Providence Race Pictures


Happy Friday! I am so excited for the weekend! Not to mention, the Saints play tonight. I know its just preseason, but I am still so excited the boys of fall are BACK! I am going to wear the new jersey Bobby got me at the end of last season tonight. I can’t wait!

So, the official photos for RnR Providence are up. It’s hard to tell in the small pictures just how hard it was raining, but I still think the pictures are quite comical…..because I LOOKE fine/happy and like I am having fun…but LIES the pictures are all LIES! See for yourself.  Smile


btw…that specific tank soaking wet is not very flattering on me.

81837-554-028f 81837-554-029f

below you can see my phone in my pocket in it’s awesome ziploc bag to keep it dry. heh.


81837-692-020f 81837-692-021f 81837-692-022f

So after the race I hurried back to the room after grabbing my medal and a banana and water, quickly showered and packed up and we got a cab for the airport. My flight was at 12:55 and I didn’t want to miss it because I had a 3 hour layover in Charlotte and Jen was going to take me to lunch! When I went to check in, I was told my flight was delayed TWO HOURS! I was crushed! I texted Jen and told her the bad news. Since technically I could still make my connecting flight, I just needed to get to Charlotte and then have a short layover then take my flight to NOLA. What a bummer.

Michelle’s flight wasn’t till 1:30 so we sat at Starbucks and hung out a little longer before she had to go.


Our gates were by each other so we walked together, said our goodbyes, and I settled in for my long wait. An hour and a gate change later, and I was on the plane to Charlotte. In the back of the plane. Next to a screaming baby. A SCREAMING baby. Just my luck.

I landed in Charlotte and was starving so I headed for some food after checking to see that my flight was on time. (6:00)

2011-08-07172015-1 (1)

After I ate, I checked my flight status again…DELAYED! until 7:25! gah! I was so frustrated, I had already sat around for an hour, and if I had known this when I landed I maybe could have seen Jen! I went to find somewhere to plug my cell phone in, sat around, then saw we were delayed AGAIN to 8:55! They came over the speakers and said that we had a plane but no crew…that they were bringing in a crew from Pittsburgh….but they hadn’t left yet. WHAT? They hadn’t even LEFT Pitt yet…I just had this…feeling, that it was going to be way later than 8:55…so I texted Jen and asked her if she could come pick me up and I could spend the night at her house, and checked with my mom to make sure she could get me tomorrow from the NOLA airport. Then I asked for a ticket change to the next day and said I was NOT paying extra for it! They didn’t say a word, I think they saw the anger, exhaustion, and fire shooting out of my eyeballs…. and they gave me a ticket for 11:20 the next day!

I was so excited, I was going to get to see Jen and Jeff after all and finally meet her sweet dog Nati. She picked me up, and we went to the store so I could get a toothbrush, etc. (my checked bag was en route to NOLA hhmmm) but luckily I had a change of clothes.




We chatted that night and the next morning before I had to go back to the airport.  It went by too fast! It was so good to see her, and I am so glad I get to see them both again in a few weeks in Disney!


(In case some of you are wondering, Jen and I have been friends for about 5 years, but hardly ever get to see each other…and it’s usually on Disney trips that we plan together. This will be our FOURTH Disney trip together!) When your friend lives in a different state, meeting up somewhere you both love works well!

QOTD: Do you ever buy the professional race pictures?

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Providence Rock ‘N’ Roll half Marathon


Howdy from Mississippi! I am FINALLY home! More on that later. I have pictures and fun stores to share with you from the expo etc, but I figured I would just start with the half marathon/recap for the actual race and then backtrack ok? OK! Here we go!

Michelle and I didn’t get finished packing up boxes until 11:00 pm Saturday night. I don’t think I fell asleep till close to 12:00. My alarm went off at 5:45, and I did NOT want to get out of bed. My legs were THROBBING from working the expo and being on my feet all day long for three days, and I was suffering from a very severe lack of sleep. We crawled out of bed and got dressed for the race.


I opened the curtain….and it was pouring. Not raining, POURING! Are you KIDDING ME?!? Well….what could we do? We got dressed to head out to the course.


