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Valentine’s Day as a Kid


The other day, Jen and I were talking about Valentine’s Day, and how as a kid it’s a lot of fun at school parties etc. Then it’s also fun when you are dating, but it seems after you get married (at least in our cases) it just isn’t that important. Bobby always tells me not to get him anything because it’s a holiday for the ladies. We go to dinner, but never on the actual day, way to crowded. Oh, and roses, I would KILL him if he paid for overpriced roses on Valentines day. That’s just how we roll.


roses are great any other day of the year for this girl.

But back to being a kid, my family always did a great job of making it special for me. My mom would make us pink heart shaped pancakes in the morning, and have a little goody bag for us of candy, and usually a CD or DVD. She would cut our sandwiches with heart shaped cookie cutters, put special treats in our lunches, and when we would come home at night, my dad would give my sister and I each a box of heart shaped chocolates. Every year.

At school we would have parties and make mailboxes out of shoe boxes, and then go around the room handing out our Valentines to our classmates. We were hopped up on sugar all day, and it would continue when we got home an had more candy from our parents.


Who needs Valentine’s Day when you have Mardi Gras?

I miss those fun days, and can’t wait to celebrate with my future kids and let them know how much they are loved, like my parents always showed me.

QOTD: What did you do as a kid for Valentine’s Day? What do you do now? Any traditions?

Customized Water Bottle Giveaway

I was asked to review and giveaway a Camelbak water bottle, customized, by Mouse Ears and Me. Being a lover of different water bottles and fun customizable things, I agreed and was very pleased with the finished product!

unnamed (18)

The bottle used is a Camelbak eddy (I believe she sells two different sizes). My bottle is 25 oz.

The bottle itself is great. It has a spill proof top, is BPA free, and easy to carry. I like that it has a straw for easy use, and that I can grip it with one hand.


Now the fun part, the decals she puts on the bottle! Mine is just an example, so if you aren’t a Disney fan don’t worry, there are other options (including a keep calm and love the Saints bottle!) There are some super cute decals she has for the Princess half marathon with 19.3 on them and “Princess in Training”, adorable!

You can also have further customization by having your name added to the back. (You can also do further customizing of your decal, just ask when ordering! Also, there are different bottle color options to choose from.

unnamed (1)

Shipping was super fast, and I am very pleased with how the decal turned out. It is recommended you hand wash the bottle, but I still put the lid/top part in the dishwasher.

One lucky THLG reader will get to customize their own water bottle from Mouse Ears and Me! Simply follow the directions in Rafflecoptor below. Good luck!

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Neverland 5k 2014

neverland 5k

My mom and I ran the Neverland 5k during the runDisney Tinkerbell half marathon weekend. I had never run a 5k at Disneyland before, so I was excited to experience one.


Again, I LOVE the proximity of staying on property. We got to sleep a lot later than we do for the east coast events, and simply walked from our room to Disneyland park for the start of the race. I have never started a Disney race inside of a park that I can think of, so it was a really fun experience to walk down Main Street with all of the other runners.



They had everyone lined up around the circle in front of the castle, and there was some confusion as to where we needed to go. We finally overheard a worker telling some people the order in which the “corrals” were going to go so we were then able to line up accordingly. They were going to have different waves, but nothing was marked that I could see.


We waited around a good bit, the announcers came out, and then it was finally time to begin!


After standing around so long it took me awhile to get warmed up. The good thing was the waves of people were not huge so I didn’t feel too crowded except for a couple of times around sharp turns.

We started off running towards the Matterhorn, and made our way through backstage and “on stage” portions of the Disneyland park.



We had passed up a few characters with long lines, and I think this allowed us to get further ahead to ones that didn’t have as long of lines.


When we ran towards New Orleans Square, we saw the lost boys out on the water in canoes, it was a really cute touch.



We walked through the water stop, and took another couple of walk breaks. The air was SO dry we were both having a hard time breathing which made me nervous for the half.

Hooray mile 2!


