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Woman’s Half Marathon Race Recap 2012


Ah, the race that I almost didn’t run, the Woman’s half marathon. I was an ambassador for this race, but with all the health issues I have had lately, I kept going back and forth on this one. I have been feeling terrible, and not getting in quality training. I would try to get in the miles, but not at a fast pace. I finally decided to run at the last minute, and Saturday morning we made the drive to Baton Rouge.

photo (24)

I picked up my bib and swag, and Bobby and I checked into our hotel and got some food. I had been trying to eat a gluten free diet for the two days prior to the race, and I still wasn’t getting enough calories due to my symptoms. Still, I didn’t want to risk stomach issues on race day, so I stuck with it not realizing I would miss my carb loading and pre race pizza tremendously the next day.

photo (22)

photo (23)

We decided to just chill in the hotel room and go to bed early, hoping the extra rest would help me. I laid out all my clothes and went to sleep.

photo (20)

5:00 came, and I found myself saying what I say before every early morning race…WHY am I doing this again?!? I have learned the faster I can jump out of bed and get “awake” the quicker this feeling goes away, so forced myself up and got dressed.

photo (19)

We jumped in the car and drove a quick few minutes to downtown Baton Rouge and met up with some of the other #RunPink ambassadors for a photo before the race.

photo (16)

It was great seeing some familiar faces again like Rachel, Jennifer and Mindy, and also awesome to meet some new people I have been chatting with for a long time on social media like Larissa and Nicole!

photo (18)

You may recognize Rachel…she won a little race called the Disney Princess half marathon last year. Love her, she’s so tiny! She was the “head” Run Pink ambassador who helped organize a lot of things with the race and the other ambassadors!

photo (17)

I realize I look like a giant. But really, trust me, she is teeny. I want to put her in my pocket! We walked down to the start together, and yes, we even had PINK port-o-potties!

photo (15)

People were lining up to start, so I told Bobby bye and was texting some people trying to meet up with friends. While I was standing there, I heard my name, it was Jen! a fellow Rouge Orleans teammate!

photo (14)

We were only chatting for a minute and then Kristyn walked up, ANOTHER Rouge Orleans teammate!

photo (13)

We talked for a minute and then a fellow coworker Laure found me. I was loving seeing all these girls!

photo (12)

It was time to start, so we moved up into the shoot.

photo (11)


aaaannnddd go! I’m totally oblivious.


oh, hi!

DSC_0601 DSC_0602

When the race started it was in the upper 60’s and very, very humid. I was worried about not feeling well and the heat, but decided to try for my target PR pace and see if I could hold it.

The first three miles were pretty uneventful. The roads were very cambered so I found myself looking down a lot, and it was a bit crowded because the half runners and 10k runners ran together for the first 3 miles.

We ran onto the LSU campus, and past Tiger Stadium. Geaux Tigers!

photo (10)

photo (9)

At mile 3, the 10k runners turned off to the left, and we kept on going straight. No turning back now. My 5k time was 30:00, and even at that I was having a hard time keeping pace in the weather. I just wasn’t “feeling” it. At the Jazz half, miles 1-6 felt great, I was smiling, running under 10:00 pace the whole time, but this race was a struggle from the start.

We ran by some lakes, through campus, and past some beautiful homes near campus.

photo (8)

There was a girl I had been running next to/near the whole time (it was about mile 5 by now) and I asked her what her goal was and she said she didn’t have one. I told her I was trying to keep 10:00 miles, and she said that sounded good to her, so we ran along “together” but in silence.

At 6.2 I was at 1:03:29, and really struggling with my pace slowing each mile. I took a GU at mile 3 and 6, but wasn’t feeling much energy. I was actually getting very sleepy, and I realized my lack of carbs and calories the past few days were taking a toll on me.

I kept chugging along, after texting Bobby telling him I was struggling and my left calf (the one that gave me trouble at the Jazz half) was very tight and I was worried about it cramping. Miles 7-9 were long and hot, but I kept going. We hit an overpass and it deflated my spirit. It was long and very tall, and my pace seriously suffered. I made it almost to mile ten, when my calf started cramping. it didn’t full on cramp like at Jazz, but it tried to, and I freaked out, stopped, and stretched. I started going again and this happened 3 more times, each time having to stop and stretch. There was a certain pace I could go and if I tried to push harder and go faster, it would seize up.