I stood by the window so you could see the rain.


We were not paying attention to the time and I look up and it’s 6:55, and ya…the race starts at 7. whoops! We start hauling butt through the hotel and ran UP the hill to the corrals. Before Michelle headed to hers, we found someone to take a pic for us. (I had my phone in a ziploc bag so some pics are blurry.)


I headed to my corral to find that it is full and people are standing on the outside. Um. this will not do for Heather. I find a spot where I could stand if I could just get over the big white gate…So I fling one leg over and ask some random guy about my age if I can borrow his shoulder to hold on to so I can climb over. He gave me this strange “you-are-a-crazy-woman” look but I did it anyway. I mean, help a sister out dude!

Well, come to find out, all the rushing was for nothing. The race was TWENTY MINUTES LATE! I was starting to get nervous because I was cutting it close to make my flight as it was.


and then, if it was possible, the rain got harder. look at all the people behind me, don’t they look miserable?


The race finally started, and we were off! After a couple tenths, we hit our first hill. Oh. My. Gosh. This southern girl is used to flat running. a small incline in my neighborhood is considered a hill to me. At this point I knew it was going to be a long race. Not to mention the fact that the road was PACKED the first 3 miles so I had to do a lot of weaving.


I kept up with the 2:15 pace group for the first three miles but them had to let them go. Looking back it was so dumb of me to think I could hang with them with NO training and expo legs. These are the things I had going against me:

-expo legs. 3 days of walking/standing ALL DAY, lifting heavy boxes, etc. Never hurt so bad, even after my full marathon. It was so uncomfortable and I had dead legs race morning.

-lack of training. Since my injury issues in February I have taken 6 weeks off then run 3-4 miles 2-4 times a week. Since April I have done 2 five milers, a 6 miler, and a 10 milers. Since APRIL. That is IT. ya…

-hills and rain. I know most courses won’t have everything Ideal…but come on people. It was monsooning. I described it was “Katrina rain” because that’s how hard it was raining! And yeah…this girl doesn’t run many hills, esp. ones with HUGE pot holes making my knees scream.

It’s funny how at first everyone was trying to avoid puddles and then it was just raining so hard it really didn’t matter. I started sloshing through puddles, I literally couldn’t get any more wet.

When we hit mile three I knew I was in for a mentally challenging race. It felt like I had been running forever, and I was already ready to be done. I decided to take up a run 3 walk 1 ratio just for my sanity. I had to keep telling myself “one foot in front of the other, just put one foot in front of the other.”


Oh, not to mention there were maybe 4 bands along the whole course…how exciting….and hardly any spectators. I thrive on spectators, so this made it even harder. BUT, I am so thankful for the volunteers handing out water, and the cheerleaders along the course as well!  So up and down the hills we kept going….with rain pelting us in the face, some of the streets were so flooded water was rushing over the top…it was bad. It was really really miserable and bad. I wanted to cry. I wanted to quit. I felt dumb for thinking I could run well after only “training” with 3 and 4 mile runs after working my first big expo.

Not to mention…I forgot my IT band strap in the room and my hip and knee started KILLING me around mile 6 or 7 and didn’t let up the rest of the time. THAT added to the joy of this race. Wringing out my skirt every couple of miles was fun, too. ha.

The rain seemed to get harder if at all possible…I was chaffing in places I NEVER chafe, and then the wind picked up and between that and the water rushing down I was being blown off the road in parts! If you want to see just how hard it was raining, check this out:

Race Day Photos

I got to about mile 10 or so and I hear someone yell my name, it was Becky! I actually saw her a couple times, as well as some other great blogger spectators and runners, and it was so great and encouraging to have people shouting my name and cheering for me! The last mile was really rough, I was so over it and wanted to be done.I almost cried a few times…..

We turned the last corner, thrilled to almost be there…only to encounter the biggest freaking hill…OH MY GOSH. Finish line FAIL! What sick and twisted RnR people chose the TOP of a huge hill as the end of the race? I was ANGRY at that point, went through the shoot, got my medal, water and banana and hurried back to the hotel room so I could shower and not miss my flight. I was so nauseated and in pain, I have never been so ready to be done.

