Early Anniversary Cruise

I feel like I am losing my mind. No, not because I can’t run…well, yes because I can’t run, but that’s not what I am talking about. I can’t remember if I told yall or not…but if I did…sorry, you get to hear about it again! Bobby and I are going on a cruise as an early anniversary gift to ourselves. (Anniversary is January 6) we are heading to the Western Caribbean for a 7 night Disney cruise! I am so excited, life has been a mess lately and so it will be nice to get away before the madness of Christmas, the marathon, and our house being built/finished.

We will be sailing on the Magic, which I have not been on before.


We will be in an oceanview room, not sure the room number yet. (actually annoyed I am still having to wait!)

We will leave a day early and spend the night halfway down (we are driving) and then we will get to the port early so we can hopefully get on the ship early!

Our cruise is going to Key West, (never been) Grand Cayman, (never been) Cozumel (have been) and Castaway Cay (have been twice.)


We have decided on Key West we will walk around on our own and site see, not sure about Grand Cayman yet, and we are heading back to paradise Beach on Cozumel.

Here are a couple pics I took almost 3 years ago at Paradise beach:


I was ssooo sunburned. Look on the edges of my arm along my halter top line and underneath. Ouch! Caribbean sun on the water = sunburn.


I am also super excited about something most would find silly…Formal night! I LOVE dressing up and I have all my old college formals and am hoping to still fit into one to wear to dinner. You will just have to wait and see. Smile 

I am still resting…doing strength for my legs and arms but no running yet. I MIGHT test it out with a walk run tomorrow of a mile or two and just see if it tightens up. But now, I must ice and go watch the Saints game. I hope everyone has a great Sunday!


QOTD: Have you been to Key West or Grand Cayman? What are some must do things to do or see? (We are thinking beach on Grand Cayman?)

Pronoun updates


   Good afternoon! I hope everyone is having a great day! Another beautiful cloudless one here. Our state is officially under a burn ban, we haven’t had rain in WEEKS. Let’s just hope it all doesn’t decide to start Saturday during my race! Speaking of burning, this is what I am burning right now. yum!


and this is snoozing on the floor in the sun.



next, this came in the mail yesterday! My all time favorite, I can’t wait to watch it! Any other fans out there? You know as a little girl you always pick the Disney princess you wanted to be? Well, I always (and still do!) wanted to be Belle.


I finally bought one of these at the store. yay! Now I can hopefully have some motivation to do more yoga.


Speaking of the store, we also bought these for packing because they were on sale at Wal Mart!


Speaking of packing, I had this all cleaned up until Bobby started looking for something and make it a mess!


So now, he is outside doing this while I blog and clean up his mess!


Later we go to the Chiropractor and dinner with a friend. I just wrapped up a 20 minutes yoga video and now I guess I will go clean up, pack more, and help with the washing of the vehicles. Have a great day all!

QOTD: I love English and History, what were your favorite subjects in school?

Pre Trip

Happy Sunday all! It’s really overcast here but only 77 degrees, I can’t believe it! It’s supposed to be raining…but it’s not. Just home from church, and have a baby shower to go to later on today!

I thought that since I am so excited about my trip I would spend some time telling you all about it! I can’t wait, we need to get away so badly!

We are staying for 7 nights at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa in the main building, concierge level.
(yes I took these pictures!)

For those unfamiliar, concierge at the Grand involves food being out most of the day..breakfast, afternoon snacks, tea and scones, dinner appetizers, champagne, wine, cordials and desserts later, etc. The lounge is so nice, I love sitting there listening to the piano or orchestra play in the evenings, overlooking the lobby.

All of the fall decorations will be out

We will be attending the first Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party of the season! We went two years ago and had a blast. Nothing like trick-or-treating in the Magic Kingdom!

We will be on the Deluxe Dining plan, which means lots and lots of food!
Bobby savoring his lobster at Narcoossees

We will be going down a day early to drop the girls off with my parents who are so graciously dogsitting for us! Then we are driving halfway, to Talahassee, to spend the night in hotel. The Saint home opener is that night and there is NO WAY I was missing it! Friday morning we will drive the rest of the way and be in our happy place for 7 nights!

