Snow Day

This morning I woke up after a glorious 9 hours of sleep, and then remembered, it was snowing when i went to bed last night! I looked out the window to find a beautiful 5 inches of snow, and still snowing! in central MS! The snow was still falling, too!
these pics are from my iphone so they aren’t great. I have some on my “real” camera I will post later at some point.
my house

woo hoo!

oh. my. gosh. Bella has never seen this much snow…she had a BLAST. She started bouncing through the snow, it was so cute. I videoed it and will post later with my “real” camera pics.

Sassy was having none of this though. She stayed inside for the fun festivities.

She kept shoving her face into the snow and running, it was hilarious. She was covered in it!

Here I am in the snow!

OK, so call us overachiever, but all those years we never got to make a snowman…well, we made up for them…with SNOWZILLA!

In case you can’t tell, that joke is about 6’5″!!! He was fun but difficult to make! A huge ball of snow is pretty darn heavy.
It finally stopped snowing about 2:00, and then the sun came out.

So while it was lots of fun, I would be happy just having one good snow a year. I had my fill and am over it haha!

So I am still getting over this cold…no workout today. may run or cross train tomorrow. We will see how I feel. I want to tell you about two great champion giveaways!
Shut up & Run
Happy Runner

Snow? SNOW!

Ok ok, so no I am not a liar. Yes, I went to Birmingham yesterday…and yes I am already home! We got there about 9:00 last night and me and another girl went and ran in the hotel gym. The gym was attached to the indoor pool, and the treadmills looked out through a window at the pool, and if you know anything about these babies you know its HUMID at an indoor pool…so….gym=humid too! It was gross.
we did 2 miles, but I was so proud. I usually run between a 10-11 minute mile on the treadmill, but I ran these two at a 9:10 pace, I was so proud! It felt really good to run fast.

ok so back to the snow. We, here, in MS were supposed to get 4-5 inches tonight. well, we kept getting conflicting reports. so this morning after one of the sessions we met up with our headmaster and she talked to a guy at the national weather center and yes, we are getting 4-6 inches so they gave us the option to go home after lunch, or stay, but if you stay, you could get stuck till Saturday morning instead of Friday night! Well, no way I was getting stuck so me and 7 others decided to go home.
So now, I have a 4 day weekend ahead of me. I am super excitd. Except, I think I may be getting sick, boo!

I am going to go charge my camera so I can take pics if it snows, eekk!

Bleh and Greek Yogurt

I realized the title of this would lead you to believe that I thought Greek yogurt was bleh. well…it kinda is and kinda isn’t, but that’s not what i meant! first the bleh part:
It has been nuts at my house. Sinck husband, sick dog = no workout yesterday. I had my gym clothes and everything…it just didn’t happen. I also had to pack because today the teacher’s leave for a conference in Birmingham. SO, that means I won’t be back till Friday night so I won’t have a new post until at least Friday, sorry! I will be hopefully running twice on the treadmill at the hotel gym though (at least this is what I did last year.)
The greek yogurt part. I tried this because I heard it was good for you, lots of protein, etc. I was nervous about it because I heard it has a strong sourish taste, like sour cream, which I do not really like. So I bought one, it was vanilla bean. Let’s just say I had to add a lot of cinnimon to it, but it still wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. It definately wasn’t yummy, but maybe it will grow on me. I am going to give it another shot and try some different flavors and brands and see what I like best. You should try it!
I had taco soup last night at a friend’s house and I was surprised I liked it because it had beans and tomato in it, but it was realy good! I am getting the recipe from her and I will post it here.

Aint’s No More!


