Day in the Life: April 2016

It’s been three months since I wrote a “day in the life” post, so I thought it was high time to do it again. I think these are so fun and enjoy giving a glimpse into how quickly my world changes! I have tried to be more purposeful lately with my time, and organizing things, schedules, etc. and it has really helped me to be more productive!

Last time I did a day in the life where Emma Kate was home with me (remember, she goes to daycare three days a week), so I thought it would be fun to do a day where she is at school. Here we go!

6:45: I hear noises on the monitor and roll over to check the time. It’s overcast out so it seems way earlier than it is. I get up, throw on some clothes, (laying out my gym clothes the night before really helps me save time in the mornings) and go get little bit.

day in life 2

She asks for Bella while I’m changing her diaper and clothes (I lay out her clothes the night before, too) so I call for the dog and she comes running into the room.

6:55: I take the dog out, feed her, and give Emma Kate a sippy cup while she watches TV.

7:00 I throw on some shoes, run my fingers through my hair like a comb, and decide I am presentable enough for drop off. I pour some iced coffee into a cup and head for the door. Whoops! Forgot the dog is still outside. Bring her in, load up the toddler into the car with her backpack and, and we head to school around 7:10

7:25: We make it to daycare, and I am thankful we beat most of the traffic. I have to drive by a high school to bring EK to daycare, and the worst traffic is around 7:30/7:45 headed in the direction of her daycare.

7:30: I bring her in, chat with her teacher for a minute, say goodbye, then am back in my car headed home.

7:50: I have a little less than an hour before I leave for the gym, so the first thing I do is grab a quest bar to eat, and then I settle down into my chair to read my Bible. If I don’t do it first thing, I will forget, plus I like how it sets the tone for my day.


8:10: I have about 30 minutes of time to work, so I check my social media sites, do a little posting and answer some emails from the night before. I see that I have several quote requests from clients, but don’t even want to open that inbox until I get home because I know I don’t have time right now to really get into doing quotes.

8:42: Dang it! I do this every time. When I have “extra time” before I need to go somewhere, I always end up late! I quickly fill up my water bottle, brush my teeth, wash my face, and re-do my hair. I throw on a jacket, jump in the car and head to the gym.

8:58: I hurry into the gym and remember this is the day my trainer teaches another class right before ours and is usually a couple minutes late, so I am thankfully there before she arrives. I’m so glad our class is bigger this boot camp session, I love new people coming in and getting stronger and more healthy!

9:02: We start our warm up, and end up having a super intense class. We did tabata training today (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off) in the room where they do HEAT class (aka it’s REALLY hot in there!) and I was dying by the end of it. I think it’s the hardest class I have done to date! However, I felt great after which is always a good sign.

day in life1

10:05: Leave the gym and head to the grocery store. I text Bobby from the parking lot asking him to add anything he needs to the list. (life hack: We use the Anylist app, and have a shared grocery list on there, so he can add things to the list on his end, and they show up on the list on my phone. This makes shopping so much easier because if he tells me I forgot something he wanted, I just say “it wasn’t on the list!” and he knows to add it for next time. Same goes for when we run out of something, whoever uses the last of it just adds it to the list in the app. It’s awesome.

10:55: Much to my dismay, a couple weeks ago Kroger decided to move around ALL THE FOOD in the store! I’m still learning where everything is so it takes me twice as long. You don’t realize how accustomed you are to something like this until it changes! So I finally leave the store and head home.

11:10 I’m home, and I unload the groceries, let the dog out, and put up all the food. I realize I’m getting hungry and craving some carbs so I put a potato in the microwave and eat a few slices of turkey while I wait for it to cook.

11:30: The toddlers eat at 11:30 at daycare, so I pull up the webcam while I eat my potato and check in on her eating her lunch. Then I decide to tackle my travel client email inbox and spend the next hour doing quotes and answering questions.

12:30: I check my other inboxes, and then decide to start writing this blog post.

1:00: I am working on a really big project that I will share with you later, but it involves a LOT of research and technical stuff, so I spend over an hour giving myself a headache trying to figure some things out.

2:25: Check in on Emma Kate again via webcam. They are all waking up from their naps, and I suspect EK has been awake for awhile. yes yes, we are still battling with the short naps over here.

2:30: I realize I am still hungry, so I eat some yogurt and string cheese for a snack. I am really trying to make an effort to eat more healthy, and snacking is certainly my downfall.

2:35 I’m back to checking inboxes, answering emails, and posting on social media. I go from one to the other, and once I get back to the first inbox, I have new emails to answer.

