Disney Park Map Leggings Giveaway

Good morning my friends! I have a fun giveaway for you today! I was shopping around on Etsy like I tend to do (It’s a time suck!) and I stumbled across these AMAZING clothing pieces from Rainbow Rules. I knew I had to have the leggings, and I decided to try a tank top as well. I got my items in the mail, and they are seriously a Disney lovers dream. Any Disney lover can spot the oh so familiar park map design a mile away. So unique and fun for pants!

park map leggings

First up I ordered the Magic Kingdom Park Map Capris (also come in full length, and also come in fleece lined). These capris are thin but very stretchy and so adorable. (Note, you can’t wear your leopard print under things, but they look just fine with a neutral color underneath.) I can’t wait to wear these bad boys to WDW. They are really comfy and stretchy, and I have been asked a million times already where I got them.

park map leggings2

Next up I decided to try one of the tank tops, and went with the Disneyland design. It is made of the same material as the capris, so it’s really light and soft/stretchy.

park map tank2

Yall, this is just the beginning. She also sells, shower curtains, dresses, skirts, clutches, scarves, cosmetics cases, etc. all with different park maps! I have been eyeing up the pillow cushion and door mat, how adorable!

The best thing about this stuff is her prices are great. Please note, turnaround time is about three weeks, so if you are wanting some park map leggings to wear to the Princess half, you need to order NOW! Also, you are in luck, because I have a discount code for you to use that is good for 10% off orders over $25 through the end of February. Simply enter the code LOOKINGGLASS at checkout.

park map leggings3

Be sure to check out all the other cool items in her shop, too.

Now for the giveaway. One lucky reader will get their choice of park map leggings from Rainbow Rules. Please follow the directions in the rafflecoptor widget below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I was given product to review, however all opinions are my own. 

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  1. IWhat a fun giveaway! I would pick the Disneyland Park map!

  2. I would pick the Disneyland Capri’s for sure. We are planning a trip there next year.

  3. Kristin Werner says

    Oh my gosh!! These are adorable!! I think I totally need the Disney Workd capris!! What a great find!!

  4. Thise are adorable. I would like the park map capri leggings if I had a choice. So cute!

  5. Joy Hargraves says

    I LOVE these!!! Awesome!!!

  6. Jenna Anselmo says

    These are super fun! I would probably pick the WDW long leggings.

  7. I love the ones you have on in the picture but didn’t see them offered. The Epcot ones look pretty awesome, but it’s hard to choose because everything looks awesome!

  8. Ok so I love the shop! I want / need the magic kingdom in my life or Epcot leggings!

  9. I JUST ordered these and the Haunted Mansion ones this past Saturday. I wish I had known about your code then!

  10. I’d love any of the WDW maps! Her stuff is absolutely awesome…great giveaway!

  11. These are so cute!! I would choose the Magic Kingdom Crops!! Perfect for a day at the parks!!

  12. Christina Manning says

    I would definitely order the Magic Kingdom leggings!! There are so many awesome designs to choose from!! Thank you for the chance to win!!!

  13. Nicole Bynum says

    Awesome giveaway!!!! Definitely the magic kingdom capris!!! Super cute!

  14. Stacey Niedzwiecki says

    I would love the Magic Kingdom Park leggings or the Ariel painting ones. They’re all so cute!

  15. Kelly Short says

    I was totally eyeing those on etsy! So cute! I’d get the Epcot capris.

  16. Those are ADORABLE!

  17. Awesome pants!! Would be so fun to wear for PE classes!

  18. Can I have them ALL???!! I’d love EPCOT!

  19. Love these they are super cute! Might need to buy a pair if I don’t win!

  20. These are so cute! I’d get the Epcot capris!

  21. Sherry Rini says

    I love the MK ones! and the Capris are very cute….I had to check out the site and I would not have thought to order them – but they look ADORABLE on you!

  22. Mary Kendus says

    These are amazing!!! It would be so hard to choose, but I love the Cinderella Castle, with Tangled a close second. I was just in the market for fleece lined leggings for my colder Maryland runs, and these would be perfect!

  23. In love! I want the Capri leggings you’re wearing! DL tank is cute too!

  24. Magic Kingdom ones are amazing! ?

  25. So cute. I would get the Disneyland map capris!

  26. Stacie @ SimplySouthernStacie says

    How cute are those!!!

  27. I would pick WDW capris. That’s my happy place!

  28. The Magic Kingdom pants are so cute! But Epcot is the best park, so it’s kinda hard to choose…I had spotted these on Etsy and had to resist adding everything to my cart!

  29. Britni Odzer says

    These are amazing

  30. Those are hysterical! i would go traditional with MK capris!

  31. Those are so cute! I would pick the Magic Kingdom ones. Great find, will be spending some money there!

  32. Oh my I want them all. I’d definitely start with the MK map leggings tho. Are they good for running? I’m so picky about my leggings!

  33. Oh love those!!! Thanks for finding those in the etsy black hole lol I so agree with it being a time suck but so many cool things!

