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FIT Magazine Photos and Article


Evening all! Today was a crazy day! Bobby and I got up and ran our first 5k in our new city! More on the tomorrow when I do my recap. Then we hurried home and I drove an hour to my cousins’ fiancé’s bridal shower. It was so nice. my cousin (mother of the groom) hosted at her house and it was gorgeous. I will post pictures of that in a couple days! I didn’t get home until about 6:15, and I am pooped! But, I couldn’t get to bed without the promised photos and article from the magazine I was lucky enough to be on the cover of!

Fit magazine is a monthly New Orleans magazine that started in January. It is a part of and the Times Picayune. So, if you get the paper in New Orleans, you got this magazine as an insert yesterday. It has stories about being healthy and getting fit, as well as advertisements for gyms, healthy food stores, etc. I am on this month’s cover, and there is an article on the inside about me being a fitness role model!

here is the cover!!



Here is the table of contents:


and…here is the article!



Totally realize the words are too small…so here is the online version! Picayune FIT Magazine Article

SO, what are your thoughts on the article? I tried to be as honest as possible. A couple funny things about the pictures…you may remember me saying how cold it was and how my hands were turning red…look closely at the cover photo, you can see how red my hands were! Also, the bench photo…we spent an hour taken hundreds of photos, and as we were walking back to our cars the photographer decides “let’s take a goofy photo” as an afterthought…and THAT is the one that makes it in the magazine? LOL! I know he took some good ones, wish I could see them all! Another great magazine to subscribe to is the Atlanta Parent Magazine. It has so many parenting tips and tricks, I love this magazine!

A couple I took today…



my gooby husband.



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QOTD: Thoughts on the article? I am pleased, I just wish they would have put my blog address like I asked!!!

Fitness Role Model


EEEKKKK! I am so excited! The latest issue of Fit Magazine, New Orleans’ monthly fitness magazine, is out, and guess who is on the cover? MMMMMEEEEE! I am so excited! Not only am I on the cover, but there is a story about me on the inside, being a fitness role model. woo hoo! I was kind of bummed they didn’t put my blog address in there, but hopefully people will still be able to find my blog from it. I am getting my hands on a copy soon and will post pictures tomorrow, I can’t wait for you to see it!

If you will remember, I did the photo shoot back at the beginning of February. It was SO COLD, about 34 degrees, and on the lakefront. My hands went numb, and I had to run, a lot for the pictures! It’s been a long wait, and I wasn’t SURE if I was going to be on the cover or not.


Today I am going to take it easy because I have a race tomorrow! Bobby and I are running a 5k, our first in our new town. I am  a little nervous because 1.) I have no idea where it is, and 2.) it doesn’t start till 9:30 and the high tomorrow is 78 and sunny! It’s going to be QUITE warm which I am not used to. I really really want to PR and hope the warm temps don’t mess that up for me!

I also have a baby shower to go to tomorrow for my cousin’s fiancé. It’s a bridal tea! How fun! I will be sure to take pictures of me in my tea hat.

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QOTD: What is your worst race day experience?

Punkeelove Headbands Giveaway


Gggggoooodddd morning! It’s another bright sunny day here on the coast! I hope you are having a fabulous morning! You are in luck because not only is today St. Patrick’s Day, but it’s GIVEAWAY DAY! Are you excited? Well you should be! Stacy at Punkeelove Headbands contacted me a couple of weeks ago about me doing a review and giveaway for them, and I was more than happy to oblige! She sent me two headbands to try out, then tell you about. and, AND, you can win one of your very own, and you get to pick out which one you want! How cool is that? First, check out my review and then I will give you all the deets you need to score one of your own.

As I mentioned before, Stacy sent me two headbands to try out.


The thing that is different about these headbands, that I have actually never seen before, is that they are adjustable!


