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Moving makes me tired


Hello everyone! Just a quick android post to let you know I am still alive. The internet Guy was supposed to come Saturday afternoon (the day we moved) but we drove down in an awful storm and So he couldn’t come. We got a call yesterday and apparently the all day rain put them behind so they can’t come till WEDNESDAY. Um. No. I work from home on my computer.
    So they are supposed to come today to just do internet and Wednesday they will do Directv. Fine. Whatever. I just need my internet!
    We had a few hiccups but we made it down here. As soon as I have computer access I will post the story and photos. One thing I will say is I feel like I ran a Marathon! I don’t think I was this sore after the disney Marathon. Seriously.
  Anyway please forgive my absence I will be back hopefully tonight or tomorrow! Have a great Monday everyone! 

Guest Post: Heidi


Due to the fact that I am probably watching movers load up a truck in the rain as you are looking for a new post, I decided another guest post was in order! Please welcome Heidi! I will be back tomorrow or Monday with pictures! Have a great weekend!

Figuring out what works for YOU!

Hi! This is Heidi – the wannabe runner behind run-around-aroo. I jumped all over the chance to write a guest post for Heather here at Running with Sass…so here I am!


 Best named snowboard run ever!

I like to consider myself a runner although I’m not exactly speedy, I am definitely not an expert and I am just as likely to have a crappy run as I am to have a stellar one. See…I truly live the life of a wannabe!

Basically I am pretty average but I give myself a lot of credit for trying! I’m such a believable wannabe I’ve even managed to talk The Husband into competing in a dualthon relay with me!


 Chris and I – Minneapolis Duathlon – August 28, 2010

I have spent the last three years of my life trying to figure out works for me with running – awesome-sauce shoes, fanny pack fuel belts, and overpriced gadgets. Since you are all the dedicated readers of a running blog I thought I’d let you in on some not-so-secret secrets that I discovered along the way!

First…the most important thing to [most] runners – SHOES! If you run in shoes they are a pretty big deal for you. If you don’t…well, my advice is of no use to you as I’ve always run with shoes, sorry!

In the past I have suffered through insane shin splints and bloody gross toenails because of my shoes – not any more! I have finally found shoes that I love. I have not had shin splints in years *knock on wood* and although I have lost the occasional toenail it is not bloody and painful like in the past.

Photo_3 Photo_4

 Saucony Ride & Mizuno Wave Rider 13

Finding my beloved running shoes was not easy. Actually, it is a lot like trying to find a guy worth spending time with…I excitedly picked out a pretty pair of shoes that felt good, took them to the gym for a trial run and then dejectedly returned them to the store. The process was frustrating but eventually I won out!

My very credible advice…

– Don’t be afraid to try out multiple running stores in your area – if your options are limited do what you can with what you have…my closest “running store” is 1.5 hrs away, but I race in that area a lot so I stop by then.

– Grill the “experts” that are selling you shoes. Don’t hesitate to talk to different people at the same store – everyone has their own take on things and you’ll get valuable information!

– Make 110% positive they will let you return your shoes if they don’t work out in the next week or so. Try out your shoes out on a treadmill, indoor track or very clear, paved bike path. If they don’t feel just right don’t be afraid to take them back and try out another pair!

– Once you find a pair of shoes you love…buy online! Usually shoes are cheaper online, especially at the beginning of the year when last year’s model is no longer on store shelves. I just bought my second pair of Mizunos online!


The new Mizunos survived their first trial run!

When I found my shoes it was a fast and hard fall into true love. Figuring out what worked for me in terms of carrying along water and food on my runs is a whole different story. I am still trying to figure out what works the best for me! There are just so many options out there!

Stash water and gel/chews along your route. This can work pretty well if you know your route in advance. I tend to get bored and want to check out a new, interesting neighborhood so this didn’t work too well for me! It also weirds me out to drink for a water bottle that has been sitting all alone behind a random tree…

Wear pants with a wide waistband. Sounds odd, but if I need to carry just my phone and maybe a baggie of treats I fold them into my waist band. Works great, I promise!