I was crushed, continually checking my pace. it was going to be SO close. The last mile was ugly. I was fighting back tears, wondering WHY I put myself through this torture 17 times, dying to see the finish line. I hit mile 12 and had one more bad cramp. I did the math and realized I would have to run a fast mile to PR. Under normal conditions I may have been able to pull it off, but not like this. I kept pushing as hard as my body would allow—without cramping allow, and gave a final push around the last corner when I saw the finish line.

Right as I turned the corner, I looked at my Garmin, just in time to watch my watch click past my PR time. I wanted to cry. I kept going knowing Bobby would be taking pictures, and tried to look “ok”. I had been texting him so he knew my calf was cramping and that I probably wouldn’t make my PR, again.


Can’t miss my bright pink shirt


Trying to smile and half-wave



Crazy hair is still kicking


Willing the finish to be closer. I ended up crossing and missing my PR by about 45 seconds. So sad.


Friends at the finish who cheered me on

photo (6)

Number 17 is in the books. Now we know the leg cramping is not a “fluke” but a problem. But what? No idea.

photo (7)

My supportive hubby and personal photographer.

We headed over to the VIP tent to get something to eat and drink and sit down. My stomach wasn’t feeling so good and I was pretty upset. After a few minutes I got over the fact I didn’t PR and was just SO happy to be done. It was 71 degrees when I crossed the finish!

Check out my cute Run Pink glasses.

photo (5)

Shot of the finish from the VIP area


The stage area


We hung out with friends for a bit and watched the awards (Rachel won in 1:20!) before heading back to the hotel and then back home.


This race was an inaugural event, and it was very well put on. I’m sure there were a couple of minor issues here and there, but I had a great time, the course was very pretty, and the finishers party was great. I would run this again, and would highly recommend it to friends. There was a half, 10k, and 5k option, so fun for everyone!

Everything was PINK and everyone was wearing pink. It was just a really fun atmosphere and reminded me a lot of the atmosphere of the Disney Princess half. There were a handful of men running, but it was mainly pretty in pink ladies!

So, what are we going to do about my leg? I don’t know. We may try going to a chiropractor next week, to see if that helps. It only happens when I am trying to run super hard and both times happened between mile 9 and 10. (I ran a 15 mile training run and ran a “fun” half in Disney where this did not happen.) The calf is tight from the start, I can tell it just feels different, and sometimes my knee or arch will *slightly* hurt or feel pressure. Any ideas? Open to suggestions, once again!

*Edited to add I did some things differently this time from the last race where I cramped hoping it would help. I wore more supportive shoes, compression socks, had 1.5 bananas as opposed to one, took GU that did NOT contain caffeine, and stretched really well all week.

I will post some professional photos when I get them!

QOTD: Have you ever run a women’s only race? Any idea what’s wrong with my leg?!?

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Disney Cruise From Galveston Part 3


Hey everyone! Sorry I don’t have my Woman’s half marathon race recap up yet, I am waiting to get my photos uploaded and ready to go so hopefully tomorrow!

It’s time to announce the winner of my Under Armour giveaway!

I had over 300 entries into the giveaway, so thank you all for making it a huge success! The winner of the Armour bra is Jess from Run With Jess! (comment 10) Thanks so much to everyone for entering! Jess please e mail me at


Today will be the last installment of my Disney Cruise from Galveston. You can check out parts one and two before reading this one.

Our last port day was Cozumel. Bobby and I have been here twice before, and were excited to show it to my parents.


We headed to our favorite spot, Paradise Beach. We hadn’t been here since they put in their huge amazing pool, and it looks great. We headed to the beach and got some lounge chairs and ordered some drinks.



oh, dad.


After awhile, my mom paid for Bobby to have a wristband to go use the inflatable trampolines and climbing toys in the water, and he headed straight for the trampoline.


He did some flips, then decided to canon ball into the water.


