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Why I Run


As a ZOOMA Florida ambassador, I was asked to share with you all why I run. I really put some thought into it and shared my heart in this quick video (while trying not to cry!) I would love it if you would take a look and then share why YOU run in the comments!

Bottom line…frustrated, but still thankful. So appropriate for Thanksgiving week.

QOTD: Why do YOU run? Can you relate to anything I said in the video?

runDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon 2012


Happy Monday! It’s finally here, so sorry for the delay! my runDisney Wine and Dine half marathon race recap! The whole weekend was amazing, but not going to lie, this wasn’t my best race. I have mentioned here and there that I have been having some health problems, and these problems decided to show up loud and clear race day afternoon, and didn’t subside until mile ten of the race, only to start again right after I crossed the finish line. Let me back up and then recap the race!


The day of the race we slept in and then walked to EPCOT for some lunch. We snagged a reservation at Via Napoli, and continued our pre race pizza tradition.


We decided to walk back to the resort and try to take a nap, since the race didn’t start until 10:00 pm and we knew we would be tired. We made it back to the room and soon after I started having really (really!) bad stomach cramps! I took some tylenol, and took a 1.5 hour nap…only to be woken up again by the cramps that were still there. I felt shaky, feverish, and was seriously considering my ability to run tis race. We hung out in the room resting and slowly getting ready for the race.


photo (78

The pain would come and go, but mostly stuck with me to varying degrees. I took more tylenol, and we walked to the bus at 7:40, to be greeted with a line that stretched from the convention center at the Boardwalk to the lobby. Crap. We stood in line for over 45 minutes, and then were on our way to the start.

photo (41)

We had the worst bus driver, kept jerking the bus stop go, stop go, going up on the curb, etc. This was making me nauseated and not helping my stomach. I was so thankful to get off the bus!

The start already had a ton of people milling about, resting, dancing, and standing in the bathroom lines. We went over to bag drop and stood in line to drop them off, and then headed over to stand in yet another line. We stood in the bathroom line for about 20 minutes and then headed to the corrals as they were announcing over the microphone for everyone to do so.

photo (40)

Sorry for the blurry photos. Between not feeling well and it being dark I didn’t focus too much on them.

photo (39)

We headed to corral B and realized we still had thirty minutes until the start. We sat down to save our legs, but soon had to keep scooting up in the corral to fit more people so the sitting didn’t last long.

photo (38)

Megan was texting me and found us in the crowd and we chatted for a few minutes until the start. I told her about my stomach issues and that I was making a GI doctor appointment for when I got back home!

photo (36)

Then, the race began, and corral A took off, and we moved up to the start.

photo (35)

The beginning was a big blur. I was hoping running would actually make my stomach feel better, but boy was I wrong. From that first jolting step, I realized it was going to be a long race. Every step shook my abdomen and made it cramp even worse. I was leaning/bent over in pain trying to run, it wasn’t pleasant.

Keeping it real, I was angry. Why was this happening to me? and why today? On this night when I wanted to have so much fun? Miles 1-3 were miserable, and there were some tears shed. I felt bad because I wanted this to be special for Bobby because it was his coast to coast race, and I was ruining it. We were pushing the pace because I wanted to see what I could do, but by mile three I knew there was no way I was going to be able to “race” this race. We took a couple walk breaks which was easier on my stomach, and made it to Animal Kingdom.

Bobby had to make a bathroom stop, and I welcomed the break.

At this point we started seeing characters and just decided to see how many characters we could stop and take photos with, and hopefully the breaks standing in line would help my stomach.

photo (23)

Animal Kingdom was really cool to run though but also difficult because it was very dark and crowded, and the ground was uneven so I found myself watching the ground a lot to make sure I didn’t fall.

photo (18)

We came out of Animal Kingdom, and I saw a medical tent. I took two more tylenol, and we kept going, and taking photos with characters.

photo (34)


We kept running out on the road, I loved how many water stops and volunteers there were along the course. I never had to stop or wait at a table to get water and they did a great job of clearing the trash off the roads quickly so the runners didn’t trip or slip.

