Emma Kate: Month 21

I can’t believe it. Emma Kate is officially 3 months shy of turning 2 years old! As I stated when she turned one, I would do quarterly updates on how she is doing, and it’s time for another one.

Things have changed quite a bit since EK was 18 months old. She now says tons of words, and has started putting short phrases together like “mama sit down” or “bye bye dada”. She still babbles a lot and I have no idea what she is saying, but communication is getting better which is so helpful in the tantrum department. Even if she can’t say it, she can point or show me what she wants or is trying to do.


She wears size 5 diapers, 2T clothing (about to get 3T sleepers because she is so long!) and a size 6 shoe. In May I bought her size 5 sandals and she outgrew them in a month! We went to the ear doctor for a follow up on her tubes, and she weighed 29.8 pounds!

She has gotten better about actually helping me put her clothes on and wants so badly to be able to put on her shoes and socks by herself. She doesn’t fuss much anymore when I change her diaper or clothes which is a nice change. She even likes wearing her bows now and doesn’t usually pull them out.


Emma Kate is still our fearless climber and I have caught her on the table more than once. She will push a basket to the back of the couch and flip over onto the other side. She can run really fast and likes to be chased around.

We have also had to introduce time out in the past couple months but she does well with it and apologizes and hugs us when she comes out. She has gotten better at listening and is starting to understand consequences. This absolutely doesn’t mean she is a perfect angel—she is quite strong willed, but I think she has a better understanding of rules now. 13533354_982465235164272_8865568365717421639_n

We bought her a water table and some water toys and girlfriend loves playing outside. It’s so hot though that the only time we can go outside IS to play in the water. When she is done playing and ready to go inside she says “bye bye wa wa” and waves and goes to the door. She cracks me up!


EK also loves books, she drinks a ton of water, she loves farm animals, and as of late has loved watching YouTube videos of dogs, people, and America’s Funniest Home Videos. I have had to be strict about watching things on my phone because she would do it all day long.


Whenever she sees a phone or camera she says “cheese” and tries to take a selfie. She is a clown and likes to put blankets on her head, boxes, anything to make us laugh. She will get an “ouchie” or “bo bo” and want everyone to kiss it for her. She loves eating with a fork and spoon even though she’s not very good at it. She has also started doing this thing where she takes all her toys in her room and puts them in her crib, or takes all the toys in the living room and puts the on the sofa. No idea why!


I can’t believe for my next update Emma Kate will be TWO YEARS OLD! Time sure does fly. We love our baby girl!

QOTD: When did your kids start REALLY talking a lot? Any other fans of America’s Funniest Home Videos?

April Photo Dump 2016

My iPhone gave me a very sad message over the weekend. Yup, my storage was full. Again. So I thought it was time to do another photo dump. These are pics you probably didn’t see on social media, and most are of my kid, of course.

She is really into reading these days.


This girl loves her daddy!


Magic Kingdom! Oh how I wish I was there today.




Baby laughs are the best.


Sitting in the back of the car waiting to get pine straw at Lowes, because…we are cool.


Sweet girl fell asleep after going to the doctor, always with food in her hands.


Bobby before the Crescent City Classic 10k


Eating again! Always.


Pigtail toddler.


Proof I curled my hair last week.


Three friends trying to fit under one umbrella in the pouring rain. Good times!


It hailed at our house last week!


Loves her sunglasses (notice, she is eating again).


I take pride in how I set up the cold toppings bar at the shop.


There you have it. A little behind the scenes from around our house. Have a good day everyone!

QOTD: Do you run out of phone storage? Feel like your kids are always eating?

5 Things Friday IX

Happy Friday friends, it’s almost the weekend! Yall, we are supposed to get SNOW today, here in central Mississippi. Please note that no one here knows how to drive in snow. The low is around 28 so not sure how long it will stick around (pun intended). See what I did there? Anyway, I haven’t done a 5 Things Friday in awhile, so figured it was time to bring it back. Don’t worry, my runDisney half race recap will be up Monday.