3:00: I’m back to working on my big project and start feeling overwhelmed, but press on absorbing as much information as I can.

4:30: My eyes are starting to cross, so I take a quick break to put on a load of laundry and do the dishes in the sink.

4:45: I’m back at my computer, knowing I only have a few precious minutes left helps me to focus on the task at hand.

5:15: It’s time to go pick up Emma Kate from school! I jump in the car and drive over.

5:30 Little bit is happy to see me but looks worn slap out. That girl can play hard. We drive home and Bobby is there. I cooked last night so we are having leftovers (another life hack that has helped saved me time lately, I cook bigger portions so I don’t have to cook every night).

5:45 I put Emma Kate in her chair and get her food for her. By time I fix my plate she is almost done eating so I shovel my food down, but at least we are all sitting together at the table. This is something that is really important to me and we do it every night we are home.


6:00: Emma Kate plays with her toys for a few minutes, and then we go outside for a little while at 6:15. She runs up and down the driveway and pulls flowers off my azalea bushes. I can’t wait for it to get a little warmer, we are going to buy her a water table and I think she will really enjoy it. I make a mental note to research them online.

day in life

6:45 we come back inside for bath time and PJ’s. We are VERY scheduled with EK so she knows exactly what to expect and when. She plays in the tub a few minutes and then she is out, dressed for bed, and drinking out of her sippy cup by 7:00.

7:00: We sit on the couch, read books, play games, and just relax as a family winding her down before bed.

7:15: Time for Emma Kate to go night night. We say prayers and put her into bed. I jump on the computer to finish this post and then grab a snack.

unnamed (39)

7:45: I finish folding a load of laundry, picking up the kitchen, and pick up a few toys. I put the bathroom cleaning supplies in my bathroom to remind me to clean them tomorrow.  (I’m super visual!)

7:55: Bobby and I are finishing up season one of a show called “The Man in the High Castle” on Amazon Prime. If you like history you will love this show, it’s really fascinating. We watch the last episode and I google that season two won’t be out until the end of 2016. gah!

8:40: Bobby tells me goodnight and he goes upstairs to play video games for a little bit. I catch up on a couple of shows on Hulu and start getting sleepy.

9:30: Lights out for me. Lately it has been taking me awhile to fall asleep and I wake up some in the night, so I am sure to go to bed early to get enough sleep. I drift off around 10:00 and get ready to do it all over again.

QOTD: What is your favorite thing to snack on right now? What time to do go to bed?

A Day in the Life: January 2016

I realized I haven’t done a day in the life post since the summer, and things have most definitely changed around here! Let’s take a peek into what a day looks like when Emma Kate is home with me, which is 4 out of 7 days of the week.

7:00 AM: Emma Kate has been in a REALLY good night time sleep routine lately (knock on wood). She wakes up at 7:00 or a little after most days, which is totally fine with me. I get up, throw on my workout clothes, and go get the now very unhappy toddler who wants OUT of her crib.

7:05: Diaper change, outfit change, hair done, milk. I take the dog out and feed her before I forget, which has happened, not gonna lie.

7:20: We usually watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or some other variation of Disney Junior show while she drinks her milk and I suck down some coffee. Bobby is long gone, he gets up at 5:30 to be at the gym for 7:00, so we are on our own. Emma Kate has been doing this adorable dance to the hot dog song every time it comes on, so I rewind it a few times to watch her moves. She cracks me up!


7:45: We play in the living room with toys, the dog, and sing songs.

8:00: Little bit is getting hungry, so I fix her some breakfast while I eat a quest bar. I try to hide that I’m eating, because she is in the stage where she wants whatever I have, and I want her to eat her breakfast, not my quest bar. She eats (typically yogurt and cheerios, or fruit, waffle, etc.) and I get her diaper bag ready for the gym. Snacks, sippy cup, diapers, wipes, all there.

8:20: I fill up my water bottle, put on my shoes, fix my hair, and finish getting ready for the gym while Emma Kate tries to open every cabinet in the bathroom. I put her shoes on, bow in her hair, and we head to the car.

8:30: We are finally out the door and on our way to the gym. I left a little early, but I have been late the past few times, which I hate, so I left extra early.

8:45: Get Emma Kate to child watch at the gym, put my stuff away in a locker, and get ready for boot camp.

fuzex shoe

9:00: Boot camp! I get my butt kicked for an hour. It’s fun. Sort of.

10:00: Go into the locker room and grab a quick shower. If I don’t shower at the gym while EK is in child watch, I won’t get a chance until naptime, and that’s just gross.

