room. There is also a mudroom and a desk, and a door to the garage. Out that blindingly bright window is the garage. My next project is that ugly kitchen table. My parents had it when I was a child! The table isn’t in bad shape so I want to paint it, and just find some new chairs I can paint as well and re-upholster maybe. Haven’t found anything I like just get on Craigslist. Also as you can see baby stuff is already taking over!


Next to the Kitchen is the keeping room area, which could have also been  breakfast nook, but we already have a dining table plus the bar stools so we thought it silly to have a third eating area and opted to make a cozy sitting space instead. That hallway leads to the other two bedrooms and the second bathroom.


I’m not showing the whole kitchen because well, I didn’t feel like cleaning it up. But there is a big bar that goes across the room and the refrigerator is on the left of the microwave and stove. hallway to mudroom/garage is on the right.


If you will remember from my move in day post, this will give you an idea of what the kitchen space looks like from the living room area.


My next set of pictures will be bedrooms/bonus room etc, that one may take a little longer to do because those rooms are what I have saved for last as far as unpacking goes since no one really sees them. Smile

QOTD: When you move, how long does it take you to unpack? Do you prefer an open floor plan or closed off rooms?

Moving Madness

Oh yes my friends, madness it was! We arrived at the new house early yesterday morning when the movers got there, to find out the air conditioning had not been officially turned on for the first time so we had no air. This may not be a big deal for some, but in August, in Mississippi, it was brutal. The heat index was well over 100, and I felt so bad for the poor movers. We opened windows and had fans running, but it was still 92 degrees in the house.


The movers were excellent and I would highly recommend them to anyone on the MS gulf coast that needs to move!

The rest of the things we had lined up that day…not so much. So, the A/C guy shows up around 1:00, and we finally have air…but since it was 92 in the house it took until 4:00 pm to get it down to the mid 80’s.

AT&T was supposed to come but were no shows, so we called and the more than unhelpful person on the phone didn’t tell us anything and said they would have someone call us back. Hours later we find out some line has been cut and no one was coming. (So my question is WHY didn’t they call to tell us this instead of just not showing up?)


The people from the gas company were supposed to come set up our meter, also a no show. We explained to them we had no meter even though her computer screen told her that the tech read the meter….which we told her was not possible since we didn’t have a meter!

So it was definitely a very eventful day with a few kinks, and I am just hoping they can get the internet going in the next few days or I am up a creek.


We didn’t even start with the unpacking, it took all day to get everything off the truck. Those poor guys were slowed down so much by heat. Between the three of them and then three of us (me, Bobby, and my mom) we went through an entire 24 pack of water in less than six hours.

As I posted on Instagram, this picture pretty much sums up our day,


Bobby goes back to work tomorrow, and mom and I will be left with the task of starting to unpack…which will be interesting because most of the stuff in boxes….I have no idea where I want it!

I know we will eventually get through it all, it was just a little overwhelming for one day. So, we survived, but still have a ton to do. However we are excited to finally be getting settled into our new home! Please hang with me as I have no idea what my internet situation will be like over the next few days.

QOTD: Least favorite part of moving? Ever had someone be a no show to an appointment?

The Return of the Smoothie


Another week has begun! Sadly, it’s not a sunny one here. It is gloomy and HUMID. 99% to be exact. YUCK! I want to go run, but I also would like to be able to breathe thank you! I do plan on getting out there this evening with Bobby after he gets home from work, so I will do my 6 pack in 6 weeks video this morning.

This weekend was a good one. Saturday, I told you that I was two months away from vacation! Bobby and I spent the better part of the day unpacking. I have done 90% of the unpacking, but there are just certain things I can’t lift, don’t know where he wants them to go, etc. We were busy last weekend but finally got some time on Saturday. My mom told me we would feel better about unpacking once we could pull a car in the garage, so that was my goal on Saturday.

Originally we wanted to put BOTH cars in the garage, but Bobby decided since our YMCA wouldn’t be open until September, he wanted to set his weight bench up. We also have a golf cart that takes up a lot of room. So, we decided Francis the 4runner was going to have to stay in the driveway, while my 4runner got to sleep in the garage. It took about 5 hours but we did it!



I know it’s not perfect but it will do for now! We did a little weed pulling, and random yard work. Look, we finally got our private residence sign! With our neighborhood being very new, and the fact that they do have model homes you can go in, all the residents have these signs so people don’t just come on in!


