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OtterBox has saved my phone many times and has asked me to share my experiences while telling you about their awesome cases. All opinions are my own.

I will admit it. I am obsessed with my mobile phone. It’s constantly in my hand due to work commitments, and I am on social media a lot. Due to the sheer amount of time I spend holding my phone, it should be no surprise that it has also been in a few….accidents. Most of my accidents have to do with two things: running, and my baby. First running:

For safety purposes alone, I always run with my phone. I also like to listen to podcasts, and occasionally music. I am not a fan of armbands, so I usually just hold my phone (this annoys my husband to no end, he cannot fathom holding something for an entire run.) Anyway, my hands get sweaty, and my phone has been known to let’s say…jump right out onto the pavement. Luckily, my OtterBox has saved me on MULTIPLE occasions.

OtterBox 2

Secondly, I have an eleven month old baby who thinks my phone is the coolest thing ever. She also thinks putting things in her mouth is the coolest thing ever. So, a lot of times my phone ends up covered in drool, or getting thrown at the dog. As you can imagine, this is not good for the life expectancy of a phone.

OtterBox has not only saved my phone several times, but they have also come up with a fun quiz to let you know what your phone wrecker style is. Also, if you share your results, you can will get 10% off a case of your own. Me? According to the results, I am the Instabreaker which seems fitting!


Here is a little bit more info about OtterBox:

Most of the OtterBox cases are easy to carry around (the defender being the exception). This is huge because the last thing I need is something big taking up space in my purse or in my hand. They also have some really adorable designs and are quite fashionable, and allow for some self expression!


The MySymmetry series is a clear case with inserts that you can customize. They are really slim, too and have great pocketability. Again, this is a huge plus to me!


I encourage you to go take the Phone Wrecker quiz for yourself, I would love to see your results in the comments below! Also, OtterBox is hosting a Twitter chat on September 16th at 9 AM PST. Be sure to join in, you could win great PRIZES!

QOTD: What type of phone wrecker are you? Share your Phone Breaker quiz result via social media or email and receive a 10% discount code to use on your next order at! The coupon cannot be combined with any other special offer.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of OtterBox.

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  1. So I 100% know the last comment you want is about running with your phone in your hand, but I used to run with my phone in my hand and/or a handheld water bottle and a few months ago I had a gait analysis done and the guy goes, “do you normally run with something in your hand?” I was like, “ummm….yeah.” Then he went on to show me how my right arm was swinging less when I ran (the hand I held stuff in) and that in turn was affecting my hip movement on the opposite side and it was all throwing my gait off!

    Again, don’t hate me for leaving a comment about carrying the phone, but as someone working to go to PT school I just thought I’d share that since I thought it was interesting!

    • Very interesting! Not sure what to do though since I can’t stand arm or waist bands! (I do switch which hand I hold it in though)

      • Yeah, I haven’t really found an arm or waist band that I like. Fortunately I’ve found a few pairs of pants & shorts that have a pocket big enough for my phone (short in the back up by the waist and crops with a pocket on the side).

        That being said, I still have an iPhone 5 – if my phone gets any bigger it’s not going to fit in any of those pockets and who knows what I’m going to do then!

  2. I am a phone dropper…bad. Thank goodness for Otterbox – they’ve saved my phone on many occasions!

  3. I’m an Instabreaker too!!! Lol! That was a fun quiz! Otterbox has saved me numerous times!

  4. I have always heard they make the best phone cases. This klutz needs one in her life. 😉

  5. That case looks awesome!

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  1. The Instabreaker

    Otterbox has saved my phone many times and has asked me to share my experiences while telling you about

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