I will be twittering and updating my FB pages, so if you are not following me youcan do so on the right sidebar of this blog. I will try to blog if I can but I will have to do it on my phone and may not be very successful. (I am too cheap to pay 10 bucks a day just to blog, sory guys!)

Today is a rest day, tomorrow marks my first official day of marathon training! eekk! I will be updating my marathon training tab/page so you can keep track of my workous on there!

QOTD: what do you do with your pets when you go out of town?

Pics Pics and More Pics

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! In case you were gone, here is what you missed:
Home Sweet Home
Fun Filled Weekend
Now, go catch up!

ok I am determined to finish showing you all my cruise pics before my next Disney trip!
We left off With leaving Castaway Cay after our first day, so here we go!





The next morning we woke up about to dock in Nassau

We took a cab to Atlantis

big chair

we walked around for a bit then took a cab back and had lunch on the ship. Believe we took naps that afternoon as well!
I also think this is the day I ran at the gym

Pirate night will be in the next picture post. AARRRGGHH!

OK I am heading to the gym, have a good day all!

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Hope everyone has a good day!

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Castaway Cay take…3?

Ok so I figured it has been a couple weeks since I updated the pictures fom my cuise, so I thought I would shae more today, especially because it is raining here now and I wish I was there!
here are a couple pictures from lunch on the island I forgot to post
They had fresh fruit, ribs, hot dogs, salad, etc.

after lunch we took the tram up to the main beach to see what was going on and to buy some souvineers. You didn’t have to carry them with you, you just bought them and then picked them up on the ship that evening which was nice.

I had to try out the hat.

By about 2:30 we had had enough, 6 hours in the sun is a long time! So we packed up and headed back to the tram. I took a pic with these guys

We got cleaned up and went and sat in the adults area and just relaxed until time to get ready for dinner.

Ok photobucket and I do not get along, so that’s all for now. At least I finally got through Castaway Cay!

I may do some yoga later tonight, and for sure run tomorrow! Have a good night all!
Also, don’t forget Caitlin from Operation Beautiful will be on the 8:30 eastern hour of the Today show tomorrow morning!

QOTD: What is your favorite fruit?

Boarding day continued (again)

Ok so back to Mickey boat pictures!

The last set I posted were of our room, and lunch and some exploring of the ship. Here we go with more!

This is the Quiet cove (adult) pool. aaahh

Mickey kid’s pool

eerr…random shot of the deck!

by that time it was time to head back to our rooms for the wonderful boat drill. Here is the obligatory picture…oh Bobby

Mom likes to wave at the camera

It was quick and painless, then it was time to get on the deck for the sail away party! Which honestly wasn’t that exciting and it was SO HOT I had sweat dripping down my back. eewww

As the party was ending we knew the boat was leaving soon and my dad wanted to see us leave the port so we went to the front of the ship and heard the most wonderful sound, the ship horn! For those of you you don’t know, the ship horn is the first 7 notes to the song “When you wish upon a star” it makes me tear up every time! We watched for a few minutes as we floated away, saw a couple stingrays in the water, then realized we had to go change for dinner, we had a 5:45 seating.

We ate at Animators Palatte, and met Ricardo and Allwyn, our awesome servers!

Bobby got the kids mac and cheese as one of his like, 3 entrees. They have the BEST mac!

This is a cool place. The walls start off as black and white and the waiter’s vests as well, then it changes to color by the end and they have colorful vests, too!

After dinner we went to the shops, Bobby broke his Oakleys so he had to get new sunglasses. Then we went to the show, it was the Golden Mickey’s, it was so good! I of course cried..We were pooped so we went to bed early if I remember correctly. Tomorrow we would be at Castaway Cay!

One week vaca countdown!

