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Disneyland Day 2 and 3


I haven’t done a Disneyland recap post in awhile and need to finish it up, so I thought today was just a good a day as any. We left off after the Disneyland half marathon, Bobby and I spent some time in the parks before going back to the room to crash.

We had dinner reservations at Blue Bayou in Disneyland Park. I was really excited about this one because I had heard so many great things about it. This restaurant is very themed, and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride actually goes by the restaurant. It’s like you are sitting outside on the bayou, listening to the crickets and the frogs, and the boats go right by you in the water. It’s really neat and was one of my favorite meals.


“Inside” the restaurant. We had a table by the water


The service was excellent and the meal delicious. I had gumbo and filet.



After we ate, we of course had to go ride the ride!



We also rode Buzz Lightyear, and Star Tours.



We kept watching the clock, because we had Preferred seating for the fireworks right in front of the castle. It was nice to see a different fireworks show, but I think Wishes (In Walt Disney World) is way better than Magical.





After the show was over, we walked to Frontierland for our preferred seats for Fantasmic.





We really enjoyed the show, it was neat to see it on a different “stage” then the one at Hollywood Studios in Florida. After the show, we walked back to our hotel, it had been a LONG day and it was time to turn in.


I wasn’t kidding. We were exhausted and were ready for some much needed relaxation/pool time the next day.


We slept in and headed to the pool after breakfast, they had the most comfortable lounge chairs ever!


Our room is one of those on the 3rd floor



They were seriously like giant beds.



We relaxed for a couple of hours and then decided to grab some lunch. The sun was getting hot and I had some work/a client issue to go take care of. We grabbed food at White water snacks then headed to the concierge lounge for more snacks and a place to sit.




my favorite thing about the lounge is that they had a balcony with mountain views. We don’t get this at home below sea level, folks!


We took another afternoon nap, and got ready for dinner at Steakhouse 55 at the Disneyland hotel. The food was my favorite of the trip, but the service was slightly lacking.




Sunset from our room


We had a great relaxing day and were ready to hit the parks again on Tuesday.

QOTD: Would you rather a really well themed restaurant or one with really good service?

If you would like help planning your vacation, email me at [email protected], it’s free!

Weekly Recap: October Week 3


Well, it’s been a rough week at the Montgomery house. I came back from my trip sick with withdrawal symptoms from my sea sickness patch which lasted until Thursday.


Cruise sneak peek photo, Costa Maya

Thursday afternoon, I felt SO much better, and even made it to the gym for a light workout. However, Thursday night I woke up at 2:00 in the morning with my heart POUNDING out of my chest, shaking, hot, and feeling very sick. It was very, very scary and I felt like I was having a heart attack. The symptoms would subside, then come back again every few minutes. I finally fell asleep for about 20 minutes, just to be woken back up again with the same thing. We toyed around back and forth with going to the ER, but every time we almost went, a spell would pass and I would feel ok again for a few minutes.

This went on for four hours until 6 am, and I took an Ativan which knocked me out and I slept until 10:30 in the morning. I woke up still feeling very jumpy, nervous and heart racing so Bobby drove me to the doctor, where she checked me out and then I had an EKG done which came back clear thank goodness. She then suspected my thyroid medicine and sent me to get blood work. By then it was almost 4:00 and we won’t know anything until Monday. For those that don’t know, if you are hypo like me, it takes a dose very close to being an “overdose” to be the correct dose so it’s very easy to take too much, which is why frequent blood work is important. I hadn’t had any done since June, which is my own fault. Anyway, when you take too much, you start showing HyPER thyroid symptoms, which are the symptoms I was having. You have to be very careful because a big overdose can mean seizures or a coma.

I came home and felt bad/heart racing and shaking all evening, so I took another Ativan and went to sleep. Yesterday morning, I didn’t take my thyroid medicine and I have slowly started feeling better all day. I was feeling pretty good until about 3:00 when I decided to eat a cupcake. I started getting a little shaky and my heart was beating fast again, so no sugar for me until I get this straightened out.

So basically that means, my workout week looked like this:

Sunday: Half marathon

Monday: sick

Tuesday: sick

Wednesday: sick, tried to go to gym, almost passed out, came home after working out on one weight machine

Thursday: feeling much better, did a light and easy weights workout, lots of stretching, very happy to be doing something

Friday: sick from thyroid medicine

Saturday: sick from thyroid medicine

Isn’t that fun? I have another half marathon this weekend with Rebootizer sponsoring me, and obviously I haven’t been running or feeling well at all, so who knows how it will turn out, or if I will be back at full strength for it. I LOVE this race though, it’s through downtown New Orleans, so it will be fun hopefully no matter what. This week I am going to focus on getting 100% better and hopefully will get in a run or two before Saturday’s race! Fingers crossed next week is better than this one.