Sometime a little bit before we made it to Hollywood studios, the pain in my stomach started letting up a bit. It still hurt but not nearly as intense and I was so excited! I was finally able to enjoy the race more, really look around, and soak it all in. In Hollywood studios we saw several characters, I love how long we get to run in this park during the race. The first one we saw this this guy. I haven’t seen the movie yet but still had to have a photo!

photo (32)

We wound through the studios and found some more friends.

photo (33)

Bobby had to stop for another bathroom break, and then we found one of Bobby’s favorites! It had a long line (as did Woody) but this one was a must.

photo (28)

We ran some more and then hit my absolute favorite part of the race, the Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights! Bobby asked if we could use this time as a walk break so we could stop and take photos, so of course we did.

photo (31)

photo (30)

photo (29)

This was an emotional part of the race for me. I started thinking about all the issues, illness, and injuries I have had that have hampered my running in one way or another, including the disappointment of that night. I may not be where I want to be, but at that moment, I felt so blessed to be in my favorite place, running through these beautiful Christmas lights, with the physical ability to run. I got a little teary eyed as I said a quick prayer of thanks.

We made it to the front of Hollywood Studios and headed out on the Boardwalk. At this point, my pain was completely gone and I had a huge smile on my face. I was suddenly having a great time and was so thankful to be feeling good. So, we did what any normal person would do right? We started running fast! It was crowded on the skinny boardwalk path so we had to do a lot of weaving, but we were booking it! We made it around to EPOCT and it was interesting to see us winding around a different route. I loved the amount of spectators there were cheering in EPCOT, it was the extra boost I needed to finish strong, which is what I wanted to do. We kept sprinting and passing huge clumps of people.

We could hear the finish, and turned the last corner and it was in sight! I pushed hard and grabbed Bobby’s hand as we crossed the finish line of yet another runDisney race together. We got our medals, and then headed to the Coast to Coast booth where Bobby got his second medal! I am so proud of him.

photo (26)

photo (25)

We got our snacks and bags then headed towards EPCOT to change. I stood in line to change clothes and when I came out, my stomach pain had returned. Ug! Thankful i was able to finish the race pain free, but seriously?!? We made it into the World showcase and we both got a snack and after I ate it, I started feeling even worse. I was so angry because I had been looking forward to enjoying the post race party for a long time, but I could barely stand. I told Bobby to stay and use up our gift cards and that I was walking back to the room. It was so frustrating for me to have to do but I think it was the right decision. Bobby texted me to make sure I made it back, I showered, and collapsed into bed.

photo (24)

Here are my thoughts on the race in a nutshell:

-I really LOVE the idea of this race. It’s at night, it’s different, it’s fun, and who doesn’t like the food and wine festival?

-The post race party is such a good idea, a great way to celebrate and also to close out the food and wine festival

-The volunteers were amazing and plentiful, as were the water stops. Amazing course support.

-The finish line was great, although crowded. It was very difficult to get out of the family reunion area and into EPCOT because spectators were crowding the gate where the runners come out, waiting for their family members I guess.

The “could have been better”:

-Standing in line at the Boardwalk in the cold for over 45 minutes for a bus was not cool. We even got there in plenty of time, 7:40, when they said to be at the bus stop by 8:00. I’m not sure if there weren’t enough busses, or if just people who weren’t actually staying there were trying to get on the busses or what, but this needs to be fixed.

Overall, I loved this race and would love to do it again in a heartbeat, and especially have another chance since I didn’t get to fully enjoy this one. runDisney really knows how to put on a race and a party, and if there were any glitches I didn’t really see them! Thanks runDisney for putting on another great event for everyone to enjoy. If you have any questions about the race I would be happy to answer them for you.

QOTD: Ever been sick on race day and run anyway??

