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Prepared for Princess

Well friends, I leave TOMORROW morning for some fun adventures in Walt Disney World. I will be running the runDisney Royal Family 5k as well as the Princess half marathon. Just a few notes for you all before I leave, I know several of you are running and are hopefully as pumped as I am!


First things first. Packing. I created this vlog for the Disney marathon, but same rules apply. Check it out, maybe it will help you remember to pack something you hadn’t thought of.

Next, check out my post on tips for running a runDisney race. I especially highly recommend first time runDisney runners to read this post.

For a little more excitement, check out my recaps from last year:

Princess expo recap

Princess social media meet up

Tangled Royal Family 5k

Princess half marathon


I also wrote a post for #TeamrunDisney about why I love the Disney Princess half marathon. One more thing…don’t forget this is your chance to purchase the awesome runDisney/New Balance shoes (at the expo!)

As if THAT’S not enough excitement for one day, be sure to head over the and register for the Tower of Terror 10 miler. I am really hoping to run this one. Last year, I was coveting the medal from this race. It looked awesome! This race will take place on the night of October 5th, and there is a fun after party in Hollywood Studios. Who doesn’t want to party with the Villains just a few short weeks before Halloween? This special weekend will also hold a 5k as well as kids races, fun for the whole family.


runDisney races notoriously sell out quickly, so don’t miss your chance!

QOTD: Will you be running Princess of the Tower of Terror 10 miler?

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Weekly Recap: February Week 2


This was an odd workout week for me. I worked really hard last week, and my body was just exhausted this week. I felt in a funk the whole week, so i did what i could (don’t want to push and get injured right before Princess) and decided to listen to the cues my body was giving me. My joints were achy, my allergies were acting up, etc.

photo 43

KT Tape to the rescue!

Sometimes we all just need an extra couple days of rest right? I’m tapering anyway, so I’m sure I will be fine. I plan to run 6 today or tomorrow, then 3, then I am done before the Princess half marathon! (well, except for the Princess 5k!)


Sunday: rest

Monday: 20 minutes stationary bike, upper body weights

Tuesday: 3 miles, upper body weights

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 3 miles

Friday: 30 minutes elliptical, upper body and abs/weights

Saturday: 1 mile walk with hubby and the dogs. Lots of stretching and foam rolling.


Yesterday Bobby and I celebrated a belated Valentine’s Day. We don’t usually go out to eat on actual Valentine’s Day because it’s so busy, and Bobby knows I would kill him if he bought me triple the price roses for a made up holiday, so we celebrated last night by going to our favorite restaurant, Half Shell Oyster House.

photo (19)

photo (17)

photo 554

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QOTD: What did you do for Valentine’s Day?

Arm Sleeves Giveaway


I was approached by Katie from Groovy Baby Action Gear last month, and was immediately blown away by how cute the products were. Katie makes arm sleeves of ALL kinds, and she wanted to make me some arm sleeves and then some to giveaway to one of my readers! Also, the reveal of my arm sleeves will tell you who I am dressing up as for the race. Smile

photo (13)

My sleeves came neatly wrapped in tissue paper

Yall, these aren’t just ordinary sleeves, they are THE cutest sleeves you have ever seen. Customizable. Disney Princess inspires. Sparkly. You name it! Thinking ahead to the runDisney Princess half marathon, I immediately knew I was going to pick some Disney Princess inspired sleeves. I chose Rapunzel, and am so thrilled with the way they turned out!

photo (12)

She even put “Running With Sass” on one of the sleeves. How stinkin’ cute is that? The Disney sleeves are my favorites, but some of my others would be the Weekend at Bernie’s Sleeves (how clever, LOVE that movie!) and the Sweat Pink sleeves as well.

photo 22

Groovy Baby Action Gear offers unique custom running sleeves, arm sleeves, running gloves, costume cuffs, arm bands, and costume sets for women and children. Be a super heroine everyday or give your race costume some extra flair!

photo (16)

Bobby said I look like a Ninja in the black top and sleeves so…for your viewing pleasure…

photo (15)

***If you purchase arm sleeves, enter code runningwithsass at checkout and save 10%!***

Here is your chance to win your very own sleeves. Giveaway will be open until Tuesday evening at 8:00 PM CST and winner will be announced Wednesday morning the 20th. Please follow the instructions below to enter. Good luck!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

