Give Up or Get Up


I have shared a little bit about some of the things that have been going on in my life with you here on RWS, but there are also things I have yet to divulge. Some have been going on awhile and also a couple of “new developments.” I will share when I feel the time is right, but now is not that time.

One thing I have shared is my health issues as of late. First the sea sickness patch withdrawals, and now some heart issues. I got a Holter monitor yesterday, and get to take it off today and am also getting an echocardiogram today. The Holter basically monitored my heart for 24 hours with little electrodes stuck all over my chest and sides. Check it out.

photo 97

There is one on each side, one right below my bra line then two above. Didn’t think it would be appropriate to show those. Smile Hopefully I will get some answers soon. Also as I sit here and type, I am icing my foot/arch. Not sure what caused this one, or if it has to do with the calf pain I experienced at the Jazz Half marathon. (By the way thanks for all your suggestions! I will be wearing compression socks for Wine and Dine, won’t take GU Roctane with 2x’s caffeine, and will stretch really well….and may wear different shoes, just to experiment.


Anyway, I have had a couple of hard weeks where issues just seem to keep piling up one after the other. I would be lying if I said I react correctly to these things every time. My natural, human reaction is to freak out, cry, and ask God why he is allowing these things to happen. Eventually, once I get the initial anger and frustration out, I am able to slowly look at things from a different perspective. It’s very difficult for me to do, because by nature I tend to look at the worst case scenario.

I have once again attempted to do what I KNOW I need to do (but it’s sssooo hard!) and that is give it over to God, and stop worrying about it. Anxiety isn’t doing anyone any good, and won’t solve any problems. I know, I know….easier said than done.

There have been times….I am ashamed to admit how many, where I have just felt like giving up. Where staying in the bed and covering my head in hopes that it would all just go away seemed like a good idea. I am aware that this is silly and not an ideal way to live life, but the thought has definitely crossed my mind. So, after a lot of praying, I have decided you DO have a choice. Give up, or get up.


I am choosing to make it THAT simple. You can use get up in any sense of the word that fits your life. Get out of bed, get out the door on a run, get up and go to work, get up emotionally and change your attitude, etc. I am not a quitter when it comes to the physical sense, I think I have proven that to myself. Now it’s time to prove just how mentally tough I am.

1 Peter 5:7: Cast all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you.

Are you feeling discouraged? Remember this. Everyone will feel disappointments in life, but you can CHOOSE not to be discouraged by them. You can choose to change your attitude, you can choose to be joyful no matter the circumstances, and you can choose how you respond to adversity. So what will you choose? Will you give up, or GET UP!!

I’m GETTING UP and going to try to go for a run today after my cardiologist appointment. Then I need to GET UP and clean the house!

QOTD: What helps you when you are feeling discouraged?

Jazz Half Marathon Recap: AKA the Heartbreaker


Hang on to your hats, this is by far the strangest and most gut wrenching recap I have ever written for a race. It has a strange start and a strange end, so stay with me!

As I have mentioned on the blog I have been dealing with some pretty scary health issues since my cruise 2 weeks ago. I ran a half marathon 2 weekends ago and was very sick the whole race, ended up at urgent care that afternoon, then the doctor again later that week, and now a cardiologist today. I was seriously considering dropping out of this race, as I didn’t even know If I could get through it, let alone have a “good race.” However, I LOVE this course, and was sponsored by the awesome folks at Rebootizer, and I was feeling ok the couple of days leading up to the race so decided to give it a go, but not really expect much in terms of time.