We went across to California Adventure Park, which is where the race ends. Only a mile to go! We had not gone to the theme parks yet, so the race was actually moms first glimpse of them!



My favorite part



We ran through the Pier, and I knew we were getting close.


We could actually SEE the finish line, but of course had to stop for this picture.


We ran across the finish line together, we did it!



Several people asked if we were sisters, one even asked if we were twins! Not sure if it was because we were matching, but I really hope I don’t look like I’m in my 50’s! I know mom does look young though.


We had a lot of fun running this race, I love that the parks are so close together that you get to run through both. I would definitely run this race again!

QOTD: Do you look like anyone in your family?

Disclosure: I was given a free hotel room, park tickets, some meals, and my half marathon race registration from runDisney. I paid for my own entry into the 5k, but regardless, all opinions are always my own.


Tinkerbell Expo 2014

I was really excited about going to California for the runDisney Tinkerbell half marathon weekend, it was my first one! Not only that, but my mom had never been to Disneyland, ever, so I couldn’t wait to show her around. The first thing we did after check in and grabbing some lunch was head to the expo. We were staying at the Grand Californian, and mom was impressed at how convenient the expo was for those staying on property.



Unfortunately, there was quite a long line just to get into the official merchandise area, we waited about 20 minutes or so. However, I was glad it was at least organized unlike at Dumbo back in August.


There was a lot of official merchandise to choose from, but sadly the sizing of the shirts was way off. The “I Did It” tech shirt was very boxy and SO short compared to the Dopey I did it shirt I got not even a week before. Sizing inconsistency bums me out. I was able to get what I wanted (coffee mug, sweaty band, etc.) and my mom bought me this adorable shirt:


I loved that lots of items said “flutter to the finish” and thought that was a very cute slogan.


We paid for our merchandise and did a little walking around so I could visit with some friends working various booths before heading downstairs to get bibs. We headed back outside and down the ramp to packet pick up.



Mom got her 5k bib, there were hardly any lines down here.


We had to go back into the expo to get the t-shirt for the race, and then bib the expo farewell. We would end up coming back on Saturday to walk around some more and say hi to some friends, but it was time to go rest before our 5k the next morning!


This being my first Tink, I have no previous expo to compare it with except the one for the Disneyland half marathon which was a nightmare. This one had a lot more volunteers, and they even had tape on the floor making little lines so you knew where to stand while you waited to go into the official merchandise area. They only let in so many at a time, which definitely helped with the flow of things. Also, there was plenty of merchandise out, we weren’t waiting for more to constantly come out like at the Disneyland half expo. They were not out of any merchandise that I am aware of (we were there about an hour after opening) and we had an overall positive experience!

QOTD: Do you buy official race merchandise at races?

Want to learn more about runDisney races? visit for details, dates, and runner information.

Weekly Workout Recap: February 2014 Week 1

This past week was a little better than the last, but not by much. I attempted a 2 mile run early in the week and my back still had a twinge in it so I didn’t run again until Saturday. The good news, it is feeling SO much better now. Let the normal running resume for uh….a week? Before Princess? Gah!

Sunday: rest

Monday: 45 minutes elliptical

Tuesday: 2 mile run

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 30 minute stationary like

Friday: stretching/1.5 mile walk with the dogs

Saturday: 4 mile run

QOTD: Do you prefer elliptical or bike or another form of cross training?

Dopey Challenge: Final Thoughts

I finished my race recaps from marathon weekend this week, but wanted to give a few final thoughts on my experience with the runDisney Dopey Challenge and marathon weekend as a whole. Overall I had a very positive experience with a few minor snags along the way.

dopey final thoughts

With any inaugural event you can expect there to be some issues, so I try not to judge too harshly the first year. The test will come next year when we see if runDisney fixes any of the problems. They have a good track record or listening to the runners and making positive changes, so I am hopeful. I think for an event of this magnitude it was handled very well, and to be honest I feel like there is a lot of negativity in the blog and social media world right now about runDisney, so I wanted to give my perspective on the good and the bad.