If you look really closely, you can see the big mistake he made…Bobby jumped in wearing his Oakley sunglasses. I knew as soon as he came up. he started looking around, going underwater, and my stomach dropped. Money doesn’t exactly grow on trees around here, and those were expensive sunglasses I got him for our anniversary and they weren’t even a year old. He stayed out about 20 minutes, then came in and got some snorkel gear and went back out there. We watched from the beach, praying the whole time that he would find them. Poor Bobby spent almost an hour out there, and I finally had to make him stop, I knew they were long gone. I convinced him to go enjoy the other stuff out in the water, and not let it ruin his day.


After awhile, we got hot and hungry, and decided to go up to the pool area and eat lunch in the shade by the pool.


Gorgeous view from our table

They had a cool fan, too



I had some really yummy quesadillas


We enjoyed our lunch then decided to relax in the pool for a bit. It was so nice and refreshing. After awhile we decided to take a cab back to the port, we were beat!


beautiful landscaping by the pool.

I let Bobby borrow my sunglasses because his blue eyes are way more sensitive than mine.


When we got back on the boat, my mom wanted to go straight to the hot tub because her shoulders were hurting from being so tense on our jeep ride in Costa Maya. We almost didn’t go, but decided to go for a few minutes. We headed to the adult pool and jumped in the hot tub. Then we relaxed in some chairs and a couple about my parents age came and sat next to her. (I promise I am going somewhere with this, keep reading…)

We struck up a conversation with them because my dad and Bobby went and got us ice cream cones and my dad got one for the lady because her husband had gotten one and didn’t get one for his wife so my dad being the nice guy he is, got the lady an ice cream cone.

So, we all start talking, and come to find out they were at Paradise beach as well that day. Out of the blue, the man starts talking about how him and his wife were on a kayak way out past the far buoy, and they found a pair of sunglasses floating in the water. My mom and dad immediately jump up and scream and ask if they were black Oakleys.

YYYYYEEESSSS!!! THEY HAD FOUND BOBBY’S SUNGLASSES!!!! We could NOT believe it. the lady had them in her backpack and gave them back to us, what a miracle! We were in utter disbelief, we thought they were long gone. Scroll up tot eh photo of Bobby jumping on the trampoline…see the couple in the foreground on the kayak? THAT’S THEM! What are the odds. Seriously. We all (the couple included) said a prayer of thanks, it was DEFINITELY a God thing, and a good reminder to us that even when things are out of our power and control, HE is still able to do things that we can’t. It was so cool, we were on a high the rest of the day. We ended up chatting with the couple and this grown son for a long time, it was just a great day!


It was semiformal night at dinner, which also meant lobster night.



The next day was out last day, a day at sea.


We went to the movie theater and saw a movie, went to the gym, took naps, watched movies in our stateroom, and just enjoyed the ship.


We enjoyed our last dinner, and said farewell to the Disney Magic.


Until next time, see ya real soon!

Thanks for reading and looking at my photos. Next I will recap my November WDW trip leading up to the Wine and Dine half marathon.

Oakley/Sunglasses Shop Giveaway


I was recently contacted by Jess from the awesome Sunglasses Shop and asked to do a review/giveaway here on RWS for a pair of Oakley sunglasses. I love that this falls just in time for Christmas, I love to give things away, especially to my readers! So, check out the awesome Oakley Women Twentysix.2 sunglasses I picked out!


I chose these because I love Oakley sunglasses, but wanted something a little more cute and feminine to run in as a nice change from the more men’s look of sunglasses. I love the tear drop shape of the frames, and they are super lightweight. They also have nose and earpads so they don’t slip off your face. I have run in them several times and they pass the test!

photo (3)

The special lenses filter out 100% of UVA / UVB / UVC. The frames are very durable. I accidentally dropped my sunglasses on the ground, and they were fine! (I had a near heart attack though!) They are really comfortable, and I almost forget I am wearing sunglasses when they are on. Highly recommended!

photo (2)

They also came with a cloth/case, an a really nice zip case. too with a wrist strap, looks like a little wrist wallet!

photo 00

Sunglasses shop carries lots of other brands other than Oakley if they aren’t your thing. (Think Ray-ban, Chanel, Gucci, Versace, etc.) They have a great online shop that is easy to navigate, with great photos and specs on each pair you look at. They have men’s and women’s sunglasses, and even news about the hottest designer sunglasses. Also check out these steampunk goggles.