1.) 4 Magical Miles Virtual Run Recap: I participated in the Gone for a RUN 4 Magical Miles virtual race this month, and loved the great cause it supported (Give Kids the World). My run was pretty uneventful, and I was thankful it was only four miles because I have been hitting boot camp hard and my legs are really sore! Having just run the Walt Disney World Half I am still on a bit of a Disney high so it was fun to run a “magic” themed virtual race so soon after coming home. I can’t wait to share with you about the next race I will be doing in February!


2.) Enter my Giveaway: Yesterday I posted about a giveaway I am hosting for some adorable Disney park map leggings. Be sure to enter, they are so fun!

park map leggings

3.) Bath time Life Saver: Poor Emma Kate loves bath time, but HATES when I wash her hair/get water in her eyes. It was getting so bad that she would cry every time I came near her with a cup of water during bath time because she didn’t want me to wash her hair. I did some Amazon searching, desperate to try anything, and found this contraption called the Lil Rinser Splashguard  (affiliate link) that works LIKE A CHARM. Seriously, if you have issues with this like I do, this baby is a lifesaver, and very inexpensive! No more bath tears, and I’m wondering why I didn’t think to invent something like this. I want to be on Shark Tank.

4.) HEAT class: Has anyone heard of this or attended one? My gym just started doing this, and I went to a trial class on Wednesday. Basically everyone wears a heart rate monitor and you can see everyone’s zones up on the screen, and you have to hold your HR in different zones all through the class, so you work REALLY hard and it’s a great workout…and you can’t “cheat”. Ha. I liked it a lot, but my gym is charging $20 for a drop in rate, and that’s just not in my budget right now, so I will be sitting it out, but I’m curious to hear anyone else’s thoughts on this type of class?

5.) Carnival Season: This time of year I really miss home. Mardi Gras is such a fun time in Louisiana, and I miss going to parades, seeing the decorations, eating King Cake, and drinking my favorite coffee drink: King Cake Velvet Ice, from PJ’s. Fun fact that I’m fairly certain I share every year, but you get to hear it again… but growing up I thought Mardi Gras was a national holiday. Really. It wasn’t until I was in about 6th grade that I realized it wasn’t and that not everyone got out of school for it! Please note this is before I had internet access and people on Twitter to tell me that I was sadly misinformed. I felt sad for the rest of the world. You really are missing out.


QOTD: Have you ever had king cake? Do you kids hate water in their eyes at bath time?

Emma Kate: 15 Months

Emma Kate will be 15 months old on Christmas eve, and I wasn’t sure how or when I would do more updates on her. However, I saw a fellow blogger doing quarterly updates on her baby after previously doing monthly like I was, so I thought three months was a good time gap to share some new goings on with our little girl.


Emma Kate started walking three days after her first birthday, and now is pretty much running! She is very independent and doesn’t like to hold mommy’s hand much to my dismay. She LOVES to be outside, and currently enjoys going up and down the sidewalks in front of our house. She can walk a long way before getting tired!

I’m not sure how many teeth she has because it’s so hard to count, but she has all her front ones on top and bottom and at least two going back towards the back of her mouth that I can see. She is wearing size 18 month and 2T in some things as well as size 4 diapers, and weighs just shy of 26(!) pounds.

She is currently trying to transition from two naps to one, which has been super fun (not!) On daycare days she is taking one nap, but on days at home she is a lot of times still taking two naps. She is still a great night sleeper, sleeping between 11-12 hours at night, going to bed at 7:15.


Emma Kate LOVES dogs, and SAYING dog. Around Thanksgiving she started saying dog (really, its dou!) and “woof woof”. So now she constantly reads books with dogs in them and points them out yelling “dog!” She loves our dog Bella even though Bella doesn’t always return the sentiment. Other words we are saying are “hhiiiii” bye, mama, dada, no, yes, ball, and yay. She can point to her mouth, nose, and toes, can clap, puts her arms up when I say “touchdown” and gives us hugs and climbs in our laps.

I can as her to do something such as “lets go change your diaper” and she will go walk to her room. Or, “bring me the toy” and she will (usually) comply. She still loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse, and has started dancing a little bit. She is quite sneaky and will run into my room when she finds something she knows she isn’t supposed to have. She tries to put her own socks and shoes on and brush her hair, and waves hi and bye to everyone she sees.