You can adjust the black strap and tuck the excess in a hole just under the Punkeelove headbands logo. Neat! It took me a minute to figure out which fit was best for me, but now that I know I never have to change it again. The underside of the headbands is a cute purple velvet material that keeps the headband from slipping.

here is me after a three mile run, no slipping!


I wore the thick band the other day when I spent the whole day cleaning out my old house. I liked it just fine, but think I like the thin ones better.

DSC_2158 DSC_2159

I wore it for 12 hours, and my head did start to hurt a tiny bit on hour 12, but lets be realistic, what normal person wears a headband for 12 hours? (ignore how awful I looked, I had driven 3 hours and then deep cleaned with bleach for another 3…I think the fumes were getting to me!) So far, I give these headbands two thumbs up. After all, not slipping after cleaning a house all day or running? That’s as good as it gets in my opinion!

A few things about Punkeelove headbands for your reading pleasure:

-Go HERE to find out how they got started, it’s a fun story!

-They have tons of designs to choose from, and for a small fee, you can even have them embroidered for your team, etc.

-The customer service seems top notch. If your button for adjusting comes off, they will send you  mending kit for free to fix it, or even fix it for you!

-They also have a Facebook Page you should check out.

I know I know so you want to know how to win one of your own right? Here is how it works:

-Giveaway is open to anyone

-Giveaway ends next Monday at midnight Central time. So you have 5 days to enter.

Here is how you enter:

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I will choose a winner via on Tuesday and you will get to pick your headband!

make sure you are wearing green, you wouldn’t want to get pinched today!  Smile



Happy Hump Day! Is it really already Wednesday? This week is flying by. Honestly every day seems to fly by since we have moved and I don’t feel like I am getting THAT much done. Still so much to unpack, and a race to run Saturday! (Which I have not trained for in the slightest, oh well!)


Today I want to talk about a hot topic. Barefoot running. I have read articles, blog posts, debates, and discussions, but I have yet to totally form my own opinion. In my mind, this is how the idea runs through my head….

“Well, I have TERRIBLE running form. I run heavy and pronate. Maybe barefoot running would teach me how to run properly? Also it couldn’t hurt to have stronger leg muscles and feel the freedom of barefoot running….But…I tend to NOT be a bandwagon type of person. After all, it took me over a year of refusals to finally read the Twilight series….Also these Vibram things are expensive, and I have very sensitive feet, and I just know I will step on something sharp and hurt myself….not to mention the fact that the debate is still heavily out on if these ape feet are even good for you or not….”

Yeah, I have a college degree and was allowed to teach children. Scary inside my head huh?

Here are a couple of the articles I have read if you would like to form your own opinion on the subject:

Article 1

Article 2

Article 3

hhhmmm….I don’t know about you but I am still totally on the fence. Anyone have any thoughts or personal experience? Why you love them or why you hate them? Convince me why I need to try this or never ever do it?


While you are formulating your thoughts on why or why not….take a look at this!

There is something kind of cool happening soon!

MY RUN, the Terry Hitchcock Story is coming to movie theaters nationwide for a one night event on March 31 at 7:00

We’re all running a marathon one way or another. Whether it is staying afloat as a single, working parent, battling a disease or trying to conquer a fear, it all involves a fight. Join us for an unforgettable, inspirational story about a man who ran 75 consecutive marathons in 75 consecutive days to raise awareness about the struggle of losing a loved one and becoming a single parent.


Terry Hitchcock battling the grief of losing his wife to breast cancer, sets out on a journey to bring awareness and a voice to the struggles faced by single parent families and their children. Narrated by Academy Award winner Billy Bob Thornton, this powerful and uplifting documentary exemplifies a commitment to something greater than yourself and achieving something deemed impossible.

Following the feature, audiences will take a deeper look into the story through interviews with the star Terry Hitchcock and his son, support team member Chris Hitchcock. A portion of proceeds from the MY RUN Premiere event will benefit the Livestrong Foundation. Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased at

I don’t know about you but this looks pretty cool! I love a good true story. Having a mother who almost died of cancer makes things like this very interesting and inspiring to me. I hope you will take a look and consider going!