Saturday morning, Bobby and I drove to the start in plenty of time for the 7:00 start of the race. We made it to the parking lot where Bobby stood in line for over ten minutes waiting to pay at the machine. It was dark, VERY windy and about 54 degrees, which is chilly for New Orleans! We ran to the start because I didn’t have my bib yet. There was a mix up, long story, so I had to pick it up there. We ran around the park area and finally found out where to get my bib. We ran to the port-o-potty lines, me pinning my bib on as we went. That’s when we realized the line was SUPER long and there were only TEN potties for thousands of people. Race #fail! I HAD to go to the bathroom, (TMI alert) not only because, well, I needed to pee but it was that lovely special time of the month and I needed to get to a bathroom. SO we stood in the cold, slowly inching up, as they called for the race start over the loud speaker. What can you do?

photo (27)

I looked at my watch and we heard the start….still far back in the line. Oh well, at least we had chip timing.

photo (26)

I decided to carry cytomax with me in a bottle because there were only 6 aid stations and only gatorade at the last three! Best decision ever.

We finally get to go, and run towards the start. We were with another guy who we had been chatting with in line, and there were no runners anywhere, we saw what LOOKED like a starting line and we started jogging toward it, asking bystanders if this was the start! It was ridiculous.

photo (19)

The empty start line as we are running towards it

The first little bit of the race is an out and back for about a mile and a half or so. I told Bobby bye and have a good race and he took off. So….there I was….running…by myself….a few stragglers in front and behind me who also were in the bathroom lines. Then, on my left I saw going the other way….all the other runners! Basically everyone was staring at me in my bright pink shirt. Yes, I was “that girl” who missed the start of the race by about eleven minutes. Awesome.

My goal for this race was to start out slow, see how I felt, and then pick it up later. Well, that went out the window when I started to play “catch up”. Yes, yes I am aware I was chip timed and that it didn’t matter, but I feed off of others, and NEEDED to run with others. As it was I missed the big adrenaline boost of the start, which keeps me going at a good pace for awhile.

So I waved at Bobby as he passed going the other way, I wasn’t too far behind him, and made it to the turnaround. I made it back to the start area as the 5k was starting…which was at 7:30. I just had to laugh at how it was playing out. Not much else to do, it WAS pretty comical. So I eventually started passing the power walkers, and then the run walkers. I got slightly annoyed at the power walkers walking 4-5 people across the ENTIRE road forcing me onto the sidewalk, but in all fairness, the runners had all passed them…except for a few like me, but still…move out of the way!

I was feeling really good, but realized I was going too fast. My first 3 miles were in the low 9:40’s, and I made myself slow down. I also took the time to wave at all the police officers and thank them. There are a TON of blocks, streets, etc in NOLA and they had cops EVERYWHERE keeping us safe. I knew later in the race I would be more tired and not as likely to be as upbeat and talkative, so I was sure to do it early on while I could. I was listening to the Black Eyed Peas radio station on Pandora, and every song was a great upbeat song, perfect for running. I was having a great race, despite all my health issues of the past three weeks and lack of training.

I took a GU at miles 3 and 6, and was so thankful for my Cytomax, just to be able to take a couple of sips whenever I wanted. Typically running holding a bottle bothers me and slows me down but it was worth it. Miles 4-6 I made myself slow down and was running between a 9:55 and 10:05 pace, still feeling pretty good. At mile 6, the arch on my left foot started to hurt, which has NEVER happened before. I didn’t think a ton about it, and chalked it up to bad form b/c my right foot had been bothering me since my last race and I figured I was favoring it, causing the pain in the left.

Mile 7 took us into Audubon Park, which is a beautiful place to run with a golf course. It was getting slightly more difficult to keep the same pace, but I was still holding on at 10:00 give or take a couple seconds. We passed mile 8 in the park, and got to about 8.8 when it happened….my calf acted like it wanted to seize up and cramp (please someone tell me you know the feeling) I froze, and it thankfully released and didn’t fully seize. It scared the crap out of me though, and I got to the side and stretched my calves while I tried to get my breathing back on track from how much it scared me. I said a quick prayer for that to be the ONLY time it happened. Well, sometimes I don’t understand God’s ways, but things would only go downhill from here.