Courses: The half course will always be a favorite, I love running through the castle, and turning onto Main Street still gives me goose bumps. I also really enjoyed the full marathon course, I am so glad they decided to re-use the special 20th anniversary course, it was way more entertaining than the “old” course. Running on the speedway and adding in the sports complex helps break up those long stretches of road. The 10k course really underwhelmed me. I had such high expectations after the Disneyland 10k, and was kind of bummed. The best part was running on the Boardwalk, there were so many spectators out! The 5k course is the same course that has been used many times, maybe it’s time for a new one through another park? EPCOT is beautiful in the dark, but if you ran the 5k and 10k you ran much of the same course. I LOVED that the torches were lit going around World Showcase though, way cool.


Characters: For the full marathon, I felt like there were a good amount of characters on the course. We took plenty of pictures, and didn’t even stop for every one of the characters. The half course felt like it had less than I have seen in years past (though I cannot verify this) and the 5k course I believe had 3 stops if I remember correctly, possibly 4? (I ran by one stop and there was a line but no character was out!) I would love to get some hard numbers on this to know if there really were less or if it was just my imagination. I again enjoyed having a cast member at each stop to take our photo.


Corrals: Oh the dreaded corrals. Having one bib for the half AND full pushed me into the correct corral for the full, but put me in a corral an hour off for the half. We had to nearly walk the first 1.5 miles of the race and I was very, very frustrated. We ran in the grass several times to try to get around a very congested course, and really feel that this is an issue that needs to be fixed for Dopey  next year. Maybe have one corral for the half and a different for the full? Same thing happened in the 5k. I was in a corral where people started walking immediately from the start, 3-5 people across, right in the middle (Again please don’t misunderstand, there is nothing wrong with walking a race if you are in the right corral and stay to one side).  I also asked many, many people what times they put down for the Dopey challenge, and I would venture to say 60-70% of the people I talked to lied about their finish times to get put in a further up corral. I feel that if Track Shack would have verified finish times like they claimed they would, this wouldn’t have happened. It’s a safety issue to have people in the incorrect place and it can slow down and bottleneck the course if enough people do it.

Aid/Volunteers: Were awesome as usual. SO many volunteers, SO many water stops and med tents were helpful. I loved how encouraging the volunteers were, many calling out to me by name. So thankful for these folks to help make the races run smoothly!

Expo: I felt the expo was much more organized and lines were not as long. I hope this trend continues. I did hear a lot of merchandise still sold out very early, so hopefully this is remedied (and for the love Pete, PLEASE make a DISHWASHER SAFE mug! Really don’t think that’s too much to ask!)


Price: Was Dopey expensive? Absolutely. But no one forced me to sign up, I did it on my own, times two. (yes I love running with Bobby but everything is doubled when we both run!) Did I cringe when I hit submit? You bet. It sucked. But I knew what I was getting into, and I knew exactly what I was getting for the money and still chose it. Because of the price, we chose to forgo any extras like race retreat, pasta party, and only bought three days of park tickets when we were there for six nights. Those are all unnecessary extras that just make the overall cost even higher. (Don’t get me wrong they are a fun treat but not necessary to have a fulfilling or successful race experience).

Questions people have asked me:

Did you go to the parks? Yes, but not every day. We decided we would go on the 5k and 10k days, and then rest on the half and full days, and go again Monday before we left on Tuesday. This worked well for us, we were able to nap a couple times, take it easy, and just relax while not sacrificing out favorite rides and attractions.


What did you eat in Disney? I tried to be a little more careful than usual, but we still indulged in many of our favorite treats, I just tried not to eat as much/overindulge. I drank lots of water during the day and at the parks, and we ate a banana and cliff bar in the mornings before the races. I didn’t drink alcohol the night before the half or full, and we went to bed as early as possible.