QOTD: Ok, so, Vibrams. Let me have it!

A Look Back

I thought it would be fun today to do a look back at where I was a week ago, month ago, and year ago today! To me this is one of the fun things about blogging. I can always look back and remember fun memories!

Well…a week ago today I had just moved into my house and didn’t have internet yet, so I blogged a message from my phone..Please Don’t Leave Me!

A month ago today was February 15, the day after Valentine’s Day. I blogged about When Things Don’t Go As Planned. I was very frustrated as I wrote this post, dealing with handling adversity and when plans change/don’t go my way. This has been a very trying year for us and I haven’t always had the best attitude, even though I know I am the one in control of my attitude! Just call me stubborn! I am happy to report SOME things have gotten better, but we are still dealing with some “changed plans” that are hard to swallow. As is life I guess! I am really working at trying to change the way I react to negative situations to have more JOY!


A year ago today I was in DISNEYWORLD with my mom! Sad times. Why did I remind myself of that? I didn’t blog that week, but I can tell you we had fun in Disney, but it was SO CROWDED, COLD and WINDY! I vowed to NEVER go in March/Spring break again! HERE is the post I wrote when I got back. Apparently it was a quite chilly early spring!

Speaking of Disney, the countdown is on for our cruise! 71 days and counting! Seriously, I’m counting. I have a countdown ticker on my phone!



Isn’t it funny how things change in as quick as a week, or as long as a year? I am a sentimental fool so I love looking back! My favorite way to look back is to see when I am improving in something, so be on the lookout for before pictures for my 6 weeks to 6 pack abs pictures!

A few reminders….

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QOTD: What were you doing this time last year?

Be Prepared


Catching up? Here are the weekend’s posts:

The Moving Story Part II


Confession time: I ate a TON of crappy food today, and it was totally avoidable if I had done a little planning. This morning my mom and I left to drive three hours up to my old house to give it a good deep clean. Then we drove back all in one day, in the pouring rain. again. It was a very long day on the road (6 hours! I drove all of it!) and I didn’t prepare for food and snacks. I DID bring a small cooler for bottled waters and a couple of breakfast bars…..but that’s as far as it went. Keep in mind I am TOTALLY embarrassed to admit this, but this is what I ate today.

1 cup of coffee with hazelnut creamer

1 breakfast bar

2 Taco Bell tacos and an order of nachos with a coke

a double cheeseburger and fries and a coke icee from Burger King

a cupcake

a small Dairy Queen butterfingers blizzard

a mini cupcake

2 bites of chicken ravioli

a bottle of water.

Oh. my. gosh. I think I am going to be sick. I am so embarrassed!!!! How did this happen? Well, I will TELL you how. I chose to NOT be prepared for a long car trip. I would have let myself have one fast food meal, but two? and a blizzard? with cupcakes?!? Way over my limit. I am angry at myself for allowing this to happen. I KNOW better than this. I could have brought healthy snacks to eat in between my one fast food meal like:

an apple or grapes

string cheese


a sandwich

and I could have chosen to stop somewhere like Subway instead of Taco Bell. I was so worried about remembering all of my cleaning supplies this morning I didn’t even think about food. Please don’t make the same mistake I did. Think ahead when you are going on a long car trip and bring snacks accordingly!

Although I had an eating fiasco today, we DID spend three solid hours cleaning the house and it looks great!






Tomorrow my goals are as follows

1.) Go get groceries

2.) Go for a run

3.) Eat healthy!!!

QOTD: What healthy snacks do you bring with you when you travel?



Evening all! Today was a good day. We scoped out a new church, had Mexican for lunch, went to Lowes for some home improvement stuff, worked in the yard, went for a golf cart ride, made dinner, all before 6:00. We got some pine straw and automatic lights for the front and back yard and we put up some plants that we had gotten before we moved in. We still have more plants to plant but that’s for another day! I will have to remember to take pictures of our finished front yard later.