I ran a 2:35, 15 minutes off my PR (which was also run injured) So…I’m not sure how to take that. I had a LOT of things going against me, but I FINISHED and I think I gained a lot of mental strength along the way!

I can honestly say running that race sucked way more than my full marathon. I just didn’t care after awhile. Sure I still tried but I didn’t bust my butt to run as fast as possible. I didn’t see the point, especially since I was injured and miserable. Why add to it right? I am so glad I ran, as Michelle said, it was a “mental PR” and I learned a LOT of lessons about myself, my training, and racing from this one! It definitely showed me I still have a LOT of work to do to get where I need to be and that my IT band is still not healed. Even though it was fine on my 10 miler last week, I think it was all the lifting, twisting, etc. of the expo that did it.


ssooo…here is my takeaway:

-the city was really cute and I enjoyed it greatly. Everyone was really friendly

-The hilly course was not so fun.

-the race starting 20 minutes late was even less fun

-The expo exhibitors were not so happy b/c we were told 15l had registered but it was right around 6k…so much much smaller RnR race than normal ones.

-I thought there were not enough water stops and I didn’t like how you could only have cytomax (which is gross anyway at every other station.

-The medal was really cute. I am all about glitter. Smile

before and after…it’s hard to tell, but I am literally drenched.

DSC_0199 DSC_0200

My clothes are still wringing out wet after being in my suitcase…yeah…laundry is a must tomorrow! Ok, so what’s next? Smile

QOTD: Have you ever raced in the rain? How did it change your plans?

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Mardi Gras Rock ‘n’ Roll 2011 Recap Part II


It’s Monday! I hope you are having a good day. I ran some errands with my mom this morning and it’s so beautiful outside, I think I am going to have to go for a quick run later!

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But first, the second half of my recap. Before I get into the race, I have a few more pictures to share from the expo thanks to the lovely Karen.

The boys playing games at the expo.


We won t-shirts!




Me and Karen in our “convert to skirt” shirts


Ok, on with race day!

We woke up about 5:00, and it was COLD! Karen had to meet her running group early for a picture, and hating cold as much as I do, Bobby and I decided to hang back and not go down until about 6:30. (Race started at 7:00)

Very sleepy.


We walked to the start line. It’s a pretty good walk, and it was quite chilly! There were thousands of other people herding that way. It looked like everyone else had the same idea as us, to stay in your hotel room as long as possible before having to go outside!


There was a jazz band playing, of course.


I called Karen, and we found her and Jason and took a couple of pictures before heading to our corral!



We moved through the masses of people and squeezed into the back of corral 10.


Bobby was so cold he was using the hot hands I brought to try and warm up his ears and nose.

2011-02-13065028 180052_557117770041_68000952_31842388_110661_n

This year things moved a LOT faster than last year. I know I complained about how slow the waves were, but this year they were super fast!

2011-02-13065348 2011-02-13065538



Before I knew it we were running under the start line! It was SO much faster than last year, I wasn’t prepared!


Because we weren’t ready, our first mile was slow. Bobby kept trying to fix his headphones, and Karen and I stopped to adjust our clothing and spibelts. It was so congested we had to do a good bit of weaving, and got trapped behind walls of people several times.

The miles FLEW by! We were making really good time, and I was feeling pretty good.



Then we hit mile 8, and my knee/IT band started hurting. UG! I had made it so far I didn’t think it was going to cause a problem. It didn’t start hutting in Disney until further into the race, but then I thought about how bad the roads are in NOLA and running on an uneven surface probably sparked the problem. Anyway, I kept going of course, but the pain got worse. I tied not to think about it but I got quiet and knew this was going to be a big problem.

We made it downtown to the French quarter about mile 9.



When we hit mile 10, I did some quick math and knew I would have to run at my best to PR. Under normal circumstances I would have said HECK YA I can do that! But hobbling along with my knee the way I was, I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I fought back tears as I realized once again my injury was going to hold me back. Karen did a good job of telling me it was ok and there would be other races, but I was still just so frustrated with myself.