How KT Tape Gave Me Pain Free Running

I had worn KT TAPE a couple times years ago, but it wasn’t until a few months ago when my chiropractor explained the benefits of it to me and how it worked that everything really clicked. He explained to me that KT Tape can be used to treat and prevent injuries, especially common running ones like knee pain, shin splits, and the like. The tape relieves pressure and also helps with circulation so that you can recover faster from an injury.

kt tape running

Think of it like a brace, except without all the bulk! It can provide joint support and the best part is it’s water proof and can be work for several days. It can also reduce inflammation and help prevent muscle cramping.  Remember the calf issues I was having with cramping? Yeah. Wearing the KT TAPE, I have only had slight tightness, but no cramping, wahoo! I am so thankful it has been a great tool for aiding in my being able to continue with a sport I love. I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to run without calf cramping ever again.

Why do I use KT TAPE? Not only for injuries I already have, but also for prevention. It really works and I am so glad I discovered it! Funny story…the first time I ever saw KT Tape was when my idol, Kerri Walsh, was wearing some in a volleyball tournament. I thought she was a little crazy, so I did some research, and come to find out it’s pretty awesome. My girl knows what she’s talking about (and now I kind of pretend like we are BFF’s since we both use and promote KT Tape…totally legit, right?)


A while back I went to an orthopedist to see about the medial side of my knee, and why it was hurting so badly. Apparently overuse and bursitis are most likely the culprit, and KT Tape has been so helpful there as well. I was able to run the Disney Marathon and Goofy’s Challenge without any knee pain during the race. I am so thankful!

photo 43

You may have seen KT Tape being advertised at a race or expo, and may have even gotten a product sample and tossed it to the side. I encourage you to try it out and see what it can do to help with whatever sport you participate in. You won’t regret it.

photo (11)

Be sure to check them out on Twitter and Facebook!

QOTD: Do you use KT Tape? How has it helped you to train?

Fitness Magazine Photos: Ready. Set. Run!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Be sure to tell someone how much you love them!

A couple days ago, I received a message from a reader saying they saw some photos of me in Fitness magazine. Huh. I had no idea! I wasn’t able to get to the store until today, and sure enough, there are four photos of yours truly in the magazine (now if only it listed my blog name I would be a happy girl!)

photo (10)

Can you find all 4 photos of me without looking below?

The article accompanying these photos (page 74) is titled “Ready. Set. Run!” and spreads the message that anyone can run. When you turn the page, it opens out into a huge training plan chart for running a 5k in six weeks, running a 10k in eight weeks, or running a half marathon in twelve weeks. It gives you a guide on what workouts to do on what days to help you reach your goal, as well as tips for preventing injury.

Tips on how to run better, a gear guide, and popular races and their websites are also included in this handy guide. I am so glad that a magazine as popular as Fitness is helping people achieve their running goals by reminding us that running isn’t just for the elite or super fit, but that average Joe’s like myself can reach their goals as well! It also includes with each plan what to expect, and gives motivational advice. It’s a very uplifting piece, I am so glad they put it in the mag. If you haven’t picked up the issue I encourage you to do so simply for this training plan if you are looking for something to get you started on your running journey.

photo (9)

Did you spot me? I know it’s hard to see with the gloss of the pages, so here they are up close.

photo (6)

runDisney Royal Family 5k 2012

photo (7)

Woman’s half marathon 2012

photo (8)

Gulf Coast Half Marathon 2012

photo 008

runDisney Princess half marathon 2012 (If you fold out the insert this same photo is across the top).

I was so stoked and honored to see my photos in the magazine, and am so thankful to be included with the great message that this article gives! I hope you will check it out and get moving!

QOTD: What training plan to you use? or do you even use one?

runDisney and New Balance: A Match Made in Heaven


It is a pretty well known fact that when runDisney puts it’s logo on merchandise, it’s going to be a big hit with runDisney fans. However, I think even they underestimated just how wildly popular the new collaboration between their brand and New Balance would be. In anticipation for the 2013 Walt Disney World marathon weekend and the Tinkerbell half weekend, New Balance produced 5,000 of their new shoe model, only to have the entire shipment they sent to Disney (they saved some for Tink!) sell out around lunchtime on the first day of the health and fitness expo! They quickly overnighted more pairs to the expo to have available on Friday, and were greeted with a line of eager fans ready to purchase this special product.