QOTD: Have you ever had to leave the gym because you were sick?

RWS Features #41


Good morning. It’s been a wild week for me medically speaking. I plan to share more on Monday or Tuesday, but let’s just say I can’t wait to feel 100% again! While I am still recovering, I thought it was time to let someone else do the blogging, so here’s another RWS Feature!

Meet Sabrina, a fellow #SweatPink ambassador!



1.) How/Why did you start blogging?

Becka at 50 half marathons in 50 states inspired me to start blogging. I thought it would be a fun way to be creative plus keep me accountable Also it was a fun way to share with my family and friends my running obsession (fun for me anyway).

2.) Sum up your blog in a couple sentences:

Just Plodding Along is where I share my quest to complete 30 half marathons before turning 30, 17 down and 1 year until I turn 30. Races, running gear, and life overshares can all be found on my blog.

3.) What do you wish to accomplish/achieve by blogging?

I hope to share my story and inspire others but also be inspired by other runners.

4.) What is your biggest healthy living accomplishment?

I would stay sticking with my goal of 30 before 30 but also losing about 30lbs and finding confidence in myself and my abilities.

5.) What is your blog URL and twitter handle


Thanks Sabrina, what an inspiring goal, can’t wait to follow more of your marathon adventures!

*Don’t forget to check out this post to enter to win one of two $500 visa giftcards!

QOTD: Do you have any goals you want to accomplish before you reach a certain age milestone?

Run Pink


I love racing for many reasons. The competition, to stay active and healthy, to be social, and a great one is to help out a worthy cause. In December, I will be running the Woman’s Half Marathon in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The Woman’s Half Marathon & 10K will benefit the Woman’s Hospital Foundation and will go to support the many services Woman’s provides to women and infants in the community. Then, Run Pink was born. I am honored to be a Run Pink Ambassador, spreading the word about this and other Gulf Coast Event Group races, and answering your questions about the race.


First, the lowdown on the race:

Race Day: Sunday, December 9, 2012
Start Time: 7:00 a.m.
Start/Finish Location: South River Road, between the Baton Rouge River Center & the USS Kidd. – Downtown, Baton Rouge, LA
Weather: Average High Temp: 63 degrees F, Average Low Temp: 42 degrees F

Course Limit: Half Marathon course is open for 4 hours, 10K course is open for 2 hours. *Participants running/walking slower than 4 hour pace will be asked to move to the sidewalks if approached by the sweeper team.

Wellness Boutique & Packet Pick-up
Friday December 7th & Saturday December 8th
Location TBA
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

It’s going to be a lot of fun, I hope you will consider joining me for this half marathon or 10k. Also, I have a way for you to save some money! If you use code RPAHeather at checkout, you will save $30 on registration!

*There is now a 5k option and the code will save you $5

photo (2144


You can even register as a VIPink!

What’s included in the VIPink Experience?

  • Entry in the event
  • Pre-race bagels and fruit, coffee, water and energy drinks
  • Padded stretching area
  • Private restrooms
  • Concierge Bag Check
  • Internet Access to check race results
  • Catered brunch with refreshing beverages

Also be sure to follow the race on Twitter! If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

QOTD: Have you ever signed up for a race because of the cause or who was benefitting from it?



I love motivational quotes, often times called “fitspiration” when in the realm of health and fitness. They help me on hard days, when I am not feeling very confident, or when I don’t feel like working towards my goals at all. This one in particular is something that has really helped motivate me in tough times:


Not going to lie, there have been times when I have felt like quitting. Between injury and illness setbacks, battling the weather, etc. sometimes it feels easier to throw my hands up and say “forget it, I can’t do this anymore.” Sometimes it takes a few minutes, and sometimes it takes a few days, but I always come back around with some thinking and a lot of praying.

Think about why you started.

I started because I want to live a healthy long life to see my family grow and change

I started because I never thought I could accomplish my goals

I started because it seemed impossible

I started because I am a fighter.

So next time you say it’s too hard, or I can’t do it, or I will never be good enough, remember to think about why you started in the first place, and let it be the motivation that helps you reach your goals.