She is also quite the little daredevil and loves to climb, and stand up on her toys.


Emma Kate eats whatever we eat, throwing things to the dog that she doesn’t want. Some days she will eat like a horse, and other days hardly at all, which I guess is just part of having a toddler. She LOVES cheese and will eat it non stop if I will let her.


She is also really into bringing us things she finds, and she talks non stop, even though I have no idea what she is saying. She seems to know exactly what she is trying to say though!


She still goes to daycare three days a week and loves it, and tells me “bye” as soon as I set her down. Everyone who watches her says she is hilarious and going to be a comedian.

EK got tubes in her ears in November, and (knock on wood) so far we haven’t had anymore ear infections. We had a very mild case of hand foot and mouth a couple weeks ago, but only got about five blisters and a fever for one night.

It’s so funny that she is like a little person now, with (very) strong opinions, likes and dislikes. I can’t wait to see how she has changed in her 18 month update! We love our little bug!

emma kate

QOTD: What was your first word?

Photo Dump Fall 2015

My phone has yet again given me the evil eye. You know, when it tells you that you are out of storage space on it? Time to dump some photos! I thought it would be fun to share some that didn’t make it onto the blog or on social media.

I love Operation Christmas Child, and decided to put a display up at the store with brochures to raise awareness and hopefully get some folks to fill shoeboxes!

Christmas child

Emma Kate decided she wanted Cheerios. All the Cheerios.

Emma Kate cherrios

Sweetest little cheerleader ever. (and biggest box of diapers ever behind her.)

LSu cheer

Strawberry Greek froyo with nuts and fruit. My lunch multiple days of the week.

orange leaf

Sweet girl loves to climb into her rocking chair and sit.

snowman sleeper

Clapping with daddy on a pretty day.

unnamed (16)

Her pigtails. Bless it.

unnamed (17)

Me playing kickball. See, I’m running so fast to second base you can barely see me.

unnamed (18)

My dad giving Bobby a big hug…not sure why…Bella also recognizes that this is odd.

unnamed (19)

We got Emma Kate a fun tunnel and Bobby decided to walk around wearing it one night. He was completely sober, too!

unnamed (20)

QOTD: Do you often run out of phone space?

PS- I am looking for GUEST BLOGGERS for when I am in Disney October 24-28. Must be original content never posted before. If you are interested, please email me at heatherslookingglass@gmail.com

Emma Kate: Month 12

Well, here we are. It seems so surreal that a year ago yesterday I gave birth! Looking at Emma Kate now, I can’t believe she was ever tiny enough to be in my belly. She’s such a sweet happy girl, and this year has been quite the ride!

IMG_7980 (2)

There were times when I never thought I would make it through this year, and times when I wanted it to slow down. Each stage has been very different, and more fun than the last. Life is certainly different than it was a year ago, but I can’t imagine her not being with us now. Let’s take a look at what this little girl has been up to the past month.

This kid loves to sleep like her mama. No lie, two nights ago she slept FOURTEEN HOURS! She had never slept till 9:00 before, and I was about to go in and poke her when she finally woke up. The birthday princess just wanted to sleep in on her special day apparently. This is not the norm, she usually sleeps 12 hours at night from 6:45-6:45 or 7:00-7:00. She is still napping twice a day, usually one nap is about 45 minutes and the other is 1.5 hours or so long.

IMG_7985 (2)

Emma Kate loves to explore and is in to everything. Locks are on the cabinets, and everything has been taken off table tops and end tables. She loves pushing our furniture around the room, every char and table is fair game. She recently in the past two weeks started standing up on her own from sitting without holding on to anything. She will stand for a few seconds and then sit back down. Just waiting on those first steps! She zooms around the room behind her push toys and is a lot more stable moving around.

Emma Kate eats her baby food and snacks but also eats whatever we eat. She loves cheese, turkey, yogurt, crackers, beef, and cheerios best. She is taking about 18 ounces of formula a day now, give or take. (usually 3 bottles). We are weaning her down as she eats more and more solid food.


