Spring Break Pictures

So it took me long enough, but I finally uploaded my pictures, here are just a few from my Disneyworld trip last week! It came and went in a flash, I can't believe it's already over! Now I am looking forward to my cruise in June. Yay! Our room, 4242, … [Continue reading]

Need for Speed

I am working or, attempting to work on my speed. I want to run a faster 5k. In hish school, i ran the 100 meter dash, and was pretty darn good at it. I was 6th in state in our Class. Now, running 3.1 miles is a lot more than a 100 meters, but, it's … [Continue reading]

Crazy Day

Sorry I did not post yesterday. It was a very stressful and draining day, well, mostly night/evening which is when I usually post. I had a long faculty meeting, then Bible study, then Bobby had to take his dad to the hospital last night (he has … [Continue reading]

Getting Back on Track

It felt really good to go to the gym after work and run 3 quick miles. I wanted to do more but I needed to get home because I was bringing a meal to a family in my church who just had a baby. I have really been trying to foucs on getting back on … [Continue reading]

Disney Workouts

I am going to post more pictures from my trip, but I have to upload them. These are the ones I took with my camera that have anything to do with woring out! I only ran sadly once, around the boardwalk. It was WAY colder than we antcipated. I wore my … [Continue reading]

I’m bbbaaaccckk!

Hello everyone! I am home! I will admit it was so weird not blogging for a week! I took a bunch of pics, some of which i posted on twitter but I will be reposting some here. Hope everyone had a good week! We had fun but I am so tired of driving! … [Continue reading]

Headed for fun!

This morning I had a ton of energy because I am so excited about my trip so I did 1.5 miles of speedwork and then did 25 minutes of cardio kickboxing. I can't wait to run in Disneyworld! I also just registered for an 8k at the end of March! I may … [Continue reading]

Oikos Review

So I have been testing out different kinds of greek yogurt. So far I have had Oikos, Chobani, and Dannon. I thought I would give a little review because I FINALLY got to try oikos. (as you can see from the above picture, I ate the vanilla flavor with … [Continue reading]

Spring has Sprung!!

It's official! The grass is getting greener overnight, our bradford pear trees are blooming, and it was 76 and sunny today! see all the white trees?! I didn't workout today because I met my friend for an early dinner. We went to Sweet Peppers Deli … [Continue reading]

Sun and snakes

Yes, you read the title right, sun and SNAKES! First of all, the sun. It came out today and I got to run outside! I did 2 quick miles and it was 76 degrees, hot for running! It felt good to stretch out and go though. yeah this didn't come out so … [Continue reading]