10:20: Get Emma Kate from child watch. On this particular day, we went to the store to go see Bobby, but some days we go straight home, go to the park, or run errands.

10:30 Surprise Bobby at the store, and I let Emma Kate run around while I help get the shop ready for opening.


11:00: we decide to grab a quick lunch together before I take Emma Kate home to nap, so we walk across the street to McAlisters after a diaper change.

11:50: EK behaved well at lunch but was ready to be out of the high chair. If it wasn’t so cold and rainy I would have taken her to the park for a few minutes to burn off energy, but at least she got to run around the store for a bit before lunch.

12:00: I drive home, and Emma Kate falls asleep in the car, which is always tricky. Sometimes I can successfully transfer her to her crib without her waking up, but the majority of the time…she wakes up.

12:15: We get home, I carefully move her to her bed, and success! She fell right back to sleep. Whew. I take the dog out and immediately get to work. My time is precious as I have a lot of work to do and if I don’t get it done now, I will have to work after Emma Kate goes to bed which I don’t do well because my brain is fried by evening. I email some clients, start working on a blog post, and do some social media postings. I don’t stop or even look up and just keep trying to get in as much as possible.


1:00 I hear crying on the monitor. Darn it. Sadly, this is pretty typical for her. She sleeps so great at night, but naps are about 45 minutes, an hour tops. I give her a few minutes to see if she goes back to sleep, but it’s not happening.

1:10: I save her from her room, change her diaper, and give her a snack. She is loving graham crackers and goldfish these days. I finish up a couple of emails while she snacks.

1:30: I follow Emma Kate around as we play. She goes from her room to the living room to my room, destroying everything in her wake. I don’t even bother to pick up after her, because, really what’s the point? We play a game where I chase her around the kitchen counter and she laughs and laughs, and it wears me out! Oh to have the energy of a toddler. We snuggle on the couch for about five seconds because she doesn’t know how to sit still, and it’s back to following her around while she plays. She is really into organizing things and stacking them all in one place these days.

3:45: Bobby is home, yay! He takes Emma Kate upstairs to play with toys in the bonus room so I can get some more work done. I do some quotes for clients, answer emails for my blog, and schedule some things to go up the next day.

4:45: Time to start diner. I’m making chili tonight because it’s so cold and dreary and that’s the best time to make it, plus, honestly, it’s easy and I am not feeling like doing anything gourmet…not like I EVER do anything gourmet, but you get the point.

5:30: I call upstairs to Bobby telling him it’s time for dinner. Emma Kate LOVES beans, so I put a bunch on a plate for her, which she promptly dumps out onto her high chair tray. Ok. Whatever floats your boat kid. We all sit at the table and eat.


5:45: We know EK is done when she starts throwing her food on the floor to the dog. I clean her up, get her down, and she plays by herself while Bobby and I finish eating.

6:00: We all hang out in the living room playing, talking, watching TV just unwinding, not really doing anything in particular. I remember I haven’t fed the dog (oops) so I take care of that and let her out again.

6:30: Bath time! Emma Kate LOVES bath time and I am pretty sure she could sit in there for hours if we would let her. We put her in a laundry basket so her toys won’t float away, and she plays and splashes.

6:50: With some protest, I get her out of the tub, and we tag team getting her into her PJ’s. We have a nice system down that works for us. Then it’s bottle (we are trying to get rid of this but haven’t been successful yet), and relaxing before bedtime.


7:15: Bedtime! We say prayers, rock her for a minute, and put her down in the crib. She fusses for about two minutes and is out. I guess that 45 minute nap is catching up with her. I finish up a few things hanging over my head for work, and call it a night.

8:00: I grab a snack and head to the bedroom to veg out and watch Hulu. I chat with Bobby for a few minutes, and he goes to play video games as he has no interest in watching the Bachelor, and well, that’s fine with me.

9:45: My eyes are getting heavy. Since I have been doing boot camp four days a week plus my running, I have required more sleep. Tomorrow is a daycare day, so after boot camp I will be at my computer working the majority of the day, so I know I need my sleep.

10:00: lights are out, time to sleep so I can get up and do it all again tomorrow!

QOTD: Do you watch TV at night? What time do you go to bed?

A Day in the Life: August 2015

My life has looked a lot different in the past week. Bobby and I have been spending a ton of time working shifts at Orange Leaf on top of my blog work. Emma Kate goes to daycare 3 days a week, so I try to help at the shop as much as I can on those 3 days. I thought yesterday’s day would be a good example of a day in my life currently!