Bribe you husband/friend/mother to bike alongside you on longer runs. Ideally they will be good company and a source of water and food. This works pretty good with my mother (she even has a basket on the front of her bike!), but The Husband gets bored and ditches me…

Carry the necessities on your body. This works the best for me. I’ve carried a water bottle in hand but it was just annoying the entire run! I own a fancy dancy Nathan Hydration Belt  and it does the trick. I don’t wear it like a normal person but it works great for holding two little water bottles, various snacks, house key, etc.

My blue Nathan belt also works great as part of my Monster Dash costume…


 Pre-race at Team Ortho’s Monster Dash Half

As for what type fuel you take on the run with you…that is all trial and error, and sometimes the error really sucks, so don’t go trying new things during a race!

I am still trying to figure out what to do for fueling on my runs – I’ve tried Gu, Chomps, Hammer Gel, Sports Beans, etc. and pretty much hate them all! The gels feel gross in my mouth and the chewier options are so sweet they hurt my teeth. I pretty much gave up…until recently!

Photo_7 Photo_8

Honey Stingers

Thanks to my Holiday Blogger Exchange gift from Shannon at A Better Me  I have discovered Honey Stingers and they are amazing! They are small enough to chew while running, they taste like “healthy” fruit snacks and they don’t hurt my teeth! I love them…seriously, if you are struggling to find a fuel while running check out Honey Stingers.

Now, just in case you haven’t already spent you entire year’s earnings on astronomical race fees and every other “must have” do-dad in the running world let’s talk about all of the crazy running gadgets out there…namely GPS.

Most importantly…do you really need a GPS device to run? Heck no! Does having a small computer strapped to your wrist make calculating/pacing/tracking easier? Yay, most likely.


 My very own wrist computer!

For my first 2.5 years of running I made do without any form of GPS. I wore a cheapo sports watch from Target (which I still wear, and I used to figure out how far I went. I had to remember street names and I know that sometimes I just guessed (I really zone out running) but it worked for me…for 2.5 years!

Just this past year I caved and bought myself a Garmin 305 for my birthday…I even let The Husband sign the imaginary card so he could feel special.


 So excited it finally arrived…at work!

I love my Garmin. Yes, it is pretty big and sometimes it takes f.o.r.e.v.e.r to locate satellites but it is so nice to know my pace/distance/HR instantly. No more doing math while running! Yes!

So…I have shared with you all of the wisdom I have. I recommend you take it for exactly what it is…wisdom from a wannabe. I’m still working on figuring out who I am as a runner and what works for me but I know it helped me to read about other people’s adventures. I hope I was of some help to you!

If you have to give one little tidbit of advice that you learned while “finding yourself” as a runner what would it be?

And if you are looking for me wisdom feel free to come visit me over at run-around-aroo. I have a whole plethora of random facts to throw out…and of course “interesting” stories about my life as a runner, wife and cat parent!


 The Cat…Frederick!

Friday Favorites: Keurig


TGIF! My days have been so mixed up here lately. I realized in my last Thursday’s post I thought it was Friday…I’m really not crazy, so sorry about that! Let’s rewind to yesterday. I did 25 minutes on the elliptical, some stretching, arm weights, and a couple of planks. I purchased Jillian’s 6 weeks to 6 pack abs DVD yesterday on amazon and hope to incorporate it into my workout to get ready for swimsuit season! I will try and remember to post some before and after pictures when I am done. I love a good before and after photo! This weekend my workouts will consist of moving into my house. YAY! I am heading out of here in a couple of hours to head up to our old house. Movers come tomorrow! EEEKK! it’s REALLY happening this time!

Because I will be up to my eyeballs in boxes, I have arranged another guest post for everyone for tomorrow! So be sure to stop by and show some love. I promise to take lots of pictures of the house for you though! The guy is supposed to come set up our new awesome fiber optics on Saturday afternoon so hopefully I will be up and running Sunday.

Ok, onto today’s favorite! I have yet again decided to do a non running or fitness Friday favorite because well, I just want to! So, my new favorite thing is my parent’s Keurig. I. am. obsessed. Before I moved in with my parents, I didn’t drink hot coffee. I drank the occasional Frappuccino or iced coffee, but never hot coffee. One day I slept horribly and my mom suggested I try one of her flavored K-cups. That mixed with some hazelnut creamer and oh my goodness I was in heaven! I started out only drinking it every few days…then every other day…now it’s every morning! Granted, I still don’t like the flavor of coffee all that much so I use truvia and flavored creamer, but still. It makes me happy.  My favorites are hazelnut, the Kona blend, and vanilla biscotti. I love that you can also do hot chocolate and tea. I plan to do iced tea in the summer. How fun! Now I am sad that I am moving and will not have access to said Keurig anymore. wwaaahhh!