The great folks at Sunglasses Shop have graciously offered to give one lucky reader a pair of Oakley sunglasses up to the value of £110. Awesome! Who want’s to enter? Here are the details:


Giveaway will go from today, December 10, through Friday, December 14 at 8:00 pm CST. I will announce a winner Saturday, December 15. There are three ways to enter. Please leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry, and remember I can see your tweets. Smile All entries are optional, you do NOT have to do all entries to enter, but it will increase the odds of winning.

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It would also be REALLY awesome if you would like their Facebook page. They talk about discounts, news, etc. on their page so don’t miss out! Good luck!

Weekly Recap: December Week 1


Oh my goodness the Christmas season is here too quickly! I feel like I haven’t really had time to soak it all in and I hate when that happens. I’m hoping things calm down a bit after this weekend!

This past week of workouts was interesting. I had an upper endoscopy (upper scope) done on Tuesday, and an ultrasound and some other tests done on Wednesday, and so my workouts were a little ‘off” this week. I am however proud of what I managed to do!

Sunday: rest

Monday: 3 mile run, upper body weights

Tuesday: scope

Wednesday: upper body weights and 30 minutes on the bike

Thursday:  6 mile run

Friday: rest

Saturday: rest (half marathon Sunday)

I ran 9 miles (would have done long run Saturday if not for the race Sunday) and got in two days of weights and one cross training session. Next week I have a 18 mile run on the schedule (yikes!) so fingers crossed for that one!


TODAY I am running the Woman’s half marathon in Baton Rouge, be sure to check out my instagram and twitter (on the right sidebar) for updates and photos! I am a little nervous, it’s going to be a HOT race. Low is near 60, high at 80. Oh I wish I was kidding. I am aware it is December. Have a good Sunday!


QOTD: What is the longest distance you run for half or full marathon training? My longest will be 21 miles for marathon training.

No Answers, and a Race


Well, my quest continues, as I have no answers to my GI problems. My ultrasound came back normal, as did my biopsy for H Pylori, and my pancreas enzyme levels from my blood work. Next step is more blood work Monday for celiac (gluten issues possibly?), and then I have a follow up with my GI doctor on Wednesday. The good news is, nothing major was found, but the issue remains, there IS something wrong. Oy.

I have been given the green light to go ahead and run the half this weekend and “do as much as I feel like I can safety do” Uh…nurse lady…I don’t know if you have ever run a half marathon, but you feel like you may die for a large part of the race. It never feels “safe” heh.


Everyone who is running the race has their name on the above picture, cool huh?

So, I will be heading to Baton Rouge today to run the Woman’s half marathon as a Run Pink ambassador.  I have until mile three of the race to decide if I want to continue with the half or drop down to the 10k, so I am not too worried about it. The expo is today, and the race starts at 7:00 tomorrow morning, I will be tweeting and instagram-ing before and after the race so be sure to follow me if you aren’t already (look for the social media icons on the right sidebar of the blog).


Will probably be wearing this shirt for the race

I hope everyone has a great day, I will have a race recap up on Monday or Tuesday, with my usual weekly recap up tomorrow!

QOTD: Ever had something wrong with your health but tests came back ok?

Disney Cruise From Galveston Part 2


Part one of my Disney cruise photos can be found here.

I left off after our first port day, Grand Cayman. That night, was pirate night, arrrgghh!



After dinner we went up on deck for the pirate party and fireworks at sea. Pretty cool stuff.


Followed by the pirate buffet. I was so full from dinner I couldn’t eat much, but that didn’t stop Bobby.


The next morning, we docked in Costa Maya. For those who aren’t familiar, Costa Maya is very….errr…primitive compared to places like Grand Cayman or Cozumel. Most of the area doesn’t have electricity, and it’s a very, very poor place. We decided to do a jeep excursion, and it ended up being quite the crazy day.