What are your thoughts on race prices going up and up? Do I hate it? Absolutely. Can I fault them? Absolutely not. runDisney is a business, and I wish I had a business where I could keep raising my rates and have my product sell out in 42 minutes! I will not be running every runDisney race, I will be picking and choosing, which is fine. There are other races I want to run in other destinations, but I will always try to run at least one runDisney race a year, two if I am lucky. It’s a choice we all make. Some people choose to buy expensive art for their homes, some buy expensive jewelry while others have a big wine collection. We all spend out money on something, and I choose to run races, even expensive ones. It’s just personal preference, so I don’t shun people for choosing to run or not to run. (By the way has anyone looked at the price of running an Ironman, a one day event? $400-$700 and you get one medal!! Makes a 4 day event like Dopey with 6 medals not look so bad.)

Will you run Dopey again? Probably not, and it has nothing to do with anything runDisney did or didn’t do, I simply do not enjoy full marathons (in particular, full marathon training). It is a time suck, and I always end up getting injured, so I think I will stick to halfs and fun challenges like Glass Slipper or Dumbo for now.

What was your favorite part? That’s tough, I enjoyed so many things about the weekend! I loved getting to hang out with so many of my friends that I have met online, meet readers, and of course spend time with my hubby in my favorite place. Being around so many like minded runners was so much fun, I simply love the atmosphere of runDisney race weekends. Crossing the finish line on Sunday is pretty high up there as well.


In closing, I just want to say I think it’s fine and even good and constructive to talk about concrete things that need to be fixed with the races, but I see a lot of negativity about things that aren’t really “wrong” or aren’t runDisney’s fault. Do they have some work to do, especially when it comes to Dopey, crowding, and corrals? Absolutely. Can they control weather, drama online, or the fact that the races are so popular they are selling out quicker than people can register? No way. Let’s all remember that this is supposed to be a FUN thing and that every mile is MAGIC! I definitely had my moments of frustration over the weekend and during the races, but I chose to shake it off so I could soak it all in and enjoy the experience. I reminded myself how lucky I was to be up on two healthy legs, running 48.6 miles in the most magical and fun place.

Dopey was an AMAZING experience, and I am so, so glad I signed up and was able to race with my husband. It is a weekend we will never forget, and I hope one day you, too have the chance to run it if it’s your dream!

QOTD: If you ran Dopey, what are your thoughts? Do you want to run Dopey? How do you feel about race prices going up or about any race organization fixing problems?

***Disclosure: I paid for my ENTIRE trip to Disney World for marathon weekend myself. This includes Hotel, park tickets, race registrations, and food. I speak from my heart no matter the situation, but I felt it was important to disclose this.

Biggest Loser Win?

I have been an avid watcher of the Biggest Loser for many, many years. There were a lot of days that I would watch the show and get my butt to the gym asap to workout. If they can do it, so can I.

I love the trainers, and I especially love how they take the time to get to the ROOT of the problem. If they just lost weight and went home, they would gain it back. Figuring out the source, the why they were filling voids with food to begin with, would help set contestants up for success at home. Not to mention, who doesn’t love a good transformation story? However there is a dark side to the show as well. Pushing contestants too far too fast, not treating them like they are in the real world, etc can be detrimental.

I laugh, I cry, I clap during makeover week, it’s an interesting show. However, I have to say, I have never been more uncomfortable watching a season finale than I was this time. The winner, Rachel, (in my opinion) lost too much weight.



The gaunt frame I saw on the stage was not one of a strong athlete. The picture of health? I think not. It scares the crap out of me that impressionable little girls watched the confetti fall on her and thought “wow she is being rewarded for that, so I need to look like her.”

Some say she only did it to win the money, and will now gain weight. Even if that is the case, is that safe? I totally get the allure of a $250,000 is strong, but to put yourself through something so unhealthy (I’m assuming restrictive eating and hours on end of cardio were involved) seems crazy to me. Not to mention, in an interview yesterday Rachel said 105 was her goal weight and now she wants to maintain. So it doesn’t seem to me like she lost the weight just to win the money and one plans to gain.