Weekly Recap November Week 3


Good morning! I am HOME! My flight was delayed Friday night and I got back to my parents house around 7:00 after my mom picked me up from the airport (thanks mom!) Bobby came to get me and we just decided to crash at my parents house, I was zonked! We got up yesterday morning and drove home with the pups, and man did it feel good to be in my own house after 15 days.

photo 00

I think they missed me.

As far as workouts go…well…there aren’t any really. Saturday the 10th I ran the Wine and Dine Half marathon (recap coming tomorrow!) and then well…I just walked a lot. Now now, when I say a lot I mean a lot! I was in Disney all week after the race and anyone who has been knows how much you walk. So, no running, no weights. Just walking. Hoping to hit it hard on Monday and get back to my training plan. I am starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with the thought of goofy.

I was sick during the race and the whole time I was in Disney, something with my stomach we aren’t sure what, but I am going to see a GI on Tuesday and try to get some things figured out. It hasn’t been a pleasant month between the sea sick patch fiasco, cardiologist, the leg cramps during my half marathon, and now this. I am thinking it’s all related but who knows, but it is REALLY frustrating and I am just wanting to get back to “normal” so badly.

So….this week…

I walked. And that’s ok. It happens right? Not going to beat myself up over being out of town and feeling like crap the whole time I was there. Let’s start the new week off right, shall we?

photo (11)

QOTD: Ever been out of commission due to a non running related illness? What did you do to “get back out there?”

Liebster Blog Award

Hi friends. I’m writing this post Friday afternoon. I’m at the airport…and my flight is already delayed 40 minutes. Boo! Just so ready to be home. I hope everyone had a great week and has amazing weekend plans. Mine include sleeping, laundry, and snuggling with my puppies I haven’t seen in 14 days!

Awhile back the lovely Heidi from Banana Buzz Bomb tagged me as a liebster award winner, and I am finally getting around to filling it out! (sorry Heidi! Thanks so much for the nomination!)


Here are the questions I had to answer:

1. What’s your favorite dish?

I LOVE Mexican food! My husband knows it’s my favorite. Especially queso dip and chips. I could eat it forever. Seriously. Just that.

2. Why did you start a blog?

Like many, mine started as an accountability journal when I began my running journey, and then in evolved into what it is today and it makes me so excited!

3. If you changed your name, what would you change it to?

This is a tough one, I never really thought about it and don’t see myself as anything but a Heather! Anyone think I look like I should have a different name?

4. Why did you choose this name for your blog?

In high school my basketball coach called me sassy because my dog is named sassy and well, I guess it fit me anyway, and it kind of stuck. Then when I started running I only wanted to wear fun, cute, sassy workout clothes, so it just fit!


5. What makes you crazy?

Oh what a loaded question. Can I make a blanket statement and say stupid people? Or is that bad?

6. Which book are you reading atm? (or which magazine?)

Fitness magazine, Runner’s World, Us Weekly, Women’s running. I heart magazines.

7. What inspires you?

People overcoming incredible odds to do things really inspires me. If they can do it, I can do it too!

8. When you were a child, what did you want to be when your grew up?

It changed yearly from ballerina to teacher to veterinarian. Now some of these make me laugh.

9. What is your favorite part of blogging?

Interacting with readers and other bloggers. I never meet a stranger and love chatting with and talking to people from all over the world about a common love for fitness and blogging. It’s so much fun to hear from readers, too! Also, meeting fellow blogger friends!


10. What is your dream career?

blogger, working from home, I am blessed.

11. If money was no object, where would you live and why?

I would live by my family but have a second home at the beach. I love me some beach time.


Once again thanks to Heidi for nominating me! I nominate anyone with a blog that has the word “with” or “to” in their blog name. Is it you? If so, go answer these questions on your own blog!

QOTD: What did you want to be when you grew up?

Trip Teasers


A huge thank you for all the sweet comments you left me yesterday on my three year blogiversary post. I feel so loved, and I am so sorry I have been a slacker at replying to comments, but I go home TODAY and things will hopefully go back to normal! I love Disney so much, but I will admit I am quite homesick, and ready to see my husband and my baby furry children. They probably forgot who I am by now.