Would you like to win two pounds of Fitmixer product? Simply follow this link and share an inspirational quote or saying that has helped you along the way. Remember there are extra entries also, so be sure to enter as many times as you can!


Also, I would love to hear your favorite motivational quote as well, so be sure to share in my comments as well as the Question of the Day!

Gulf Coast Mandeville Half Marathon 2012


Last year I had a blast running this race with Team in Training, and this year I had a sssllliiggghhttlllyyy different experience. In order to really get the story, I have to back up a bit, so stay with me, and see how I ended up at Urgent Care after the race.

Ok, so we signed up for this race a long time ago. It’s in my hometown, it’s flat, and I had a good time last year. Then recently I was given the opportunity to go on a VERY cheap/discounted cruise that I couldn’t pass up. The only problem is the race was the day after we got off the boat. No worries! I was sure I could handle it, even after stuffing my face for eight days with cruise food. Oh how naïve.


So, we ate, we enjoyed ourselves, we only ran four miles in the nine days leading up to the race. I wore a sea sickness patch called Transderm Scop while I was on the ship. I have worn it before but only for 3-4 days. I took the patch off the morning we docked, we got off the ship and started the six hour drive back to Louisiana. A couple hours into the drive home I started to get nauseated. I get car sick, so I thought it was just that and ignored it the best I could. However, it got worse and worse, and around Baton Rouge we had to pull over at a Wendy’s because I thought I was going to throw up, and I thought stopping the motion of the car for a few minutes would help the nausea. I was also dizzy, had blurred vision and it felt like the ground was moving, so basically I felt sea sick on land. So I had the bright idea to take a Dramamine. This actually helped, and we were able to make it home with no vomiting, but I felt pretty bad. When we got out of the car and I could rest, I felt better until the Dramamine wore off. I took some more and went to bed.

photo (5)

We woke up for the race at 5:00, and I felt bad again so I took a Dramamine. We drove to the start and I still felt woozie, so I took a half of another pill. Keep in mind Dramamine puts me to sleep!

photo (12)

Don’t mine me…I just took 1.5 Dramamine pills….I’m awake, I promise…yeah.

photo (13)

Why is it whenever I ask some random person to take our photo with a cell phone it comes out blurry?

We nearly missed the start of the race and just jumped into the very back corral and took off. Almost immediately, I realized this was going to be a BAD race. As I am running, bouncing up and down, the road is shifting in front of me, left to right, and I go dizzy and very nauseated. This feeling continued the WHOLE RACE. So imagine running 13.1 miles being very sea sick. I can attest that it is not pleasant. Throw in temps in the upper 70’s and high humidity and it was a recipe for disaster.

photo (11)

Jumping into the back right before the gun went off

Bobby ran with me, we didn’t want me passing out or getting really sick by myself, and I don’t know if I would have finished the race without him. I kept telling myself “just keep moving, every step is closer to the finish”. The only way to keep the road shifting to a minimum was to not look around and just stare at the ground a few feet in front of me, which I did for pretty much the whole race. I tried to smile for the cameras/photographers, but I wasn’t really happy! The miles seemed to tick by very slowly, and we didn’t talk much. Bobby kept encouraging me, and I just wanted it to be over, and I kept wanting to go to sleep. Surprisingly, we only walked through the water stops and one or two times just for a few seconds, but our pace was slow. We made it to mile twelve and I knew I could hang on, I was so close and I wasn’t quitting. We crossed the finish line in 2:27, and to compare, I ran Disneyland faster than that, and we were goofing off and taking photos the whole time during that race! I am so so proud that I finished, I truly earned that medal. Plus, you know I truly wasn’t feeling good due to the fact that I took zero photos during the race. It was bad enough running after eating all that junky food (which I take total responsibility for!) but throw in the land sickness and it was the longest 13.1 miles ever.

photo (10)

I ate a banana because I was cramping up really badly, and drank some water.

photo (9)

photo (6)

I tried to look around for some of my friends, but I felt so bad I just needed to lie down so we drove back to my parents house. I showered, put on compression socks, and sat on the couch, and a huge wave of nausea hit me, and my arms felt really heavy and tingly, which really freaked me out. I couldn’t shake the nausea, and felt like I was dying (I know a little dramatic, but to me nausea is the worst feeling ever and I wanted it to stop, and it wasn’t going anywhere). My mom asked if I needed to go to Urgent Care and I said YES!!!

