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Custom Tutu Giveaway

Lesley from Greater Fitness has made several tutus for me for runDisney races, and has even given back to charity with some of the proceeds, which is how we first met. We are both pregnant and due within days of each other so we won’t be running Disney races anytime soon, but Lesley still wants to outfit you in a tutu for you next race (doesn’t have to be a runDisney race!) But, with the Disneyland half coming up we figrured a lot of runDisney runners are looking for costume ideas. But these tutus are great for cancer walks, mud runs, color vibe runs, or any other races really!

Her tutu’s are comfortable, adorable, and she will work with you to customize it to your size, length, and and other specifications. Shipping is fast and she is such a joy to work with!

Here are a few tutu’s Lesley has made for me:

First, my absolute favorite, last year’s Tower of Terror Cruella tutu.


This year she also made my tutu for the half marathon portion of the Glass slipper challenge when I was Aurora.


Also, for Dopey’s Challenge in January, she made my Dopey and Ariel tutus!



Lesley has agreed to make a CUSTOM tutu for one of you, to your specifications, for your next race! Simply follow the rafflecoptor instructions below for your chance to win, good luck!

*Also, if you contact Lesley to make you a tutu for $25, (baby/kids are $15) and mention you heard about her on my blog, she will ship it to you for FREE!

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Pregnancy Update: Week 31

Holy moly do I feel big. It’s scary to think I still have 2 months to go! How is it possible I will get much bigger than this? There is no more room, gah!

31weeks bump

This week has been pretty tiring with all the things going on with moving out of our old house. I felt pretty useless because I got tired so quickly, and I am feeling every single pound of this extra weight.

I am getting to the point where I am having a hard time standing from a chair or the bed, walking faster than a snails pace, or standing on my feet for too long. I think I am slowly starting to come to grips with the new norm, and just accept it for this time and not try to fight it.

Symptoms: I am starting to feel more pressure on my pelvis as the days go on, and my hip flexors are starting to feel very strained. A new ache would be my arches. I have super high arches in my feet, and they are not doing well supporting the extra weight so quickly. Still getting up a lot to go to the bathroom in the night, with last night being a new record of five times. My hormones are making me weepy and moody (sorry Bobby) and I get irrational about little things that I KNOW are crazy but I just can’t seem to help it.

Baby’s size: Pineapple  <—- whoa

Maternity clothes: A sweet girl that works in the same travel agency as me sent me a cute maternity top this week. Can’t wait to wear it!

Stretch marks: Knock on wood, nothing new!

31weeks bump2

Sleep: Some good nights some bad night, but I probably suffer from insomnia 4-5 nights a week which is no fun. Rolling over in bed is hard, and getting comfortable is getting very difficult.

Miss anything: A lot of things if I’m being honest. Counting down until I can start getting back to normal Smile

Cravings: Not really a lot, I have not had a huge appetite this week. I think I am running out of room. That plus heartburn plus the return of a bit of nausea (seriously?!) has made it hard to eat.

Aversions: Food in general? Ha.

Looking forward to: My mom comes in town next week and will be going to my dr. appointment with me. She has never heard the heartbeat nor has she met my doctor.

What I’m loving: Finally relaxing a bit and not being so uptight about how I’m feeling. I am finally accepting this is just the way things are for now and it is freeing to not stress about my workouts, food, how productive I am (not) being etc.

Workouts: Does packing/moving count? I have been stretching, doing yoga, and getting in walks and squats and lunges when I can but nothing high intensity. Those days are sadly over for another couple months!

QOTD: Mamas, did you have 3rd tri morning sickness or food aversions?
Would you rather pack a hour or unpack a house?

Goodbye House!

Whew! What a crazy 24 hours! Sunday after church we drove down to our old house as the movers were coming to take all of our stuff early the next morning. My mom arrived with breakfast a little after 7:00, and we got to work on the last of the boxing up as the movers arrived behind our house.


Can I just say it’s amazing how much stuff we have accumulated over 7.5 years of marriage? This is after selling and giving away a lot of stuff too since we are moving into a smaller house. I have no idea where it all came from. The three movers started prepping the house and wrapping the furniture, and yall, I felt so bad for them. Yesterday the heat index where we were was 111. I tried to keep the house as cool as I could but because it was so hot and they kept the back door open all day, it was just plain HOT in the house the whole time.