I have one more seminar this morning, and then my flight leaves this afternoon. I am sure I will snooze all the way through it, as I am typing this post at midnight Thursday night and I have to be up by 6:00 in the morning today Smile

Not going to lie, I am zonked, so I just wanted to leave you with a few photos of my trip, and please come back, things are going to be getting back to normal, no more traveling until January! Check out these and remember more to come, especially my Wine and Dine race recap! That will be up early next week.

photo (12)

photo (13)

photo (14)

photo (15)

photo 87

photo (16)

photo (17)

Have a great Friday everyone! Get outside and be active!

QOTD: There’s no place like home, or world traveler?

Three Year Blogiversary


WOW. I can’t believe I have been blogging for three years. It’s so funny how something can not be a part of your life at all, and then in a blink of an eye it becomes so important and special to you, that you can’t imagine NOT doing it!

Check out my one and two year blogiversary posts, too!


photo from my first half marathon, don’t I look thrilled?

This my friends, was my very first blog post. It cracks me up to go back and read it now. When I first started I was in my first year of teaching and did not blog steadily/every day like I do now, but it was a start, and my oh my the places it has taken me! I am so grateful for a good friend of mine who said she was starting a blog and encouraged me to start one too. I wonder what I would be doing today if I hadn’t started RWS? So odd to think about.

I am going to get all sappy for a moment so stay with me. Reading back on my two anniversary posts and thinking about where I was then and where I am now…it just blows my mind in so many different ways. So many things have changed, some for the better and some for worse unfortunately, but I can see how much I have grown up in my writing and as a person thanks to my little blog.


Gulf coast half October 2012

I have made some amazing friends, had awesome fun times with other bloggers, grown some thick skin, and branched out in ways I never could have imagined. However, I take no credit for the places my blog has brought me. Everything I have and am blessed with is all because of God’s awesome grace and love. It hasn’t always been an easy road, but we learn the most when it gets bumpy don’t we?

I have so many ideas, so many things I want to do and accomplish and I am so so very blessed to have this platform from which I can share my heart with you guys. Some of you have been with me from the beginning and I am forever grateful. I have learned that that some tasks may really seem impossible, and sometimes its discouraging and you feel like you aren’t making a difference. But all it takes is a good attitude and a willing heart and you can be used in so many ways.


Friends, God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called. YOU can do anything you set your mind to, don’t ever think you are too small or insignificant to be great, to be used, to be a rock star.  Some are great writers or speakers, or athletes, and some are great friends and listeners. We all play a part, and don’t ever shy away from a dream or a goal because you think it’s impossible, because it’s not!!! Take risks, follow your heart, and be kind.


I can’t wait to see what this next year of blogging brings, so I hope you will stick around RWS and stop in for a visit from time to time. I have the best readers ever, and I am so thankful for you all….you brighten my day with your sweet encouraging words and I appreciate you so much, even when I don’t have time to reply to every comment, know that I read them all!

So, Happy Birthday Running With Sass, may you celebrate many, many more.

QOTD: Bloggers, what is something you learned about bloggers this year? Non bloggers, what is something you love seeing on blogs you read?

Cold Weather Workout Motivation!


Hey there Running with Sass readers! Alyssa from FunFitFashionable here. While Heather is away, she was kind enough to let me write a post for her!


Let’s face it, most of us dread when the chill sets in during winter, and we’re left wanting to snuggle under the warm covers. It’s not ideal to “rise and run” or workout at all for that matter.

Personally, I have been having issues with this since the Runner’s World half marathon a few weeks ago. I thought I would share a few ways I like to make it easier for myself to get a good workout in during the freezing temperatures.

Join a Class

I joined a yoga program recently, and because others are involved, I’m much more likely to attend a class and push myself to greater lengths than I would if I had been practicing alone. With my personal mentality, I know that when I pay for something, I am going to get my money’s worth out of it, so if I miss too many classes, I’ll probably feel slightly guilty ;).