We went to our new favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner. I can’t get over these cute pitchers you drink out of!


Yesterday, we went to church and lunch then came home and crashed! Bobby slept for over two hours! We relaxed the rest of the night, just as you should on a Sunday!

Now, onto this morning! I have said before that in the four months I stayed with my parents, I got addicted to coffee thanks to this.


Then when I got my own, I started drinking coffee every morning, which is NOT a habit I wanted to get into. So, now that the weather is getting nice, I decided today to have my first smoothie of the spring! I tried a pre packaged/portioned strawberry banana one made by Jamba juice that I got at Target. All you do is add apple juice (well, and I added protein powder!) it’s been an hour and I am ok…still awake and no headache…yet….we will see how it goes!

I have a deep love of smoothies. Remember these posts?

smoothie 1

smoothie 2

smoothie 3

smoothie 4

As you can see, I love smoothies! But, I hate them in the winter because I hate being cold, so today was the day (with 99% humidity…) that I decided to make my first one of the spring! Hopefully I will be throwing these in a couple of times a week instead of coffee.

QOTD: what is your favorite kind of smoothie?

I Will do One Thing Today


It’s Friday eve! I hope you are having a good one. It’s cloudy here, but going to be 80 again. I woke up at 7:00, saw my husband off to work, and then sat down in front of the TV with my coffee. I sat…and I sat…and I sat. You would think I have nothing to do, right? Wrong. I have PLENTY to do.

My house still isn’t unpacked

my desk/work isn’t organized like I want it to be

I haven’t worked out

I have laundry and dishes and dusting to do.

So what’s the deal? I am currently suffering from a case of the lazys. I have been apathetic the past couple of days, and it’s starting to bug me. I think it is a combination of a few things. The newness and excitement of moving is wearing off. I don’t really have any friends here yet. I don’t feel like this town/house/area is “home” yet. So, I am doing what I do best when I get a little sad. Nothing. Sometimes I struggle with getting stuck in my own self pity, and let’s face it, that doesn’t help anyone.

One thing I DO know is how to fix it…if I decide I want to. Sometimes I let my poor attitude get in my own way, and this can lead to me getting deeper and deeper into my “funk.” I really love a good mantra, and have adapted one I haven’t used in awhile to get me through this time and hopefully lift my spirits.


My headmaster at the school I used to teach at gave me this notepad. At the time, I tossed it into a drawer and didn’t think much of it. Funny how a saying means nothing to you when you DON’T need it, but can mean everything when you are grasping for something to get you though.

No, I don’t LITERALLY mean I will do one thing today, ha! To me, this means take it one step at a time. It’s overwhelming to think of all the things I still have to unpack in my house. But, if I look at it as “I am going to unpack one box” the task seems much more manageable and something I can actually do. Then, maybe, once I unpack that first box, I will feel good, and accomplished, and unpack another.

Bottom line: life can get so overwhelming when you think of all your problems, all the things you need to do or accomplish in a day, week, etc. Instead of looking at all of your tasks or problems as a whole, focus on one thing you can accomplish right now. One thing that is going good in your life right now. What blessings can you see? I see a healthy family, a home to live in, people that love me, and the best furry children ever, among many other things.

What is one thing I can do today? I can unpack one box. I can do one load of laundry. I can think of one way I can make new friends. If I am feeling good, maybe I will unpack more, clean more, and it will make my attitude even better.

So when you feel overwhelmed, think of your blessings, think of one thing you can do today, and think of all you have accomplished already. Running races is one of my greatest accomplishments personally. Having run 5 half marathons, a full marathon, 10k, and numerous 5k’s, I can say I am pretty proud of my running accomplishments.


What a great reminder. I hung this up right in front of my desk, so I see it all the time. I believed I could do these things, and I did them!


I am a marathon runner, so I can handle this! I can do one thing today to be a better person, to change my attitude, to be a blessing to someone else today. When life overwhelms you, try and focus in on one thing you can do today. For yourself. For your family for a stranger. Start with just one thing, and then do another. You can do it!

QOTD: What is “one thing” you can do today to get you going so as to not feel overwhelmed by life, but instead feel accomplished?

-Today is my VERY dear friend Jen’s birthday! go check our her blog and wish her a good one!