My sweet mother volunteered to clean the bathrooms and help me keep the dogs quiet for the day. We would lock ourselves in a bathroom with the dogs and clean then move to the next. Bobby did a lot of dusting and vacuuming as each room was cleared out, and we had a nice little system going. I got frustrated because I had to take so many breaks and tired so easily. Then when I wanted to sit and rest, there was no furniture to sit on because they took all of that first, ha!


The poor dogs were so stressed out. When it was time to clean the kitchen and the movers were still all running around, Bella wouldn’t stop barking so I stuck her up on the counter and that made her be quiet, so there she stayed. (I was close by, and she would never try to jump off).


Let’s just say both the girls slept the whole three hours back home and also really well last night!



It was so weird seeing each room cleaned out that was full of boxes and beds and dressers that morning.


As we cleaned and moved through the house, I thought back to 3.5 years ago when we moved in everything, and it just felt so odd and surreal to be moving everything OUT already.


As I mentioned before, I am so happy to be moving on with life and on into the next chapter because it seemed like this one would NEVER end, but it was also sad to leave a home with so many great memories. It was a good house, one we designed ourselves, and enjoyed being in, and we enjoyed our neighborhood itself as well. The movers were finally done around 5:30 (after having to bring in a whole second crew because the first crew, poor guys were exhausted and drenched in sweat). We finished cleaning up the house and loading up our car with what we were taking, and said our goodbyes. We took one last picture out front with the dogs and baby M, and said goodbye to my mom.


It’s no secret I am super sentimental, so Bobby gave me a minute in the house alone while he loaded up the dogs. Between the bittersweet goodbye and the pregnancy hormones, not gonna lie, I stood in my kitchen/living room for one last time…and cried. I thanked God for all the great memories we had in this house, and that it kept us safe, dry, cool/warm for 3.5 years. Even though they were a very, very tough few years, and we wanted to move away badly, we still had some really good times. I am thankful for photographs so I can always look back on our years on Pine Valley Lane.

As we drove away, we promised one day, years from now, that we would drive back by and see our house. Hopefully, just like we did, a new family will have made lots of wonderful memories in “our” home.

QOTD: is moving bittersweet for you? Are you sentimental when it comes to memories etc?

On The Move

Hey guys! We are actually down in Biloxi today. The movers are here picking up all of our stuff, although we won’t be moving into the new house until next week. The closing on our old house got pushed back (NOT our doing!) but we still decided to come down and get everything moved on the original date. So, here I am, at the house I lived in since February 2010, for the very last day.


Not going to lie, I have mixed emotions. On one hand, I have wanted out of this town since the day we moved in, but on the other hand I still have a lot of good memories in this house. Bobby and I designed/built it together, and it was home during some of the most difficult parts of our married life. We dealt with job and family crisis, loneliness, and confusion about where we were supposed to be. But, we made it through, learned a lot of valuable lessons, and I am more than happy to close this chapter and open a new one back in “our town”.

It’s hard to believe we packed up our first home together in Madison, MS nearly four years ago, and now we are coming back! That move was quite stressful because we ended up getting ripped off by the moving company (another lesson learned, always get a guaranteed price!) and our closing had been moved back twice on that house before we finally got to move in. I was living with my parents while Bobby lived with some friends in our new town as we waited for our home to be complete.



Ooohhh the boxes. Not looking forward to that again! We eventually got settled in, and truly enjoyed a lot of the aspects of our home and neighborhood.


In the end, the area wasn’t a great fit for us and we longed to be back in Madison. We were very thankful to have a beautiful home, but I learned a very valuable lesson during our time in Biloxi: You can’t make up for lack of friends and relationships or a good church home just because you really love your house. The newness will fade and you will still feel very lonely.


Our years in that house may have been very trying, but I believe it taught us the importance of relationships, being plugged into a great church, and that “things”, while nice, won’t keep you happy for long. We have already started to invest ourselves in our church and community, and cannot wait to raise baby M here! Now, we are praying that the closing goes through on the 31st, then I think it will feel more real and official once it is all done, and then I will share more about our new home and some other things going on with us! I just don’t want to jinx anything until papers are actually signed. Smile


I will be back this afternoon, but doubt I will have time to blog, so just hang with me as things may be a bit sporadic as we go through this process.