At Home Pilates Kits and Weights

If you’re not the ‘gym’ type, you’ll be more motivated and excited to get a workout in at home. Quickly push out a few squats, pushups, and a Pilates session ;).



I purchased an at home Pilates kit from Amazon for this purpose. On days when I’m feeling less than spectacular, I will pull it out and get a good burn going.



When you need a little push to get your butt in check during a workout, DVDs are an amazing option! My favorite is Insanity, because it’s more hardcore than most workouts I have tried and I KNOW I am going to sweat – ALOT.


QOTD: What’s your favorite way to keep fit during the winter?

Bucket List Races: A Guest Post


Hey guys! Lesley from A Runners Shenanigans is guest posting for me today, telling you about two of her bucket list races. Maybe they will inspire you to come up with a few of your own! Be sure to check out her blog and show some love!



I try not to get too ahead of myself since I’m training for only my second half marathon, but there are so many races to choose from. When I have time to spare at work, more likely than not I’m reading stuff on Runner’s World or following links on the DIS Boards, or Googling races around the country, and there are races that catch my attention. I found two races that I think would be very fun to do, and are in different parts of the country: The Amica Half Marathon in Newport, Rhode Island, and the RnR half in Savannah, Georgia.

Newport is near my old stomping grounds. I lived in Boston for 12 years, but I was not running what I am now. The area is south of Providence, and is mostly famous for the summer mansions of New York’s rich and famous during the Gilded Age, like the Vanderbilts and the Astors. Part of the course does go by the mansions, as well as downtown Newport, the country club, and along the ocean itself. This year it was raining at the start, so that is one element I would not be able to control.

The second race, Savannah, has been on my radar since last year when I heard about the inaugural event. I’ve wanted to go to Savannah ever since I learned it was Charleston’s “sister city”, and I loved Charleston when I visited in 2001. There are so many places in Savannah I want to see, my ideal trip would be to travel a couple days in advance of the race, then stay a couple more days after the race. I figure the day before the race won’t have much activity just due to having to rest and save energy, so a couple days post-race would be nice. I also have some friends who just moved to Savannah this past summer, and it would be really nice to visit.

So far I haven’t decided on any races for next year, but both of these races are in the Fall, so who knows. I might change my mind and decide to register for one of them J My goal for the early part of next year is not only to recover from White Rock, but also let some nagging injuries heal before I get back to it.


QOTD: What is your bucket list race?

runDisney Wine and Dine Meet Up/Tweet Up 2012


Good morning! I wrote this post out last night, because I am probably asleep right now after being out so late for the Wine and Dine half marathon! (recap to come soon!)

But lets back up to Friday and the amazing runDisney meet up I was so lucky enough to be able to attend. My alarm went off at five am which would normally make me groan, but not this morning! I made it to EPCOT for the Wine and Dine half meet up/tweet up and was ready for some fun.

photo (3)

We were welcomed to EPCOT and the meet up, and then the running began! There were two running groups, one was the run/walk group led by the awesome Jeff Galloway, and the other was a straight run group led by Bob of runDisney and the reigning Wine and Dine Champion, Anton Van Zyl, who I got to run with, way cool.


photo (4)

We finished a near two mile run around Epcot, which was absolutely beautiful at sunrise, and then cheered on the group who ran with Jeff Galloway as they came in.

photo (5)

After everyone was together, we walked into the Germany Pavilion for breakfast and a presentation. As usual, runDisney gave amazing information and also a great element of fun! We were given coffee, juice, and muffins before we sat down.

Anton talked to us about race day, keeping with a plan, but also having fun. he has completed four ironman races, including the Kona race in Hawaii this year!

photo (1)

Jeff, the man who needs no introduction, also gave some words of wisdom and encouragement for the runners, and told s to come out to the expo to hear him speak more about running your best race.

photo (6)

The amazing Tara who is a nutritionist for the Orlando Magic and now is working with runDisney gave some great nutrition tips. Running a night race is so different than what most people are used to, so proper fueling and nutrition the day of is so crucial.

photo (8)

Speaking of nutrition, we were treated to an awesome dish by Chef Steff and we even got to take home the recipe, sweet!

photo (9)

Then, another “chef” made a grand appearance, and was greeted by a roaring round of applause!

photo (10)

We were then thanked for coming, and were given a one day Disney park ticket to enjoy the Food and Wine Festival, as well as a $10 Food and Wine gift card so we could “eat around the world” and a runDisney water bottle, so generous of them!

