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Healthy Christmas Gifts Giveaway Series


Good morning! I love Christmas. Gifts are fun right? I really do enjoy GIVING gifts and picking things out for people. So, guess what? I have partnered with nine other bloggers who are Sweat Pink or Fitfluential Ambassadors like me, and we are ALL doing give away’s next week!

We will be giving away things like Under Armour shoes and sports bra (I am doing the sports bra!), workout shirts, arm warmers, etc. The way it works is every day, morning and afternoon, I will be posting a link to one of the other ladies’ giveaways on my Facebook fan page. So, if you want to see what blogs have the giveaways, you need to be sure to like my Facebook page.


(Not the stuff I’m giving away, just some of my favorite Under Armour gear!)

Also it would be awesome if when you clicked through to each giveaway if you liked their Facebook page as well (not a requirement, just would rock!)

A huge thanks to Amanda from Fit Pregnancy and Parenting for setting this up! We all happened to be about to post giveaways, so we thought what better way to do it than for you to have the opportunity to enter TEN different giveaways over the course of a week?

So, be sure to like my Facebook fan page and then check back on it starting next Monday morning and afternoon every day to see a new giveaway on a different blog! Be sure to spread the Christmas cheer so others can enter as well!

*Last chance to enter the Woman’s Half Marathon, 10k, or 5k and SAVE! $30 off the half/10K and $5 off the 5k with code RPAHeather at checkout when you register! Ends TOMORROW! Going to be a fun race in Baton Rouge on December 9th!

photo (2144

Run Pink and sign up for the race!

QOTD: What workout gear is on your Christmas list?

Rock the Race with Meb


Raise your hand if you love Meb  Keflezighi? Ok, now that EVERYONE’s hand is raised, how would you like to win one of three amazing prizes, one being training for a day with Meb and staying in California for three nights? What if one of the prizes was to have an epic music festival experience like no other. Get ready for 5 nights in Austin and 2 passes to one of the largest music festivals in the world. OR, you and a friend can enjoy the full rock royalty treatment at a Rock ‘N’ Roll marathon® event in 2013.


Sounds pretty awesome right? The great news is that it’s so easy to enter to wing this virtual running game!  Simply go to the Rock the Race with Meb website and connect with your Facebook account.

-Accept the Rock the Race with Meb application,
and then you’re automatically entered to win one
of the three grand prize packages.

-Pick 20 of your fleetest Facebook friends and
pass them a virtual microphone.

-Your friends accept the mic and pass it to 20 of
their quickest friends, and so on.

-Get 55 friends of friends to accept and pass the
mic, and you’ll be cruising across the finish line!

There are also ways to earn bonus entries, so be sure to check out the website. You can also win some really sweet Sony W-series Meb edition MP3 player. This thing is cool.

-One-piece wearable music player for wire-free workouts
-Water-resistant design holds up during intense workouts
-Drag & drop from iTunes® (PC) or Windows® Media Player
-Includes runners audio tips & booklet by Meb Keflezighi
-Compact design with 2 GB internal memory
-3-min quick charge = up to 60-min of battery life
-Easy navigation of songs & folders
-Enjoy playlist compatibility (PC) and shuffle mode
-Crystal clear sound and deep bass

ZAPPIN™ search plays about 4 or 15-second music clips
USB cable, holder and S/M/L ear-buds included


It’s super easy to enter and really fun, too. The prizes are amazing, so what have you got to lose? Check it out today, contest ends December 31! Here are some important links for you to check out, as well as Twitter handle and hashtag!

QOTD: If you got to run with Meb for a day, what is a question you would ask him?

GI Issues


I have been sick for about six weeks. I have run three half marathons in that time, been to urgent care, my regular doctor, a cardiologist, and most recently this week, a Gastrointestinal doctor. We have been trying to get to the bottom of my problems, and the result is….more testing.

A couple weeks ago I had an EKG and  echocardiogram, and also wore a holter monitor for 24 hours.

photo 97

Things got worse while I was in Disney, and so now I am scheduled next week for an upper endoscopy, some lab work, and an ultrasound of my gallbladder. I am also taking Prevacid twice a day and carafate to help with my stomach. I am supposed to run a half marathon on the 9th and I am still undecided.  I may wait and see what happens next week after my procedures are completed.

All I know is I am ready for some answers and ready to feel better and get back to my regular running and workout routine. Some days I feel ok and can run just fine, and others I can barely get out of bed I feel so bad, so I just never really know.

So, anyone have these tests done before? Any words or wisdom or advice?

I shall leave you with a picture of our tree all lit up at night because it makes me happy.


QOTD: Ever had to have either of these tests done? I’m not really worried about the actual procedures, I just want answers!

*Stay tuned for an Under Armour giveaway coming up next week!

runDisney’s Wine and Dine Half Expo


You may have already read the recap I wrote about the Wine and Dine half marathon, but today i want to talk a little bit about the expo. I LOVE runDisney race expos. Not only have I worked them as a vendor, but hey, I love to shop for running gear!

photo 009

We took the bus from our host resort, the Boardwalk Inn, and made it to the Wide World of Sports Complex.