Anyway, I want to back track to yesterday. Some of you MAY have remembered me saying that one of the draws for us to move into this neighborhood was the town center about to be built. They just started phase one which includes a pool, café, market, amphitheater, boardwalk around the lake, and a YMCA! I am STOKED. I will be able to walk to the gym, it’s so close! They broke ground back in December and are finally about to pour the slab! The projected open date is August. I wish they would hurry it up a but but you know how that goes.

So yesterday we went on a walk and I took so pictures of the area they are working on for you all!

quick shot of the house in the late afternoon


sorry for the obnoxious sun picture


they just planted the trees this morning. I saw them on my way to town yesterday and since I am so nosy we had to go scope them out.

2011-03-12174236 2011-03-12174340

NERD ALERT pictures coming up…..


I told you.

last one is the site where the building is going! woo hoo, we have DIRT!


As I said before I am hoping this opens in August, because that is right when I will start gearing up for half marathon season again, and having a treadmill/machines/classes to have a well-rounded training cycle would be really nice!

Speaking of training, Bobby and I are running a 5k Saturday and I have run twice in the last 10 days, but very slow jogs of 2-2.5 miles each. oops. My knee has really been bothering me since all the moving, lifting climbing stairs, but hopefully I will still manage to pull out a PR.  First race in my new town!!!

Also as promised here are a couple sneak peek pics of the house. More to come I promise!





PS-my article in the New Orleans Health magazine called Fit should be out this week!!!

PPS-Giveaway coming soon!

PPPS-I don’t have anything else to say I just felt like saying “PPPS”

QOTD: Can you walk or bike to your gym? Do you like your gym?

The Moving Story Part II


Ok so where did we leave off…ah yes, driving BACK down to the coast 3 hours, which we had just driven the evening before. Good times. It definitely was not boring though, because we almost drowned in the rainstorm! This was the kind of rain where your wipers don’t do anything and you cannot see the cars in front of you so everyone has on their flashers and some people have pulled off the road until it stops. (Totally aware that was a massive run on sentence.) Except it didn’t stop. It rained like this for 2 of the 3 hours of the trip, and the other hour was just steady rain. Talk about stressful. I was a nervous wreck, wondering if we were going to go off the road (we hydroplaned momentarily about three times) and wondering if the moving truck would crash. Bobby has gotten a lot better, but let’s just say his driving scares me to begin with, so him driving in the rain was double scary for this girl! It was not a fun drive to say the least.


We finally made it to the house and I was exhausted. We immediately started unloading Bobby’s car. We figured we would have an hour or so before the movers arrived so we were in no hurry. I even went inside to take more pictures. Isn’t this the second time I didn’t help unload? I believe it is!



did I mention on top of all the rain we couldn’t see out of our windows to change lanes because we had so much crap piled into the car? Awesome.


About 20 minutes in, we got a call from the movers saying they were at the front of the neighborhood needing directions. Yikes! We quickly tried to hurry and unload the rest of the 4Runner so Bobby could move his car out of the driveway. This was probably about oh about 4:30 or so. They only sent two of the four men down with the truck. One of them started saying they may not finish unloading tonight and would have to come back Monday. Um…EXCUSE ME?!? No way in HECK is THAT happening. Our bed, washer, dryer, and refrigerator were loaded close to the front and we HAD to have that stuff of course. So, I start getting nervous all over again. Haven’t I had enough for one day? One week? One month? One YEAR?!? They were moving SO SLOW and I was having none of it so I told Bobby to go into the truck to help, and I carried what I could. I also told them to put the boxes in the garage instead of the room labeled on the box and I would move them where they needed to go. After awhile, it got dark and we got hungry. Bobby gets whiny and useless when he is hungry, so I took a timeout and drove a couple miles up to Subway and got us dinner.