I kept going, and then all of the sudden my left hip (not same leg as the IT band problem) started to throb. I used to have this problem back before I started going to the chiropractor. It didn’t bug me at all in Disney because I had been going to the chiropractor several times a week. Well folks, the last time I had been before this race was a month and a half. Fabulous. I think that coupled with the fact I had changed my gait and was limping was making my hip pound. It was hurting more than my knee, and I literally felt like I was being stabbed with every stride. I cried on and off, just wanting it to be over.


Luckily the last mile went by rather quickly, and we were running towards City Park.




We ended up finishing in 2:27. Six minutes off my PR from the other half I ran in NOLA in October where my IT band hurt me from mile 2 on. I so just wanted to run ONE half with no pain, ONE half to reach my potential. Bobby found me after the race and I was so upset, I just wanted to go home. I know you can’t PR every time, but I tell people unless you have ever had a running injury you just simply cannot understand the frustration. It’s so miserable and hopeless feeling! I of course was proud to finish my 5th half marathon, but I just didn’t expect this outcome.


Bobby didn’t run well either. We chalked part of it up to running so soon after our full, but not really sure. He ran a 2:08 I think, 11 minutes slower than his PR.


We sat down for a minute then headed to the busses because we had to be out of the hotel at noon, and I knew it would take me a LONG time to walk to the bus. Bobby almost had to carry me because my hip was hurting so badly I could barely move. I knew I needed to walk though to work it out so I made it, just very slowly!


We showered and all four of us drove back to my parents house, but stopped to eat lunch at Times Bar and Grill. best sweet potato fries ever!




It was so funny, we wore our medals which of course look like beads, and in the restaurant people kept whispering. “I thought the parades didn’t start for another week…was there a Mardi Gras parade today!?” it was too funny. I decided not to correct them and just let them wonder!

So, we had a great time with our friends, and it’s always fun to race, I just had a disappointing outcome. I am so competitive with myself, I let it get to me sometimes. I just want to be well and run all out! This spring I am going to run a couple 5k’s and focus on strength training and getting better and hopefully will come back to half marathons in the fall with a vengeance! I think this all happened at a good time though because I am starting to get burnt out having been on a training plan since July. I need a break! So there you have it, thanks for reading.

QOTD: What is your best advice for coming back from an injury?

Mardi gras Rock ‘n’ Roll 2011 Recap Part 1


Good afternoon! I thought I would go ahead and do part one of my race weekend recap, the expo! Part two will be the actual race. Sorry I am so slow!

Friday night, Karen and Jason came to my parents house and stayed the night, and Saturday we drove over to New Orleans for the expo and to check into our hotel. This was the same hotel we stayed at last year, it’s a nice place and within walking distance of the start line and the bus drop off after the race.

We had a little trouble getting a good picture. Thanks Bobby. Not sure what Karen is doing haha!


Much better.


We walked across the street to the convention center for the expo. We had to walk the entire length of the convention enter to get to the hall with the expo. The race is put on by the competitor group of course, and Brooks is a sponsor, and they had this cool carnival type thing where you play games to win prizes, etc. We each got a free card that they scanned at the booth to see what prize we won! I won a t-shirt, and Bobby won something I will be giving away on my blog in a few days! I thought I had the picture of us with our shirts but I can’t find it, maybe Karen has it, and I will post it later. Anyway, here is a picture after we picked up our bags and packets.



Bobby and Jason played some game where you have to hit these buttons to make your runner run, and then we headed into the actual expo.


We walked around for awhile, it was pretty crowded. We went to the Sweaty Bands booth and talked to Donna for a minute, and Karen checked in at the Determination booth. We also met up with Karen’s brother and his wife Kayla. We sampled a few free things, and then I got a call from the hotel saying our room was ready.


It was a beautiful day, a little on the cool side, but it was promising for race day at least. Here is our room!


Race shirt!



There was an interesting list of New Orleans facts in the front of the race booklet.