  34. I LOVE all the skirts. They are so fabulous. I love how she also has the Thomas Kinkade prints as well. <3 <3 <3 <3! The tops are adorable and love the leggings. I wish I had a pair of leggings today as I am freezing! It's Florida why is it cold??? ack! I think if I had a pair of leggings I would be sporting the Magic Kingdom ones. It was a tough choice though!

  35. I love all the abstract color designs, but my heart belongs to Disney, so I would have to get the Magic Kingdom ones!

  36. OH MY GOODNESS – I SAW THESE ON ETSY THE OTHER DAY AND FELL IN LOVE! I don’t know what i’d decide lol probably Magic Kingdom.

  37. Brittany carollo says

    These are so cute!! I would pick animal kingdom ?

  38. Mandy Hillman says

    These are so adorable! I would love a pair of the Magic Kingdom Map leggings!

  39. The Magic Kingdom leggings are a must! 🙂

  40. Kimberly Lambert says

    Very cute. I would pick the Disneyland Map capris for sure. ❤️

  41. These are so fun and adorable. So glad to have found out about them!

  42. Lindsey Christmas says

    These are SO cute! I would love to win so that I can wear these next month when we take my kids to Disney World for my son’s birthday!

  43. Love these!

  44. I really like the Epcot Map print!

  45. I’d go with the Magic Kingdom ones! 😀 Thanks so much for holding this giveaway! :]

  46. Love these! Who wouldn’t?

  47. I would choose the magic kingdom ones!

  48. MK ones all the way!!

  49. Lorna Drach says

    I need those!!!!

  50. Totally the Disneyland capris!! And then I’d wear them every time we go to Disneyland!

  51. Oh my goodness how cute are these??!!! I’d definitely choose the Magic Kingdom map leggings!

  52. Janae Melvin says

    These would be perfect for running around the Disney Dream later this year…. going to have to check out the site now!!!

  53. These are perfect! Would love to sport the Walt Disney World map around!

  54. Kerry Wright says

    I love these! I’ve seen them before, and thought they would be awesome to wear while park touring! I’d pick the MK ones.

  55. SO MUCH AMAZING STUFF. Probably Space Mountain? Or Cinderella Castle? SO MANY CHOICES.

  56. Magic Kingdom all the way!

  57. So fun! I’d probably go for the Magic Kingdom map, but the Peter Pan ones are pretty great too.

  58. Cute!

  59. I love the Disney World capris!!

  60. I would get Disneyland capris- Disneyland is my home <3 I feel like it's a sign- I've been deciding whether or not to sign up for Avengers! Now I may have to!

  61. Oooh, love the Epcot map ones…and those star wars ones, so fun!! I’m digging the shower curtains too, might have to get one of those…

  62. Michelle M says

    I’ve already emailed this post and the rainbow rules site to three of my friends. And my husband for Valentine’s Day inspiration

  63. I’d pick the Disneyland capris! Everything is super cute though!

  64. So cute!! Would love the long leggings:)

  65. how adorable! I love the disney ones, seems like the perfect outfit to wear as I run around the park with my daughter on our next trip!

  66. Those are amazing. I would get the Disney World capris, and it’s my birthday today so possibly the DL ones too!

  67. I love the Epcot leggings!

  68. It’s so difficult to choose which leggings are my favorite!!! It’s a tie between the Disneyland colorful map and the Disneyland painting prints 🙂 So beautiful!

  69. Disneyland all the way!

  70. The capris are so cute!

  71. Kelsey @ The Wolfepack Write Ups says

    Chevron Neon Pink would be my choice! There are sooooo many to choose from though!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  72. Oh my goodness! Those are amazing!

  73. These are awesome!!! I would buy the vintage Disneyland leggings, so cute!

  74. Stephanie B says

    I love these and all things Disney! I would choose the Disney World capris!

  75. Erica Berraho says

    These are just too cute! A must have for Disney addicts 🙂

  76. Cutest leggings ever! I like the Magic Kingdom pattern!

  77. These are seriously so adorable!!!

  78. I LOVE these! I would choose the Magic Kingdom map leggings! 🙂

  79. Absolutely MK capri!!

  80. Think I would go for the Epcot ones. 🙂

  81. I love the Disneyworld map capris! Would prove to all my friends how Disney crazy I am (I think most of them already know ?).

  82. What a great giveaway! I love those leggings!

  83. I love the Magic Kingdom Capris!

  84. I LOVE the Magic Kingdom capris – I need those in my life!

  85. I love these! I love the Disneyland capris

  86. Mallory @ Bad Wolf Brunch says

    How fun are these! I would want the vintage disneyland one!

  87. Breanna M. says

    All the leggings are awesome! I would love to get a pair of the Disneyland map or the Haunted Mansion!

  88. Amy Cooper says

    SO cute! I love the Magic Kingdom

  89. I would definitely get the Disney World capris! I plan to run at the next wine and dine and these are perfect!

  90. Cathleen King says

    Wow I love all the Disney collection but if I had to choose I would pick the Magic Kingdom Map Disney Fleece Blanket.

  91. So cute! I would choose the Disney World map

  92. Sharon Geller says

    I love these!! I would chose the Disneyland version 🙂

  93. Omg these are awesome! I’d get the disneyland vintage ones!

  94. Love these!!!

  95. Bridie Rist says

    These are so cute! I would want the MK capris…and others, lol!