I kept running, but was cautious. Mad that I had wasted a good 20-30 seconds stretching. I hit mile nine, and as I approached mile 9.4ish, it happened again, but this time, it did NOT let up. Not only did my calf seize up, but the toes in my left foot COMPLETLY curled underneath my foot inside of my shoe, and I had no control. I immediately fell off into the median and to the curb. I ripped my shoe off, and had to pry my toes back straight. When the cramp finally released, (after about 30 seconds) I tied my shoe, stood up, and stretched both calves, losing about one minute total. Petrified, I started walking not sure what to do. There were no medics around…I was plenty hydrated… I thought about calling Bobby for help, but knew he was trying to PR and didn’t want to upset him. I thought about just letting him know I was having a bad race and would be awhile, but since the cramp had let up I just decided to try running again.

That mile (nine) ended up being about 11:00. I knew I had to make up time, so I pushed off hard, engaging my left calf….and it seized again. I couldn’t help it….I burst into tears. I was so angry, scared, and in pain. I could FEEL the PR. As I was running I was envisioning crossing the finish line, smiling, arms raised in triumph…and then this. Why. WHY?!? I stretched again, and took off, but this time, keeping my leg flexed/straight, trying not to “push off” or engage my calf. This worked somewhat, however I could only keep a 10:45ish pace doing this “hobble/run”. Every time I tried to pick it up…you guessed it, had to engage my calf, and cramping started. I had a few “almost seizes” where I felt like it was ABOUT to seize up but didn’t, but I also had three other times where I had to stop, and pretty much fall over onto the curb until it subsided, then stand up and stretch it out. My right calf did the “try to” seize thing 2-3 times, but it never actually did thankfully.

My Garmin was a few tenths off the whole race, not sure how many, so after I saw the mile 12 sign I wasn’t sure exactly how far I had to go, I was panicky and not paying much attention. My pace for miles 10-2 were between 11:30 and 12:10 I think. It just kept dragging on and on. I thought I had a lot longer to go, but then I heard cheering, turned a corner, and saw the finish line! It was about 200 yards away (I am TERRIBLE at judging distances so I could be way off here) and I looked down and saw I had 1:15 and I could STILL PR! Mind you it would be by mere seconds, but considering how this race had turned out I couldn’t believe it was still possible. I had PLENTY of gas left, I was barely breathing heavy, and other than my crazy calf and foot I felt FINE. I decided to kick it in and try for the PR. If you guessed I triumphantly sprinted to the end for a PR by the skin of my teeth….you would be wrong.

It was like you see in the movies…you know the ones where they are racing, everything goes to slow motion with the runner falling, and the only noise they pipe in is the beating heart of the runner, as they fall in agony then look up to watch everyone cross the finish. That was me. My “kick” turned into the worst cramp yet, toes curled under and it wasn’t letting go. I was in the middle of the road this time so I just flat out fell on all fours on the pavement. I didn’t care who saw or had to go around me. A sweet woman stopped and knelt down next to me. SO SO kind of her to stop just short of the finish to check on me. I had my headphones in so I’m not 100% sure what she said other than “are you ok I have been following and watching you.” I said my calf was cramping, but waved her on. So incredibly nice of her. I did the “runner’s stretch” on the pavement, hands on the ground, legs out behind me. I stood up, tried to walk, seized again. Wanted to cry, fall over, and just could NOT believe this was happening to me, and then SO CLOSE to the finish and a PR. The seconds ticked by, and I was finally able to “jog” very slowly. I am usually a sprint my butt off through the finish kind of girl, but this was a near walk. I finally got close to the finish and managed to catch Bobby on the side…video taping me, fabulous. I just looked at him with a look of death, then back straight ahead, and jogged through to the finish. Missing my PR by two minutes.