Karen and Jason had to leave to go to a pasta party for the team determination, so Bobby and I hung out in the room (Bobby took a nap) and then walked a couple blocks over to Pie. it’s the yummy pasta and pizza place we went to before the jazz half. We got there and there was a line out the door, they were not open yet but luckily we were close to the front. I took a picture of the line with my phone but can’t seem to find it! Bobby waiting outside in the cold.


I love how friendly runners are with each other. The people in front of us ran the Disney half, as did the people behind us. The people behind us also ran the jazz half, so we were at THREE races together and never met. Cue the music! “It’s a small world after aaaalllll!” It was getting cold but the restaurant opened and we sat down and ordered a large pizza!



It was getting cold in the restaurant, and we were starving! We devoured the whole pizza in less than ten minutes. YUM!


We headed back to the hotel, I stopped by to see my sister who was staying at the same hotel, and then we hit the hay. It’s almost race day!!!

QOTD: What is your favorite pizza topping?

Mardi Gras Rock n Roll Sneak Peek


Hello there! Today we ran the Mardi Gras rock n roll half marathon for the second hear on a row. Had a great time with friends, but unfortunately injury held me back…again. I am so frustrated and tired of this happening, I want to run a half injury free for the first time ever!! Anyway, you can’t PR on every race I guess, so I am just trying to be proud of myself for running my fifth half marathon. Full recap to come tomorrow, but here are a few sneak peek pictures.





Full recap coming tomorrow, so please come back! Also, we do the walkthrough of our house tomorrow so I will have, you guessed it, more house pictures!

QOTD: What did you do for exercise this weekend?

Jazz Half Marathon Recap Part 1


    Happy Halloween! I hope everyone is having a good day. it’s beautiful here in South Louisiana. I slept so awful last night after the race. I was so achy and restless, and my knee was killing me, and today I have been hobbling around and icing my leg.

So yesterday was the Jazz half marathon. I didn’t take many pictures because I didn’t have my little point and shoot for the race, but I have a couple friends who took pictures so I am waiting to get some from them. So, I thought I would break this into two parts and do everything leading up to the race morning in this post and then do another post of the actual race next time, or when I get pictures.

Friday, October 29, I waited at my parent’s for Bobby to drive in from work, I hadn’t seen him since Sunday so I was excited and also anxious to get downtown. We loaded up the car and were off by 6:00. We drove across Lake Ponchatrain (my parents house is only about 45 minutes from downtown New Orleans) and we got to see a beautiful sunset!



I spy the city!


Hello, superdome!


I think it’s funny how it kind of looks like a UFO in this next picture.


This weekend is also Voodoo fest in the french quarter so it was pretty crowded and a little nuts with people in weird costumes.



We got to the hotel, and our race packets were supposed to be there. As some of you know, there was a little mix up with getting our packets to the hotel and I ended up getting chewed out by the race director, and then he told me he would get us our packets to the hotel (this was TUESDAY night I talked to him) I had a bad feeling they wouldn’t be there, and they weren’t. Bobby had to call him (he had already called him back for me WEDNESDAY to remind him) and he said “oh ya, I will get them to you sometime tonight.” Huh? Sometime tonight? it was already after 7 and I wasn’t planning on staying up late! I was so frustrated that it didn’t process when the check in lady told us we would be staying in a king suite. What? I had booked a regular king room, but apparently they put us in a king suite. Cool!







We were so hungry, so our plan was to walk across the street to the Riverwalk and get something from the food court.



We walk in…and there is no one there and all the restaurants are closing up. huh? It’s 7:25 on a Friday night and they close the mall and food court at SEVEN! Very, very odd if you ask me. We were starving and so we randomly started walking down the streets looking for somewhere to eat. We stumbled across this little place, I was definitely in the mood for pizza!


Pie, how cute!

We were boring and got a large pepperoni and waters. It was SO GOOD!



Look at the cute napkins!



We left full and happy and went back to the room. It was almost 9, and still no packet. I left my cell number with the lady at the desk and asked if she would call me when they came. We went upstairs and got our things ready for tomorrow and hung out for a few minutes. Around 9:15, they finally called and had our packets. Praise the Lord! I was starting to get worried they wouldn’t come.