6:00- I set my alarm for this morning. I have GOT to get a run in. I have been falling off the training plan wagon in the past week since we took over the shop. I don’t have a lot of time at home and when I am home, I am pretty wiped out. However, I was determined today. I always seem to get sidetracked with training plans, so I am a little disappointed in myself.

6:30- Emma Kate is waking up, and Bobby gets her so I can go run a quick 3 miles. I drink some coffee and chat for a minute before heading out.

unnamed (8)

7:30- I am back home, and pace around the living room under the fan (please tell me I’m not the only one who does this) so I can cool off, then I hop in the shower.

7:50- Time to bring Emma Kate to Daycare. Bobby leaves for the gym, and I throw a few last minute things in EK’s diaper bag and jump in the car. I go to start the car… and it’s not turning on because the key is apparently not in the car (my car doesn’t have a an actual key, just a box that has to be in the car.) I have a slight panic attack because I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE IT IS! I had taken it off my keychain when I ran the other day, but my brain was not functioning as to where it was. I call Bobby frantically, and the baby who is in her car seat, starts screaming. After some thinking and deep breathing, I remembered I had put it in the bag I brought to church that had my clothes to change into for work from the day before when I went straight from church to go open the shop. Crisis averted.

It takes longer than usual to drive to daycare, because now that school has started this time of day includes some heavy traffic (we pass a high school to get to daycare).

8:15- Drop off the baby, who cried when I left for the first time EVER (heartbreaking!) and head back home.

8:30- I grab some yogurt and plop down at the computer. , record payments from blog and social media posts into my spreadsheet, (I am really trying to keep better track of things)

9:15- I look at the time and realize I am running behind! I take the dog out, grab a couple of things we needed at the shop, and jump back in the car and drive to Orange Leaf.

9:30- I unlock the doors, go inside, and realize I had a lot to do and was rushing around. I managed to spill water all over the floor, and  then thankfully, Bobby arrived from the gym to help me, Hooray! We clean and get toppings and machines ready for the day.

unnamed (9)

11:30- The shop opens and a girl we hired comes in to train for a few hours. I do some computer work, mix some yogurt, cut fruit, get toppings filled, etc.

12:50- I had a dentist appointment at 1:00 for a filling that cracked, so I packed up some cups of frozen yogurt, drove a quarter mile to the dentist, presented them with yogurt, and then spent an hour in the chair (ug).

2:00- I drive back to the shop and work until 5:00. The internet goes out so we had to figure out how to get the system offline so we could still take credit cards. Always something, right?

5:15- I throw some more small cups of yogurt into a cooler and get back in the car and drive to Emma Kate’s daycare. They were excited to have free froyo, and the baby was happy to see mama.

5:30- We drive home, and it looks like it’s going to storm, which would be awesome because we haven’t gotten more than five minutes of rain since the 4th of July.

5:45- We get home, and I feed Emma Kate her dinner, take the dog out, and throw something in the oven for me and for Bobby when he gets home after 10:00.

6:00- I put EK in her pj’s and we play on the floor for a bit and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (her favorite). It is super dark, but no rain.

unnamed (10)

6:20- Emma Kate took a very short early afternoon nap so I knew she was crashing. I gave her a bottle before putting her in bed.

6:30- Bedtime for baby girl. She has been going down between 6:30 and 6:45 lately and sleeping until 6:00-6:30. I put her down and poor girl fell right to sleep after saying prayers.

6:40- I put a load of laundry on and started writing this post.

6:50- I took some pictures with my good camera for an upcoming sponsored post.

6:55- Answered a few emails, did some picking up around the kitchen

7:15- Dinner is ready! I eat, and then take a shower.

7:45- Back on the computer, I set up some social media posts, text a couple of employees about scheduling for this week, and read a couple of blogs.

8:00- My brain hurts, so I head upstairs to watch TV, clean up my inbox, and do a few random online tasks that I have been neglecting. Still. no. rain.

10:00 Bobby arrives home from closing the store. He eats dinner and we chat about the day and the store. Tomorrow will be the first day we aren’t covering every single shift, hooray! We will both still be at the shop for a few hours but not 9:30 am –10:00 pm, so I’ll take it!

10:45- We are both exhausted, so it’s time for bed!

QOTD: Has your day changed now that school has started (for some?)

