Music? MUSIC!

Ok, so, I tried listening to music yesterday on my run. Nothing in particular, just the pandora radio on my iphone. It was so windy outside, but I ran really fast (for me) and felt really good! I was so surprised. Usually I am so tired in the afternoons (which I was) and my run is sluggish and hard, but yesterday i felt great, and felt great after. I did 3 miles, listening to music, and not only did it help the time go by but I think it made me go faster. I mean, I KNOW I went faster due to my time, but I don’t know for sure if it had anything to do with the music but I think it does. SO I was pretty happy yesterday affternoon about that. Now I need to actually download some songs and make a good running playlist.

Today I am going to the gym to cross train. I do not run well two days back to back, so I just don’t. Why force it? I mean, I will if I have to due to a scheduling conflict etc. but I try not to.

I got a shirt at the disney expo from and it says “running is a mental sport, and we are all insane.” I haven’t worn it yet, still waiting for the right time. Just thought I would throw my little quote out there for you today!

Did you know insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result? hhmm..something to think about!

Movin to the beat

Music. I am not a huge music person. I mean, I listen to it in the car, but that’s about it. I don’t have 100 million songs downloaded on my ipod nor do i care to go to 10 concerts a year. I love to sing, but I am more of a thinker when I am alone if that makes sense. Well, I used to run with my husband a lot, but now that he is working two jobs we rarely get to run together, so i need some motivation, something to keep me busy. I would love to get some fun uptempo songs on my ipod, go for a run, and see what happens with my time. So, whata re your favorite songs to run with? Please help me out here!

Last night was awful just AWFUL! I went form happy, to angry, to excited, to freaking out! My blood pressure must have been skyrocketing! Oh, and then i cried at the end of regulation when the Vikings had the ball in FG range. Yes I CRIED! I kept saying it wasn’t fair, we deserved to win, etc. It was so pathetic. Then, I got mad at myself for crying over something so stupid and letting football have it’s magical powers over me! My poor husband asked if I will be like that for the superbowl and i said yes, and now he is fearing for his life! (I tend to yell, a anyone in range, for doing anything…so, word of warning, stay away!)

NFC CHAMPIONS! I am trying to resist the urge to buy NFC champion gear b/c i want SUPERBOWL gear!

Eating Healthy

My husand and I have really been trying to eat more healthy. I am SUCH a picky eater though, so it’s hard. Here is a sampling of things I won’t eat:
1. Seafood
2. Salad
3. eggs (except in cakes and things. I have eaten omlets before but not often)
4. Most veggies
5. mustard, mayo, tomato, (things on a burger)
6. things used for flavor like onions, mushrooms, etc.
7. a lot of sauces/dressings

I know I know. How did I grow up outside of New Orleans and don’t like seafood. I don’t know! I just can’t stand the smell therefore I can’t eat it.
So this is where I have a problem, I don’t like most healthy things! So it has been a struggle for us to eat healthy. Any good ideas for recipes that don’t involve the above things? Oh, I will eat corn,potatoes, green beans…but thats about it for “veggies”

I have however come to love a lot of fruits. I just enjoyed a yummy yoplait smoothie after my 3 mile run today.
I add my own protein powder

and just because she is cute and was posing

so, seriously, anyone have any recipes or websites to share with me?


Drew Brees is my hero

Tomorrow is the big day! I get so nervous just thinking about it. Saints vs. Vikings, in the dome, my goodness do I wish I could be there! It is going to be AMAZING. See, I have been a Saints fan from day one. Grew up in a suburb of the city, grew up with season tickets, grew up wih the Aints, stuck with them throught he paper bag times, and the recent good times. I. Love. Saints. Football. We have never made it to the superbowl, and I would seriously FLIP OUT if we made it, and won. AAHH! So, be thinking of me tomorrow. I will be yelling at my tv, jumping up and down, pacing around behind the couch, and scaring the dogs so much that Sassy hides in the bedroom.

Does anyone have any predictions? I say Saints by 10. Anyone else?

I shall leave you with these pictures in parting. WHO DAT?!?

coming for YOU Vikings!

on a running note…rest day today…not sure about tomorrow. If the Saints win I may ahve so much energy I run around the block a few times!

Matching puppies

SO as you should know, I have a minnie dot (minnie mouse) running skirt. i wore it for the disney half. Well, my sweet puppies also have a minnie mouse skirt..but they don’t run. I do believe I need to get a picture of us in our matching outfits though!

aren’t they precious?! they look so happy HAHA!

On an actual running topic…My husband and I ran 6 miles after I got home from work. beautiful, sunny, no clouds, 66 degrees. It was great! Now, I was very tired from my long day and week, so it wasn’t a fast run but we did it. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow so we wanted to go ahead and do it on the pretty day.

I have been proud of my running this week. Trying to get back into the swing of things! Basketball will be over after this week and then that will free up some more of my time as well. Although next week the high is in the low 50’s so I have a feeling it will be back to the treadmill for me.

So, now I ask, does your pet wear clothes? what kind of clothes and what kind of pet? I am curious!

The rain brings the sun

So last night was interesting to say the least. Bobby made me get in the hall bathroom (no windows) with the puppies, laptop (directv went out) anf flashlight radio. I eventually got out into the hall but we wanted the puppies to stay in the bathroom so we blocked them off with a huge pack of toliet paper lol! They were whining and crying and so confused.

we finally went to bed and more storms and hail came at 12:00 so we were up again for about an hour but didn’t feel the need to hide this time, we were just under a tornado watch, no more warning.