So, the question is…who is to blame? Is it the shows fault? Is it Rachel’s fault? Or is it the media’s fault? I think all three play a role here, and I really hope something is done next season on the show. I’m not sure what (maybe disqualify a contestant if they lose more than a certain % of body weight? I really have no ideas). Yes i’m sure the show pushes them to lose weight, yes the media is screwed up in terms of what skinny and health is, and yes I am sure Rachel had some serious drive to win that money at all costs, but what do we do to fix this? I’m not writing this as an attack on Rachel, she just happened to be the first contestant to my knowledge to take it this far. My issue is the show has a problem and we need to figure this out.

I hesitate to say anything that has to do with BMI, b/c this body fat analyzer does NOT measure muscle mass. For instance, my husband who is very in shape and muscular is considered overweight by a BMI chart. We even fought with our health insurance company for many months because they raised his rate based on his BMI!)

All I know is, something needs to be done. The show went from celebrating health and athleticism, and second chances, to praising someone for looking sickly. The faces of the trainers said it all, you can tell they were really freaked out.


Bob also put out an interesting statement on Facebook yesterday.


My head is still spinning, there is so much to say. I am very saddened by this and feel very sad for Rachel. What should have been a day of celebration was overshadowed because it was taken to an unhealthy level. Whether it was pressure from producers, herself, family, I don’t know, but I do know it’s a problem. What do you think? Any ideas of what can be done? Do you think she looks too skinny? Don’t forget the cameras actually make you look heavier so she probably looks even smaller in real life.

I Thought Rachel looked awesome and beautiful her last week at the ranch. I had no idea how she was going to lose much more weight. I wish there was an easy answer to this. The idea of the Biggest loser is a good one and I know it has helped so many people lose and keep weight off, but is it swinging to much in the opposite direction? Is the show itself causing unhealthy views on weight loss? What do we tell kids who watched the finale? It’s a tough one!

QOTD: Thoughts? Ideas on what the show should do? Who’s fault is it?

Snow (Ice) Day

Last week we had some crazy weather here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast! We had several days of a sleet/ice mix that literally shut everything down. Schools were closed for three days, roads and bridges were completely iced over, as was my yard (I almost busted it a few times on the sidewalk!)

unnamed (13)

unnamed (14)

unnamed (17)

Sassy was not a big fan, but Bella found it very interesting (and tried to eat it).

unnamed (12)


Luckily I had my Under Armour gear to help keep me warm while we played outside.

unnamed (16)

I even pulled this huge icicle off Bobby’s car!

unnamed (15)

We had a good time in the cold as it is a bit of a novelty just a few miles from the Gulf of Mexico, but two days later we had temps in the 70’s! I am not ready for summer heat yet!

Let’s just say as much as I hate humidity and crazy heat, I am glad I live in the south.

QOTD: Would you rather the snow or extreme heat?

Dopey Challenge 2014: Marathon Race Recap

The fourth and final installment is finally here!

rundisney marathon recap

The marathon was the only thing standing in the way of me getting three beautiful new  runDisney medals. I knew this would be the hardest day of all, and I was nervous. I felt undertrained, tired, injured, and just wanted to be done!



We hopped on a bus for the fourth and final time, and made the long walk to our corrals after meeting up with a  few team runDisney friends before the race. We sat again again, conserving energy, and waited for our turn.


We inched closer to the start, and I just couldn’t believe I was about to run 26.2 miles after already racing for three days.


The fireworks went off, and it was finally our turn! Luckily, the congestion wasn’t near as bad as the day before at the half. There were still a few bottlenecks going over bridges and around turns, but it cleared up a lot better than before. We made it to the Magic Kingdom sign…wasn’t I already here once?


I was feeling pretty good. We were walking through water stations and for about one minute every five or six minutes as well.


Those first few miles were kind of “just keep swimming” for me, I knew we had a long way to go, and it was still dark so I was focusing on my feet and how I was feeling and not what was around me. The big crowd at the TTC was a nice boost, and I was going to stop ad use a “real” bathroom there, but the line was out the door, nevermind! We kept going and finally made it into the Magic Kingdom. I was bummed it was already daylight, I love running down Main street in the dark. I did get to see a couple familiar faces cheering us on though, thanks for coming out Kelly and Meghann!






