first half

Merry Christmas from Bella!

Well I leave for Disneyworld a week from today to run my first half next Saturday. excited? Yes. Scared? Yes! I have a nagging hip problem that won’t go away and Iam really worried how I will hold up by about mile 8 (when it usually starts killing me) I just want to finish, I dont care about my time. I am also of course excited to be in my favorite place on earth, even if it is only for a couple days.

So I have done a 10 miler and a 9 miler in the past two weeks. I think saturday I will do 5-6 and then monday and tuesday to 3-4 miles each and that will be it because we leav wednesday right after work to go to NOLA then thursday morning early we head out so no more running time for me.

I got a subscription to runners world magazine for Christmas and I read the whole first issue in one night 🙂

Oh, I know what I wanted to say. Going back to disney for this race means a lot to me because it was here one year ago that was inspired to start running races and had the desire to run the diseny half. I trained for a year, and it’s so neat to see my efforts come full circle, and go back to where it all began, and this time, as a runner and not a spectator. I will probably cry!

As I look back on the year I think of all the races I have done…a 8k, 10k, 3-4 5k’s, and now my firt half. I never would have thought I, the girl who ran the 100 m dash in HS and thought a 400 was “long distance” would ever be running 10 miles. It is something I am really proud of.

Have a gotten better? yes. Am I as good as I want to be? No! I am an athlete, a competitor, it is ingrained in me to try harder. do better. keep going. Will I run the disney full marathin next year? you will just have to wait and see. 🙂


so i was all ready and motivated to do well this week, then…Monday evening I get sick with swine flu! I havent run since sunday and it is driving me nuts.
I got an insert for my right shoe to help with my hip pain and I am dying to know if it is going to work! looks like it is going to have to wait another 2-3 days. BOO!


So i realized I am not very good with this blog thing, nor do I think anyone reads it. I have decided to turn this isnto a running/training blog. Even if no one reads it, it will be good for me to log my workouts, think through some things dealing with my running/training etc.

SO this week was a total bust. i got new shoes, FINALLY as my other ones are a year old and worn completly down. I was having BAD hip pain on my left side on long runs, then it turned into on ALL runs, so I finally got me some Nike vomero 4’s. I ran 3 miles in them Monday and it felt really good!…..and then I got sick! So, its saturday night, and I havent run since monday! I was suppsoed to do an 8 mile run today, too sick to do it, so i feel very behind in my training for my half which is in January!!! I have to get a move on here!
so see how sweaty I am in the pic below? That was the Run for the Son 5k in August. I will NEVER run a 5k in hilly downtown Jackson in AUGUST ever ever AGAIN!
hopefully I will be back to running monday and I can get in a long run next Saturday.