Day In The Life: Daycare Days

I have done a few day in the life posts, more since Emma Kate has been born, but I haven’t shared with you what a typical day looks like on the days the baby is in Daycare. She goes part time/certain days of the week to a wonderful place a few minutes up the road. It gives me time to focus on my work (booking travel and blogging/social media work) while also cleaning up, running errands, etc. so when baby girl is home she has my full attention. It is working out great so far, even if I do spend a lot of my time watching her on the webcam Smile

Yesterday (Tuesday) was a daycare day, so I did some documenting for this blog post. Enjoy!

6:30 am- Emma Kate is awake and mad. She has flipped herself onto her stomach and can’t flip herself back. She can do it on the floor all day long but for some reason is struggling in the crib (lack of space?)

6:35- Diaper change and bottle. Coffee for mommy. I get her diaper bag packed while she eats and get myself changed and looking at least a bit like a human.

7:00- She plays on the floor while I share my new blog post over social media and pin the image I created yesterday for the post.

unnamed (68)

7:15- Diaper change, outfit change, walk around and chat with daddy for a few minutes before leaving for daycare. (Daycare opens at 7 but depending on when she wakes up I take her at random times).

7:40- Put EK in her carseat, check her bag one more time, and drive her to daycare.

8:10- I am back home and pass Bobby on my way in the neighborhood as he is leaving. It’s an oddly cool morning for June in Mississippi, so I take Bella for a quick walk.

8:30- I notice the bushes in front of the house are getting big—again, so since the front of the house is shaded in the morning, I decided now was as good a time as any. I grab the big clippers and have at it. I only did one side of the house because the sun was coming out on the other side and I didn’t have sunscreen on yet. I also water my flowers in front of the house. I tend to have a hard time keeping flowers alive so I’m really trying!


9:15- I check a few emails, answer a few questions, and decide to write this blog post for today.

9:30- I can’t believe how gorgeous it is outside and feel guilty being inside. I take my greek yogurt on the back porch and Bella sits by me while I do my morning devotion.

unnamed (2)

10:00- Back inside, I check on the baby via webcam, answer more emails, mark a ton of things as junk (I got on some mailing list somehow and get press releases for EVERYTHING for some reason!) and email a few clients about upcoming trips.

11:00- I’m getting hungry, so I heat up the oven and unload/reload the dishwasher and fold a load of laundry while my food cooks.

11:30- lunch! Again, not wanting to “waste” the pretty day outside, I take my food outside again and Bella and I have  chat while I eat.

unnamed (1)

11:45- Back inside, I update Emma Kate’s baby book from last month that has been sitting on the kitchen island making me twitch.

unnamed (3)

While flipping through it, I see photos of her nursery…you know, from when I was pregnant….before there was a baby in there….and it was super clean. Saddened by the current state of her nursery, I decide to go through her drawers and pull out clothes that don’t fit her to consign or give away. I try to straighten up the rest of the room as best I can.

unnamed (4)

12:30- Back to my computer to write about the events of the morning for this post before I forget about them (mom brain is a real thing, yall). More emails have hit my inbox by now.

12:50- The awesome glamorous job of scrubbing toilets/cleaning bathrooms. Isn’t my day fun?!?

1:30- Random picking up around the house….I’m not sure how we accumulate so many piles of paperwork that has no home. A lot of it goes into file 13.

1:45- Quotes, quotes, and more client emails and questions. As soon as I answer one email, another one pops up.

2:30- I realized I was getting a little hungry so it was time for a snack. I was craving something cold, so I made a healthier imitation Disney Dole Whip. Delicious!

unnamed (5)

2:45- I may have taken a short brain break to drink my dole whip and watch the first few minutes of last night’s Bachelorette.

3:00- I’m attempting to sell some baby items we no longer need, so I spent some time taking and posting photos of some things locally for sale.

3:30- Back to the inbox for more emails! I also may have taken a peek at the daycare webcam to check on little bit.

unnamed (7)

4:15- Time to cook dinner. I need to eat early since I have to leave to go run after I get EK from daycare.

4:45- I eat dinner, and then I get my shoes on, take Bella out, brush my hair, grab my purse and a glass of water before hitting the road.

4:55- Drive to pick up baby girl from daycare. Head back home and wait for Bobby so I can leave her with him and go to the local high school track.

5:15- Feed Emma Kate some solid food while waiting for Bobby. She must have napped well because she is in a great mood! I gave her the spoon to feed herself…and her food ended up on her forehead.

unnamed (6)

5:35- Bobby is home and I hit the road for speed training. We have a hard workout, and do some 4 X 800 meter relays in teams of two, so each person did 3 800’s. It was fun to compete and a different twist on our usual weekly workout.

unnamed (8)

7:15- I get home and hop in the shower. The baby is asleep, so it’s time to watch some TV and catch up on a few emails. That’s the bad thing about working from home…I feel like I’m constantly “on call” and never truly off work.

