Don’t Be Like That

Eagle Creek so graciously sent some packing essentials my way, which I was very grateful for. I have always packed for races with garbage and grocery bags, so this was a real treat! Check out my short video below for more info and a fun little way of sharing about their products.

Here is the Eagle Creek website where you can find all of their cool gear! Remember, no one wants to sit next to a smelly person’s stuff on an airplane. So just don’t be like that, ok?

QOTD: How do you pack your stinky race day gear and shoes?


Good morning! Thank you everyone for your great responses to my post yesterday about the glucose test! It was definitely an interesting experience and I’m so glad to see I’m not alone.

Yesterday was a bit of a wild day, we are at our old house packing up because we FINALLY SOLD IT! That’s right, after 27 months our house sold and we have to be out by the end of the month. It’s a very long story that I really want to share with you once we get everything moved. I feel bad, almost like I have hidden from you guys a lot of what has been going on, but there is a reason, and I can’t wait to share the story soon.

Anyway, we spent a couple hours Wednesday night and all day yesterday packing and we still aren’t done. Thank goodness for my mom and Bobby’s mom that came and helped us or we would be in trouble. Can I just say packing while in your third trimester is not fun? By the end of the day, I was so sore and tired I couldn’t hold my eyes open at dinner and was in bed at 7:30!


I wore my fitbit from staples, and I walked over 10,000 steps yesterday without even leaving the house. How crazy is that? Let’s just say I went up and down the stairs at least 50 times and boy am I feeling it!


I’m really ready to get finished up here and head to my parents because Karen and her husband come into town today for my baby shower that is tomorrow! Not to mention, Sunday is my birthday, so it’s sure to be a fun weekend! I will blog all about it next week and will have pictures from the shower.

I better get back to packing, have a great weekend!
QOTD: any awful packing or moving experiences?

It Feels Real Now


Happy weekend!

Thanks for all the comments on my accent vlog. I enjoyed reading through them. I had NO idea “the devil is beating his wife” was a southern thing until so many people brought it to my attention. Hilarious! Hopefully you don’t all stop reading my blog becuase I sound like a dork.

 I hope everyone is having a great Saturday! My weekend didn’t start out so great. One of the main reasons I came up to MS (besides packing) was to go to the chiropractor, and just much luck, we get here and he is out of town! This is after driving here in scary rain and ice. We did get to eat yummy Mexican food though. That’s where I made my mistake…I haven’t had sweet tea in over a month. I HAD to have it! body is apparently not used to this because I was awake in bed until 5, yes FIVE am! Also, Bobby was snoring, and I haven’t slept in this bed for over a month, but oh it was awful! I just wanted to cry I was so frustrated. We also woke up to more freezing cold and a little more of this.


I finally fell asleep and had to be up at 8:00 because the movers were coming to give is an estimate.

When he came that REALLY made our move feel real. Hopefully it won’t cost an arm and a leg to get us down there.

After running some errands and eating at my favorite, McAlisters, we came home and did more packing! I also did a good amount of throwing out. A friend is having a garage sale as a fundraiser for a mission trip she is going on, so that made me more motivated to want to get rid of some things, to help her cause.

DSC_2069 DSC_2072

The dogs didn’t like all the commotion. They get confused easily.

DSC_2073 DSC_2074

We are getting somewhere though. A lot of our bathroom is packed up and most of the kitchen. Luckily we started way back in the summer little by little, so it hasn’t been too overwhelming.

Happy Packing Boy


We were supposed to run 8 miles today, but with me running on 3 hours of sleep, we decided it was a bad idea and will do it tomorrow instead before we head back down south. We are also going to get as much packing done as possible. We need more boxes!

The girls miss grandma and grandpa I think.


Ok, back to packing! I can definitely say it really feels like we are actually moving now! Have a great night everyone!

QOTD: Does packing stress you out? Do you enjoy getting rid of things?

Packing for a Destination Race

Afternoon, I hope today has been pleasant! I have been a busy bee this morning! One of the things I have been working on is packing for my marathon trip. that’s right folks, I leave a week from TODAY! Very excited but very nervous as well!

Anyway, I am petrified I am going to do something stupid like forget to pack running socks or something so I decided to make a packing list and pack all my race day gear in a separate bag so it’s all right there and ready to go!

So, behold…THE LIST!

-Running shoes (MOST IMPORTANT!)

-running socks/compression socks

-running skirt(s)

-running tights

-long sleeved shirt

-short sleeved shirt

-tank top

-running outerwear

-throw away outerwear




-body glide

-athletic tape

-IT band strap



-multiple GU’s

-hot hands

-hair ties and clips



-sports bra


-chap stick

-needed medications

-band aids

-extra safety pins


-yurbuds (I probably won’t use)


-banana and breakfast bars

-arm band/holder for iPod/iPhone (I probably won’t use)

Is that all? I am probably leaving out something totally obvious but these are the things I have packed so far JUST for the actual race. WOAH that’s a lot of stuff when you think about it. I also will be packing things like other running shoes to walk around in after and before, foam roller, etc. etc. But I think this about covers the necessities!  Bobby and I have the luxury of driving so we can take as much crap in my monster SUV as we please. This is a MAJOR plus to us as a reason to drive!


QOTD: Did I leave anything off the list?