Inspired by Minnie Mouse, this is the Women’s version of the running shoe.

When I participated in the WDW marathon weekend meet up, the awesome folks at New Balance did a wonderful presentation talking about their shoe line, and how to know which model is best for you as well as how to avoid injury. It was a very informative session, and I think it was a great idea to bring them in to speak on the heels of such an important weekend for the brand.

Although the original shipment of shoes sold out, never fear, more will be available at the runDisney Fit for a Princess health and fitness expo on February 22nd and 23rd at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. I imagine they will sell out quickly as well, so be sure to arrive early for your chance to own a pair of these limited edition kicks of the New Balance 860 series ($125 + tax). I am hoping to get my hands on a pair as well! What an amazing feat for both companies, and I am sure this will be a beneficial partnership for years to come.

Check out this video below where the creators of this special shoe tell you a little about how they came up with the popular new design.


*Don’t forget registration is now open for the Tower of Terror Ten Miler!

QOTD: What are your thoughts on these shoes? Would you buy them? Do you think New Balance will make more versions of the shoe?

Mardi Gras: Learn the Lingo


Happy Fat Tuesday! I am bummed I missed all the parades this year because I have been out of town so much, but I still got in the Carnival spirit just living here, I love it! I thought today would be a fun day to give you all non New Orleans folks a little lesson in all things Mardi Gras (fun face: until I was in middle school, I thought Mardi Gras was a national holiday. I grew up with it and didn’t know any better!) So, here is a lesson in some Mardi Gras lingo. Now, go impress your friends and eat some king cake, but be careful of the baby!

Throws: Trinkets/toys/beads thrown by the Krewe off of the floats. Other popular items are plastic cups, doubloons, moonpies, and stuffed animals. Ever hear the phrase “throw me somethin’ mister?” Smile


Carnival: Carnival season is the time when the locals celebrate Mardi Gras. There are parades on the weekends, special food to buy like king cakes, parties and the like. Every year Carnival season starts on January 6th (my wedding anniversary!) and goes until Fat Tuesday.

Krewe: The krewe are the members of each carnival association. Most have a ball, and a parade (Krewe of Bacchus, Krewe of Endymion, etc.) The “krewe” dresses up and rides on the floats when the parade rolls. Got all that?


Mardi Gras: Fat Tuesday, the actual holiday itself, precedes Ash Wednesday.

King Cake: A cake which is really more like a bread, in a circle with icing and sprinkles on top. Some are plain and some are filled with cream cheese or fruit fillings. There is a baby inside, and whoever gets the baby in their piece has to buy the king cake at the next party.

photo 81

Ball: A lot of the larger Krewes have a ball during carnival season. They announce a court, and the court is honored during the ball. Everyone dresses up, it’s very fancy and formal. Every year the Krewe chooses a theme, and the ball may be centered around the theme each year as well.

Doubloons: Aluminum coins that are thrown from the floats that have that particular Krewe’s logo on it. These became very popular items, and some are very rare and collectors items.

Captain: The Captain is the leader of the carnival association for that Krewe. The Captain gets his own float at the front of the parade.


Ladders: It can be hard for small children to be seen during the big and crowded parades, so people create ladders with seats in them and wheels so their kids can see and be seen during the parades. You will see these lining the streets during parades.



I hope this was a fun and informative post. Now, who wants to come visit me next Mardi Gras?

QOTD: Have you ever been to a Mardi Gras parade? Want to go to one?

Weekly Recap: February Week 1


This has been quite the interesting workout week for me! I was in New Orleans all week with no gym access, so no weight lifting at all. I did however run three times and walk once with my dad, and it just so happens I got an accidental PR on Friday.

photo 212

My runs on Monday and Wednesday were less than stellar, and my confidence was shot. I ran a 5k on Monday, and it felt like such a struggle. (It was my miles of shame because I picked the 49er’s to win the Super Bowl). I was pushing hard but my legs were barely moving. My disappointing workout prompted me to write my Ode to the 5k post. Then, on Wednesday I ran six miles with a one hour time goal, and ended up at 1:01:30 ish, and again…it felt SO hard and I told my friends and family there is no way I can hold that pace for a half marathon. It was very disheartening and made me question my training.

photo 00

I had thirteen miles on the schedule for Friday, and honestly was expecting another crappy run. I ran sans music, just did some thinking…and what do you know, a half marathon PR by nearly four minutes! I have been trying to PR for a year now, and have been very frustrated by illness and injury. I couldn’t believe this happened when I wasn’t even trying, how about that! I am still on a runner’s high and so proud of my accomplishment.