So Bobby drove me over and we waited in the waiting room about 15 minutes, then again in the room in the back about 15 minutes (by the way I HATE that doctors do this.) I was so nauseated at this point I started shaking and sweating and crying. The doctor finally came in and gave me Zofran, which started helping a few minutes later. He did a urine test, looked in my ears, listened to my heart, checked my reflexes, and said I seemed very healthy, and we conclude it was most likely land sickness, which could be made worse due to my patch. he gave me a prescription for a Meclizine to help with the dizziness and nausea.

Funny side note, I had on my blue race shirt, gold athletic shorts, and purple compression socks with hearts on the sides. I absolutely didn’t care at the time of course, but those people must have thought I had some crazy fashion sense!

photo (7)

Apparently a band was playing after the race….I was completely oblivious to this fact.

We drove home to Mississippi, where I did a lot of research on this Transderm patch, and turns out a lot of people suffer from withdrawal symptoms lasting from a couple days to weeks to YEARS! I had all the same symptoms as these people, and it was good to know what the problem was, but crazy that this patch is still on the market after adversely affecting so many people. I realize that not everyone has these problems, but trust me once you feel like this you would say the same thing.  If you want to check out some of the stories/symptoms/problems people have had check out this site I found. I wish I knew about this before or I never would have worn the dumb thing. Looking back I have NO CLUE how I was able to run the race in that condition, and even now, five days after getting off the boat I am still slightly nauseated and dizzy with some blurry vision. it’s getting better, but not gone, and i have no idea when it will go away.

So, that’s my half marathon and urgent care story. So another race in the books, and hopefully never one feeling that badly ever again, and praying I am back to normal soon.

QOTD: Do you get motion sickness? Have you ever worn the patch?

Five Fall Health Tips and Blue Cross Deals

It’s now October and finally starting to feel like Fall around here. Unfortunately, a lot of people look ahead to all of the upcoming holidays and decide to “give up” on healthy living until January. Hiding under thick sweaters and scarves is tempting, but it is possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle as the holidays approach.

Fall is a great time to make smart and healthy choices for you and your family. Have you heard of Blue365®, a national program offered by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association to members of participating Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield Companies? This program makes being healthy affordable for you and your family.

Blue365 works kind of like Groupon. It offers weekly discounted services and products that will help you make healthy lifestyle choices easy for your family. You will also get a weekly e-mail telling you of these featured discounts (which will also be on their Facebook page).

My favorite discounts I have seen are ones for Lasik eye surgery, Jenny Craig, and even discounted hand sanitizer (no one wants to be inside and sick because of germs just when the weather is getting nice!). I also saw discounts on Polar heart rate monitors, and even 20% off Reebok products online (PLUS free shipping, wow!).

There are SO many more deals than this; you should check them out for yourself. You can sign up for Blue365 to gain immediate access to deals at If your Blue Company isn’t yet participating in the Blue365® Program, you can still sign up and will be notified when your Blue Company joins the Blue365 movement.

The leaves are changing!

Here are my top five tips for staying healthy this Fall; I hope you will find them helpful!

1.) Have a plan. Going into a football or Halloween party without a plan can wreak havoc on your healthy eating. Be sure to eat beforehand, bring your own healthy food as a contribution to the party, or know ahead of time you will allow yourself one treat.

2.) Enjoy the cool weather. Now that the heat is finally leaving us, there is no excuse to not get outside and play with your kids, walk the dog, or take a hike. Enjoy the crispness of Fall and the beauty of the changing season!

3.) Enjoy your Fall TV shows … and be active. Let’s face it; we are jumping for joy at the return of our Fall TV lineup, but it doesn’t mean you have to be sedentary all night. Walk on the treadmill as you watch, do a short circuit workout during every commercial break, and stretch while your show is on. Make it fun!

4.) Try a new recipe. Fall brings cooler weather which tends to change the way we cook, and also changes what fruits and vegetables are in season. Try a new healthy pumpkin recipe or make some turkey chili for the football game. There are plenty of great recipes out there perfect for a Fall day

5.) Don’t make excuses: Fall is very busy with back to school, extracurricular activities, and parties, but that doesn’t mean you should just give up until January. Find a mantra you love, repeat it to yourself, or write it down and put it on the refrigerator or your mirror. Remind yourself that you CAN be healthy this Fall, and don’t take no for an answer. Remember, you are stronger than you think! (My favorite mantra).