Don’t worry, I tweeted through the whole event, as did everyone else! (check out #WineDineHalfMeetUp to see!)


#Team RunDisney also took a quick photo.


We were then led outside where we got to take individual photos with Jeff Galloway and Chef Mickey.

photo (7)

photo (11)

We then, of course, had to take a group shot!



A huge thank you to runDisney for being so gracious in allowing this group of runners into EPCOT before the park opens to learn more about the sport and have some fun, too! I truly enjoyed myself, made some new friends, reconnected with the old, and got pumped for the Wine and Dine half marathon! Thanks runDisney!

*There is still time to sign up for the 5th anniversary runDisney Princess half marathon in February 2013! Don’t miss out on the fun!

**Thank you to runDisney for providing some of the images for this blog post.

QOTD: Have you ever met an Olympian like Jeff Galloway? Who is ready to runDisney?

Healthy Heart Habits

Sara is guest posting today about a very serious issue. Be sure to read and go to her blog and show her some love! I am running the Wine and Dine half tonight at 10:00, be sure to check out yesterday’s post for info on Runner tracking, and follow me on twitter or instagram @runningwithsass

As the embodiment of domestic failure, there are very few things that I do well. Washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, not burning dinner, pretty much all things I’ve done poorly at one time or another. Trying to find time to work out isn’t exactly a priority when one is wading through a ceiling high stack of laundry and making sure the guinea pig isn’t wallowing in his own filth.

An effort was made at one point by taking part in my company’s Biggest Loser challenge. I started running using the Couch to 5k training program and even won for our hotel, dropping nearly fifteen pounds and seeing the 130s for the first time since 2002. Then, as these stories always seem to go, life, with its work promotions and sixteen hour work days and trying to connect with a spouse who is usually only home to sleep, took over and the thought of running fell by the wayside, something that could be cut because my life would continue even if I didn’t do it. Or would it?

Then my Maternal Unit had a heart scare which ended with her having to have a triple bypass. Maternal Unit had been active for years as a jogger until her early forties, when she started to put on weight. In her fifties, she decided she’d had enough; between developing asthma and having high blood pressure, she was tired of feeling run down. She started walking and bike riding and dropped forty pounds and was quite frankly my hero.


Diamonds aren’t this girl’s best friend, her Maternal Unit is.

It’s no secret that heart disease is the number one killer of women. To be honest, though, until I heard how weak and sad Maternal Unit sounded over the phone when she was in the hospital, that statistic seemed trivial to me. I mean, I don’t smoke, rarely drink and love vegetables (peas and lima beans to be specific). Then again, the same can be said about Maternal Unit, which is the thought that ultimately made me pause. If a routine stress test could land in her in the hospital with her chest cracked open, it could happen to anyone. When she said that the doctor told her that even those few years she spent overweight could’ve caused the blockages in heart, I began to see running as a way to perform preventative maintenance rather than a time sucking obligation.

I’m creating the habits I need now to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes it means running after dealing with six rooms in the Hotel who decided to walk off with everything that wasn’t nailed down or busting out a work out video in the wee hours of the morning and hoping I don’t wake the neighbors below us. It definitely means making sure that my physician is aware of my family history and being proactive about my wellness care. Someday it will mean passing on the same habits I’m learning to any future Little Undomestics and doing so in a way that they become ingrained in their everyday lives.

It’s such an honor to guest post for a blog that has definitely given me tools to develop these habits and my hope is that anyone who reads this will join me in my never ending quest to be able to say at the end of everything “I did everything I could to be the healthiest I could.”