Rain clouds threatened, but at the time we had no clue how much it would impact our day


There were six jeeps total following the two guides in their jeep, and ours was right behind the guides, we we had the fun task of trying to keep up with them…with a broken speedometer. Yes, it read zero the entire time.


We drove out of he tourist area down some roads and to another little town.




It was quite sad. They told us the school doesn’t have a teacher and the kids watch a TV to learn then walk home. We walked around the village for a few minutes and then got back in the Jeeps to head through the jungle, off road to a beach where we could swim and would have lunch prepared for us.


We drove on the main road for a few minutes then took an abrupt left into the jungle. Seriously.


After about fifteen minutes of laughing hysterically, trying to keep up, going through huge holes and having trees whacking us, it started to POUR. Everyone stopped and we put the tops up, except there were NO SIDES to the jeep in the back so my parents still got soaked.

We actually passed one vehicle on this “road”, it was a very nice new looking camouflaged truck, and inside it were about 25 soldiers…with giant guns. Not going to lie it was kind of creepy. Where did they come from? We were literally in the middle of nowhere a good 20-25 minutes off the road. It surely reminded me we were not in America and we needed to be mindful and observant.

We finally made it to the beach, still pouring rain.


It looked like it would be beautiful on a nice sunny day. SmileThis place was really cool, and about as authentic as it gets.


They had a “buffet” for us (which I was slightly hesitant to eat)



The rain turned to a drizzle and we were able to go walk outside, and some of the kids even got in the water.




Soon we were told it was time to start heading back. I snapped a few photos before heading to the jeep.



Luckily we had brought some beach towels and were able to dry off and use them to help us from getting soaked. It was still raining a bit, but we had to get back to the boat! Little did we know….


We took a different way back than the way we came, all dirt, well, now, all RIVER. The road was washed out and what remained were gigantic “pot holes” stretching the entire length of the road. We were the lead car and HAD to keep up with the guides who were flying through them, and since it was a manual jeep, Bobby couldn’t slow down too much or we would stall, so we had to fly through these bad boys and it was insane. Photos don’t do it justice. My mom and I got SOAKED in the back seat, covered with mud. Mud went flying up over the top of the jeep, as we bounced along. Oh, and the windshield wiper only worked if you held it down, so my dad had to keep leaning over and hitting it for Bobby. We were cracking up laughing the whole time, my stomach was aching. This went on for about 30-40 minutes, all the way back into town. Hilarious. I have a short video of part of the wild ride, please ignore me laughing hysterically in the background, but it is worth watching. Check out my mom’s face at the very end!

We finally made it back to the main road and into town.


We were taken to a souvenir store and given free tequila. We stood in a little group as he talked to us about the “Mexican medicine” and then he called me out of the crowd to take a shot in front of everyone. Great. Those pictures are on my mom’s camera and I will probably never see them. The most hilarious part as when he tried to give a shot to a seven year old girl. Her mom freaked out, it was quite funny.


Dad’s turn. We shopped a bit then drove the rest of the way back to drop off the jeeps. Whew! When we set out on this adventure I had no idea what to expect, and it was a little out of my comfort zone but I am so glad we did it, and I don’t think it would have been near as much fun without the rain. Smile



After we got cleaned up, I went back on deck to take some photos with my stalker zoom lens. We were in port until 11:00 pm, so I went back again to see how little of this huge area had electricity.




The hurricane back in 2006 knocked a LOT of this area out. I remember going on a cruise in 2007 that was rerouted from here because there was so much damage.



We had a great day in Costa Maya. Everyone was so friendly with the jeep rentals and at the beach/restaurant we went to, and I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for something fun and family friendly to do here.





Next up, Cozumel!

QOTD: Have you ever done a ship excursion? Any favorites?

Runner Christmas Gift Guide 2012


So I am sure you have seen 100 of these across the fitness blog world in the past couple of weeks, but everyone’s is a little different right? Plus, if you see some of the same stuff repeated then you know it must be a great product! So, here is what I think you should be asking Santa for for Christmas!


1.) RunningSkirts.Com Red Candy Stripe Running Skirt


It’s no secret I love skirts. I have worn them for pretty much every single race I have ever run. So comfy, cute, functional (side pockets with velcro!) and girly! They always have amazing prints and come out with new ones twice a year. The have the running skirt style with panty briefs underneath, and athletic skirt with compression shorts underneath.