9:00- Head downstairs to get ready for bed, and do some reading.

9:30- Lights out, I’m spent!

QOTD: Do you bring your work home with you? Do you like track workouts?

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A Day in the Life…January 2015

I last did one of these posts at the end of October, and since babies change so quickly, I wanted to do another one. Today was a bit out of the ordinary because Bobby was home sick for a half day, but other than him being at home to help, this pretty much sums up my days.

5:30: I hear some noises on the monitor. They wake me up, and I lay in bed listening to see if Emma Kate will go back to sleep. In about 10 minutes she does, but I am wide awake, because I keep thinking at any minute she will REALLY be up.

6:50: I’m still laying in bed awake, and EK wakes up for good. I go get her, change her diaper, and make her bottle. We sit on the couch together and watch TV while she eats. I make some coffee, take the dog out, feed her, and eat a Quest bar. Bobby wasn’t feeling good last night and told me to let him sleep until 9:00 and that he would go into work late.

7:15 It’s pouring down rain and chilly, and I’m trying to decide what to do about my workout. Normally, I would take Emma Kate to the gym childcare but I really don’t want to get out in this nasty weather, and I have no idea if Bobby will end up staying home or not so I just decide to think on it. I talk to Emma, she spits up a good bit per usual, and we play with her stuffed animals. She wants to sit up on her own so badly and gets mad when she can’t. She is getting really good at reaching out and grabbing toys, so I hold some in front of her to take.

7:45 We have moved from the couch to the activity mat to her bouncy seat. I answer a few emails while she entertains herself kicking and watching the toys dangle from above.

8:00: She is getting bored of the bouncy seat and lets me know it. I walk her around the house a bit pointing things out to her then put her in the jumparoo for a bit. I answer some more emails, wash some bottles, and tidy up the kitchen.

IMG_2104 (2)

8:40: EK is starting to get fussy, it’s almost nap time. She is wet and covered in spit up and drool, so I take her into her room to change her clothes and diaper. She knows that means it’s nap time and instantly starts to cry. I put her down and she cries for about 30 seconds and then falls asleep. whew.

8:45: I see a break in the rain, it’s now just a drizzle, and decide since the baby is asleep I could get my run over with while she naps and Bobby can still sleep. I hurry up and change, put the monitor on Bobby’s nightstand, and head out the door.

9:20: I am back from my 3 mile run. It was just “eh”. It rained the whole time, but I wisely wore a visor to keep the rain out of my eyes. Bobby wakes up when I come in and I tell him I’m going to jump in the shower and to listen for the baby.

9:45: I am clean again, feeling good after a morning workout, and the baby is awake. Since Bobby feels sick he doesn’t want to get too close to her, so I make her a bottle and he sits on the couch with her while I make Bobby some chicken noodle soup.

9:55: I take advantage of Bobby momentarily watching EK and fold and put away some of her laundry, clean up some things in her room, and unload the dishwasher.

10:15: Emma Kate is getting bored so we do some tummy time on her mat and I talk to Bobby. He’s feeling pretty crummy but has to go into work at some point, and decided to just go in a half day after lunch. I give him some Tylenol and cough drops.

IMG_2095 (2)

10:45: I play some more with EK, handing her different toys and saying different words to her. I film a video of her talking and put it on Instagram. She’s usually in a good mood and laughs a lot in the mornings, but as the day goes on she gets more cranky. Right now, she is still happy so I am getting lots of smiles and giggles. I eat some cheese and crackers and decide to eat lunch later.

11:15 Bobby decides to take a nap before going into work. I start walking the baby around my closet showing her different bright colors and patterns on my clothes. We walk all around until she starts yawning.

11:35 I begin walking into her room, and again she starts crying immediately, knowing it’s nap time. This little girl is going to be a handful, Very stubborn and dramatic. I wonder where she gets it? She goes into the swaddle and I rock her for a minute, but she is not having any of it. I put her down and she calms down on her own (we are really working on self soothing these days) and she is asleep in less than 10 minutes. I take advantage of my time and do some work. I have a few quotes to do and things to enter in for my travel work, and I start working on a blog post for work about the Disney Cruise Line.

12:20: Times flies, and I hear some grumblings coming from Emma’s room. I change her, shes smiling and happy to see me. Soon though, she starts getting really upset wanting a bottle. I go as fast as I can (which is apparently never fast enough!) and we settle in on the couch to eat and hang out.