I got my medal, found Bobby, and immediately burst into tears. I didn’t care that people were staring. I was in pain, I was so disappointed in myself, and totally blew my chance. How did I go from running 9:40 miles to laying on the side of the road? This is a bad dream right? I was on track to PR by 5-6 minutes at least. I told Bobby the whole miserable story, and he felt awful that while he was PRing (which I am of course very happy about) that I was crying on the side of the road in pain. I stretched out my legs, dried my eyes, and took our after race photos.

photo (22)

photo (25)

We got cold pretty fast, got some food, and walked for a bit.

photo (23)

photo (24)

I heard someone yell “Heather!” and turned around and saw Jennifer, a fellow run pink ambassador!

photo (18)

We chatted for awhile, I told her about my race, and she told me about her race in which she did really well!

We couldn’t tae the cold much longer, so we headed back to the car and headed out of town. I took my Rebootizer to help with recovery as well, which really works!

photo (2pp

Keeping it real, I was pretty ticked off the rest of the day. I didn’t understand why this was happening to me. I know God works in mysterious ways and has a reason for everything, but I was really starting to doubt anything good could ever come of this disaster, and I am still not sure exactly what is going on.

photo 009

So friends, I need your help. I would be lying if I said I was ok with this and wasn’t scared of it happening again. Something else I should mention is 2 weeks ago in the half marathon I ran sick, one of my calves (I can’t remember which) did the “try” to seize up thing towards the end of the race, but never did, and that was the only time it happened so I thought nothing of it. But now after this I am wondering if they are related. A lot of people are quick to say it’s low sodium or potassium, but here’s why it’s not:

1.) at the doctor last week when I was so sick they tested my potassium and sodium levels, both came back fine

2.) I ate a banana that morning (among other things) and had plenty of gatorade and water. Plus it was in the 50’s and I was barely sweating. If I was going to cramp, I think I would have during my summer long runs when I was sweating buckets!

3.) I had 3 GU’s during the race in addition to a bottle and a half of cytomax and gatorade, plus water.

PLEASE tell me I am not alone and someone else has gone through this. I have heard of calf cramps while running but not with the toe cramp too. Also, was the arch pain a part of that, a pre-cursor? Or totally unrelated? I woke up yesterday morning with my calves very tight and sore, and my arch hurting, with a big knot right in the middle of my arch, bulging out.

photo 09

Check out my left foot , right in the middle of the arch how it’s bulging out to the right towards my right foot? That is where the big knot is. I am open to any suggestions, advice, or reasons as to why this happened and how to prevent it in the future. Keep in mind I have run 15 half marathons and have NEVER had this happen ever, not even on a training run, except for that one time in my last half, that didn’t completely seize up. HELP!

I loved the race itself (aside from lack of potties) and am so thankful to Rebootizer for the chance to run this race. The product really works, and helped me recover after feeling sick, and also after the race and my training run. Be sure to check out their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter for more news and info on this great product! If you have any questions about it I would love to answer.


QOTD: HELP ME! Advice? stories of this happening to you? Solutions?



Thank you so much to those of you that cheered me on, thought about me and prayed for me and my run yesterday morning. I am happy to report, that it was mostly a big SUCCESS!

Was it fast? No way!

Was it easy? Absolutely not!

Did it feel great to be out there? YES!

Pain? a couple of slight twinges going up a couple of hills, but that’s if over the course of 6 miles, and I will take it! However, I did have a couple of hot spots on my feet from my new shoes and my hips felt way tight, but that was to bee expected. I am jumping on my foam roller a good bit and hoping for another run tomorrow.


I know this post is short, but 1.) I wanted to share my excitement with you and 2.) Let you know my “real” blog for the day will be up mid morning most likely. It’s a fun one, so please be sure to come back later and see what it’s all about! (There is a reason and you will see why I am doing this later!)

Thank you again for all your love, y’all are the best!

QOTD: How did you feel after your first successful workout post injury?



Today I am going to attempt to run six miles. A little over month ago, this would have been just a regular day, regular run, nothing too difficult. Today, with having my last long run at the very beginning of July, I am not so sure. I am nervous, petrified even, that I won’t be able to to it and that my foot will hurt. However, I am also excited. I don’t care how hot it is, or humid or sunny, or early. I just want to RUN. To not take it for granted, to appreciate each moment, enjoy my surroundings, and RUN. I got my shot a week ago today, we will see if it really is going to help.


