New Frozen II Trailer

Emma Kate was jjuussttt a tad too young to understand the excitement when the first installment of the Frozen frenzy came at us on the big screen. Don’t worry, she made up for it a little later with endless DVD viewings, performances of “Let it Go” in her Anna or Elsa dress on “stage” at our house, and Olaf snuggles while reading Frozen books before bed. To say she was bitten by the bug was an understatement.

Now that she is almost five, she is right in the thick of understanding that an ALL NEW Frozen movie is coming out, and she (ok, and me too) cannot wait. I was so pumped to see the new trailer debut and figure out a little bit more of the storyline. It’s safe to say we will be storming the theaters in November dressed in our best costumes ready to learn new songs, see familiar faces, and follow along with our two favorite Disney royals on an amazing new adventure. Check out the trailer for yourself here:

OOMMGGGG! What are your thoughts? I can’t wait to hear the funny new things Olaf will say, watch Sven well, just be himself, and so much more.

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Frozen Birthday Party

On Saturday, we had Emma Kate’s second birthday at our yogurt shop, Orange Leaf. I was not nearly as creative as last year, and everything was kind of last minute, but we still had a great time! I feel like having a party at our house last year was a “rookie new mom mistake”. It was super stressful not only getting things ready for the party, but deep cleaning the house and then cleaning up after. Having it at another location is the way to go!

DSC_0001 - Copy

We had a little bit of food like donut holes, fruit, chex mix, and deviled eggs (and of course cake and frozen yogurt!) We kept it simple with bottled water and kool-aid in a cooler under the table. The Frozen decorations were bought at Wal-Mart, and the utensils, tablecloth, balloon holders, and a couple of the plastic trays I got at the Dollar Tree. We had a helium tank from Wal-Mart leftover from last year’s party, too.


The birthday girl was way too busy to smile for pictures.


Except when it comes to her daddy. She always smiles for him! her shirt is from Etsy, and her skirt is from Wal-Mart.


Emma Kate was so good and sat in her chair and ate fruit, froyo, and cake the whole time!





We had a lot of special friends and family attend, and the shop was a great place to let the kids run around and go nuts.DSC_0009



My mom made Emma Kate’s cake. After paying $45 for a cake last year, we decided on the homemade route and it came out great! We did a boxed mix but used homemade icing which was amazing. I will forever use this icing when I make anything! (It may or may not have had 4 sticks of butter in it!)


Lately, Emma Kate has been all about singing the happy birthday song, so she was mesmerized when everyone started singing it to her.


She wasn’t so sure about blowing out the candles, and to avoid a spit on cake, Bobby blew them out for her. We used food coloring for two of the layers of the cake, and I think it came out great! The Frozen characters on top are from Amazon, and the banner on the cake is from Etsy.


This pictures cracks me up. Unfortunately I didn’t think to do a photo with all the kids and a bunch of them had already left, but we rounded up who was still there and tried to get a photo. The parents were all jumping around trying to get the kids to look. It was awesome.



The little boy, Emma Kate, and the little girl on the right were all born within a week of each other! So fun to watch them grow over the past two years.



We had a great time celebrating our girl and can’t believe she will be two in a couple of weeks. I really loved the low stress party we did this year. We just have so many other things going around, I honestly didn’t have any more energy to put into it than what I did. I still think she had a great time. I know I did.

QOTD: Favorite party theme or location? Do you prefer a party at your house or somewhere else?

Questions for You


1.) Should I cut my hair? It’s getting way long and it’s getting way hot outside, and I never ever feel like fixing it b/c it takes too long to blow dry and straighten. Is a mom cut in my future? (***Edited to add, chopping off hair to me = shoulder length, so yes I could still put it in a ponytail!)

2.) Have you ever fed a stray cat? If so, you know that once you feed them, they don’t leave. We have had a visitor in our backyard the past few days. We think kitty lives under the dumpster next to our house (temporarily there for construction on the home being built next door) so I named said kitty “Oscar” since it lives under the dumpster/trash. Smile


3.) What are some things you have had good luck selling on ebay? Trying to make a little extra cash and wondering what I could get rid of that someone else may want. As they say, one man’s trash…

4.) Anyone know how to get rid of carpenter bees? You know the ones that bore holes in your wooden deck? Yeah….

5.) How many times have you seen the movie Frozen? I have seen it twice but have yet to force Bobby to watch. It is my mission for the week. Do you wanna build a snowman?

Bumpdate on the blog tomorrow!

QOTD: Answer one of the above 5 questions (or more!)