We had finally unloaded the truck except for the big stuff (desk, washer, dryer, refrigerator) and what do you know, my lucks trikes AGAIN. Even with the door off, they were NOT going to fit. So, they had to pull around to the front of the park, unload from there, walk all the way around, and go through the front door, which we STILL had to take off to get them to fit. We also had to take off the doors of the laundry room and office to get the other pieces into their respective rooms. By this point I was exhausted and just ready to go to bed. I was so sore and my feet were killing me from going up and down the wood stairs all afternoon long. They FINALLY finished at 9:00 pm and said they would be back tomorrow with the rest of our stuff. I was unhappy with the move and the movers, I know you can expect a few scuffs and scratches but they were EVERYWHERE. Every door frame, wall, ug. I am going to have to do some major touching up.

Here is what we would have to face in the morning…



not so sure about all this (or maybe I just really needed a shower and could smell myself?)


But we can do it!





We fell into bed and slept very soundly!

Looking just as tired the next morning…..


The next morning, my parents came with my babies! They loved running around smelling every inch of the house. We measured windows and went to Lowes to buy blinds for the windows and stain for the fence we were going to paint as well as some outdoor lights and plywood for the attic. $1000  later, Bobby and my dad headed back to put up blinds and wait on the movers while mom and I ran to Target and picked up lunch.



I am so good at photographing, and NOT helping, huh?

My hero, my dad, hanging my blinds. Word has it he couldn’t get out of bed the next morning he was so sore…luckily he didn’t have to go to work because of this epic party we have called Mardi Gras…


sweet mom setting up lunch


When we got back the movers showed up and it only took about thirty minutes to unload the rest. The garage is now full. yikes.


aaaannnddd look what I got! so happy. Smile


more pictures of the madness…



My mom helped me unpack the kitchen while the boys hung blinds. My parents left and we spent the rest of Sunday hauling boxes upstairs and trying to find things (which is impossible.) Bobby went to work Monday, and I spent all of Monday and Tuesday unpacking and it’s still only about half done. Wednesday I decided to make cupcakes because I was tired of boxes.




I sent some with Bobby to work the next day, because I didn’t realize the box would make so many, HA! I finally got internet Thursday night and played catch up online yesterday. Today I am going to meet a friend for lunch while Bobby goes to a work function, and tomorrow we are trying out a new church, which I am excited about! Ready to meet new people!

If you made it this far kudos to you, I know I started rambling. A few things to look out for coming up soon…

1.) a giveaway!

2.) a review of Jillian’s 6 weeks to 6 pack DVD I just got. I did level one yesterday and am SO SORE!

3.) pictures of the house a little more…er…set up (that will come tomorrow!)

For now, it’s a beautiful Saturday in the 70’s here and I am going to go sit outside with Bobby and drink some coffee!

QOTD: What is your favorite kind of cupcake?

The Moving Story


Hello friends! I’m bbbbaaaccckkk! After five LONG days with no internet other than my Galaxy S, I am very happy to report we have been re-plugged into the world! We still won’t have DIRECTV till Monday afternoon, but I am ok with that. A big THANK YOU to my awesome loyal followers. ‘Yall are amazing for sticking with me through this past week and being so encouraging. I love ‘yall!

So, I am sure you are very anxious to hear my moving story, so here we go! If you will remember, we were supposed to move in TWO weekends ago. We got pushed back once because the bank wasn’t ready, and then we got pushed back AGAIN because our builders wouldn’t play nice and let us move in on a technicality. As stated before, the weather the weekend we were supposed to move was BEAUTIFUL. 70 degrees and sunny. Right then, I stated “it’s going to rain next weekend when we move.” Well, I called it! But not only did it rain, it flooded!!! But first, let’s back up to last Friday.

