CLIF SHOTS Giveaway + Hot Weather Workout Tips

Guess what guys? It’s HOT outside. Especially if you live in the south like me, working out and running outside can be very difficult and even dangerous if you don’t take the proper precautions and plan ahead.

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Anyone else look like a tomato after running outside?

Here are a few of my best pointers for warm weather running:

1.) Sunscreen:  no matter if it’s cloudy or not. It’s just not worth the risk guys. Be sure to reapply if you are doing a super long workout!

2.) Go early or late: Try not to wait until the sun is high in the sky, either workout in the morning or late evening to avoid the hottest temps and the suns rays.

3.) Dress appropriately: Sweat wicking materials are best, and a hat or visor makes my face feel a lot cooler when it’s sunny. Sometimes I even bring a small hand towel so I can dry off as I go and wipe my face, etc. Avoid cotton if you can, it just gets soaked and heavy!

4.) Adjust your expectations: Don’t get discouraged if you can’t hit your goal pace. The hotter the weather, the slower you will go, so don’t get discouraged. It will just make you that much stronger in the fall! Plus, you don’t want to push too hard and risk passing out or heat exhaustion.

5.) Hydrate: SUPER IMPORTANT! Not just during your workout, but before and after, too. Recovery drinks are important to replenish your body. You will want to replace electrolytes during and after your workouts. Be sure to do a test run with any new products you try in case your stomach is sensitive to them.

CLIF SHOT wants to make sure you are planning accordingly with your hydration in the heat by offering you a summer supply of CLIF SHOT Electrolyte Hydration and Protein Recovery Drink Mixes!


From the source:

CLIF SHOT continues to deliver streamlined nutrition for athletes with CLIF SHOT Electrolyte Hydration Drink Mix and CLIF SHOT Protein Recovery Drink Mix. These products expand the CLIF SHOT portfolio to provide athletes options for hydration during activity and fast-absorbing protein to aid in post-activity recovery.


CLIF SHOT Electrolyte Hydration Drink Mix is made with 90 percent organic ingredients and is crafted with sodium and other electrolytes, and a multiple source carbohydrate solution to aid in fluid transport, absorption and retention.


CLIF SHOT Protein Recovery Drink Mix is made with 70 percent organic ingredients and is formulated with streamlined ingredients to help the body recovery immediately after activity and prepare for the next workout.

They are being super generous and giving three lucky THLG readers their own summer supply of these products!


They sent me some product as well, and I had a lot of fun testing out the different mixes and flavors. The chocolate protein recovery drink mix is really yummy. It has 10 grams of protein and you just mix it in with water or milk (or a smoothie!) within 30 minutes of your workout. The orange mango flavor is good as well if you prefer a fruity taste. I also really liked the lemon lime-ade electrolyte hydration drink mix to take during your workout. You simply mix a pack into 16 ounces of water and shake, then drink on the run!

Simply follow the rafflecoptor directions before and be entered to win!

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*Disclosure: CLIF SHOTS provided me with product to test out and product to giveaway, however all opinions are my own.

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  1. I always want a fruity flavor, but most things are too sweet, to strongly flavored, etc. So I would create a “lightly flavored” version of a drink. Probably strawberry or cherry.

  2. Courtney says

    I would like an Arnold Palmer flavor!

  3. Ken Kral says


  4. Strawberry banana sounds fantastic!

  5. The Lemon lime one sounds great.

  6. I’ve been looking for something new to try during my runs. Its getting really hot up here in MA. These sound perfect.

  7. I have never tried these! I have been struggling with the hot weather down here in the south, and this may be some more motivation to get out and run. I love the tips!

  8. Stacey Niedzwiecki says

    My new flavor would be orange mango. I love a fruity flavored drink after working out.

  9. Tracie Jackson says

    I live in HotLanta and would love to try these!! I have just been using water, and it is not quite doing the trick. Great tips on how to stay safe in the heat!

  10. Pineapple coconut!

  11. As I start training for my first marathon, I was definitely looking for some fueling/recovery options and these sound great! Unfortunately I have NO idea what flavor I would like…I guess I have some testing to do! 🙂

  12. Heather (Where's the Beach) says

    Great tips. I hail from the south as well, so it’s all about heading out as early as possible, sunscreen always, visor instead of a regular cap, sunglasses, and a solid dunk in the pool after! I was trying to think of a good flavor for recovery, some are just too sweet, not refreshing. Strawberry daiquiri came to mind! And Clif products are some of my absolute top faves. I have a drawer full of bars, blocks, gels!

  13. Pineapple coconut sounds delicious to me!

  14. Jennifer says

    Green apple flavor!

  15. Kimberley Frey says

    Pink Lemonade or Black Cherry

  16. Amanda Q says

    I would like watermelon or raspberry

  17. Bridie Rist says

    Cherry limeade would be a good flavor. I prefer fruitier flavors when it’s hot.