Here is the week’s workouts broken down by day:

Sunday: rest

Monday: 5k run

Tuesday: 1.25 mile walk with dad

Wednesday: 6 mile run

Thursday: rest

Friday: 13.1 mile run (PR!)

Saturday: rest


So, no cross training except for a walk and no weights, but my body probably needed a break. I am ecstatic about my PR, so I honestly don’t really care that I missed weights this week. I will be back at it Monday.


I also wanted to mention a cool new feature I found on my Windows 8x phone called Kids corner. I don’t have kids so it’s not as important to me, but I thought some of you would find this very interesting.  It’s a separate screen in your phone (like a computer within a computer) for your kids, and you choose what apps and things they can access. No more handing over your phone and worrying about who your kid is going to email or face time without you knowing!

You can add games, music, videos or apps for your kids and know they can’t access the whole internet or mess up anything on your phone!

*Disclosure: I was provided with a device and phone service from Verizon Wireless


QOTD: What was your best workout of the week?

Accidental PR


Good morning! I am in a great mood this morning. Not only is it the weekend, but I did something kind of crazy yesterday…I accidentally set a half marathon PR while running a training run for the runDisney Princess half! I was not even trying to or expecting it, so you can imagine my surprise.

I REALLY didn’t feel like running yesterday, and even let the Twitter world know about it.


I forced myself out the door, with my only goal being to start off slow. I typically start out way to fast then bonk around mile ten (or get calf cramps!) so I knew I wanted to stay between 10:00 and 10:10 for the first six miles.

I was pleased after six to see that I ran a 1:01, which was faster than I ran my six miler on Wednesday. The run Wednesday seemed SO HARD and this one felt great, so I was happy with my effort so far. I guzzled some Gatorade and took gel, not looking forward to seven more miles. I zones out, no music the whole run, and let my mind wander. Before I knew it, I was in the middle of mile 8, and running a 9:20 pace and it surprisingly felt good. I thought surely it was a fluke and wouldn’t last, so I kept on going.

To my total surprise, I was keeping the pace, this is nuts! At mile 9 I did some math and realized I could run a half marathon PR! I of course started paying more attention, and the time ticket by as I continued to run in the 9:00’s. Not going to lie, the last two miles were hard and my pace suffered a bit going back to 10:00, but I knew I was almost done. At that point, I knew I would PR but just didn’t  know by how much.

I gave it my all in the last half mile, and stopped at 13.1 with a time of 2:11:39,  a nearly four minute PR! I couldn’t believe it and couldn’t stop smiling.

photo 212

This was exactly the confidence booster I needed after a rough past few races and a rough week of training runs. I love these kinds of fun surprises, and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. I was exhausted, but my body held up on me. No calf cramps (just some tightness) and just a little hip pain towards the end. I know it’s not an “official” race time, but it counts to me. Smile

photo 65

Post run runners high

QOTD: Have you ever accidentally PR’ed without even trying?

Wedding Take Two?


Some of you may have seen the teaser photo on my social media accounts yesterday, asking why I was wearing a lot of makeup and nice jewelry. Well, I got to do something fun with Bobby yesterday…we were in a local TV commercial for a hospital, and we had to dress up as a bride and groom! Also, I got to wear my own wedding dress! It was a lot of fun (and we got paid, which REALLY makes it fun!)


Bobby and I have dabbled in acting/modeling for years and we enjoy it when we get the chance to participate.

We headed to a church not far from our house to shoot the commercial, and once we got me into my dress (which takes forever!) It was show time.

photo (5)

Truck full of filming equipment

photo (4)

It was neat to see again all of the work that goes into filming just a short scene, those guys work hard! We had to stand and smile, look at each other, kiss, etc. and only shot for about ten minutes. However, I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Not to mention, I never thought I would put my wedding dress on again, so we couldn’t resist taking some fun photos since I was all gussied up. So, here you go, six years later! We had a blast taking these.















I will be sure to post the finished product whenever I get to see it.

QOTD: Have you ever worn your wedding dress for anything other than your wedding? Do you still have your wedding dress? Do you plan to save your dress?