Snow Day

This morning I woke up after a glorious 9 hours of sleep, and then remembered, it was snowing when i went to bed last night! I looked out the window to find a beautiful 5 inches of snow, and still snowing! in central MS! The snow was still falling, … [Continue reading]

Snow? SNOW!

Ok ok, so no I am not a liar. Yes, I went to Birmingham yesterday...and yes I am already home! We got there about 9:00 last night and me and another girl went and ran in the hotel gym. The gym was attached to the indoor pool, and the treadmills … [Continue reading]

Bleh and Greek Yogurt

I realized the title of this would lead you to believe that I thought Greek yogurt was bleh. kinda is and kinda isn't, but that's not what i meant! first the bleh part: It has been nuts at my house. Sinck husband, sick dog = no workout … [Continue reading]

Aint’s No More!

SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS! Last night was SO great. I had a blast watching my boys. They played so well, and really deserved it. I am so glad for my hometown, homestate, AAHH! Bless you boys!  My mom said it's crazy down there. The parade is tomorrow, … [Continue reading]

Superbowl Baby!

It's Super Sunday! I am SO STOKED my boys are in the Superbowl, for the first time ever! Last weekend when I was at my parents it was just CrAzY down there. Everyone wore saints shirts, car flags flying, it was madness. You could just feel the … [Continue reading]

The Fresh Market

We love LOVE The Fresh Market. Problem is, we aren't rich, and that stuff is expensive! We do go in there about once a month or so and get a few things. Today was one of those such days. We got a lot of good stuff, and some new healthier things I … [Continue reading]


Tomorrow I am running 8 miles, in the cold, and I am SO excited because I have a new ipod playlist I am hoping will give me a little boost. Here is just a sampling of some of my fun songs! Bananas-Gwen Stefani Crazy-Britney Spears Fighter-Christina … [Continue reading]


I have this poster hanging up in my classroom. I am big on motivational kind of stuff like that, and a lot of those types of things really apply to school. I have looked at the poster 100 times but today I REALLY looked at it. Effort. You can't … [Continue reading]

MY SMOOTHIE!…and the crock pot

Ok, so if you read my blog often, you know I am obsessed with yoplait's new(ish) frozen smoothies. Well, I was just now watching the biggest loser which I tivo'ed from last night, and oh my gosh my smoothie made the show! If you watch biggest loser, … [Continue reading]

Spring Fever

Today is groundhog day. Sadly, the little guy decided it would be fun to torture us runners with 6 more weeks of winter! This excites me....not so much. I am SO TIRED of cold. It was "supposed" to get up to 60 today...but what is it? 49! Now, I know … [Continue reading]