It was a gorgeous day, and excitement was in the air! We followed the signs telling us to go pick up our packet first before heading into the actual expo. There were plenty of workers and volunteers ready to answer any questions!


We had our printed out race waivers and ID’s, and headed to our packet pickup booth based on our coral numbers. We stood in line then handed over our info in exchange for our packets, and Bobby got his coast to coast bracelet. Them we walked over to another building where we would pick up our shirts and then do some shopping.



We walked to the back and easily picked up our shirts then headed to the front to get our official race merchandise. When we went to the expo for the Disneyland half they were sold out of Coast to Coast dri fit shirts and I wanted to make sure we got some, which we did (I got the last one in my size!) We then decided to do some shopping, and I bumped into my pal Carissa who does race announcing for runDisney.


We chatted for a few minutes before she had to get back to work. I visited some of my other friends who were working booths at the expo, we did a little shopping, and then headed out. As much as I would have loved to stay longer, we had lunch reservations at the Magic Kingdom. We passed the stage where speakers such as Jeff Galloway give presentations all during the day.


We passed an area where you can sign up for runner tracking on our way out as well.


Everything was very well organized and there were plenty of signs and I never felt confused or lost. It did get crowded, but hey, it’s a Disney expo it’s going to be crowded. We still had a great time and I can’t wait for marathon weekend when I can go to another one!


QOTD: What aspects of a race expo make them great for you? Good vendors? Organization? Something else?

Trim Up the Tree


It’s that time of year again! The tree is up, the lights are on, and all that remains it the outdoor decorations. We changed where we put the tree this year due to some new living room furniture, but I like it, and it’s nice to do something different. You can see how we decorated last year on this post.


This is our 7th Christmas with this particular tree, and the poor thing is on it’s last leg. Half the lights don’t work so I had to add a few strands! However, I can’t complain because if you average out how much we spent on the tree over the seven years we have used it, we have paid $28.5 a year for a pre lit 7.5 foot tree. Not too shabby.


Bobby always puts up the star because I can’t reach!


I started the fire, turned on the Christmas music, and we were ready to decorate.




The dogs were less than thrilled with all the commotion. They get upset when we move around too much and bring big boxes into the living room. Such spoiled princesses.


Every year when I pull this stuffed Santa out of a box Bella goes nuts. She loves that thing.


All done, except for some ribbon I need to buy.


Also need some lights for the garland on the fireplace.








Now all I have to do is the outdoor decorations. What a fun day! Hope you are all enjoyed your weekend.

QOTD: Is your tree up yet? Fake or real tree.

Weekly Recap November Week 4


The start of a new week, I love it! Clean slates all around, a chance to start over and make it a great week! This past week was a little crazy with getting back into town after being gone for two weeks and feeling sick. Then, on the drive to the doctor Tuesday we got a call that my appointment was cancelled, so now I go tomorrow. Anyway, despite all that, we had a great Thanksgiving and a nice relaxing time hanging out with Bobby family and my family. The workout highlight of the week was out 15 mile run yesterday. Here I am before we got started!

photo (111

We decided to break the mileage up into three five mile segments to make it not seem so daunting. I haven’t run over 13.1 miles since marathon training two years ago. We were at my parents house and luckily had plenty of room in their huge neighborhood, not to mention it was a gorgeous day! Not a cloud in the sky and cold at the start but perfect temperature during the run.

We ran five at an easy pace not wanting to be too ambitious with so many miles to go, then headed back to the house to get water and take some GU. We then headed back out in a different direction, and felt good for another five miles before hitting up the house again. This time we jumped in the car and drove to a parking lot on the other side of the neighborhood so we could run the remaining five over there. This is where it started to hurt. My hips and hip flexors started aching/burning pretty good at mile 11, but we kept on going. My lungs felt great but my body was starting to rebel.

We hit 13.1 in 2:24, which made me happy considering we weren’t trying very hard. We finished it out strong and I even sprinted the remaining two tenths which felt really good. We are mighty sore and the top of my right foot hurts (shoe tied too tight?) but other than that we will recover. Smile

photo (47)

So, here is the week broken down by workouts. Now that the holiday is over I am ready to get back into a routine!

Sunday: rest

Monday: back and bi’s, 3 mile run

Tuesday: chest and tri’s, 30 minutes ellipcital

Wednesday: Thanksgiving #1

Thursday: Thanksgiving #2

Friday: Black Friday Shopping and more eating

Saturday: 15 mile run

2 runs, 2 weights workouts and 1 cross training workout is not ideal, but we made the best of it while balancing time with both out families. I hope you ate well but also worked out well this weekend!

*Don’t forget you can still register for the Woman’s Half marathon in Baton Rouge LA on December 9th! Register here and enter code RPAHeather at checkout to get $30 off the half or 10k and $5 off the 5k!