QOTD: Do you have bittersweet feelings when you move out of a house? How important is the area in which you live in comparison to the home itself?

Pregnancy Update: Week 30


30weeks bump

Symptoms: I feel bad complaining but I just feel big and slow and tired. I know it’s just going to get worse, but we just have a lot going on in our lives right now trying to move and get settled, so hopefully once that happens I can rest more (physically and mentally!) and prepare for baby M! I noticed it is getting much harder for me to do simple things like get out of bed, stand up out of a chair, roll over in bed at night etc. Also my hips have started aching regularly and I am trying to sit more/put my feet up.

Baby’s size: Cucumber/large cabbage

Let’s compare, 20 weeks to 30 weeks…..

20weeks bump 30weeks bump

Whoa, baby! 10 weeks makes a big difference! And to think I thought I was “huge” at 20 weeks! Ha!

Maternity Clothes: Still refusing to buy anything new, although I am having a hard time fitting into shorts now. I wear the same 2 paid over and over, and same pair of denim shorts and capris. Trying to make them last!

Stretch marks: Nothing new but I don’t check super close

Sleep: Oy. So up and down. Two day ago I was wide awake at 3:15, finally got out of bed at 5:00 when I realized I was tired of staring at the ceiling. Then last night I actually had a decent sleep, so confusing!

Miss anything: Feeling normal, running, good sleep.

30weeks preggo

Cravings: Same (I’m so boring) carbs, chocolate, frozen things

Aversions: large meals, that’s about it.

Looking forward to: MOVING! Yes my friends, we will be in a permanent home as of next Wednesday!

What I’m loving: Pinning nursery ideas, so much fun to think about and I can’t wait to nest!

Workouts: Just walking this week, I try to go every other day between 1-2 miles. Also doing stretches and a few leg exercises like squats, leg lifts, etc.

QOTD: Did you go all out decorating a nursery? Did you make a lot of things or just buy stuff?

Anyone else craving frozen things? Maybe it’s just because it’s summer and has nothing to do with pregnancy!

My (Temporary) Break Up With Running

Well guys, this is a post I have been meaning to write for awhile, but didn’t because 1.) I didn’t want to come to grips with the fact that it was indeed happening, and 2.) I wasn’t ready to deal with the feelings that came along with the realization, and somehow not saying it out loud (or on the blog) made it feel like maybe it wasn’t real.

Bottom line: I was not meant to be a pregnant runner for this pregnancy. Oh, how I tried. I forced myself to do it, and did so semi successfully until about 20 weeks. After that, I could no longer deny the pain, and slowly dropped down to once or twice a week of run walks, determined to not give it up all together. Then it got to where the pain kept me up at night so I switched to walking, but I would still “try” to run once a week, all with the same results. Yes I tried stretching, yes I tried yoga, yes I tried a support belt that did absolutely nothing to help me. Most people call it round ligament pain, I call it the evil constant pains that took away my outlet, my therapy, my way of staying in shape and staying sane.


I ran Dopey and Tink pain free (and also didn’t know I was pregnant!)

So this is what happened. As I was training for the Crescent City Classic 10k, I realized that during and after some runs I was struggling with pain on both sides, low in my pelvis. I figured it was just a temporary growing thing that would go away in a week or two. I kept with it, but had to take Tylenol to complete the 10k. I made it through the race, but paid dearly for it later. I couldn’t even get out of a chair on my own because my pelvis hurt so badly. Sneezing, walking, bending, etc. was all excruciating for about 2-3 days. Again, I thought it was just because it was the most mileage I had run since the Glass Slipper Challenge, but the pain continued on my next run even after taking several days off.


After the Crescent City Classic, my last race I would run during Pregnancy at 16/17 weeks.

I really didn’t understand why this was happening, I was in amazing shape (for Dopey!) when I got pregnant, and even ran Dopey and Tinkerbell before realizing I was pregnant. When I ran The Glass Slipper Challenge at 9 weeks pregnant at the end of February, sure I was sick and nauseated, but I didn’t have any pain. It never crossed my mind that I could potentially be one of “those people” who struggled with running during pregnancy and had to stop. I tried not to think about it, like maybe it wasn’t really happening, but in the past couple of weeks it has become impossible for me to run without severe pain, so I stopped and started only power walking.

princess half 9

Glass Slipper Challenge at 9 weeks. Nauseated and exhausted, but no pain!