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The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association is an association of independent, locally operated Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield Companies. BlogHer is an independent and/or separate company providing marketing/promotional services and does not provide Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield products or services.

ZOOMA Virtual Run


Good morning friends! I am finally HOME and it feels good. Lots of catching up to do, and my race recap from my half marathon is coming on Wednesday, but for today I want to tell you about something really cool taking place in two weekends.

zooma_round_button copy

I have mentioned before that I am a race ambassador for the ZOOMA Florida event. Well, all the ambassadors are going to be hosting in person or virtual runs on the weekend of the 27th! I will be running the Jazz Half that weekend so I can’t host an in person run, but I would love to have YOU participate virtually. Oh you want incentive? Well, ZOOMA will randomly be awarding prizes to participants.  All you have to do is post about the run on your blog or post photos of you participating in your hometown on the ZOOMA Facebook page. You can run whatever mileage you are at on your training plan. on either the 27th or 28th of October. So, a lot of you will be running anyway? So why not join in the fun for a chance to win cool stuff!?!? (Don’t forget if you register for ZOOMA FL to enter code FLAMB4 at checkout for a 10% discount!)


Did you say DISCOUNT?!?

Also, I would personally LOVE to know if you plan on participating, so I can give you a shout out when I do a round up post about the virtual run! So, in addition to making sure you post about your participation in the virtual run (link back to here!) or posting photos on ZOOMA’s facebook wall, please please let me know you are participating so I can make sure to remind you (if you want) and include you in my post afterwards. You can leave a comment here, email me at [email protected], or both. I would love to hear from you! So, who’s with me?!? (Note: this is a laid back fun thing, you don’t have to sign up anywhere, just let me know you participated and either blog about it or post a photo to ZOOMA’s Facebook page to be eligible for prizes!)

QOTD: Do you plan to participate? Have you ever done a virtual run?

Number 14


Hello friends! I am back on land. Well, I was back on land yesterday to be exact. We had a great time on the cruise, aside from slight motion sickness one night, and then being car sick for 6 hours on the way back to my parents house, no fun! To add to the fun, Bobby and I are running a half marathon this morning! Oh yes. We may be crazy. I ate whatever I wanted on the cruise, and feel like crap to prove it. (Hello sodium).  So, today’s goal is to have fun since Bobby is going to run with me. We really loved this race last year, so hopefully it will live up to the same expectations! I will have my race report up on Wednesday, so stay tuned. We are now back to regular scheduled blogging. Oh, and a huge shout out and thank you to all my guest bloggers. You guys rock!

Ok, it’s go time. Gulf coast half, here we go! Be sure to follow me on Twitter and my Facebook fan page for updates and photos before and after the race!


QOTD: Do you get motion sickness? I even had the patch on during the cruise and still got a little sick one night!

There’s More to Running than Running…


Hey there! If you don’t know me – and let’s face it – I’m relatively new to this blogging thing so you probably don’t yet :).  I’m Alyssa from FunFitFashionable, a Pennsylvania native interested in everything health and fitness related, and living an all around healthy and balanced life.  Running with Sass has been awesome enough to let me guest post for her today.

I felt inspired to share the importance of strength training and yoga during marathon and half marathon training for all of you runners out there.

I recently ran my first half marathon based off of a training plan which did include both, but as many running newbies do, I undermined their importance in my mileage.

photo copy 2

Through a few of my longer runs upon getting closer to the half marathon, I noticed some aches and pains throughout my neck as well as my left knee, and they didn’t disappear completely on race day either.  The first 10 miles were smooth, but my knee gave out for the last 3.1 miles.

If there was more of a focus on strengthening the muscles supporting my knees, especially during those final weeks, I guarantee I would have had a better turnout.  Sometimes runners get so caught up with the joy and release of running, that we forget how important strong muscles throughout the rest of our body are in maintaining our endurance.


Strength training isn’t only necessary for the lower body when running, but also for the upper body. Think about it.  Strong abs help us to have a strong back, which can only help us stand tall and breathe more efficiently during runs.

That being said, I have my next half marathon in 3 weeks!  I will be doing the Runner’s World Half Marathon, and The last few weeks I have greatly focused on much more strength training so as to not re-injure my knee.  Hopefully this time will go smoother, but I’m glad to be able to have knowledge from my first half to apply to the future, and of course to share with other runners!




QOTD: Do you strength train and do yoga as a runner? Do you think it helps?