She is still into everything that ISN’T one of her toys. Paper, household items, boxes, plastic containers, curtains, etc. She can get up the stairs FAST, but isn’t sure how to get down.

She talks and sings a lot, and her new favorite word is “uh oh!” I didn’t realize I was saying it so much (when she would fall or drop something) and now she will throw something on the ground then say “uh oh” over and over.

She waves bye bye, will clap her hands, give hugs, play peek a boo, and dance to music.

unnamed (1)

Emma Kate Loves:

-To eat! Just like her daddy

– Standing



-Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

-walking in her stroller

-pushing furniture around the room


Emma Kate does not like:

– Having her diaper or clothes changed

-Being redirected from something she isn’t supposed to be playing with

-Taking medicine (she has a double ear infection Sad smile)


-Wearing bows in her hair (sad mom)

unnamed (8)

We just moved her up to size 4 diapers, but honestly I think she could still fit in 3’s but I ran out and had 4’s in the closet so we just started wearing those. She is in size 18 month clothes almost exclusively except for a few dresses and onesies. When she went to the doctor for her ear infection she weighed 23.5 pounds! Her official one month appointment isn’t until October 1 so I will come back and update her stats on here then.


This time last year I was pretty scared and had no idea what to expect, or how I would “know how” to be a mom. People kept telling me I would figure it out and instinct would kick in but I wasn’t so sure. However, they were totally right. You just kind of go with the flow and learn as you go, and boy has there been a big learning curve! We have done some great things, made some mistakes along the way, but our little girl is alive and well and thriving so we must be doing something right!

The first year is so amazing because the rate of change is so fast, faster than at any other time in their lives. I know technically Emma Kate is now no longer a baby, but she will always be my little baby girl.


HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY EMMA KATE! Mom and dad love you forever.

QOTD: Were you sad when your baby turned one? Has this year not flown by? Didn’t I just have her?!?

No Sag Summer Style

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. My parents came into town so my dad could play in a church golf tournament with Bobby. It was a beautiful day for it, but a tad too warm. I worked at the store some, we BBQ’ed with my parents, and just hung out for the weekend.

We got our first taste of fall weather earlier this past week, and it has me excited for adorable fall outfits for Emma Kate! Sadly, our temperatures are back up in the 90’s again so it will still be a while longer. Since Emma Kate is growing like a weed, I had to buy her some summer clothes in the next size up to get us through the next couple of months.

unnamed (17)

She is wearing size 12-18 month in dresses for church like the cute one above. (I love me some smocked dresses!)


But she is wearing straight 18 month outfits in regular clothes like the ones above, she is getting so big! Now that she is all over the place, I try to dress her in practical stretchy things that she can move easily in but still look really cute.

IMG_6815 (2)

As you can see in the above photo, Emma Kate is climbing stairs! As you can also see, we are enjoying using the new Pampers no sag diapers from Target. The new extra absorb channels help baby to stay drier longer and doesn’t sag like ordinary diapers*. They also have a great fit which, I’m sure Emma Kate appreciates. It’s a pet peeve of mine, but I can’t stand to see a baby in a super saggy diaper. Plus, that just can’t be comfortable for the little one!


Emma Kate can’t wait to open up a new box of Pampers! (Ignore her wild hair, it’s humid down here yall!) We have been putting Emma Kate in Pampers since she came home from the hospital. We tried a few other brands but always ended going back to the tried and true. I loved them before, but now they are even better than before!

Take advantage of this coupon! At Target, August 30 – September 5, buy 2 Pampers giant packs and get a $10 gift card!

QOTD: What did/does your baby wear mostly at the one year old stage?

*based on size 4 vs. leading value brand

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Emma Kate: Month 11

WOW. My little baby is less than one month away from being a big girl. I’m not ready! This has been the quickest year of my life, I really have no idea where it went. We are in the thick of party planning for next month, how is this possible?!?


Emma Kate looks and acts so grown up, and her personality cracks us up daily. Everyone tells us how funny she is and that she is going to be a little comedian. We are happy to learn from her teachers that she does great with other kids, aside from stealing the occasional pacifier (she doesn’t even take a pacifier!)

unnamed (17)

We still have a great sleeper and I know how lucky I am in this regard. She sleeps 11.5-13 hours per night, and usually goes to bed around 6:45. Her naps are stretching out a bit, and she takes two naps, which are usually an hour, sometimes two hours a day. She is still doing great in her crib, and we are about to lower it to it’s lowest setting since we are now cruising!

Emma Kate is constantly standing up cruising around on anything she can find. She shocked me yesterday when she started walking behind her toy that you walk/push as you go, and she went all the way around the living room in a circle—fast!

unnamed (15)

Her newest favorite thing is opening the cabinets. I have ordered baby proofing for them, and we are just waiting on them to come in. She can crawl REALLY fast, and loves to go into other rooms away from us, so I am constantly shutting doors.

Eating is going great, and boy does she love it! She eats pretty much anything we give her, and have been giving her small pieces of whatever we are eating in addition to her baby food. We are dropping down to three bottles now, and most days she doesn’t even finish them. She is all about the solids! Emma Kate LOVES cheddar cheese crunchies and banana vanilla yogurt melts the best.

IMG_7265 (2)

We have been trying to get to the park some, and also walk in the stroller. Emma Kate loves to swing and be thrown up high in the air by her daddy.

IMG_7064 (2)

She is into everything, and couldn’t care less about her toys. She just wants to play with anything new, any kind of household object she can get her hands on. She is climbing stairs too which is terrifying.

IMG_6815 (2)

We talk and sing and babble a lot, as well as wave and attempting to snap her fingers. She will say “ya” when I ask her a question, and still mainly says “mama” and “baba” but lately we have gotten an occasional “dada” (finally).

Emma Kate Loves:

-to eat!

-standing up and cruising

-opening cabinets

-aggravating the dog


-pulling books off her bookshelf

-music/songs on tv

-the park

-did I say eating?

IMG_7234 (2)

Emma Kate foes NOT like:

-having her diaper or clothes changed

-When I take away something she isn’t supposed to have

-keeping bows in her hair

-when she can’t reach something

unnamed (10)

Emma Kate still wears a size 3 diaper, but is now in 18 month sleepers, she is so long! She can still wear a few 12 month things, but mama needs to go shopping! I can’t wait to see how much she weighs and how tall she is next month at her appointment.

We are seeing more and more of a little girl in Emma Kate, and it’s bittersweet. But I know as she can do more, we will have even more fun!

QOTD: Did you have a first birthday party for yourself or your child?

Photo Dump August 2015

My iPhone keeps telling me that I don’t have any more storage space, so I figured it was time to dump my beloved pictures onto my computer, while trying to decide which ones to keep on my phone (anyone else have this problem?) I thought I would share some of my favorites with you. Most are of my child because, well, that’s mainly what’s on my phone!

Yum. Half of our Orange Leaf Toppings bar.

unnamed (16)

Sweet girl before church

unnamed (17)

What, you don’t play in a laundry basket?

unnamed (18)

This is what our car looked like driving back from Oklahoma. Driving through Dallas traffic and not being able to see out the back is not pleasant.

unnamed (20)

This girl loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

unnamed (11)

We finally got a Sam’s Club in our town, and since my dad is obsessed with this place, I had to take a picture for him when we went to sign up.

unnamed (12)

Proof I do own more than running clothes.

unnamed (13)

She learned how to open up the can of snacks. This is how I found her. Caught red handed!

unnamed (14)

I like big bows and I cannot lie.

unnamed (15)

QOTD: any exciting weekend plans? Just working and getting well over here!

A Day in the Life: August 2015

My life has looked a lot different in the past week. Bobby and I have been spending a ton of time working shifts at Orange Leaf on top of my blog work. Emma Kate goes to daycare 3 days a week, so I try to help at the shop as much as I can on those 3 days. I thought yesterday’s day would be a good example of a day in my life currently!

6:00- I set my alarm for this morning. I have GOT to get a run in. I have been falling off the training plan wagon in the past week since we took over the shop. I don’t have a lot of time at home and when I am home, I am pretty wiped out. However, I was determined today. I always seem to get sidetracked with training plans, so I am a little disappointed in myself.

6:30- Emma Kate is waking up, and Bobby gets her so I can go run a quick 3 miles. I drink some coffee and chat for a minute before heading out.

unnamed (8)

7:30- I am back home, and pace around the living room under the fan (please tell me I’m not the only one who does this) so I can cool off, then I hop in the shower.

7:50- Time to bring Emma Kate to Daycare. Bobby leaves for the gym, and I throw a few last minute things in EK’s diaper bag and jump in the car. I go to start the car… and it’s not turning on because the key is apparently not in the car (my car doesn’t have a an actual key, just a box that has to be in the car.) I have a slight panic attack because I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE IT IS! I had taken it off my keychain when I ran the other day, but my brain was not functioning as to where it was. I call Bobby frantically, and the baby who is in her car seat, starts screaming. After some thinking and deep breathing, I remembered I had put it in the bag I brought to church that had my clothes to change into for work from the day before when I went straight from church to go open the shop. Crisis averted.

It takes longer than usual to drive to daycare, because now that school has started this time of day includes some heavy traffic (we pass a high school to get to daycare).

8:15- Drop off the baby, who cried when I left for the first time EVER (heartbreaking!) and head back home.

8:30- I grab some yogurt and plop down at the computer. , record payments from blog and social media posts into my spreadsheet, (I am really trying to keep better track of things)

9:15- I look at the time and realize I am running behind! I take the dog out, grab a couple of things we needed at the shop, and jump back in the car and drive to Orange Leaf.

9:30- I unlock the doors, go inside, and realize I had a lot to do and was rushing around. I managed to spill water all over the floor, and  then thankfully, Bobby arrived from the gym to help me, Hooray! We clean and get toppings and machines ready for the day.

unnamed (9)

11:30- The shop opens and a girl we hired comes in to train for a few hours. I do some computer work, mix some yogurt, cut fruit, get toppings filled, etc.

12:50- I had a dentist appointment at 1:00 for a filling that cracked, so I packed up some cups of frozen yogurt, drove a quarter mile to the dentist, presented them with yogurt, and then spent an hour in the chair (ug).

2:00- I drive back to the shop and work until 5:00. The internet goes out so we had to figure out how to get the system offline so we could still take credit cards. Always something, right?

5:15- I throw some more small cups of yogurt into a cooler and get back in the car and drive to Emma Kate’s daycare. They were excited to have free froyo, and the baby was happy to see mama.

5:30- We drive home, and it looks like it’s going to storm, which would be awesome because we haven’t gotten more than five minutes of rain since the 4th of July.

5:45- We get home, and I feed Emma Kate her dinner, take the dog out, and throw something in the oven for me and for Bobby when he gets home after 10:00.

6:00- I put EK in her pj’s and we play on the floor for a bit and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (her favorite). It is super dark, but no rain.

unnamed (10)

6:20- Emma Kate took a very short early afternoon nap so I knew she was crashing. I gave her a bottle before putting her in bed.

6:30- Bedtime for baby girl. She has been going down between 6:30 and 6:45 lately and sleeping until 6:00-6:30. I put her down and poor girl fell right to sleep after saying prayers.

6:40- I put a load of laundry on and started writing this post.

6:50- I took some pictures with my good camera for an upcoming sponsored post.

6:55- Answered a few emails, did some picking up around the kitchen

7:15- Dinner is ready! I eat, and then take a shower.

7:45- Back on the computer, I set up some social media posts, text a couple of employees about scheduling for this week, and read a couple of blogs.

8:00- My brain hurts, so I head upstairs to watch TV, clean up my inbox, and do a few random online tasks that I have been neglecting. Still. no. rain.

10:00 Bobby arrives home from closing the store. He eats dinner and we chat about the day and the store. Tomorrow will be the first day we aren’t covering every single shift, hooray! We will both still be at the shop for a few hours but not 9:30 am –10:00 pm, so I’ll take it!

10:45- We are both exhausted, so it’s time for bed!

QOTD: Has your day changed now that school has started (for some?)