I knew things were getting bad when I power walked 2 miles the other day, and that same pain started creeping in, WALKING. I know I am 30 weeks now and shouldn’t expect to be totally pain free, (which I don’t) but it is really frustrating to have these limitations when people much further along than me are running and working out like normal. I KNOW it’s wrong to compare, and I am happy for my friends still able to push hard and run, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little jealous. I guess it’s the same way I feel when I have an injury. You so badly want to be out there, especially when you see everyone’s awesome instagram photos, new race medals, and shiny new PR’s, and you are stuck on the couch unable to participate. I am trying to be open and honest about my feelings here, because I am sure there are other mamas-to-be out there struggling with the same battle.  Before I start getting hate mail about how I should just be happy to be pregnant, please hear me: Yes, I know I am super blessed and am thankful to be pregnant, but still longing to participate in my favorite hobby, which is a very valid feeling. Accepting my limitations has been mentally difficult for me, and this is my space to share and be real and honest.

19 weeks

Frustrated after a 20(ish) week run/walk gone bad.

I have ten weeks to go, so I will keep reminding myself that in the end it will be worth it because I WILL get back to running, and I will have a new baby girl to share my passion with once she is here. I will look back on these few short months where I couldn’t run as a blip on the radar, and it will be totally worth it.

30weeks preggo

30 weeks pregnant, after a sadly painful one mile walk

So running, I am sorry we have to have a temporary break up, but my body is being used for something else more important right now. However, I promise you, I WILL be back!

QOTD: Mamas, did you run during pregnancy or have any pain issues?

Is this how everyone feels during an injury? Frustrated?

Baby M’s Baby Shower

Sorry it took me so long to get these photos up, with the move and everything else going on we have been super busy around here! I had a GREAT baby shower hosted by some wonderful people on July 12th.


I was kicked out of the house the morning of the shower, so my mom and I went to lunch while the busy bees decorated. When I came back, everything looked beautiful! Karen handmade most of the decorations (if not all!) and they worked hard on all of the food, etc.

Karen made this wreath for baby M! She attached chalkboards to it later so we can put it on the hospital door with her height, weight, etc.

baby shower

Front entry way




beverages (strawberry lemonade and almond tea)


cake table



delicious cake! The same lady who did my gender reveal party cake made this one.


Do you see the hidden mickey, and minnie’s bow?




The menu was delicious!





More beautiful decorations




prizes for games




Bobby’s mom, me, my mom



The first game has a bunch of questions like “what is Heather’s favorite dessert” etc. and whoever got the most right got a prize.


The next game everyone had to tear off some paper and guess how big around my stomach was. Jennifer was obviously super close.


Baby M was given some amazing and super sweet gifts.




She is already so spoiled and we are so thankful for everyone’s generosity! I had a great shower, and am so glad so many people were there to help us celebrate the upcoming arrival of my baby girl.

QOTD: Have you ever played games at a baby shower? What is your favorite food toe at at any kind of shower?

The Orange Chef Co. Prep Pad Review

The following post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of The Orange Chef Co. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I had never heard of this cool contraption called the prep pad until I was introduced to it through Fitfluential. After reading up on it, I was immediately excited to test it out.

prep pad

So what is it? The Orange Chef Co. created the prep pad to use in conjunction with a free app called Countertop.

What does it do? Think of it as a very smart and advanced food scale that helps you visualize your meals as you put ingredients together. It gives you real-time nutritional information about your meal. You can create balance “goals” and the prep pad tells you how close you are to those goals in respect to things like protein, carbs, and fats in your created meal.

Let me give you a quick example.

First, when you download the app, you can set up and customize your profile and add in a nutritional goal based on your physical characteristics, dietary needs, and level of activity. Each meal you create will be given a balance score based on what you entered in as your dietary goals. That way you can see what to adjust for your next (or current) meal to match up with goal.

For breakfast I wanted to make a fruit/yogurt/granola parfait of sorts. So I pulled out my iPad and prep pad and got to work! First, I weighed the container by itself and “locked it in”, so that I could then add items and the weight of the container would not be counted as food.


The, I added in strawberries and blueberries, one ingredient at a time. The countertop app has a HUGE database of food items to choose from when adding in ingredients (over 350,000!) Simply type into the search bar and look for your item.