QOTD: Who ran a turkey trot or other race this weekend? How was it? Any good black Friday deals?

Thanksgiving In Pictures 2012


Happy Saturday! Today Bobby and I are headed out on a long run, hopefully 14-15 miles, and then hopefully decorating our Christmas tree! My camera cord is still at home but I wanted to share some phone photos I took on Thanksgiving day.

We drove to my parents Thursday morning and then my cousin and her family arrived for lunch!

photo (45)

photo (46)

We ate a great spread prepared by mom and dad, and enjoyed some awesome desserts as well (hello pumpkin pie!)

photo (44)

Bella was very aware of the turkey carving going on and stayed close to my dad as he got the bird ready. She was being so funny, growling and barking at him to get some scraps (which she of course did get).

photo (43)

Bobby and I took some Christmas card photos outside and I tried to take a photo of the picture on my camera to show you one but they are coming out blurry.

photo 665

I will post some “real” ones later on, so sorry.

Then later in the evening my aunt and her boyfriend came over to hang out and watch football….and we ate some more. Friday morning mom and I went shopping and got a lot done/gifts bought, and we brought pizza back to the house which we ate while watching LSU beat Arkansas! I would say we have had a great weekend so far and it’s only halfway over! Hope you are all enjoying your holiday weekend, see you tomorrow.

QOTD: Favorite Thanksgiving food?

RWS Features #43


Happy Black Friday! So who went out shopping this morning? I may be at a few stores as we speak, but more on that later. I wanted to share my Thanksgiving photos with you today but I left my camera cord at home #fail. I hope everyone had a great day with their families, and ate lots of yummy food!

Today I want to introduce you to Shannon!


1. How/why did you start blogging?

I started blogging originally to share my teaching experiences with others and connect with teachers in other parts of the world.

2. Sum up your blog in a couple of sentences.

I blog about running, reading, and teaching. Those are my passions, and I want to connect with other people who share those passions.

3. What do you wish to accomplish/achieve by blogging?

I hope to inspire others with my journey as a runner, share great books with fellow book lovers, and let other teachers know about life in my classroom.

4. What is your biggest healthy living accomplishment?

I am 5’1 and back in December 2011 had topped the scale at 163 lbs! I decided I wanted to be able to run a 5k so I told my family. My husband laughed. Yes, he laughed. That is all the motivation I needed. 🙂 I ran my 1st 5k in February 2012 and have run MANY since then. Losing weight was not my goal, but when it started falling off it sure did add to that motivation. I now weigh between 125-128 depending on how much cookies-n-cream ice cream I have devoured! 🙂

5. What is your blog URL and twitter handle?



Thanks Shannon! Be sure to check out her blog and give her a follow on Twitter as well. Have a great day!

QOTD: Favorite ice cream flavor?

Happy Thanksgiving 2012


Happy Thanksgiving! I will be spending the day with my family today and hope you are doing the same, so there won’t be a “real” blog post today. These moments with family are precious and important to me, I’m sure you understand. See you all tomorrow, and don’t forget we all have SO much to be thankful for today.


Now, go eat some turkey! Gobble gobble!

Psalm 107:1

    “Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.”

QOTD: What is something you are thankful for today?

Synergy Stew


Have you ever made soup before, but were missing that one ingredient that just makes it amazing? Unfortunately, it can throw things off balance and your soup won’t taste right. Just like soup, our lives and health rely on a certain, individual to each person, formula to help you reach your optimum health and fitness levels. This can also be called your “synergy stew”.


So, I would love for YOU to think about your life, and think about how great you feel when everything is clicking with your fitness and health routines, you feel strong and confident and at your best. What “ingredients” make up this “stew” for you personally? It’s a great exercise to help you see if you are currently needing to tweak and re-prioritize some things in your life that may help you to become a better YOU!

For example, here is my synergy stew:

Getting 8 hours of sleep a night

running 3-4 times a week

lifting 3-4 times a week

cross train 1-2 times a week

stretching as much as possible

eating a healthy diet

cutting back on sugar and processed foods

drinking Fitmixer aminos and protein shakes.

When I am doing all of these things, I feel strong and at my best. But when even one of these things is missing, things start to get out of whack and can easily snowball downhill!

Head over to Fitmixer and tell them what is in your synergy stew and you can WIN two pounds of a Fitmixer product! (also don’t forget to tell them that I sent you!)


*BOGO sale! Check out the Fitmixer Facebook page ( and “like” the page to unlock a code to get a FREE bottle of fruit punch amino® with any purchase (does not include blender bottles). Ends November 30.

Did you know Fitmixer hosts bootcamp? Check out the link for more great info! It starts January 14th!  They are also having a cyber Monday sale!  Boot Camp registration will be $25 off regular price on Monday, November 26 ONLY! Take advantage of this amazing discount and sign up for Boot Camp! Details are at

QOTD: Please go to Fitmixer and enter to win! Tell them Heather from Running With Sass sent you! You can also tell me here that you entered if you want brownie points. Smile