Overall Health and Wellness Tips

Overall health and wellness tips:

1.) Drink Water: I have harped on this several times on my blog, but water is SO important yall! It helps keep our bodies running smoothly, helps flush out toxins, clears our skin, and keeps us feeling full when we want to grab a snack. I shoot for eight glasses a day, and more on days that I do hard, sweaty workouts. Go grab a glass right now!

2.) Wear sunscreen: Spring is here, and if you haven’t already started wearing sunscreen (tip: you should wear it year round), then you need to start ASAP! Make it a part of your morning routine especially on your face! I also am careful to remember to put it on the backs of my hands. I know when I am driving my car they take a big hit on sunny days. Also remember sunscreen expires! If you have a bottle that has been in your cabinet for four summers, I would toss it and get a new one.

3.) Workout: This one is pretty obvious, but how often are you working out vigorously? Walking is so SO good for you, but if you aren’t getting your heart rate up or working up a sweat, you may not be doing your body as much good as you thought you were. A heart rate monitor can help you gauge your workouts. Shoot for five workouts of 30 minutes a week, or four workouts of 45 minutes each, but also walk as much as you can every day!

4.) Healthy eating: You may have heard the phrase “abs are made in the kitchen” and it’s so true! I know people with great abs who never do a single crunch. There are so many other great workouts that work your abs, and more importantly, it’s what food you are putting into your body. Take baby steps and try cutting out soda and unhealthy snacking during the day and instead drink water and eat snacks like almonds, Greek yogurt, an apple, or string cheese.

5.) Tooth health: This one doesn’t get mentioned as much as it should. Keeping your teeth healthy and strong is SO important for your health! I brush my teeth twice a day, and (try) to floss every day. (Full transparency, I don’t always floss every single day. Working on remembering!).


Also, strengthening and repairing your weakened enamel is really important. Think about how a moisturizing lotion can replenish your skin. A toothpaste can replenish vital minerals for stronger enamel.


I have been using Colgate Enamel Health Mineral Repair Toothpaste morning and night, which does just that. It helps absorb things like natural calcium and, with continued use, can help protect against sensitivity and cavities. (Not to mention it makes your breathe smell great!)


We all get 24 hours in a day, and doing the above five things don’t take a very long time, but yet can have lasting effects on your health for many years to come. We only get one body, so let’s all take care of it the best way we know how!

QOTD: What is one of the five things I mentioned above that you struggle with?

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Running Day + Water Day

As most of you probably know, yesterday was national running day. Even though I did a tough speed work session Tuesday night, I of course had to run yesterday. But not before hanging out with this cutie yesterday morning. She is getting more and more mobile by the day. She isn’t full out crawling yet but she can reach and pull and twist to get what she is after!

unnamed (12)

Since I ran Tuesday night and planned to run again at the track Thursday, I decided to just do a quick run around the neighborhood.

IMG_5663 (2)

It’s definitely running skirts weather! Some of their new collection has come out, it’s adorable! You can shop at this link.

A neighbor gave us a splash pad they were no longer using, so we tested it out with Emma Kate…and it didn’t exactly go over as I had planned.

unnamed (13)

She hhaattteeeddd it and cried and fussed until I picked her up. I’m not sure if it was the cold water or the sprayers or just something new, but she wasn’t having any of it. Hopefully later this summer she will warm up to the idea. Look at that frowny frowny face!

We still had fun sitting outside and playing. I love how adorable her Minnie Mouse swimsuit turned out to be!

unnamed (15)

unnamed (16)

I could just eat her up!

unnamed (14)

I also had fun staging a little photoshoot of my ASICS shoes that they ended up using in an Instagram post for national running day.

unnamed (10)

Sadly, that is not all of my running shoes. Also sadly, when Bobby walked into the kitchen and saw my shoes on the floor in a circle, he didn’t even ask why. Yes I apparently do weird stuff like this all the time.

So that was our eventful day yesterday, I hope everyone was able to get out there and run!


Chocolate. mmmmm….

QOTD: Did you run yesterday? How far? Did/do your kids like the water?

How to Trick Yourself Into Staying Hydrated

Hello all of you Running with Sass Readers. My name is Stefanie, I hail from a blog called Run On (http://run-on-riot.blogspot.com). I am here today to talk about hydration, my Labrador Winston will be helping me. You’ll see him a little later.


Or not…He’s pushy like that.

No matter what your training plan or fitness level is, you need to hydrate efficiently.

Increased activity = Increased SWEAT.

More sweat = Less water available for your body to use to survive.

I’m sure there are fancy words for that, but we are keeping things simple today.

I have struggled with hydration most of my life, because I just don’t get thirsty. If I don’t stick a water bottle in front of my face 24 hours a day, I can easily go the entire day without drinking any water. Even then, I get so busy that those water bottles just seem to blend into the background and I end up downing two 32 oz. bottles of water before I go to bed. I don’t recommend that. You’ll end up having to get up to pee every 20 minutes during the night.



The minimum water requirement for a non-active woman is 48-68 oz of water a day. So if you are active, you need MORE than that because you are losing a lot during your workouts. That, my friends, is a lot of water to drink in one day. At least it is for me. So, my point? There are ways that you can trick yourself into drinking water, and I am going to share those with you.

1. Make it taste like it isn’t water. Crystal Light is a good option. They come in convenient to-go packs, are usually sugar-free, low calorie, and make your water taste like fruity deliciousness. They have recently come out with a PureFitness version that is supposed to be all natural. Adding a slice of lemon or lime can also give your water a little extra ‘oomph’, without adding any sugars or calories.


2. Keep a water bottle with you at all times. As I mentioned before, keeping a water bottle in sight at all times reminds me that I need to be drinking water. 90% of the time it is effective for me. If you don’t have a water bottle, I would recommend purchasing one. Finding something cute and fun to drink out of can also trick you into thinking that drinking water is cute and fun. Or something like that…


3. End your meals with a cup of tea. There are many benefits to drinking tea. One being that they (especially green tea) have a lot of antioxidants, which can help detoxify your body. It also counts towards your water intake for the day. Win-win, I say.


4. Get a water filtering system. Like a Brita water pitcher. Not only does it filter your water, but you can keep it in your refrigerator for an ice cold glass of water at your heart’s desire. Colder water is almost always more appealing than luke warm water from the tap.


Anyway, those are all the tips I’ve got for you!

What are your tricks for staying hydrated?