Sorry for the lack of photos. I am pretty sure you know what a Keurig looks like and if not click on the link to their website above. Instead, I will leave you with pictures of the cutest puppy I know, Bella! If you are wondering why I don’t have more pictures of Sassy it’s because they don’t come out well since her fur is black! Also she is a loner and never hangs out around me when I have my camera.

Mom, I am trying to sleep, please stop!


Seriously lady, get the camera outta my face!

and for your viewing pleasure, here is a blast from the past from 1988 ish? My sister, me, and my dad. He’s such a stud!


Oh yes, before I forget, two things.

1.) go HERE and look at how stinkin’ cute Jess looks in the hat I sent her for winning my giveaway!

2.) I was nominated for another blogger award! This one is from Holley at Smart Snacking. I am way too lazy to nominate other bloggers, I have a house to get moved into, but I so appreciate the thought from sweet Holley, so go check out her blog. she just ran the Disney Princess Half!

QOTD: Do you drink coffee? what kind? Do you have a Keurig or want one?

Starting Off Right


Hola! Did you see yesterday’s post about my plans for the month of March? I would say I started off right and had a good day yesterday! My mom and I went to Target, where thanks to Kelly and her couponing advice, I will be shopping a lot more often! We then went to Lee’s Hamburgers. YUM! if you are from the NOLA area, you know what I am talking about. if you aren’t….then sorry you are missing out! Lee’s makes the best hamburgers ever and they have been around forever (like, since my parents were little, now that’s a LONG time! Smile)

It was so beautiful out we ate outside!



A burger, fries, and root beer later…you would think I would be too full for froyo. But, you would be wrong! We thought it was comical since Menchies is in the same shopping center, all we did was move down the building and eat outside there, too!


This my friends is NY style cheesecake with cherries, strawberries, and almonds! Heavenly goodness in a cup.


I seriously have terrible posture. I need to learn to sit up straight.

After the gloriousness of feeling so full I had to change my pants, I had the bright idea to go on a run. I WANTED to run, but my rock hard full of food stomach thought otherwise….but I did it anyway. it was so beautiful outside, the prettiness of the day was just calling out to me! I decided to run a quick three and see what kind of speed I had. I did great mile one, right at 9:00. Mile two is when my stomach started rebelling against the motion and I got a super sick feeling but still managed to run it in under 10:00. The third mile I was able to pick up the pace a bit. I even tried to throw up but couldn’t, I knew I would have felt better. oh well. Anyway, I managed to finish in 28:00! For someone on the verge of vomit, I was incredibly proud of myself!


After my run, I went inside to discover my dad was home, so my mom and I made him walk with us. they even jogged a little! We ended up doing 1.35 miles total. We ate dinner, watched American Idol (well, mom and I did!) and I went to bed! I would call that  successful March day in more ways that one. Go me! Hopefully today will be a success as well, because tomorrow all the fun begins!

Bobby got the keys to the new house yesterday FINALLY, so tomorrow I meet him there and unload my car, then we will take one car up to our old house and the movers come Saturday morning! it will be a wild weekend for sure! I will take plenty of pictures for you though. I can’t wait to unpack in my new home!  I am off to enjoy the day, have a great one!

QOTD: What are you doing this weekend?

My Month


Happy hump day friends! It is supposed to be another beautiful day here in south Louisiana. In case you missed me talking about it yesterday, it was beautiful then, too. My mom and I went to breakfast at the Broken Egg café, which happens to be the original one!

Only here will you find a food/menu item named the Mardi Gras.

DSC_2191 DSC_2192

we ate, we chatted, we relaxed. It was very nice!


Then we drove all of 20 feet to the lakefront, and went for a two mile walk. We even ran a few tenths here and there! It. was. gorgeous. If every day could be like this one I would be a happy girl.



