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OtterBox has saved my phone many times and has asked me to share my experiences while telling you about their awesome cases. All opinions are my own.

I will admit it. I am obsessed with my mobile phone. It’s constantly in my hand due to work commitments, and I am on social media a lot. Due to the sheer amount of time I spend holding my phone, it should be no surprise that it has also been in a few….accidents. Most of my accidents have to do with two things: running, and my baby. First running:

For safety purposes alone, I always run with my phone. I also like to listen to podcasts, and occasionally music. I am not a fan of armbands, so I usually just hold my phone (this annoys my husband to no end, he cannot fathom holding something for an entire run.) Anyway, my hands get sweaty, and my phone has been known to let’s say…jump right out onto the pavement. Luckily, my OtterBox has saved me on MULTIPLE occasions.

OtterBox 2

Secondly, I have an eleven month old baby who thinks my phone is the coolest thing ever. She also thinks putting things in her mouth is the coolest thing ever. So, a lot of times my phone ends up covered in drool, or getting thrown at the dog. As you can imagine, this is not good for the life expectancy of a phone.

OtterBox has not only saved my phone several times, but they have also come up with a fun quiz to let you know what your phone wrecker style is. Also, if you share your results, you can will get 10% off a case of your own. Me? According to the results, I am the Instabreaker which seems fitting!


Here is a little bit more info about OtterBox:

Most of the OtterBox cases are easy to carry around (the defender being the exception). This is huge because the last thing I need is something big taking up space in my purse or in my hand. They also have some really adorable designs and are quite fashionable, and allow for some self expression!


The MySymmetry series is a clear case with inserts that you can customize. They are really slim, too and have great pocketability. Again, this is a huge plus to me!


I encourage you to go take the Phone Wrecker quiz for yourself, I would love to see your results in the comments below! Also, OtterBox is hosting a Twitter chat on September 16th at 9 AM PST. Be sure to join in, you could win great PRIZES!

QOTD: What type of phone wrecker are you? Share your Phone Breaker quiz result via social media or email and receive a 10% discount code to use on your next order at! The coupon cannot be combined with any other special offer.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of OtterBox.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Favorites


Now that I have had my Samsung Galaxy S3 for awhile, I wanted to give an update on some of my favorite things (cue Sound of Music singing song “My Favorite Things”). You may have seen some of the features on commercials the past couple weeks, they are quite amusing an I applaud Samsung for being so clever!


Smart Stay: It waits till you’re asleep: the screen maintains a bright display as long as you’re looking at it.

Direct Call:  It knows when you want to talk: if you’re sending a message but decide to call instead, simply lift the phone to your ear and it will dial your friend’s number automatically.

Smart Alert:  It knows when you’ve been away from your phone: a vibrating nudge lets you know
that you have missed calls or messages.

S Voice:  It responds to you: you can tell the phone to wake up, answer an incoming call, or even take a photo.

LTE:  Faster downloads compared with current 3G networks. And it’s only going to get faster

Best Photo: When shooting images using the S III’s burst mode function, you can capture a succession of images from which your S III will automatically select the best one, or you can manually choose the best photo.

Out of these I would say my FAVORITE two features are best photo, and smart stay. I hate when I am trying to read something and my iPhone goes dim and I have to tap the screen! smart phones truly are getting smarter and smarter!


So,  my dog may be hiding my phone from me…


In running news, my new Asics are set to arrive today, but I have a long run on tap for this morning that can’t wait, so I will get this run out of the way and hopefully get to try out my new shoes tomorrow. I can’t wait to show you guys! They are pretty sweet looking.

QOTD: Thoughts on this phone? What is your favorite thing about your phone?

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassador program and have been provided
with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the

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Weekly Update: July week 3 and a new Ambassador


Happy Sunday! This weeks workouts have been different from usual considering I haven’t been running. I did however manage to get in a few good workouts, and I also have something exciting news to share with you all. But first, the workouts:

Sunday: rest

Monday: 2 mile run, chest, triceps, abs

Tuesday: 20 minutes stationary bike, back, biceps, abs

Wednesday: 1.5 mile run (after this run I decided to not run for 2 weeks)

Thursday: chest, triceps, abs

Friday: back, biceps, abs, legs; 15 minutes stationary bike

Saturday: rest


I did well on the weights front, 4 x’s last week, with 2 runs and 2 times cross training. This coming week will be all cross training and weights of course, and then I will try running again middle of the next week. Fingers crossed!