2.) Oakley Women TwentySix.2 Sunglasses


These sunglasses are stylish while still being girly, all while staying on your face! Who says sunglasses you run or workout in can’t be cute? They came with a great case as well, so you don’t have to worry about breaking them. (I MAY or may not be having a giveaway next week….be sure to come back!)


3.) Under Armour: Armour Bra


I am hosting a giveaway for this bra right now! But if you don’t win, be sure to still add it to your Christmas list. It has great support, removable pads, mesh for ventilation, and is modest enough to wear alone. Love it!


4.) Running on the Wall medal display


Great customer service, great prices, and super cute medal and bib displays! Many colors to choose from and great motivational quotes as well. I was very pleased with the product and the service and would buy from them again when I run out of room!


5.) GO Sport ID



Guys, this is so important. You should always, ALWAYS wear your information on you when you are running, you just never know what can happen and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Being the color coordinated person I am, I love the Go Sport ID Inspire with the bundle pack so you can change out the colors! This would make a great gift or stocking stuffer.


6.) Garmin Forerunner 10


Not gonna lie, I have been eyeing this bad boy up for awhile. My garmin is almost four years old and has been through a lot, and it isn’t working so well anymore. Plus, it’s big and bulky. This one is more feminine and it’s PINK! I must have it.


7.) Gone for a Run decorative pillow


How cute is this? They have a ton of different ones (and other great runner gifts as well!) Good prices and great customer service to boot.


8.) Raw Threads shirts

I have yet to pick one up for myself but I droll over them at every expo I go to. Raw Threads has THE cutest shirts, made of the softest material. I particularly like their princess/castle inspired collection, and have my eyes on this one:


Adorable. Must. Have. Be sure to check out all their other awesome merchandise!


QOTD: What is one item on your wish list?

GI Issues Update


Thank you so much to those of you who offered prayers and thoughts via Twitter or my Facebook page yesterday concerning my upper endoscopy! Everything went well, and there was absolutely nothing to worry about, it was seriously no sweat! So this is how it all went down.

Originally I didn’t have to be there until 11:30 which frustrated me because I couldn’t eat after midnight the night before and I had no idea how I was going to do that. Luckily, I got a call the day before asking if I could be there at 7 am. Absolutely! Problem solved. We got up at 5:30 and drove to the clinic. I had to make big signs that said “NO!” and put them on the refrigerator and b my medication to remind me not to eat!

I checked in, signed my life away and swiped my credit card (ug) and then it was time for pre op. I had the sweetest nurse named Pam who explained everything to me. After changing into a very unflattering gown and hopping into the bed I was covered with a warm blanket while they started my IV with my “happy juice” to relax me, then they let Bobby come back and sit with me.

photo (1)

We sat for about thirty minutes, and the anesthesiologist asked if I was ok and why i wasn’t asleep. Uh…I don’t know? Apparently most people fall asleep, so they gave me more happy juice!

Apparently I posted two photos of myself on Instagram and Facebook with captions that I have NO recollection of doing, which really, really freaks me out! (What else did I do??!?) I really thought Bobby did it and was messing with me when I asked him if I did it or he did, but apparently, it was all me.

photo 11

Soon enough, they came to tell me it was time and wheeled me to the back and I said goodbye to Bobby. I was brought into a dark room with a lot of machines and the nurse immediately put something into my IV, and I very quickly started feeling rrreeaallyy good. it was a very pleasant feeling. After that all I remember is them putting the little oxygen tubes in my nose, asking me to roll on my left side, and then them telling me to open my mouth so they could put in a piece to keep it open……

Then I woke up in recovery and Bobby was there, that’s it! It was over, so easy. They brought me something to drink and after removing my IV and wires, I was cleared to go, and even walked to the car by myself. No sweat! So, if you have to have an upper endoscopy, don’t be nervous, it was really not a big deal and I hate that I was so nervous about it now.