The Disneyland half is in 20 days. Will I be ready to run a fast PR worthy pace? Absolutely not, but I don’t care. I just want to RUN, to finish, to be proud of myself for getting back out there, completing the coast to coast challenge, and not be in pain.

I am going on my RUN this morning, so please pray for me. I am nervous/excited/anxious/happy/scared all rolled into one. Oh running how I have missed thee, please go easy on me.

QOTD: Coming back from an injury. Were you nervous?

Ok, Hold Still!


Mornin! We are back in Mississippi after a long weekend away and I got some semi-decent news at the doctor yesterday about my foot. Bobby went with me, so we were able to document the fun for you. First, they took x-rays even though I was pretty sure they weren’t going to show anything. We were brought back into a room to wait for the doctor, and Bobby and I took this time to brush up on our X-ray reading skills…yeah…..


Ok, I see the problem….no, no not really.

I told the doctor all my symptoms, and he told me my X-ray was clean. He did tell me however I have very high arches which are working against me and I need to be in something other than the neutral/more minimalist shoe I was wearing. I also pronate terrible (I brought an old worn down on the insides pair of flip flops to show him).

He told me I most likely have morton’s neuroma, which is a thickening of the tissue around the nerve running down in between two of my toes. You CAN have the nerve removed with a simple surgery, but we both agreed it was best to try first wearing shoes with better arch supports, metatarsal pads to help spread my toes out, and a cortisone shot. He said if I am still having pain then it is something else entirely and to come back and see him…so fingers crossed this is it and I can avoid the pain with a few footwear modifications.

So, then came the shot. I don’t LOVE shots, but I don’t really mind them my arm. I have never had a shot in the foot and m feet are ticklish. Not gonna lie, the anticipation was pretty bad. Don’t I look excited?

photo (2)

The nurse prepped my foot then pulled out a nice long needle. Yikes!

photo (4)


photo (3)

The doctor came back in and he, Bobby and the nurse HELD ME DOWN so I wouldn’t kick the doctor in the face. Then the nurse said “ok, hold still!” Um…ok sure, if you tell him to back off with the needle! Honestly, it wasn’t that bad. Pinch when it went in, but when he pushed the meds through all the way down to the bottom of my foot, it was kind of painful but not just for a couple of seconds. This was right before:

photo (5)

aaahhh! I freaked out all my friends by sending them this photo in a text. At least I got to have some fun with it!

A huge thank you to everyone’s thoughts and prayers while I was at the doctor. He told me it will take a couple days for the medicine to fully work and I shouldn’t run for several days. No problem, my foot is very sore and tender from the shot!

QOTD: Hate shots or don’t mind them? Ever had a cortisone shot?

*Going to Healthy Living Summit? Check out the session highlights for my session! Hope to see you there!

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Weekly Recap: August Week 1


Hola! Who has been watching the Olympics this weekend? I watched the USA sadly lose in men’s indoor volleyball, but then win in beach volleyball, as well as some track and field events. Who got up to watch the marathon early this morning? Tonight preseason football starts, with the Saints playing in the hall of fame game. I know it’s just preseason, but I am so stoked football season is starting!

Today is church and then hanging out with the fam, and tomorrow morning is my doctor’s appointment and then we will head back home to relieve our house sitters. Fingers crossed I get good news at the doctor tomorrow morning! I want to get back to this:

2012-03-17 10.19.11

Ok, so let’s recap this past week of workouts. It was week two of Best Body Bootcamp, and I am still enjoying the workouts.