The inner/outer ring show how food matches up with your goals, which gives the balance score (number in middle). When I was making this meal, I didn’t have a specific goal set yet, but I could still see how the fats, proteins, and carbs matched up to my customized profile based on my physical characteristics and activity level.

OR, if you have an item with a barcode, just scan it and the prep pad knows what to do! I did this with my next ingredient, greek yogurt. When you add in that ingredient it will calculate the calories, protein, fat, and carbs based on the weight on the scale in real time.


Last, I added in my granola (using the barcode scanner again) and my meal was complete!


A really cool feature is after you are done with your creation, you can snap a photo of it, and save the nutritional information to your custom profile. You can also share your recipe and photo easily on social media, like I did here.


I am still learning, but am really enjoying using this product. It has opened my eyes to exactly how many calories I am putting into my body. I think I have a tendency to look at a serving size and think it’s a lot bigger than what a serving really is, so it put things into perspective (THAT’S what 100 calories of cereal look like! etc.) Also, if you are trying to meet a specific dietary goal it can really help keep you on track in terms of what is really in your food and portion sizes. As soon as I have my baby, I know I will really be relying on the prep pad to help me get back to where I want to be with my post baby body. I am so glad I was introduced to such a fun and innovative product!

The prep pad is for use with iPad 3 or newer (3, 4, air, mini), and you can purchase it directly form the company website. There is a also a great video on their page that further explains and shows examples of ways you can use the prep pad.

Be sure to follow The Orange Chef Co. on their social media channels for more news and information!






QOTD: Did you know anything like this existed? Would you enjoy using a product like this and why?

Birthday Photos, My Volleyball Hero, and Giveaway Winners

Last Sunday was my birthday, and I was lucky enough to get to spend it at my parents house with my family, and my friend Karen and her husband Jason were in town for my baby shower, so it made it even more fun!

Bobby decorated with the same posters we use every year…


The four of us friends went to the Broke Egg for breakfast, a tradition whenever they come into town.

bday 1

bday 2

We had BBQ for lunch and then it was cake time!

bday 3

Chocolate doberge cake has been my cake of choice the past few years.


I am so glad my friends came into town and were on hand to help me celebrate my last year in my 20’s!

Minnie Bow Baby Shower Deocrations (10)[4]


ASICS has posted a training tips blog post featuring Kerri Walsh Jennings! She is my favorite volleyball player, and has some great tips! Currently, there are two exercises, with a video for each.  2-3 new videos will be published each week leading up to the 2014 ASICS World Series of Beach Volleyball on July 22nd through July 27th where Kerri will be competing. The first two videos lean a bit towards volleyball, but there will be more videos shortly that are applicable to general fitness.

Also, ASICS is hosting a giveaway for an ASICS training gear package!


***The three winners of the CLIF summer sampler packs are as follows:

Paige Callahan

Erin Fairchild

Emily Riccardi

Please email me at to claim your prize!

QOTD: Is there a certain birthday cake flavor you get every year?

Princess Here I Come!

After a one year runDisney hiatus due to pregnancy, I will be running the 2015 runDisney Princess half marathon!

2012-02-26 07.31.15

Yall, I love this race so much, and I am so glad it falls to where it will be my first post baby runDisney half marathon! When I ran the Glass Slipper Challenge this past year, I was nine weeks pregnant and VERY sick. Not to the fault of runDisney, but I was miserable. I ran the 5k as well, so three early mornings plus morning sickness does not equal a good time.

princess half18

I may be smiling on the outside, but….

I am ready for a redemption race in 2015, and to have a lot of fun. I will NOT be doing the Glass Slipper Challenge, I decided that running just the half marathon a few months after baby will be plenty for me, then I can spend more time hanging out and relaxing and not as much time waking up early and being exhausted.

Looking for a little motivation and excitement to get you ready? Check out these past blog posts I have written about Princess:

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2014 Princess half marathon

photo (18)

I will most likely be bringing baby M, so I hope some of you get to meet her!

P.S. The half, 10k, and glass slipper challenge are sold out, you the 5k is still open for registration as of today!

QOTD: So, who got in yesterday? What races are you running? Do you wish you were going?

For more info on rundisney events, be sure to check out