Ok, so results….still inconclusive. They didn’t find anything except for some inflammation of my stomach. They took a biopsy and sent it off to test for H pylori. He also sent me over to the lab for some blood work, something with my pancreas? I have no idea I was still really out of it.

So, today I go get an ultrasound of my Gallbladder, and then we wait to get the results of the blood work and the biopsy. I am hoping they find something so I don’t have to continue to pay a bunch of money for tests! That’s it, just wanted to update everyone. Will let you know when I know more!

Have you entered my Under Armour sports bra giveaway?

QOTD: Ever had a medical procedure that wasn’t as big a deal as you made it out to be?

Under Armour Bra Giveaway


The folks at Under Armour contacted me awhile back about doing a giveaway just in time for Christmas. In the spirit of giving, I was happy to review and giveaway a really great product, the Armour bra!


Let me tell you a little bit about this beauty before I tell you my personal experience.

-Removable, molded cups

-Order by bra size

-Straps built with stretch technology to eliminate digging

-Ultra soft, but sturdy fabric

-Cradles for support to help you stay put

-Moisture transport system wicks sweat away

-Racerback design and mesh for ventilation

photo (21)

Now a little bit about my personal experience and thoughts:

My favorite thing about this bra is the modesty. I live on the gulf coast, and it’s HOT nine months out of the year. I have no problem running in just a sports bra for comfort, but a lot of bras on the market just don’t cover enough or aren’t thick enough for me to feel comfortable running in public in the bra alone. The removable padding and coverage of this bra are just what I was looking for as far as a “wear alone” piece.

I also really like the feel of the bra and the ventilation of the mesh. It fits me well, and I felt zero bounce on my eight mile run this weekend. It did it’s job wicking sweat away, and most importantly, I “forgot” I was wearing it (who wasn’t to notice their bra the whole time they are running, yuck!) I also love that it’s black with just a touch of pink, which is my favorite. The black will “go” with more things but it is still feminine with the hot pink!

My one qualm was pretty fixable. The bra does have a clasp closure in the back, and the flap that covers the clasp was rubbing me a bit, so I put some anti friction product on the spot and then I was fine for my run and didn’t even notice it. This happens to me on all sports bras with clasp closures in the back so maybe it is just a personal issue! Other than that, I truly love the bra and can’t wait to wear it for more workouts, especially this coming spring and summer when it will save me from the heat and humidity!

Be sure to check out Under Armour’s entire line of sports bra’s, they have a bunch to choose from if you are looking for some new workout gear.


As I mentioned earlier, Under Armour was kind enough to let me give away one of the Armour bra’s, which retails for $57.99! What a great bra to kick start the new yea with some new workouts, or guys, a great gift for the special lady in your life (you can enter, too!)

Here’s how you enter. There are two ways to gain entry, both are optional and you don’t have to do both, but it will better your chances. Please leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry.

1.) Tell me what you would use the bra for if you won the giveaway

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Disney Cruise out of Galveston


Back in October I was lucky enough to get a great rate on a Disney cruise sailing out of a new port, Galveston Texas. This was great for us because it was a three hour shorter drive than driving to Port Canaveral, and I had a lot of people asking about the new cruise and port. Instead of doing a day by day report, I just decided to do some photos of the trip for you in 2-3 installments, with a few quick captions/explanations. If you have questions about Disney Cruise line cruises please contact me (or any other cruise line!)

We sailed on the Disney Magic, which is one of the classic (smaller and older) ships. I have sailed on her twice before, and while she doesn’t have the newness or technology of the new ships the Dream and the Fantasy, it is much less crowded and has a more intimate feeling.


Disney did a great job of sprucing up the port in Galveston by adding signs, etc. All in the waiting areas before you board the ship.


Mom, dad, and Bobby waiting to board


Lunch at Topsiders


Our oceanview stateroom with verandah


Going to dinner the first night


The first sea day we went to Palo (adults only) brunch




Formal night




On the tender boat going to Grand Cayman



We took a cab to Royal Palms




In the next installment I will have pictures from Coast Maya, Cozumel, and more of the ship!

*GIVEAWAY on the blog tomorrow. You won’t want to miss it *cough* Under Armour *cough*

QOTD: Have you ever cruised? What was your favorite port?

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