Pregnancy Update: Week 30


30weeks bump

Symptoms: I feel bad complaining but I just feel big and slow and tired. I know it’s just going to get worse, but we just have a lot going on in our lives right now trying to move and get settled, so hopefully once that happens I can rest more (physically and mentally!) and prepare for baby M! I noticed it is getting much harder for me to do simple things like get out of bed, stand up out of a chair, roll over in bed at night etc. Also my hips have started aching regularly and I am trying to sit more/put my feet up.

Baby’s size: Cucumber/large cabbage

Let’s compare, 20 weeks to 30 weeks…..

20weeks bump 30weeks bump

Whoa, baby! 10 weeks makes a big difference! And to think I thought I was “huge” at 20 weeks! Ha!

Maternity Clothes: Still refusing to buy anything new, although I am having a hard time fitting into shorts now. I wear the same 2 paid over and over, and same pair of denim shorts and capris. Trying to make them last!

Stretch marks: Nothing new but I don’t check super close

Sleep: Oy. So up and down. Two day ago I was wide awake at 3:15, finally got out of bed at 5:00 when I realized I was tired of staring at the ceiling. Then last night I actually had a decent sleep, so confusing!

Miss anything: Feeling normal, running, good sleep.

30weeks preggo

Cravings: Same (I’m so boring) carbs, chocolate, frozen things

Aversions: large meals, that’s about it.

Looking forward to: MOVING! Yes my friends, we will be in a permanent home as of next Wednesday!

What I’m loving: Pinning nursery ideas, so much fun to think about and I can’t wait to nest!

Workouts: Just walking this week, I try to go every other day between 1-2 miles. Also doing stretches and a few leg exercises like squats, leg lifts, etc.

QOTD: Did you go all out decorating a nursery? Did you make a lot of things or just buy stuff?

Anyone else craving frozen things? Maybe it’s just because it’s summer and has nothing to do with pregnancy!

Weekly Workout Recap: January 2014 Week 1

First workout recap of January! I hope everyone had a great workout week kicking off the new year. I am tapering for Dopey, so I took it easy on the running front.


We are ready to see some characters!

At this point, nothing I do is going to make me faster, so it’s just about maintaining, keeping injuries at bay, and feeling confident. I took 3 rest days this week, Friday was unplanned, but I didn’t have a great day and working out was the last thing on my mind. Take a look:

Sunday: rest

Monday: 10 mile run

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: 30 minutes elliptical

Thursday: 30 minutes stationary bike, weights

Friday: rest

Saturday: circuit workout at home 25 minutes

My plan for next week is to rest today, run 3 or 4 miles tomorrow, and that will be my last run until the 5k on Thursday. We leave Tuesday and are driving halfway down to Disney, and then arrive Wednesday morning to go to the expo. If you are going to the races, I hope to see you there!

QOTD: Do you run the week of a race/before the race?

Weekly Workout Recap November 2013: Week 2

Happy Weekend, and I am actually home for once! Still trying to get my house back in order (oh, the laundry!) from being gone, but things have pretty much calmed down. This coming week should be a “normal” week for me, which I haven’t had in awhile. Work, workouts, sleep, repeat.


Can I go back to this?!?

I have been struggling with some toe pain since about a week before Wine and Dine, so I took it easy on the running this week. It’s weird, it hurts to walk (especially barefoot) and when I warm up, but once I got into a groove on the treadmill Friday, I barely noticed it. We will see what happens with it this week. Here is what I did this past one though!

Sunday: I finished the Wine and Dine half marathon after midnight Saturday night, so does that count as a Sunday workout?


Recap coming up!

Monday: Walked around the parks most of the day and evening

Tuesday: rest/drove home

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 30 minutes stationary bike, weights

Friday:3 mile TM run, weights

Saturday: 30 minutes stationary bike, abs

I need to do a long run next weekend of about 15-16 miles, so we will see what happens. Dopey will be here before you know it, eekk!

QOTD: Would you rather ride the stationary bike or workout on the elliptical?

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Weekly Workout Recap: October Week 1

The first week of October is already over. I can’t believe how close to Christmas we are, it’s mind boggling! I hope everyone had a great week of workouts. Since I had a race last night (more on that later!) I took it very easy this past week.

photo (33)

Sunday: 20 minutes elliptical

Monday: 3 mile run

Tuesday: weights (legs, abs, chest, tri’s)

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: walked around parks

Friday: walked around parks

Saturday: Tower of Terror 10 miler.

Walking around so much before the race isn’t exactly ideal, but after I found out about the heat advisory for the race, I knew I wouldn’t be pushing hard anyway. I can’t wait to recap my race for you!

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Weekly Workout Recap: September Week 3

This month is flying by. Granted, I haven’t been home for very much of it, but wow! We are now in my favorite season. I love fall, and can’t wait for some cooler temps to on down to the deep south.

photo (28)

Since I was gone at a conference until Friday of this week, I didn’t really do much working out. We were up early and out late every night, so I only worked out once while I was in Florida. However I did have a really great long run yesterday!

Sunday: 2 mile treadmill run in Disney

Monday: rest

Tuesday: walked around parks, 3+ miles

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: rest

Friday: rest

Saturday: 8 mile long run in 1:17

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QOTD: what is the longest run you do before a race? (the distance of the race, shorter, longer etc.)

