oh, also, I got this awesome hydration belt for Christmas, can't wait to try it out! I won't wear it to race in since they have water stops but for long training runs it will be great to run hands free! … [Continue reading]

first half

Merry Christmas from Bella!Well I leave for Disneyworld a week from today to run my first half next Saturday. excited? Yes. Scared? Yes! I have a nagging hip problem that won't go away and Iam really worried how I will hold up by about mile 8 (when … [Continue reading]


so i was all ready and motivated to do well this week, then...Monday evening I get sick with swine flu! I havent run since sunday and it is driving me nuts.I got an insert for my right shoe to help with my hip pain and I am dying to know if it is … [Continue reading]


So i realized I am not very good with this blog thing, nor do I think anyone reads it. I have decided to turn this isnto a running/training blog. Even if no one reads it, it will be good for me to log my workouts, think through some things dealing … [Continue reading]