Last night was SO great. I had a blast watching my boys. They played so well, and really deserved it. I am so glad for my hometown, homestate, AAHH! Bless you boys!  My mom said it’s crazy down there. The parade is tomorrow, schools are letting out early, fun! My sister drove by the Time Picayune (NOLA newspaper) office and said there was a line 1/4 mile long with people trying to get extra copies of today’s newspaper. I am making my dad get me one, too 🙂

It is so surreal…I don’t feel like it’s real. I can’t wait to buy superbowl champs stuff. I am a nerd, that’s what I asked Bobby to get me for Valentine’s Day!

if you go to (NOLA local TV station) there are all kinda of pics and videos of the Saints, and one of them coming home to the airport and Sean Peyton is driving holding the lombardi trophy out his sunroof!

so superbowl is over, now, onto Mardi Gras! I bought this cookie cake today:

I am glad I ran yesterday morning, I got some energy out! I am a little sore today, so no workout. I will go to the gym tomorrow to cross train. I also ate pretty healthy today so I amkinda proud!

Here are a couple pics I took of the TV

yes yes I am a nerd. I was just SO excited.

Superbowl Baby!

It’s Super Sunday! I am SO STOKED my boys are in the Superbowl, for the first time ever!
Last weekend when I was at my parents it was just CrAzY down there. Everyone wore saints shirts, car flags flying, it was madness. You could just feel the excitement in the air. I woke up with a ton of energy, so I set out for my 8 mile run, by myself. I had all I needed and got in the car and drove 1 mile to the neighborhood my parents used to have a house in when we were trying to move up here permanently.

this is how gloomy it was.It was 32 degrees. It just LOOKS cold doesn’t it?

I started out, with my new iPhone playlist. It was SO COLD. I kept having flashbacks from the Disney half marathon!
I stopped to take this picture. It’s REALLY hard to see in the pic but if you look up on the second floor where the iron railings are, they had Christmas lights that spelled out “Who Dat?” It was awesome!

I did great till mile 6, and my hip started bugging me. At this point I had only walked once, up a huge hill. Then, I got a text from my mom telling me to check my e-mail. So I stopped and walked so I could check. The Email said…”Look what Dad wore to church! Go Saints! Who Dat?!?”

oh. my. gosh. He wore that to CHURCH?! I must say I was slightly embarassed…But I assume he was not the only one looking like that! I am telling you it’s crazy down there!

So, those were the only two times I stopped. I struggled with the last two miles, I don’t think I ate enough…I was getting weak…but I did it! I took this pic of my car and my awesome car flag!!!

so, tonight, when you are watching the game, you can think of me FREAKING out about the Saints!

Oh, I did take pics of my long sleeved awesome shirt I wear when it’s cold, but I took them with my regular camera and so I still need to upload. It will happen!!!


The Fresh Market

We love LOVE The Fresh Market. Problem is, we aren’t rich, and that stuff is expensive! We do go in there about once a month or so and get a few things. Today was one of those such days. We got a lot of good stuff, and some new healthier things I want to try. Among some of the things we got are nuts

some new oatmeal

and some pecan chicken which is in the oven right now!

yum. I will let you know how it tastes! I am really trying to eat healthier!

In running news, I did not go on a long run today. boo. Bobby woke up with a bad sinus infection, and it wa 35 degrees with crazy wind. My windchime is going mad out there! I looked at the forecast, and tomorrow is supposed to be sunny high of 52, so I am going to run tomorrow instead of today. So you will have to wait for my review of my awesome running top then.
Not only is Bobby sick, my poor Sassy (the black poodle) is sick. We don’t know what’s wrong…she wont eat or drink (I am force feeding her water with a syringe) and she just lays in the same spot. If she isn’t better by tomorrow I may be going to the vet instead of a long run. My poor sickly little family!


Tomorrow I am running 8 miles, in the cold, and I am SO excited because I have a new ipod playlist I am hoping will give me a little boost. Here is just a sampling of some of my fun songs!