Weekly Workout Recap: August Week 3 2013

Good morning! What a crazy week.


I ended it yesterday with a nice long afternoon nap. My body definitely needed it! While the bottom of my foot isn’t completely healed, it is doing MUCH better than last week. I think race tapering has helped as well as ice and ibuprofen.

If you have been reading along you know this week was a big week for me visiting Baltimore and the Under Armour headquarters. I did two tough workouts while I was there as well as my workouts at home. Take a look:

Sunday: rest

Monday: 3 mile run, legs and abs

Tuesday: circuit workout with Under Armour trainer

Wednesday: Yoga at the four seasons on the roof (amazing!)

Thursday: rest

Friday: one hour stationary bike, triceps

Saturday: 5 mile run

Let me just say, I am STILL sore from my workouts at UA. They kicked my butt and reminded me of muscles I need to work out more often.

UA skirt

Loving my new UA skirt and mesh top. So breathable!

Today is ONE WEEK from the Disneyland half marathon/finish of Dumbo Double Dare, so I will be taking it super easy. I may run 3 on Monday then 1 or 2 on Wednesday, but that’s it for running. I will probably lift on Monday and Tuesday, but Wednesday will be my last workout (besides walking around the parks) I am so excited, can’t wait to go!

QOTD: What do your workouts look like the week of a race or event?

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Weekly Workout Recap: July 2013 Week 4

Rainy weekend down here in Mississippi. Bobby and I  got POURED on during our 11 mile run yesterday. If only we had run a little bit faster we wouldn’t have had sand pelting our bodies (exfoliator anyone?) crazy wind and hard rain. At least it was in the last couple miles of our run.


soaking wet after 11 miles at the beach + a thunderstorm

Check out how the rest of my workout week went:

Sunday: rest

Monday: 6 mile treadmill run

Tuesday: weights, 40 minutes stationary bike

Wednesday: 3 mile run, 15 minutes stationary bike

Thursday: weights, 30 minutes stationary bike

Friday: 40 minutes elliptical

Saturday: 11 mile long run

I was very proud that I did cardio 6 days this week after being out of town for so long. It was tough getting back to it, but this is the first time I have run 20 miles in one week since February I think. This next week will be a running cut back week, then the next will have my last really long run before Dumbo Double Dare. I am not where I wanted to be speed wise, but I am confident in the distance. Now what about back to back runs…yeah I haven’t done any of those yet. Maybe this week.

QOTD: How many days of cardio do you do a week?

Weekly Workout Recap: June Week 3

Good morning from Georgia! We go home today, so sad. It was such a quick trip but hope to come back and visit soon.


We have had a wonderful time. Sadly, I didn’t workout at all while we were here, but that’s ok my body probably needed the break. Here is what I did this week:

Sunday: rest

Monday: 3 mile run

Tuesday: 45 minutes stationary bike, upper body weights

Wednesday: 3 mile run

Thursday: rest

Friday: rest

Saturday: rest

Definitely not a great workout week, so I will be hitting it hard this week. I have got to start building my mileage back up. My right knee is STILL somewhat sore, but I am going to keep foam rolling and stretching!

QOTD: Do you cut yourself slack with workouts on vacation?

Weekly Workout Recap: May Week 5

This past week was a little different as far as workouts go. You may remember my post recently saying my IT band is angry. Well…it’s still angry. I haven’t run since Tuesday, and I have been stretching and foam rolling all week. Fingers crossed I will be back on my feet in a few days. This is putting a damper on the training plan I was supposed to start tomorrow!

This weekend we went to my parents for the weekend for an early celebration of Bobby’s 30th birthday. We went out to dinner Saturday night. Let’s just say I didn’t eat so healthy this weekend!


Here is a look at my workouts for the week:

Sunday: rest

Monday: 35 minutes stationary bike, weights, yard work

Tuesday: 3.1 mile run, weights, 45 minutes elliptical

Wednesday: 35 minutes elliptical, 45 minutes stationary bike

Thursday: weights, 45 minutes stationary bike

Friday: rest

Saturday: rest

I definitely didn’t plan three rest days, but my knee was throbbing just standing up, so I thought it was what my body needed. Hopefully this week will be better! photo (1)

QOTD: Do you go out to eat or eat your favorite meal at home for your birthday?

Weekly Workout Recap: May 2013 Week 3

Another workout week is behind us! I am happy to say I did a good job of getting back on track after vacation.


I worked out six days this week, and did a good job of varying things up. I even got in a long run, which I haven’t done since March! Sadly, it’s already starting to get really warm here (it was 85 during my Saturday MORNING run!) So I need to get acclimated, and fast. I spent all day yesterday guzzling water and Gatorade because I sweat so much on my run. I felt really accomplished afterwards though. Ok, so here is what I did this week!

Sunday: rest

Monday: 3 mile run, chest and tri’s

Tuesday: 2 mile power walk on 7.0 incline, back bi’s and abs

Wednesday: 3 mile run

Thursday: 45 minutes stationary bike, chest and tri’s

Friday: workout DVD

Saturday: 6 mile run


I am hoping to do a long run of 7 miles this next weekend, and we will be sure to start a little earlier in the morning before it gets too hot! Have a fabulous Sunday everyone. Rest day for this gal.

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QOTD: What was your best workout this week?