I decided to stop at the Tomorrowland bathrooms, huge line again, drat! I finally found an empty one where Tomorrowland meets Fantasyland, so we also stopped for a picture with this guy.


I wanted to get a good castle picture of the both of us, so we stopped off on the side next to the castle to take a selfie.

unnamed (3)

A super sweet girl saw what we were doing and asked if she could take the picture for us. Sure!

unnamed (2)

Bobby took one of me, and mid photo a reader called out to me, which resulted in this photo:

unnamed (5)

unnamed (6)


We made our way through the rest of the Magic Kingdom, and I took some Tylenol at the same med stop as the day before. Soon we were back out on the tiny road going to the Grand Floridian that is always crowded, and I saw more friends cheering for me at the wedding pavilion.


We also had to get a photo with this duck.

unnamed (1)

I was glad when we got to the speedway, having new ground to cover proved to be more entertaining.


(looking like I’m running but actually at a standstill trying to turn onto the speedway!)





Saw this lovely lady about this time, always good to see her on the course! Also, I have no idea what I am looking at here.


An odd thing happened about this time, my feet started THROBBING. Not from my injury, but just the bottoms of both feet were killing me with every step. Luckily I remembered there was a med tent up ahead, so I stopped for more Tylenol. I was very thankful that the rest of my body felt fine, but wow my feet made me want to cry, and I wasn’t even halfway yet, or even close to it.

We trudged on to one of the two more boring stretches. (one is from the speedway to Animal Kingdom, the other is Animal Kingdom to the Sports Complex.) Several readers recognized me, and it was so much fun to chat with everyone! It lifted my spirits and kept my mind off the race, too!


We were finally nearing Animal Kingdom, and I knew on the other side of it was the halfway mark, woo hoo! We love animals and were excited to see so many going into the park.


The pig was wearing a bib! Adorbs.



As I was in line, I saw a familiar face….but I thought nah, just coincidence. Then someone ran up and asked to take a photo with her. It WAS her! Yup I was right behind Tara from the Biggest Loser! She let me take a photo with her and we ended up running about the same pace back and forth for the rest of the race, and she finished just before me.


We went on into the park, and Bobby said he had to go to the bathroom, so I nodded and kept running and stayed to the right, which is what we were doing any time one of us had to stop so the other could catch up and not get lost.



Well…I kept going and going…ran into Dave Mari….kept going…and still nothing so I stopped after Everest and waited about two minutes…then he calls me…he was WAITING outside the bathroom! So we were both just standing still for several minutes ug! I told him I was going to keep going and he could catch me.


I made it out the other side of the park and hallelujah I reached mile 13!


Bobby finally caught me after this, and we headed out towards the Sports Complex. Bobby wanted to stretch his legs so several times he would run ahead of me, then stop on the side to stretch until I caught up with him, and this worked well for us for several miles. I didn’t want him to cramp up because he was shortening his gait to run with me. We made it to the sports complex, still doing our stop and go/not run with each other the whole time thing. I also took a bathroom break here (there was a line but I had to go!)

We rounded Champion Stadium, and headed out again back onto the road.



Coming out of the complex Bobby said he was going to run ahead again and told me to stay on the LEFT, which I did. I was approaching mile 20 and the DJ was playing “Roar” and I started singing, and I have no idea why but I started crying during the chorus. I started thinking about this whole journey that I was so not prepared for, and how it definitely takes a fighter to do this, and no matter my time in the end I was going to be a champion. Running 48.6 miles in four days is awesome, and I couldn’t believe I was a 10k away from my goal. I had been SO nervous about this race, about how my body would hold up, and here I was, mile 20, and feeling pretty good. it just all hit me at once, and I was SO proud of myself. No matter what life throws at me, no one can take this accomplishment away from me. The little high school track sprinter who hated running was competing in a crazy race challenge, what a dream come true for me.