It was an awesome way to kick off the month of March. That got me thinking about the month. I will be honest, February kinda sucked. It’s my least favorite month of the year. The hype of Christmas is over, the marathon is over, and it’s COLD, and it’s DREARY, and everyone is tired of it. (Don’t you love how I speak for everyone?!?) I also had a LOT of stuff personally going on in February that was not so good. But March, ah wonderful March. Spring, getting dark later, green grass, oh the bliss! I decided since February was so crappy, March has to be good, right? I have decided to make March MY month. The month of good times and good things. I want to really focus on being healthy, fit, and positive. I also have a few mini goals for March:

1.) Run a 5K and PR. I think I can handle three miles of running hard even with my tight IT band. I REALLY want to do this, because I know I can, and I want to before it starts getting too warm in April/May to have a shot at it.

2.) Strength train more. I didn’t put a specific amount on this because I am already doing it somewhat as a 2011 goal, I just need to do MORE! I want to be able to tell a difference in my body.

3.) Unpack ALL the boxes in my new house. I have heard too many horror stories about moving where things stay in boxes for months. I will NOT let that be me when we move this weekend. I want a fresh start with a new, clean, and organized home!

4.) Meet new people in our new town. It will be easy to just stay in my pretty new house all the time and not go anywhere or meet anyone, but we will be trying out different churches, hopefully find some running people/groups, neighborhood friends, etc. so we can be social!

I think that’s all for now. I am just trying to stay positive and really want to have a great month! I know that I am in control of my own attitude so I am trying to focus on the good and be joyful no matter what! I will keep you posted on my progress!

QOTD: Do you have any March goals?

ABC’s of Me

Hi! It’s GORGEOUS outside! I mean, couldn’t ask for a more beautiful day. My mom and I went to breakfast at the Broken Egg, then walked 2 miles on the lakefront. Then came home and I ran 4 miles. I am about to go back outside just because its so pretty! I will post pictures from breakfast and the lakefront tomorrow. Today I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and do the ABC’s! So, here we go!

A: Age: 25

B: Bed size: King, and it is tempurpedic heaven

C. Chore you hate: hanging up clothes. Not sure why, but I make Bobby do his own because I despise it so much.

D. Dogs: Two toy poodles, Sassy (9) an Bella (almost 3)

E. Essential start to your day:Coffee thanks to my mom and her Keurig, and puppy kisses.

F. Favorite color: it changes but I always love pink and aqua blues.

G. Gold or silver: White gold Smile

H: Height: 5’9” yes I am tall. Bobby is 6’2” so I don’t look tall in pictures because he is tall, too.

I: Instruments that you can play: um..I played piano for a year in 3rd grade before I switched to basketball.

J: Job title: blogger

K: Kids: we already discussed the two furry ones…

L: Live: moving to the Mississippi Gulf Coast this weekend!

M: Mom’s name: Mary Katherine, but since she was born everyone called her Kathy…makes no sense if you ask me.

N: Nicknames: Heath, used to be “little Bridges” “Bridges” or “bird legs”

O: Overnight hospital stays: Nada

P: Pet peeve: I could go on and on….But here are a couple…Old people driving/running me over with their Cadillac’s in my parents neighborhood when I am trying to run….people who interrupt me when I talk or aren’t listening to me because they are already trying to think of the next thing they want to say…copycats/people who can’t think for themselves.

Q: Quote from a movie: “I’ve not nipples Focker, can you milk me?” haha! Not necessarily my fav. but its all I could come up with.

R: Righty or lefty: Right is right!

S: Sibling: one older sister who is 27 and looks nothing like me. I like to tell her she was adopted.

T: Time you wake up: it varies, but between 7:00 and 8:00

U: Underwear: yes please. Unless I am wearing a running skirt!

V: Vegetables you dislike: Not a huge veggie fan…so most..really..I know I am a bad health blogger! I do eat them even though I don’t like them!

W: What makes you run late: I am rarely late, usually early, but if I am late it’s usually my husband’s fault because he is never ready on time…

X: X-rays: back, ankles, teeth, neck….

Y: Yummy food you make: I love to bake! cookies, muffins, cakes, yum!

Z: Zoo favorite animal: Monkeys. They make me laugh.

Well there ya go! Sorry I a quite boring and don’t have any cool stories that go along with mine. I could make something up, but that would be lying. So I won’t. Anyway, look for yet ANOTHER giveaway coming up hopefully next week! I hope your day is as pretty as mine, so get out there and enjoy it if it is!


QOTD: Have you done the ABC’s on your blog? Share the link!