So one week from today we will be heading to my parents house to leave for our cruise the next day!! Don’t worry, my good friend is staying at our house to take care of my little girls! Bobby was busy today with work and errands so I decided to make my surprise today for us and my parents.

MOM if you are reading DON’T LOOK! 🙂

Disney Shirts!! I made one for all of us. here is the front and back:

Ok so here is the story behind the shirts. I had the clever idea to make these last year for all 6 of us (sister and BIL included) They were so cute, and on the back had a saints played mickey mouse. I spent hours with my mom ironing these things on, it was so tedious! So we wore them all together on the same day looking sure cute….and then my dad started sweating…and THE COLOR STARTED TO RUN! I was devastated! I spent money and time on these and they were ruined! I bought crappy transparencies from wal mart, so I figured thats what it was. SO, still wanting a cute shirt to wear over and over, I decided to try again, a year later, with much better transparencies I bought online that people swear by. The color looks so vibrant and great so lets hope they hold up!! My mom and dad don’t know, so I am excited!! (these transparencies were also a lot easier to use!)

So after I did this, I was feeling blah (I had been feeling blah all day.) But I forced myself out for a run. what is this I see by the clubhouse/pool?

It’s a tent, it’s a tent! yes, yes, you say, you can see that, but why? A crawfish boil that’s why! Now, personally, I don’t eat seafood so I could care less about it, but Bobby LOVES seafood, and he is pretty stoked, so I will sit in the hot sun, talk to people I don’t know, all for the sake of free food love.
Why am I being so kind you ask? Sunday is the boy’s 27th birthday, so I am being kind 🙂 But, more about that tomorrow.
So back to my run, it was awful. I was SO not feeling it, (I was doing sprint intervals) and it was hot and I had a lot on my mind so I came in after 1.2 miles and did some arm weights. Not much but something right? It counts!

Ok, I am off to watch reruns of something I am sure so I hope everyone has a good night!
QOTD: What have you done lately in the name of love?

Spring Break Pictures

So it took me long enough, but I finally uploaded my pictures, here are just a few from my Disneyworld trip last week! It came and went in a flash, I can’t believe it’s already over! Now I am looking forward to my cruise in June. Yay!
Our room, 4242, Club Level at the Boardwalk Inn

snacking in the lounge

At Epcot

Me and mom at the Magic Kingdom

Getting ready for my one and only run!

at Goofy’s at downtown disney on St. Patrick’s Day

view from the room we switched to at the Grand Floridian

Ok so that’s all you get! I have a ton more but I am not going to sit here and upload them all to the blog, sorry!!!

I had a good gym workout today, 25 minutes on the elliptical, going forwards and backwards (obviously not at the same time!) and then I ran one mile on the treadmill between a 6.0 and 7.5. It was hard for me after the 25 min. on the elliptical! Felt good to sprint though! I also did a few arm exercises at home with my weights.

Glad tomorrow is Friday. This weekend I have a wedding to go to Saturday, and hoping to get in a good run in Saturday morning. Tomorrow it may rain again, and is going to be a slight bit cooler. Ok, have a good night everyone!

Disney Workouts

I am going to post more pictures from my trip, but I have to upload them. These are the ones I took with my camera that have anything to do with woring out! I only ran sadly once, around the boardwalk. It was WAY colder than we antcipated. I wore my running skirt and my thighs were numb!
the second morning we were there I got up at 7 and ran.

looking back at the Boardwalk Inn

I did a little over two miles but I ran at a really good/fast pace so I felt good about it.

Then the next day we went on an hour long bike ride. It has been FOREVER since I rode a bike so it was fun! We rode from Wilderness Lodge to Fort Wilderness and back.

thought I would throw this picture in for good measure. Some of you that know Disney well may say “wait, this isn’t from the Boardwalk!” and you would be correct. hehe. Stay tuned to find out what happened!

we also walked and walked and walked a ton!

Oh, I was super excited to use my Oikos coupon to buy the new caramel flavor of greek yogurt.

QOTD: do you clip coupons? Do you have other grocery shopping strageties?