  96. Disneyland all the way, although I also love the vintage map designs in the shop!

  97. Erin Ellis says

    How fun! I would choose the Disneyland Park leggings!

  98. Melissa Synnott says

    Heather I LOVE you blog and your adventures in running – #PickMe for the fleece lined Magic Kingdom Disney Park Map Capris 🙂

    P.s. keep up the fabulous posts

  99. Melissa "Prancing thru OKC" Synnott says

    Heather LOVE your blog and adventures in running
    #PickMe me for the Magic Kingdom fleece lined park map Capris! 🙂

  100. I love them all! I’d probably go for the WDW leggings!

  101. I would definitely do the Magic Kingdom 3/4 length leggings. So fun!

  102. Mary Cloud says

    Hot Pink Butterflies Leggings for my daughter

  103. the skater skirt in the map theme is adorable!!!

  104. Heather Martin says

    I love the magic kingdom park map leggings!

  105. Danielle J says

    I was already looking at those leggings but didn’t want to buy without some feedback first! I would love to get the park map one! Way too many ideas on outfits!

  106. These are all so unique! I like the MK ones too!

  107. Sara Beyer says

    Everything is so cute! Definitely would pick the mk Capri leggings

  108. Love these capris..They are so cute..

  109. So fun! Magic Kingdom stuff is my fave!

  110. jessica Eapen says

    I’d pick the Disneyland Vintage Map Leggings!

  111. I saw these online a few weeks ago! Can you comment on how the sizing runs?

  112. I would pick Magic Kingdom Leggings for my next Disney Race

  113. My favorite from your shop are the Cute Owl leggings.

  114. Shemp DeYoung (@ShempGames) says

    I would definitely choose Magic Kingdom

  115. So many great patterns to choose from! The Aloha leggings are speaking to me.

  116. These would be a great addition to my running gear! Love all things Disney!

  117. I have to have the Magic Kingdom Capris!!!

  118. Joy Riddle says

    The Magic Kingdom capris are perfection! So much fun!!!

  119. Leslie Rhodes says

    Magic kingdom of course!!! How adorable!!

  120. I’d get the Epcot leggings 🙂

  121. Love the Magic Kingdom capris!

  122. Peter Pan , or Cinderella’s Castle, or…this is hard! These are fun and would make great gifts! I am bookmarking for later too! Thanks for hosting this fun giveaway!

  123. The Disneyland Capri’s would make running and training for my next RunDisney event so fun!

  124. Those designs are amazing! I would definitely go for Magic Kingdom capris.

  125. They are all so cute. I would have to go with the Magic Kingdom park map leggings or capris.

  126. As a former Cast Member, I would choose the park map capris. They are awesome!

  127. Ooh so cute! I’m a Disneyland girl so I’d go with the full length. BUT OMG THOSE BATHING SUITS!!!! I NEED THE TANGLED ONE!!

  128. Trish Avery says

    Love, love, love the Haunted Mansion skater skirt. MK Map leggings are a close second though. Awesome stuff!

  129. Those are so cute! I would love a pair!

  130. I would pick the Magic Kingdom ones 🙂

  131. These are so fun!

  132. The Watercolor Art Skater Skirt is super cute.

  133. Kendra Walton says

    Those leggings are awesome! I would rock the Magic Kingdom style, but Epcot would be very cool. Thanks for sharing!!

  134. I’m obsessed! These are the cutest leggings ever, and being a huge Disney fan, the perfect pair for prepping for my first RunDisney event! I’d love the Magic Kingdom leggings- can’t go wrong with my favorite park at Disney World!

  135. I’ve seen these on Etsy. LOVE them! I really want a pair of Disney World leggings…and maybe a dress:)

  136. Vanessa Walden says

    I would love the Epcot leggings. One of my favorite parks!

  137. I love the Magic Kingdom Map Disney Leggings and the Haunted Mansion Wallpaper Leggings!

  138. I would order one of the park map print leggings…..those are too cute!!!

  139. Linda Bradshaw says

    Sassy Paisley Leggings would be my first choice. I like the colors.

  140. Jaclyn Reynolds says

    Death Star – Star Wars Galaxy Pattern Leggings sound amazing, especially the fleece long ones!

  141. I need the Magic Kingdom Capris!

  142. Tracie Cooper says

    I would love the Belle leggings!

  143. I’d love to get the magic kingdom map. Definitely ordering Star Wars leggings for the race in April.

  144. krystyl olson says

    LOOOOVE the disney Park map leggings <3 how brilliant and original <3 I also particularly love the Millennium Falcon Star Wars Galaxy Pattern Leggings

  145. I love the Magic Kingdom leggings and also the Tangled and Cinderella ones! They have some really cool designs!

  146. Love these leggings!

  147. The capris are SO cute! What a great idea!

  148. I would choose the Disney World capris!

  149. Jennifer Pen says

    My dream is to run the Disney marathon one day. Definitely need the magic kingdom pair.

  150. Mary Johnson says

    Magic Kingdom leggings FTW!

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