SO with that lovely evening, it brought a BEAUTIFUL day today. sunny and 73! but still a tease. (refer to “what a tease” post) So today i felt conflicted. Bobby and i are running tomorrow, and I ran yesterday, so I was going to take today off. So I came home, walked the dogs, did some hand weights and leg exercises and then sat down to watch tv. After sitting for a few minutes…I started to feel guilty for not being outside running! So after much inward deliberation, I laced up my shoes and was outside again. I just did a quick 2 miles but it was something and I feel better and like I didn’t “waste” the pretty day.

here is today, looks much better than yesterday!

**I also added more pics to my photos section and will continue to add more so stay tuned!

…and the thunder rolls

As I type this, I am listening to a crazy loud amount of thunder and watching a ton of lightning. Luckily, I did get a quick run in. I knew I would be limited on time with the rain coming in so I decided to do a quick sprint workout.
I LOVE to sprint. It just feels so freeing. I ran teh 100 m dash in HS and absolutely loved it. I also anchored the 4x 100 m relay team. We got 3rd in state and I got 6th in the 100 woo hoo. Alright alright I won’t relive my glory days and bore you all. I do think it would be fun if I found some old pictures of me at track meets and posted them. What do you think? yay or nay? I was pretty goofy looking.
Ok Ia m rambling. So, this sprint workout, I did a total of 2 miles. Yes, yes that doesn;t sound like much but when you are sprinting your guts out as fast as you can then it’s a lot! There is this really straight road one over from mine and I use it to go up and down up and down with my sprinting. Here is said road. (you can see how dark it was getting. this was at 3:30)

Here is said dark sky

I would sprint 1/3rd of it, walk a 3rd then sprint a 3rd, trun around and do it again. The neighbors probably thought I was crazy.
I made it just in time, whew! So while it was warm, and I sweated, I still feel just “ok” because it was 2 miles. (Even though on the sprinting part I was running a 6 minute mile, fast for me!) So I may do some abs and legs while I watch Grey’s Anatomy reruns. Yes yes I am one of those. Am man…..the sattelite just went out!!!!

****UPDATE! after I posted this my husband called and said turn on the weather. we were under a TORNADO WARNING! Fabulous. just fabulous. Anyway, I was petrified for quite awhile while the HAIL was pounding our windows but we are all ok and safe!

I never thought this day would come…

Ok, so I am a self proclaimed junk food adict. I love sweets, sugar, soda, pizza, hamburgers, mashed potatoes, and anything with cheese (well, almost, I hate broccoli YUCK!) I always heard people say things like “when you start to eat better, your body feels better and you won’t want to eat the bad things, and you will crave good things.”
Well, I never believed this, I mean who doesn’t love a good burger and fries or milkshake? Well, I have started to get to where this really does apply to me! I honestly NEVER thought it would happen. I have by NO MEANS “arrived.” I still don’t like veggies that much and I still love junk, but I crave it less, and crave better stuff more. Also, not even that, but I will say “hhmm a milkshake sounds so good” but then I will think “wait..that will be a ton of calories and make me feel so gross when I run tomorrow.” etc. It’s like I actually think before I eat (sometimes). For instance, when we were in Disneyworld for the 1/2 marathon, we ate SO BAD, greasy, yummy, food. Well, by the end of the trip I was CRAVING fruit. FRUIT! me!!! It was so odd but true! I defiantely still have a ways to go, but I feel like I am on the right track, and it feels great! Realizing how differnt foods affect my runs or just my day in general really help me to not be so sluggish!
So, give it a try. If someone like me can notice a difference, I know you can, too!!! Now if I could just figure out a way to like salad….

What a Tease!

This morning, I wnet on a 5 mile run with my husband. I didn’t have work today so it was nice to wake up to the sun, and then go run in the 52 degree weather! We ran a new way today. Instead of going through our boring neighborhood we ran down our old country road, across the street and onto the trails of another neighborhood. They were so quiet and peaceful! It was a really nice run.

here is our road, looking both ways.

the trails in the Reunion

running by some houses

I think we will start running this way more ofter. The trail wraps all the way around the neighborhood, or we could run through the neighborhood. Lots of options! This excites me because I was getting REALLY boared of our small neighborhood and didn’t want to have to drive somewhere to run.
SO I definately feel accomplished and wish i could run in the morning every day! (In daylight and not freezing) I have so much more energy now.
So to explain the title of this post, the high today is 64! After weeks of freezing, 64! This weekend it’s supposed to be 72! wow! But, it’s such a tease because next week, the high is 54….grumble grumble…come on spring!

**I also updated my races section with a couple pics from other races we have run.


For those who don’t know, I am a huge, HUGE New Orleans Saints fan. I was born and raised outside of New Orleans and grew up being a fan and going to games. We actually got to go to a gamewhen we were home for Christmas and I got to take my husband to his first NFL game.
Anyway, they just, minutes ago, stomped the Arizona Cardinals, I mean STOMPED 45-14. I wore my Saints garb today and flew my flag outsie my car. Don’t judge me. Just wanted to give a shout out to my boys. I am so proud of them. FINISH STRONG!

in other news: 100% rain today = no running. boo.