  18. Stacie@SimplySouthernStacie says

    I love all Clif products, so I’m sure I would love this one too! All the flavors sound delicious – how can I choose?

  19. I cower inside until it’s nice enough to run outside again. I don’t do well in heat, and at least the treadmills have fans built in.

  20. Joy Hargraves says

    I’m one of those folks that realizes I need more solid foods during my longer runs LOL!!!! I’m leaning more towards Cliff Shots!!

  21. Victoria L Jones says

    A mojito flavored one would be yummy & refreshing!

  22. I would go with a guava flavor!

  23. Triple Berry or Strawberry Banana

  24. Jaime G Johnson says

    Sour Berry

  25. Strawberry Lemonaid

  26. Stephanie says

    I think a peach flavor would be great.

  27. I would make salted watermellon

  28. These things saved my butt in my marathon! HA

  29. I really like the Pink Lemonade flavor.

  30. I love those orange cream popsicles…so maybe something that tastes just like that!

  31. melisse p says

    I would love blueberry!!!

  32. I would love a Passion Orange Guava (POG) flavor! YUMMMM reminds me of Hawaii!

  33. I’m always so hesitant to try something new, but if these flavors are as good as your leading me to believe, I might have to give them a shot!

    • And I really hope that theres a strawberry or Raspberry flavor! I’m not a citrus person, so the lemon lime doesn’t sound all that fantastic. Chocolate on the other hand…

    • Joy Hargraves says

      LOL!!! I see what you did there….. 🙂

  34. I always like grape. As in grape koolaid, not grape juice.

  35. Margaret says

    I would love a Pink Lemonade flavor – refreshing without being too sweet!

  36. Pineapple or black cherry

  37. I would love a strawberry pineapple flavor!

  38. Coconut flavor for me!

  39. I would LOVE a lemoncello flavor!! How refreshing 🙂

  40. I’m always up for trying new things! Anything coconut, guava, passion fruit, sounds amazing to me!
    Thanks for the post Heather!

  41. I am on the hunt for a new protein powder to get my through my triathlon, half-marathon and Ragnar Relay training this summer. All the different flavors sound delicious!!

  42. I think strawberry banana would be a tasty mix.

  43. passion fruit or anything with a strawberry mix

  44. Raspberry! I love raspberry flavored things.

  45. anything berry flavored-strawberry, raspberry, etc!

  46. I love all things fruity! Raspberry lemonade sounds good to me.

  47. Coconut!

  48. I just ate a sweet-tart flavored snoball and now I think a sweet-tart would be a great flavor!

  49. Something with a light mango/orange flavor. Not too heavy on the sweetness, but just some light flavor.

  50. something berry…would a berry coconut mix be gross? kinda sounds delicious…

  51. BreannaS says

    I think iced coffee would be a great flavor.

  52. I would enjoy an electrolyte drink that tastes like raspberry or strawberry lemonade. I love the combo of tart and sweet!

  53. Janette H. says

    Raspberry lemonade. This probably exists somewhere, but I love to drink something that’s tart after a run!

  54. nadya kotik says

    i would create mango strawberry flavor

  55. I’d do watermelon or coconut!

  56. Laurel C says

    How about strawberry pineapple?

  57. I’m thinking a raspberry lemonade flavor!

  58. Regular user of Clif Bloks – have finally tried the gels. Had some issues last year during Wine & Dine but I think that was more dehydration related than using the gels… I did not like the chocolate however, too much like eating frosting and way too sweet.

  59. Kristine says

    Rasberry Lemonade!! Yummy 🙂

  60. Peach tea-flavored drink mix would be delicious. Texas is hot and that drink is as nostalgic as it is refreshing. If it were actually nutritious, that would be even better.

    Also, has anyone tried Clif’s Shot Blocks? I have been wondering if they are good and if they need to be used in combination with other gels, etc. I am starting the longer runs in my training schedule this month, so I am trying to get an idea of what would work well for getting my nutrition right.

  61. We’re already in the texture ballpark, so how about Nutella flavored?

  62. What a tough question! I’d choose kiwi strawberry, because that was my favorite kool aid flavor growing up:)

  63. I’d go with watermelon!

  64. Peach mango or cotton candy would be interesting!

  65. Something with mango…maybe mango margarita!

  66. Mariaelena says

    Mango papaya would be good!

  67. I love all fruity flavors! So refreshing!

  68. Jennifer says

    I’d like something with blueberry flavor.

  69. I would love a Coconut or Mango flavor!

  70. Hmm a new flavor. I like refreshing ones like orange strawberry.

  71. i love the taste of starfruit

  72. Strawberry lemonade flavor!

  73. Bre Garbas says

    I got to try the lemon lime and loved it-I would create a mango lemonade!

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