Ok, so moving on to the exciting news I spoke of earlier. I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by Verizon Wireless about being an ambassador for them. Of course, I was stoked and said yes. After much anticipation (and with Fedex royally messing up the shipment! They even admitted I didn’t get my box because the driver was LAZY!) I got my new phone, the Samsung Galaxy SIII. You may remember a little over a year ago I actually had the galaxy vibrant by Samsung, and recently traded it in for an iPhone due to some issues I was having mainly with the service through Cellular South. All of that to say I was very curious to see how the Galaxy SIII measured up to the original Galaxy.


The biggest “wow” I saw right off the bat was how big the screen was. My original Galaxy had a screen bigger than my iPhone but this one is HUGE!


Galaxy SIII on the left, iPhone 4S on the right. I immediately charged it up and started playing with it. The 4G LTE is super fast! Everything moves really smoothly with no freezes, pauses, or breaks so far. I have a few other favorites that I have discovered but I will save them for another post. I will be tweeting, texting, calling, instagramming, and web surfing from this bad boy for the next three months so hang on! If you want to check out the Twitter stream with all the chatter, check out #VZWA for all the fun!


QOTD: What kind of cell phone do you have? Do you like it?

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassador program and have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

Friday Favorites: Galaxy S Vibrant


GGGOOODDDD morning friends! I hope everyone is having a great day so far. I am super excited because I have a fun filled race weekend ahead of me! That’s right, Sunday Bobby and I are running the Mardi Gras Rock n Roll half marathon with some friends who are coming in town today! They are staying here tonight then tomorrow we will drive downtown for the expo and stay there for the night in a hotel, just like we did last year. If you are a new follower, go to my race recaps page and scroll down to last year’s race and catch up!

Ok, onto Friday favorites and house pictures! Before I begin, I want to be clear I was NOT given a new phone. We switched phones and providers because of my husband’s job, and it was a lot cheaper for us to do so. I will admit, when my husband first presented me with the idea, I was really upset. I was very attached to my cool iPhone, and thought life would cease to exist if I ever had to get another phone. Little did I know what I was missing out on! Here is a funny video to show you how I was, and how I think a LOT of iPhone users are. I am admitting I was one of these, just wanting it because it is an iPhone, not caring what it could or couldn’t do. This is the clean version of the video:

It’s only a couple minutes long but REALLY funny. Basically this customer comes in demanding the iPhone 4 not caring that there are phones way better, cheaper, and more technologically advanced. Granted, I didn’t ever really have problems with my iPhone, I just didn’t realize there was something BETTER until it was given to me.

NOW, I am the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S. This. phone. rocks.

Here are some of the reasons that I like it better than the iPhone…

– faster GPU
– bigger screen
– less reflective screen
– sharper, more colors and all around better screen in my opinion

– percentage of screen to phone size ratio is better than the iphone (meaning a larger majority of the phones dimensions are the screen and not wasted space for a bezel) so the Samsung dimensions are smaller vs. it’s screen size, 
– HDMI compatibility (with the saumsung adapter),
– removable battery **big plus here** 
– it’s running android!!, so better quality apps due to open market and no apple censorship,
– slightly bigger battery (1500mAh vs. 1420mAh),
– with the AMOLED screen, bigger battery, and with Froyo this phone’s battery will far outlast the Iphones battery.
– can video call over 3G to ANY video-call capable device !
– has true multi-tasking
– Ability to play most video files
– Bluetooth file transfer
– Flash support
– Swype is amazing! also love talk to text feautre. 
– Expandable memory
– Lighter than the iphone
– FM radio and adobe

I still think the iPhone is a good phone, don’t get me wrong, but the Galaxy is better for ME I am having a blast learning about it. (These are just SOME of the cool features by the way! There are many more!) Please don’t flame me saying the iPhone is better than sliced bread and I don’t know what I’m talking about. I am NOT saying the iPhone is bad, I am just a new convert and wanted to share. Before I knew about them, I simply was just uneducated about any other phone!

check it out for yourself: Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant website

Ok, on to more fun stuff! Bobby went by our house on his way back up to our old house yesterday, and he took some pictures for me! Walkthrough is MONDAY!

They still have to put on shutters, paint the rails white, build the back privacy fence and front picket fence, etc.






you can see the railing on the stairs in the top left corner


Downstairs guest bathroom




Wwweee! Ok, must go get ready, Karen and Jason and Bobby will be here later!

QOTD: What kind of phone do you have? do you like it?