12:50: Bobby wakes up from his nap and gets ready for work. It was nice having him there this morning even though he was asleep most of the time. I get pretty lonely at home with the baby some days.

1:00: Bobby leaves, and Emma Kate and I spend the next hour rotating between her bouncy seat, bumbo, jumparoo, activity mat, and boppy. She is drooling a lot and is pretty cranky so I’m wondering if maybe a tooth is coming soon?

IMG_2113 (2)

2:00: I realize I never ate lunch. I pop some almonds in my mouth and text Bobby about going to the grocery store. He wants to get some ginger ale so offers to pick up a couple of things so I can make dinner later. By this point the baby is super cranky, so we walk around and “fly” around the room until I decide the only thing to cure the grump is a nap.

2:15: I change her outfit because again, the spit up and drool quantity is astronomical, change her diaper, and it’s time for a nap. She is really unhappy this time and screams pretty loud but just for about ten minutes, then she is out. I feel pretty lucky that she has gotten the hang of nap time quickly and only cries for just a few minutes, sometimes just a few seconds. MUCH better than rocking her to sleep for thirty minutes for 4 naps a day. (We just started putting her down awake this past weekend).

2:20: I am back on the computer writing, quoting, and answering emails for clients. I have several in Disney World right now and several going next month so it’s a busy time.

2:45: She. is. awake. that was like a 27 minute nap. I typically get 35-45 so this one is super short. She wants to eat again, so I fix another bottle and Bobby says he is coming home, that he still feels really crummy.


3:15: Bobby comes home so he entertains EK while I make some tacos. Neither of us have had lunch, so we decide to go ahead and have dinner now.

3:30: we eat and then it’s back to entertaining the wee one. Bobby is pretty pathetic on the couch, but I try to squeeze in some work since he can help with the baby a bit.

4:15: I get on the floor with EK and we do some more tummy time. Then she spits up EVERYWHERE. Time for another bib, outfit, and diaper change.

4:30: Almost time for our final nap. I really wish she would drop to three naps and just make them longer, but right now she is napping every two hours like clockwork.

4:45: Bobby puts her down for me so I can get back to blogging and working. She sleeps, and I sit at the kitchen table at my laptop and get as much done as I can. (by the way, if I get another email from a company asking me to write a blog post and in return “they will pick their favorites and give a social media shout out” I’m going to scream). I dust the living room, take the dog out, and hang up some clothes in my bedroom.

5:55: Over an hour nap, very long for her. Since her last one was so short maybe she is playing catch up. Another diaper change, and time to eat again. I give her a couple of ounces less than usual so she will eat a couple more ounces before she goes to bed.

5:55: We play some more, and she bounces in her jumparoo (she loves that thing!) She is learning to roll the wheel to make noises, etc. It’s really fun to watch her learn new things!

6:30: Time for a bath for the baby, PJ’s, snuggles and another couple of ounces from her bottle.

IMG_2120 (2)

7:00: bedtime for EK! Bobby puts her down at night typically which is nice because then I am “off duty”. I grab a snack since I had dinner so early, grab my iPad, and head upstairs to watch some tv. I check work emails (it never ends) while I watch, and end up doing some quotes for potential clients.

8:30: I decide to start heading towards bed. Typically EK lets me sleep until 6:30-7:00ish, so today was abnormal for me to be up at 5:30, which I am thankful for! I take Bella out, brush my teeth wash my face, and climb into bed with my iPad.

9:00: I end up reading and posting to social media, as well as replying to a couple of emails and finally turn the lights off at 9:30. I figure even if she is up at 5:30 I can get 8 hours. Five to six nights a week Emma Kate will sleep 11-12 hours straight though, and we are so very lucky!

10:00 I finally fall asleep. Then it starts all over again!

QOTD: Are your days pretty much the same or different every day?

A Day in the Life…October 2014

I haven’t written one of these posts in awhile, and I definitely haven’t done one since Emma Kate was born. I thought it would be fun to document what I do in a day so you can see what things look like right now.

5:00- The baby starts fussing in her sleep. Her eyes are closed and she isn’t wake, but is being so noisy I can’t sleep (anyone else have a noisy newborn when they sleep?!?) She was last up right around midnight to eat, so this is a good stretch of time for her since she went back down a little after 1:00.

6:00- After staring at the ceiling for an hour, I finally decide to get up and feed Emma Kate who is now actually waking up. First we have a diaper and outfit change.