Sunday: rest

Monday: BBB workout A, 20 minutes stationary bike

Tuesday: BBB workout B

Wednesday: rest

Thursday:  BBB workout C and 20 minutes stationary bike

Friday: chest, tri’s abs and 20 minutes elliptical

Saturday: rest


Not my best, I prefer to get 5-6 days of workouts as opposed to four, but you can’t win them all. I am hoping after my dr. appointment I can get back to running and this coming week will look a bit different as far as workouts go. Trying to stay strong and not let it get me down.

QOTD: What has been your favorite Olympic moment so far?

July Goal Rewind & August Goals

I am SO PROUD to be an American this morning. I stayed up late watching these amazing athletes bring home the gold for the USA. What a night, so much fun to watch, these girls truly had a great time.

photo (1l

I am especially happy for this girl, and am so glad she got her gold.

photo (37)

Look at that smile, I love it. The announcers said something so amazingly true when speaking of her last night, they mentioned how redemption is so sweet. So true, I love it and am so happy for her.

Anyway, is it really August? This makes me sad and happy all at the same time. August means life is going by way too fast. But, August also means football, Healthy Living Summit, and Disneyland!


It also means it’s time to take a look back at my July goals and see how I did:

1.) Foam Roll (A-) I did MUCH better this month with foam rolling. I spent more in the room where the foam roller is kept so I found myself using it more. Also, I am trying to stay really loose so when I can start back to running I don’t have crazy tight leg muscles.

2.) Take more photos with my DSLR camera: (C+) While I did take a bunch of photos during our beach trip, that’s one of two times I picked up the camera all month. Healthy living summit will for sure include a lot of photo taking, and I am going to try to keep at it all during August.

3.) Read 2 books: (A+) At the least I read two books, and I am halfway through another. Score!

4.) Unplug more on the weekends: (B-) While I still blogged every day and occasionally updated my social media accounts, I did do a better job of not constantly updating my status, etc. Now that I am using Buffer (which I am obsessed with!) It should further help my mission of unplugging on the weekends.

5.) Cook 2 new recipes: (C) I cooked one new recipe. Not a total fail, especially for me, but I still want to do better with this one!


Which brings me to my goals for August.

1.)  Cook one new recipe: I am going to be more realistic with this one, a new recipe in a month is a mini goal that will boost my confidence!

2.) Have a fully healed foot. Enough said.

3.) Fix my hair at least once a week. Sadly, it stats up all the time and I haven’t straightened or curled it in a LONG time. Working from home has made me sloppy.

4.) Secret goal: I have a “secret” goal I can’t share on the blog yet, but I know what it is, and I will let you know if I reach it. Winking smile

5.) Walk the dogs more: It has been so hot I haven’t taken them for long walks lately. (Keep in mind they weight 8 pounds and we have a decent sized house so they get plenty of exercise) But I think it is good for everyone when we take walks together.


Keeping it small and realistic this month, I could use a confidence boost and something to be proud of at the end of the month!

Something fun, Running With Sass is doing well, and July yielded the post page views I have ever had on the blog, so thank you all so much for reading, I love you guys so much!


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QOTD: What is a goal you accomplished in July or one you would like to accomplish in August?

Weekly Recap: July Week 4


Good morning! So, who spent the day yesterday watching the Olympics? This girl! I switched between television and live feeds online, but got my fill of sports for the day. I have a feeling I am not going to get much accomplished in the next couple of weeks!


I did manage to get a decent week of workouts in, and am looking forward of week two of Best Body Bootcamp!

Sunday: rest

Monday: BBB workout A, 20 minutes bike (HIIT)

Tuesday: BBB workout B, 20 minutes bike (intervals)

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: BBB workout C, 20 minutes bike

Friday: biceps and core

Saturday: core, stretching, legs


I am excited to challenge myself with BBB week two, and hopefully won’t have to be in my boot too much longer. I go to the doctor August 6th, so fingers crossed that it is not a stress fracture and I am able to go back to running again before the Disneyland half. I can’t believe I leave in just about a month for it! What is even more crazy is that Health Living Summit is just around the corner. I am so excited to be a speaker and can’t wait to see some of you very very soon!



