WDW Marathon Weekend Packing List Vlog


I mentioned in an earlier post that I am a bit frazzled when it comes to packing for runDisney and Goofy’s challenge. I have never run races on back to back days, so I am having to think really hard about what I need times two for the races. I thought some of you may want to know what I pack for a destination race (especially Goofy!) So I thought I would film a vlog and show you my plan.


So there you have it! My packing list and tips for runDisney marathon weekend. I hope this helps some of you still trying to get things packed, and I hope to see you at marathon weekend! I will be live tweeting @runningwithsass and on Instagram @runningwithsass so be sure to follow along with the fun and use the hash tags #WDWmarathon #WDWHalf #GoofyChallenge


QOTD: Did I miss anything on the list?

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  1. Love the list! I wouldn’t have thought to carryon my shoes but I think you’re exactly right! I also read that if you’re in one of the Boardwalk area hotels and want to walk to your room, don’t forget your park ticket!

    Good luck in the Challenge! I am training for the Princess Half and have the Goofy Challenge on my list of crazy things to do!

  2. I gotta remember tissues! I am driving from tampa so not a huge trip it still! Definitely won’t be super cold, but hoping it will be 😉 have a safe trip and hope to see ya! Ill be at the brooks booth Friday at the expo!

  3. So excited for you!

  4. Ahh, so exciting! I can believe you leave so soon! 🙂 We always take gallon sized zip top bags so we can fill them with ice from the freezer/ice machine for our legs after the race.

  5. Great list – thanks for sharing! Good luck this weekend!

  6. Good luck this weekend!!! Being prepared is a huge part of the battle, and it looks like you’re all set there!!! I love traveling with my foam roller. The looks people give you in airports and hotel lobbies is priceless!

    Hit hands is a great idea I’ve never thought of. May take that into consideration for my half marathon this weekend. Weather is looking a bit unpredictable

  7. I meant to comment yesterday…sorry! I watched your video while flat ironing my hair for work! :0) VERY good vlog with great advice! Good job, friend!!

  8. Thank you so much for posting this! I am getting ready for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon and your list helped me a lot.

  9. I need to remember to bring a poncho. Florida weather is so unpredictable. Good call on the preparedness. Great List

  10. Where did you get your shirt? It’s great. Thanks for the video – I’m running the 2014 Princess Half!

  11. Do you have a PDF list somewhere of everything included in your video? 🙂

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