6:15- I let the dogs out to potty, and feed the baby. Then let the dogs back in, and feed them.

6:30- Drink a glass of water then fix some coffee. Put baby in bouncy seat where she looks at the mobile hanging from it for awhile.

6:35- Get on my laptop and check my email and blog, check Facebook and Twitter etc. as long as EK is entertained.

6:50- Well, that didn’t last long. Get baby out of bouncer, try to burp her again, change her diaper, and talk to her and the dogs for a few minutes.

7:15-Put Emma Kate on her activity mat where she looks at her mobile for awhile. I hop back on the computer to do some more work.

7:30- Baby is bored, so we talk and play and sing and look at books until she gets sleepy. After some rocking and a pacifier, she drifts off for a nap, which is good because some days we don’t really nap at all during the day aside from 2-3 fifteen minute cat naps. I put on a load of laundry and jump back on the laptop for some work and emailing clients.

9:00- I realize I am hungry and that I haven’t eaten breakfast yet so I grab some Chobani out of the refrigerator and eat it in front of the computer where I start on a blog post.

10:00- I hear the baby fussing, and she is ready to get up and have her diaper changed. I feed her again, and put her in her swing for a few minutes so I can let the dogs out and grab a glass of water. I sit on the couch and turn on the tv for a few minutes while I hold and snuggle with EK.

10:30- The phone rings, it’s a client who says they will be quick but we end up on the phone for 45 minutes. I tried to keep Emma as entertained as I can while on the phone but she still fusses a bit. Luckily, the client has kids so they are understanding.

11:15- It’s a nice day so we decide to get out of the house and go for a walk, and I hope that it will help Emma Kate drift off to sleep, she loves the motion of the stroller. She does fall asleep, and I am afraid she will wake up so I end up walking for 45 minutes.


12:00-I bring the baby carrier inside with the baby in it and thankfully she stays asleep for awhile so I can grab some lunch, put the clothes in the dryer, and text Bobby at work.

1:30- EK is awake again and not too happy to be in her carrier. Another diaper and feeding later and she is happy again. She sits in the newborn Boppy lounger and looks around for awhile. I fold clothes on the couch next to the baby and talk to her, then do some dishes in the sink.

2:30- I try to get her to take a nap but she is having none of it. She starts crying and fussing and yawning but refuses to sleep. I swaddle her, put on the white noise app on the iPad, give her a pacifier, and walk her around her rom trying to calm her down. We go back and forth from the rocking chair to walking around and homegirl still won’t give up.

3:30- She finally dozes off and I put her in her crib for a nap. I am excited that I can get a couple hours of uninterrupted work done and finish my blog post, and open up my laptop.

3:37- EK starts screaming. So much for a nap. I try to pat her and shush her and get her to doze back off but she is full blown awake and unhappy. I try putting her in the swing, bouncer, boppy, and just holding her but everything seems to tick her off, especially my singing. I go from sitting to standing to walking, slowly losing my nerve. I feed her again at 4:15 hoping it will calm her down but no such luck.

unnamed (17)

5:00- I text Bobby telling him I am having a hard time and he tells me he is on his way home, thankfully.

5:15-I pass EK off to Bobby and go into the other room to decompress. Bobby takes her upstairs and we basically play pass the baby for the next couple of hours. She will get so close to sleep and then wake up again.

6:45- I tell Bobby she likes walks, so he puts her in her carrier and takes her for a stroller walk. She screams the whole way so he gives up and comes back, but I am not giving up so I start running with her in the stroller, looping around the driveway over and over and she stops crying. Bobby takes over because I got a side stitch, and he takes her around the block. He comes in, takes the carrier upstairs, and she stays asleep for exactly five minutes before she wakes up unhappy.

7:30- We feed her again and go upstairs to attempt to watch TV. We put her on the boppy lounger with the white noise app, gave her a baby massage and she finally fell asleep. We are able to watch TV, and I get back on the computer to get work and blog stuff done. I hate working at night since it’s the only time I get to see Bobby, but I don’t have much choice these days.

9:45- I empty the dishwasher, do a little picking up in the living room, and realize how tired I am.

10:00- I take an extra long shower, hang up some clothes in my closet, and check my email one more time before getting in bed where I read for a total of four minutes before falling asleep at 10:45. Bobby has the late shift, so he will take care of the baby’s feeding around midnight, and then we play the rest of the night by ear. Sometimes she’s up at 2 or 3, sometimes not until 5 if we are lucky, then it’s time to do it all over again!

QOTD: Does your baby like your singing? Do they like to ride in the car or stroller?