The moment passed, I kept running for a good ten minutes, still no Bobby. I crossed over to the other side of the road about to exit towards Hollywood Studios, and my phone rings “did you cross over the road yet””?” Uh…yeah…about 7 minutes ago…. Bobby had somehow missed me and was way behind me. I told him I would run walk but I couldn’t just stop, he would have to catch up. Apparently I was REALLY far ahead because it took him until we almost turned into the Park to catch me!

We grabbed some chocolate and I knew the worst of the race was behind us. The parks were entertaining, and I knew I was going to make it from here.




If you have read my first marathon recap you know exactly what these two pictures are for. Smile



I surprisingly wasn’t that emotional going around this turn, I think I used up all my sappy emotion back at mile 20. I was just focused on finishing at this point. Bobby was happy and feeling great which I was SO thankful for since the last two marathons we ran here, Hollywood Studios is when his hamstrings would start to cramp.

It was a tight squeeze going along the path to the boardwalk, but we made it to the bridge going over the water. Fun story: during the 10k when we ran over that same bridge I told Bobby I could not WAIT until crossing this same point on Sunday. We would be so close to DONE and I would be so, so happy. Well, Bobby remembered this, and stopped and took my picture.


I saw some more friends cheering outside the Beach Club, it’s always great to see familiar faces! We made our way to EPCOT. We saw the line for a photo with Dopey and decided to pass, I just wanted to be done and off my feet.


We made it around World Showcase, and it was so great to see so many spectators calling out our names, it was just the push I needed that final mile and helped so, so much.


Holy moley we were almost there!



I couldn’t believe it was almost over. I was trying to soak it all in, this was it, the moment I couldn’t wait to arrive. The triumphant finish. We earned it. Turning that final corner is always such a rush for me, seeing the people, hearing the shouts, and that beautiful finish line straight ahead.


I grabbed Bobby’s hand, and we finished the race, together. We started this challenge that way, and it was the best way imaginable to finish.


We finished in 6:06, just eight minutes slower than last year when we were only running two of the four races. I was very pleased considering all of our stops, and even more pleased at how “ok” I felt. Sure I wanted to sit down and eat a cheeseburger (that would come!) But I wasn’t dying either. A win! My goal for Dopey was to finish in an upright position, and that I did. God totally got me through that race, I have NO IDEA how my foot and knee hurt during the shorter races but not this one. Yes my feet ached very badly, but my recurring injuries stayed away. Amazing.

I knew a friend of mine was handing out marathon medals, so I was super excited when I was able to get mine from her. How special!



We headed over to get out Goofy and Dopey medals. FINALLY MINE!




We didn’t stick around. I wanted a shower ASAP and needed some food. Right onto a bus we went.


Then this happened:


It was glorious, and I was ready for a nap. I think I deserved it.

QOTD: Do your feet hurt when you run long distances? Who is ready to tackle Dopey?

Weekly Workout Recap: January Week 5 2014

Oh boy what a week. I didn’t do so great with my workouts, because I re-injured my back. I tried my first run after Tink last Saturday, and Sunday morning I was hurting again. It slowly got better, then Thursday I did some circuit training at the house and Friday it hurt as badly as the day I originally injured it (I woke up in the middle of the night in tears it was hurting so badly). So, no running for me this week, and probably for several more days as I continue to ice and take it easy!


Oh how I wish I felt this good again!

We also had a random ice/sleet storm come though Tuesday and Wednesday, so schools, gym, pretty much everything was closed all week and we were cooped up inside (hence the circuit training in my living room on Thursday). Here is what I DID do last week:

Sunday: rest

Monday: 45 minutes stationary bike

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: 30 minutes circuit training (think squats, lunges, jumping jacks, etc.)

Friday: rest (not move from the couch with an ice pack on me)

Saturday: Long easy walk by myself

QOTD: Have you ever pulled your back? How did you do it? How long were you out of commission?