Be on the lookout for a review/giveaway coming up this week!

QOTD: Opening ceremonies, loved it, hated it, favorite part?

Learn From Experience


I truly believe that we are supposed to learn from every experience in life, the good and the bad, the fun and the agonizing. I also believe in not “wasting” an experience. What I mean, is when something happens, good or bad but I tend to learn more in the bad, and we don’t learn anything from it, it’s almost like that experience was a waste.


One of my favorite quotes is “Pain is God’s megaphone.” I firmly believe God has really been trying to get my attention lately. For what? I am not sure yet. last time I injured my foot, after some sulking and pouting, I chose to learn from the experience. If I had not been injured, I most likely would not have started and grown to love weight lifting, which was a huge positive in my Life. So….injury bad, but learning something far greater = good.

So, here I am again, no running, same foot pain again, and not gong to lie, frustrated as heck. I have been doing a lot of praying, and having a lot of “what am I supposed to learn from this?” conversations with myself. My mood tends to change by the day. Some days, I am very optimistic, know I will get better, and will run again. But there are some days, like yesterday, where I let it get the best of me. I was very frustrated, upset, and had a lot of “why is this happening to me…again!” thoughts.



It’s been a week that I have been back in my boot or constantly wearing stiff soled running shoes, and I am getting antsy. I just want to run, go back to the way things were, cross another day off my training plan. I know I stand to gain some knowledge, some experience or life lesson from this, but I am at a loss as to what it is for now. I know sometimes we may not see the why until way down the road, or ever but I keep hoping and praying it is for good reason, and that my experiences will be used to maybe help other people someday in some capacity. Until I figure it out, I am going to keep on keeping on, learning, growing, and looking for life lessons and experiences through my injury.



QOTD: What is a lesson you had to learn through a painful experience?

Round Two


For some reason, my body is not liking me right now. I alluded to it in some previous posts, but I am having foot trouble again. It started a couple weeks ago, very very dull small ache on the top of my foot. We went out of town to the beach and I decided not to run at all until I got back.  Well, we got back and I ran 2 miles on the treadmill. My foot didn’t “hurt”, and was by no means debilitating, but it ached a bit when I landed certain ways and I could “feel” my foot if that makes sense to anyone. I took a day off, then tried again yesterday, same thing. I am quite frustrated, at this point, and don’t think going back to the doctor will do anything for me.


I have decided to take 2 weeks off of running, and I am wearing my boot when I am at the house, and wearing running shoes when I leave the house. I am really hoping after two weeks I will feel better and be able to go again, because the Disneyland half is coming up so soon. Last time I hurt my foot, it was all out excruciating pain before I decided to go to the doctor, so hopefully I caught it early. I can jump up and down, bend my toes, etc. with no pain. I can’t quite explain it but it’s certain movements and sometimes just sitting still it will ache, and it hurts more barefoot then when I am in shoes (which I hardly notice in sneakers).

This is totally not what I had in mind to kick off my fall racing season, and I am really hoping it won’t put me behind the 8 ball to reach my race goals. For the next two weeks, I am going to lift weights, ride the bike, and try not to stress out.

2012-02-07 12.05.36

This leads me to my next concern, shoes. There are SO MANY different opinions. Some say you should wear minimalist shoes when you seem to get injuries like this, some say NOT to wear minimalist shoes and wear more supportive ones, and so on and so forth. I have been running happily in my Newtons for just under 300 miles.


One thing I did read is that overpronators tend to have issues with flattening out of feeling/falling arches, which can lead to pulling on the top of the foot and pain from it. Anyone have any issues with this where a change in footwear was all it took? I pronate big time and am wondering if that’s why barefoot hurts more than when wearing more supportive running shoes when walking around the house.  I don’t think it’s a stress fracture because it doesn’t hurt badly and I thought bones hear stronger and so it would be hard to get one in the same place?

QOTD: Anyone have experience with this? help!

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