I drove my car loaded down with stuff that had been in it for TWO WEEKS to the new house. The plan was to meet him at the house (he took off a half day from work) unload our cars, leave mine in the garage and take Bobby’s up to our old house. I made it to the house without causing a car accident (I couldn’t see out any windows except the front!) and was still in disbelief it was finally, FINALLY ours. I went around taking a few pictures while Bobby unloaded into the garage. Aren’t I nice?


I tried to take pictures you haven’t seen 100 times. I wanted to take what I could knowing it would never be this empty again!


This is standing at the back door (not the garage door.) To the right is the guest bath, and you can see the hallway on the left that goes into the rest of the house. the garage door and laundry room are around the wall on the left. Linen closet straight ahead.




DSC_2116 DSC_2117


We had to hurry, because we wanted to make it back up to town (3 hour drive) in time to go get Bobby a haircut and go see our chiropractor. After a boring drive we made it about 5:00. We went to dinner at my favorite Mexican place, and then had to deal with…family issues. Mind you we still have not been home yet. We finally get home at 8:30, and the mover are supposed to come between 7:00 and 7:30. I set my alarm for 5:45 so I wouldn’t feel rushed. We still had to do a few things like load up the car with things we didn’t want the movers to touch, unhook the washer and dryer, etc.


Here is my “it’s pouring rain but I am trying to be positive” face.


The movers started loading, and it was raining on and off.



As soon as the truck pulled up, I said “our stuff is not all going to fit in there.” Mind you, a man had come the weekend before and saw EVERYTHING we owned. We also told him we had to make a stop to pick up a big desk, and that between now and then we would take a couple of loads of heavy boxes down in our cars. Based on that, he gave us an estimate…..but I am getting ahead of myself. Back to moving. So there were 4 guys in my house wrapping furniture, moving it out, I was so thankful my parents had the dogs, they would be going crazy! After an hour or so, we got really hungry, so I offered to go to Chic-Fil-A and get us breakfast. I even got some chicken biscuits for the movers.


What a yucky day, right? So As I watched the truck fill up, and saw all the furniture that still had to go, I got more and more nervous. Finally, the head mover tells me it’s not all going to fit. No crap Sherlock. Not our fault. Yall knew how much stuff we had! I was seriously like “are you KIDDING ME! what next? what else can go wrong!” Heh. Probably shouldn’t have said that…. Since our price was done by weight, the guy agreed to come back tomorrow and pick up the rest and bring it the three hours to us. That’s fine, but I was NOT coming back with them. We decided to move everything into the garage and give him our garage door opener so they could come back, have access to the garage only, and load it up. I took a few pictures of my strangely empty house and tried not to get sentimental. Luckily we were way to busy for me to have a chance to be sad. Our first house was so good to us, and we have so many great memories!





After a quick stop to pick up the desk at Bobby’s dad’s house (which we had already sold, the new owners were kind enough to let us keep it there) we were on our way. The movers had to go get weighed, so they said they would just meet us at the new house.

Ok I have to do a few things and then get on a conference call for work, so I will post the rest of the story tomorrow!!! Thanks for following along with me! I am so happy to be back!

Oh, also, I have been doing pretty good with workouts. After unloading Saturday and Sunday I was so sore, it was worse than after the marathon! That definitely counts as a workout! Wednesday Bobby and I ran two miles, then yesterday we ran 2.5 miles. Not fabulous but it felt good to get out and go, and we ran out of daylight so we had to quit.

QOTD: Do you have any moving stories? share!

Please Don’t Leave Me


As if we haven’t had enough drama already, we still don’t have internet. Frustrated would not be a strong enough word to describe my mood. He is supposed to be here again today until its fixed….well, its thundering lightning and pouring rain outside so obviously He isn’t here… I am hoping he will come this afternoon When this storm blows over. I have things to do!
   So here is my plea…please don’t leave me! I am coming back to my blog as soon as I Can. I am petrified of losing my followers!
   I will leave you with another picture…cross your fingers I get internet tonight!