We went through everything and put our numbers on our shirts and our timing chips on our shoes. One things I was most excited about, gender specific race shirts!


I ordered a small and it fit perfectly!


My stuff ready to go!


We went to sleep about 9:45 with a 5:20 alarm set for the 7:00 am race!


I will post the rest in another post when I hopefully have more pictures to post!


Should I?

Should I run the Jazz half? It is October 30th in NOLA. It is on a Saturday morning so we would spend the night in a hotel on the course Friday night. I have the Disney full in January an Mardi Gras half in February, and probbaly some small local 5k’s etc. inbetween. It would basically be a marathon training run. This is the second year they are doing it and it benefits the children’s hospital. What do you think?

Any comments and opinions would be greatly appreciated!!

Hope everyone is having a nice day. The humidity is low here (79% is low!) so it’s been rather nice today. Went to the gym and cross trained for 45 minutes on the elliptical, then finished up cleaning the house. I love a clean house!

So do you like the new layout? I took the rose picture in my banner myself! 🙂

QOTD: Jazz half?

Mardi Gras half race pictures part II

My lovely running buddy KarenTook some great pics, as did her husband, so I stole some to put here. Check out her blog for the story from her view! also, has the race pics up! my bib was 13376

here are a few I thought I would share
Ice cream at the riverwalk the night before

In front of the hotel. We are such nerds. It’s ok.

cheerleaders along the way

This is mile 4-5 maybe, when I was still in my right mind….maybe haha!

Museum of art with Disney banners! This was mile 12. AAAHHH

Here we come!

We did it!

So that’s a wrap folks! I so enjoyed this race! Thanks for reading and looking at my pics!
Tomorrow I am going to do a light cross training workout, we will see what happens!

Mardi Gras RnR Race Recap!

I had a BLAST this weekend! The weather was beautiful for the race, I met my goal, and the whole weekend was fun. I feel like I can’t recap without telling some of the details of the weekend and showing pictures, so I hope yall don’t mind I add that in, too! Here we go!

Friday night we drove down and stayed at my parents house, Karen and her husband Jason stayed too. Then Saturday we drove downtown, checked into our hotel and headed to the expo!

we went back to the hotel to drop our stuff off then shopped in the french quarter
front of our hotel

race goodies

we shopped, ate at the riverwalk then walked back to the room and tried to get some sleep!
the next morning we got up at 5 and at about 5:15 I heard sirens, and a band and looked out the window and saw a 2nd line band leading a large group of people already haeding to the start. We were still in the room getting ready! oops.

ready to go!

we walked down to where everyone was hanging out until we could get into corrals at 6:30.

it was a beautiful sunny day but slightly chilly, but it was great for running once we got going.

we were in corral 13 of about 21 maybe. you can see the start curved to the left, see the balloon arch? that was the start!

love this one!

there was a wave start and they let a corral go every 3 minutes or so. we didn’t start till 29 minutes after the start!

when we got close I started getting pumped and singing and dancing and embarassing myself. Then it was pretty quiet, and the announcer made a joke about Drew Brees being there, and so i SCREAMED rally loud, WWWAAAHHH! DREW BREES, WHERE! I LOVE HIM!
some people laughed and some looked at me like I was crazy. It was funny.
yay here we go!

there were bands at every mile

We started out at a good pace, not super fast, but fast enough, and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep it up. It takes me about a mile to warm up but after that I felt great and we kept a great pace for us.
Karen and I were talking and I was taking pics of the pretty houses to post for yall. I love these old houses.

love there two

this poor girl. Her running skirt was about 3 sizes too small, and it was riding up her butt

we hit the 5k mark at 33 minutes, which I was happy with because I ran my first 5k 9 months ago and my time was 33 minutes so I was stoked this was my split on a half marathon!

there were a couple times the half and full courses split in different directions

this was about mile 4

run Karen!

there were beads all in the trees from the Mardi Gras parades

at mile 4.5 we stopped to take some GU and drink water so we stopped to walk a few seconds while we partook haha. That was when this guy stopped behind us and says “I have been following you ladies for over 4 miles, I am not a stalker yall are just keeping a good pace” Well, alright then! haha
we kept on grooving, and then Karen’s heart decided to speed up and go crazy so we stopped for a minute or two until it stopped. We hit the 10 mark around 1:08 and miles 7 and 8 flew by and we headed back downtown on magazine