Bananas-Gwen Stefani
Crazy-Britney Spears
Fighter-Christina Aguilera
Hey Baby-Gwen Stefani
Stronger- Kanye West
Stomp- Kirk Franklin
Life of Praise-Casting Crowns
Livin La Vida Loca-Ricky Martin
My Life Would Suck Without You- Kelly Clarkson
Party in the USA- Miley Cyrus
Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy- Big n Rich
SexyBack- Justin Timberlake
Sin Wagon- Dixie Chicks
Single Ladies- Beyonce
So What- Pink
Womanizer- Britney Spears
Work It- Missy Elliot

Ya ya I know it is kind of a random mix, but I am going to try it out. All these songs have a good beat, so hopefully I will run fast! Any additions I should make?
I am going to wear my nice warm long sleeve running shirt from tomorrow.It keeps me ssoo warm. I will take pictures of it tomorrow. I highly reccommend it! I am also going to wear my C9 champion pants I got at target. You will just have to come back tomorrow to see!


I have this poster hanging up in my classroom. I am big on motivational kind of stuff like that, and a lot of those types of things really apply to school. I have looked at the poster 100 times but today I REALLY looked at it.

Effort. You can’t become a better runner, spouse, parent, employee, without effort. I tell my basketball girls all the time that they aren’t going to just wake up one day and be a good basketball player. They have to work at it, and put in the time and EFFORT to become great.
I think the hardest of the 4 on the poster for me is the last one. Making the most of every opportunity. I squander a lot of opportunities to be better at things but especially my running. Sometimes I can just be flat out lazy. I am really trying to work on this. I can’t let the small stuff get in my way of me running/working out. Yes there are days I literally just need a break and can’t do it, usually when I am so mentally tired. But, there re a lot of times I am just being lazy! Anyone with me? So. Imprint this poster in your mine. Give your best effort. don’t give up or give in. Make the most of every opportunity. Achieve your goals through commitment and hard work. You can do it!

I did however reward myself today with McAlister’s sweet tea. I have been so good lately with my liquid calories, so I thought I deserved it.

Bella said she wants some.

On a workout note, it is pouring rain and 45 degrees so no run for me, and I am achy from my good run yesterday. But I am about to hop on the elliptical, and put forth some EFFORT!

MY SMOOTHIE!…and the crock pot

Ok, so if you read my blog often, you know I am obsessed with yoplait’s new(ish) frozen smoothies. Well, I was just now watching the biggest loser which I tivo’ed from last night, and oh my gosh my smoothie made the show!
If you watch biggest loser, you know they have these really akward times where they are obviously promoting a product (stick to training Bob, don’t try acting). Anyway today’s akward moment was two contestants making one of my ssmmoottthhhiieesss! I was so very excited because Bob said it was a “good healthy choice” for a snack. SCORE! I picked something healthy! Now I think I shall have one for breakfast tomorrow!
I did just finish doing 3 miles, hard, at the gym, and also doing eliptical, and drinking a smoothie king smoothie…it kinda makes me feel like I am cheating on my yoplait smoothies!

Ok so I was talking to a friend today about crock pot recipes. I need some. Good ones. That don’t require a lot of ingredients. I am a simple gal, with simple tastes. I like meat and potatoes and cheese. Lots of cheese. Anyone have any good crock pot recipes to share with the class? I could use some. I am getting tired of cooking the same old things every week. Did you know there is a woman who made a blog and used her crock pot every day for a year! She posted all her recipes. It’s wild! google it and it will come up!

here is my smoothie. sshhh don’t tell my yoplait smoothie!

Spring Fever

Today is groundhog day. Sadly, the little guy decided it would be fun to torture us runners with 6 more weeks of winter! This excites me….not so much. I am SO TIRED of cold. It was “supposed” to get up to 60 today…but what is it? 49! Now, I know to some of you crazies that live above the mason dixon line, that is not cold, but to me, thats cold! Especially when its gloomy and overcast, and you have had a long day, a long meeting after work, and a headache.
I know it’s only February, but I so long for spring! Pretty green scenery, nice warm temps, and longer days. I LOVE when it gets dark late. I feel like I have so much more time to “play” outside. It’s my favorite. So in case you didn’t figure it out, that long day with the ehadache and meeting and stuff, well thats me today. So here I sit, watching super bowl media day on the NFL network.
I have done some abs and legs, but nothing to constitute an actual workout, so I guess I will go do a few more sets, and pack my gym bag for tomorrow, and dream of this: