Bobby’s Workout Routine: Part 1

Hello! I asked my husband Bobby to do a guest post about his workout routine. He has been consistently working out, in particular, lifting weights, since junior high, so he has a lot of experience! Feel free to comment if you have any questions.

My workout routine is below, though I will first talk a bit about my philosophy.  There are a ton of trendy workouts that pop up each year, some better than others.  The most important thing about any workout is that it gets you doing something…anything.  The new fad in workouts is great by default if it causes people to stick with some form of exercise (maybe with a few exceptions).  The two most important factors when it comes to working out are consistency and intensity.

You will not see significant results if you aren’t consistent with doing some form of exercise.  If you want great results, you also have to be intense.  Not all workouts have to be killer, but if you don’t even break a sweat…

Ask yourself, when was the last time one of your workouts left you gasping for breath, dizzy from exertion, or nauseous?  Note: it’s important to know your body and not hurt yourself.  I’m not advocating for being stupid.  Just make sure you are pushing yourself if you really want to improve and meet your goals.

My workout routine, when I am able, consists of a four-day cycle.  I generally workout on Monday and Tuesday, rest on Wednesday and get back to the gym Thursday and Friday.  I could go four days straight, but my body responds better with a rest day in the middle.  That also allows me to a bit more flexibility regarding the part of my body I want to focus on.

I started my current routine about two years ago.  I change things from time to time, which is important (for time sake, I’m not going into the reasoning behind that thought #AvoidRabbitHole).  I based my rep count off Dwane Johnson’s routine because…well look at the guy.  Most of my main exercises are four sets of 14.  My goals include a practical form of strength and fitness, not just massive growth and heavy lifts, which would utilize lower reps of heavier weights.  When I’m doing my fourth set of 12-14, I should have trouble getting that last rep or two.  There should be times where I can’t get that last rep, which goes back to intensity.

On day 1 I focus on upper back and lats.  My goals also include being able to do a good number of pullups and weighted pullups, hence the focus of day 1.  I generally start with three sets of weighted pullups (either wearing a vest or holding a dumbbell between my feet).  I like to mix in legs into day 1, so I alternate from upper back to deadlifts (3×10) for my second rotation.  I’ve had issues with my low back, so I tend to do lower weight on deadlifts.  It’s important to activate your legs.  If you usually skip leg day, add it in and see if you don’t get better all-around results.  Your legs are some of your largest muscles and working them out produces testosterone, which benefits your entire body.

I usually like to do three sets of max effort pullups next (again with personal goals in mind).  Next is standing 4×12-14 barbell rows.  This is the opposite direction of what a pull-up works.  Notice, a lot of these exercises also engage my biceps, which is intentional.  Two days a week touch on bis and back, while two days touch on chest and tris.

I like to do seated lat pulldowns, 4×12-14 next.  After that, it’s on to dumbbell rows on a flat bench and dumbbell shrugs, both 4×12-14 in a sort of superset.  At this point, I’m usually spent, but if I have a bit left in the tank I will add in a set or two of inverted row or curls.

Throughout this workout, at least after the deadlifts, I will add in leg extensions and leg curls.  Since this is an entirely different muscle group, I can add them in between other sets to keep the pace of the workout going.  I generally only do three sets of each.

I’m going to stop the post at this point, but will follow up with the other days of the cycle in a separate post…provided anyone actually reads this.  In fact, if you’ve made it this far, include “the force” in any comment, so I’ll know if anyone got this far.

Weekly Recap: July Week 2


Another day another post, another week. My birthday has come and gone, but I have had a fabulous weekend of celebrating, which I will share with you in tomorrow’s post. For today, it’s my weekly recap…but sadly there isn’t much to recap. I mentioned last week that I was having some foot pain which has really freaked me out, so I haven’t run in over a week. We left for the beach last Saturday, but on Sunday, I couldn’t resist sand volleyball. It’s how Bobby and I met, we can’t help it. We saw people playing a decent game, and joined in…for four hours. It was glorious, hot, sweaty, and fun.


We got back to the condo sunburned, sore, and happy. I have not been that sore in a REALLY long time. You know, the really good full body sore. I could barely move until Thursday, it was that bad. We hit the gym when we got back from the beach, so to further explain, here is my week broken down by day:

Sunday: 4 hours of sand volleyball

Monday: rest

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: rest

Thursday: chest, tri’s, ab’s, legs, and 113 jump ropes in one minute. Feel the burn!

Friday: back, bi’s and abs. 30 minutes stationary bike

Saturday: 35 minute walk with my mom around their neighborhood


Not the best week there ever was, but I managed what I could with being out of town, a very busy few days of work, and my paranoia over my foot. I may try a couple short runs this week to see how it does, but honestly I am a bit petrified. I really think it’s tendonitis, and I need to get back to stretching and yoga, but I have a huge fear in the back of my mind I am going to struggle through my fall racing season because of yet another injury. Fingers crossed I get this figured out for good.

QOTD: Have you ever had a reoccurring injury? Did you handle it differently to try to get to the bottom of it the second time around?

I Pick Things Up and Put Them Down


Several of you have asked me about my weight lifting routine, especially how it incorporates into my half marathon training plan. I have now been consistently lifting since December, and while I don’t look ripped like I would like to, I am definitely more toned and lean.


Bobby is my lifting partner, and he has been lifting since 7th grade. He knows a lot about it, what days to do what things, and helps make sure I am keeping proper form, etc.

photo (9)

Our routine is broken up into two different days. We do back and biceps on one day, and chest and triceps on the alternating day. We throw in a little bit of abs pretty much every time, and I do legs on run days AFTER I have already run. Since I don’t run two days in a row, the next day is a cross training day so sore legs don’t affect my runs. I do NOT lift legs the day before a long run.

These are the machines we typically use on each set of days:


-tricep extensions

-chest press

-pectoral fly

-incline press



-bicep curl

-fixed pulldown

-rear deltoid



-abdominal crunch

-torso rotation

-ab ball/crunches



-leg press

-leg extension

-seated leg curl

*we also use free weights on both days, I have been working on strengthening my stabilizer muscles

We do 15 reps for three sets on each exercise. Swapping out in between to rest. We also get water in between certain difficult sets, and throw in our ab machines in between sets of upper body for a small arm break!



Also, on running days, I run in the morning then lift with Bobby at night, sometimes doing some cross training as well. Regardless, we always lift before doing cardio.


QOTD: Do you lift? Are you looking to get into it more? What is stopping you!? What is your favorite machine at the gym?

Weekly Recap February Week 1


When you read yesterday’s post, I was in a van, running a relay. Depending on what time you read this post….I am still in a van running a relay. We are wrapping up Rouge Orleans this morning, having an after party in New Orleans, and then heading home to crash.

Dilemma…not sure how to count my mileage for Rouge Orleans…I guess running in the wee hours of this morning will count as the new week? Here we go!

Sunday: rest

Monday: 1 hour yoga class, ran 1 mile, 45 minutes upper body weights

Tuesday: ran ten miles, upper body weights and abs

Wednesday: 1 hour yoga class, 20 minutes upper body weights

Thursday: 15 minutes elliptical, 15 minutes upper body weights

Friday: rest

Saturday: 10 miles (part one Rouge Orleans relay)


Total Miles: 11

Yoga: 2 hours of class

cross training: 1 time

weight lifting: X’s 4

I didn’t run as many miles as I wanted to this week, but I also didn’t want to overdo it before Rouge Orleans. Next week will be a work hard week with my last long run before Princess! I am proud of my yoga and lifting, but need to add in more cross training.

Weight Room Woes


Well, hello, Monday….so we meet again! Today is a “catch up” day for me after having been gone all last week, so why don’t you play catch up as well, hhmm?

Oh, Look, More Corn!

Finally Home

Yesterday, we went to church and I wore this new comfy dress I got at the beach:


Then we went to lunch and it started pouring rain right when it was time to get out of the car (of course) and it hasn’t stopped! That was 5 hours ago! Bobby and I decided to take a Sunday rainy afternoon nap, which are the best kind. We slept for two hours, whoops!

Ok, so moving on to today’s topic. I have been wanting to write about this for awhile, but was just waiting for the right time. Since I haven’t been able to run for two weeks and weights have become even more a part of my routine, I thought today would be a good time.

Ok, so…..confession time…..

I used to be petrified of the weight room at the gym.

Is this not one of the most silly or irrational fears ever? I used to think NOT but now after actually USING the weight room, I have basically gotten over my fear for the most part. Some of you may be thinking “but Heather, you are a confident athlete who has been around the gym her whole life, how did this happen?!?” I know, I KNOW! I assure you, it baffled me, too. I have always done my “strength work” at home with DVD’s, a resistance band, you name it. But a couple of months ago we joined a gym, and I decided to become Bobby’s workout partner. (Do you remember this guest post he did on lifting weights?)

I knew I would never “learn” on my own, so I basically followed him around the gym doing as he told me to do, and it seemed a LOT less intimidating than going alone. Not only that, but he was able to tell me how much weight he thought I should put on each machine, and he made sure I was keeping the proper form. After a couple of weeks of doing this, I decided to venture out on my own one day while at the gym without him, and it was fine! Granted, doing this still makes me a LITTLE nervous because I forget what weights to use on certain things etc. But at least I am willing to go over there alone now.


Let me tell you, in just a couple of short months, I can TOTALLY tell a difference in my body! I am already getting more toned all over, and I feel stronger when running. I don’t jiggle as much, and I just feel all over more fit, which was my goal. I cannot BELIEVE all these years I have been “missing out” over a silly fear of being in a room full of bulky guys and not knowing what to do.

So, I BEG you. If a fear of not knowing what to do, or of being intimidated is keeping you from lifting weights, overcome it!!!! You will be SO glad you did! A lot of gyms have people that will take you around to the different machines etc. showing you how to properly use them, or take a friend one day who knows what they are doing and have them help you. I hate that all this time I could have been stronger faster, and less injury prone, but I let my fears get in the way of being the best me I can be.


I love the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt that says “do one thing every day that scares you.”  It really makes life in general seem not so scary when you are tackling fear after fear.

Since I have been on a running hiatus due to a stubborn knee problem, I have ben doing a LOT more lifting and cross training, and I am so glad I have something more “to do” than just sit on a bike or get on an elliptical. I feel like even though I can’t run I am still keeping up my fitness in the weight room. So, what is your excuse?


QOTD: Do you lift weights? were you ever afraid to lift? How did you overcome it?