St. Louis Cathedral is to the left (out of the pic)

cafe du monde is on the right with the green awning

about this time, I got an AWFUL cramp in my right side, like someone was stabbing me. We stopped and walked for a minute, then it went away. at mile 9 we got to the GU station, and walked for a sec while we ate that and got some water. Soon after, the cramp came back, and it was the most AWFUL pain! I could barely walk. I tried to stretch, change my breathing, it was awful. I kept apologizing to Karen! It went away after a minute or two and we were off again and I am happy to say it never cam back.

Mile ten is where it started to suck. I have no pics till the end bc I was hurting! My fet ached and I was wearing down. My longest training run was 10 miles so I was not surprised this happened at the ten mile mark! I looked at my garmin, did some math and realized if I wante to hit my 2:30 goal, we could NOT slow down!
I saw the museum of art ahead and knew we were withing a couple miles bc the Crescent city classic ended at the same place. we took a right and I saw we had to go around a lake, but it was a trick! when you ot to the lake you had to go RIGHT down a road, then back up THEN aroun the lake. What a tease! This is when Karen’s knee started hurting so we stopped for a minute, got some water, and then kept going.
We got to mile 12, and I realized we were only a mile away! I passed a girl groaning with every breathe and I wanted to turn and look at her and say “I feel your pain!” I was so close to my goal and was pushing myself so hard. We could hear the finish line music, so close! The last mile was TORTURE! We rounded a corner and had two tenths left and we started into a flat out sprint! We ran about a 9:20 pace and crossed the finish line at the same time. It seemed to go in slow motion. As soon as we crossed we yelled WE DID IT and hugged. I was SO HAPPY to be done I could cry! Not only did we reach the goal but we ran under it by 2 minutes. we ran a 2:28:07!!
sorry this is blurry but I was moving!
We got our medals and our food, took our pics with the backdrop and met Karen’s husband and then went and found my husaband. He ran a 2:14. I was so proud!
we sat down and it felt so good to sit!

the music stage. we left before sister hazel and cowboy mouth came on b/c it was 10:30 and they were not coming on till 2:30 and later!

after party

we walked back to the shuttle, then walked back to the hotel to shower and check out then we headed back to my parents for lunch, then drove back to MS and got home about 8:00. WHEW! It was great but so tiring. I am sore but not near as bad as after the Disney half! It was a great experience, and a very organized race, I highly reccommend it to anyone! I leave you with one last photo:

Mardi Gras Mambo!

Today is not very exciting, and I am about to head to the gym to run (I SO don’t feel like it!) So I thought I would use today to talk a little about the Mardi Gras Half I am doing Sunday! This is my second half marathon, my first was in January in the Disney half marathon.
The Mardi Gras half has been in existence for awhile, but this is the first time it has teamed up to be a part of the rock n roll series! Go HERE to check out the official site. There will be local bands along the way, and cowboy mouth and sister hazel are playing at the afterparty. The expo is Saturday. Our plan is to drive down to my parents and my friends Karen and Jason are meeting us there and spending the night there as well. Saturday we will go to the expo and check into our hotel, and then we plan to go to the Riverwalk that evening. The race is at 7:00 AM Sunday morning. early, but not as bad as the Disney half (5:40!) After the race we will go back to my parents for a bit then head home. I wanted to go home Monday, but I have no more days off for the school year, so back on Sunday we will go!
I am excited to race in my hometown area, get to see friends and family, and celebrate Mardi gras some more! I have yet to decide what I am going to wear, I may let you help me decide so stay tuned the rest of the week!

By the way, I know I posted my pancake recipe yesterday, but if you go to any ihop today nationwide you get a free short stack! ENJOY! Have a great night everyone, I am headed to the gym for a quick run!

QOTD: What race is your “dream race” to run in? Anywhere in the world! I would have to say the NYC marathon!