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HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Review

When I was pregnant, I was contacted by the makers of  the HALO bassinest swivel sleeper. At the time, I had no idea what it was, but was familiar with halo because of their SleepSacks. After doing some research, I decided I needed the bassinest since we were planning on having Emma Kate sleep in our room in the beginning anyway. I was excited to receive the bassinest and get it set up next to our bed.

With its unique dual-swivel design, the Bassinest Swivel Sleeper allows baby to sleep as close as Mom wants – even right next to her in bed. It allows your baby to sleep next to you without the dangers of her actually being IN bed with you. The sides are mesh, so you can see through the wall and check on your baby even while still lying down at night.

HALO bassinest1

It was really easy to assemble, however it is very heavy, so once you get it in place hopefully you won’t need to move it! Because of the awesome swivel capability, you can put it right up against your bed and still “swivel” it away easily to get in and out of bed. The height is also adjustable, too so it is level with most beds. The side wall closest to your bed is collapsible, so it’s really easy to lean in and pick up baby without having to get up out of your bed.

There is also a front panel that includes a light with two brightness settings, music/sounds, a nursing timer, and a vibration on two different levels (all of these have auto shut off). I cannot tell you how many times in the night I used the nightlight feature. It’s just bright enough to check on baby without waking everyone up by turning on a lamp or overhead light.

HALO bassinest

There are also storage pockets so you can put things like pacifiers, burp cloths, etc. within easy reach but also not cluttering up your nightstand.

HALO bassinest2

Want more information on the bassinest swivel sleeper? Check out the below video:

The HALO Bassinest swivel sleeper is available for sale at select retailers.

I was also provided with a SleepSack for Emma Kate. She flails her arms and legs so. much. that she was constantly waking herself up from sleep, so this form of swaddling works great for us. Sometimes she fights it at first, but once she calms down it really helps her to feel snug and secure and helps her sleep longer, which this mama loves!

IMG_0823 (2)

Here are some great tips provided to me for best sleeping practices with an infant:


  • Room-share, but don’t bed share; the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend against bed sharing as it can lead to an increased risk for accidental suffocation.
  • Use a crib or bassinet that meets current safety standards with a firm mattress that fits snugly and is covered with only a tight-fitting crib sheet.
  • Remove all soft bedding and toys from your baby’s sleep area (this includes loose blankets, bumpers, pillows and positioners). The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests using a wearable blanket instead of loose blankets to keep your baby warm.
  • Offer a pacifier when putting baby to sleep. If breastfeeding, introduce pacifier after one month or after breastfeeding has been established.
  • Breastfeed, if possible, but when finished, put your baby back to sleep in his or her separate safe sleep area alongside your bed.


  • Never put your baby to sleep on any soft surface (adult beds, sofas, chairs, water beds, quilts, sheep skins etc.)
  • Never dress your baby too warmly for sleep; keep room temperature 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Never allow anyone to smoke around your baby or take your baby into a room or car where someone has recently smoked.
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QOTD: Did your baby sleep in your room at first? Do you/did you swaddle your baby?

Disclosure: I was provided with product for this review, however all opinions are my own.

What I’m Loving Lately November 2014

I haven’t done one of these posts in awhile, so there are a lot of new things I am loving that I wanted to share with you. Maybe you will find a new favorite. Smile

Blue Bell Spiced Pumpkin Pecan ice cream: Yall, I am kinda glad I just found out about this recently, otherwise I would have gained ten pounds by now. Yes it tastes like fall in a carton and yes I eat it directly out of said carton with a spoon.

IMG_0731 (2)

Dr. Brown’s nose and face wipes: The folks at Dr. Brown’s were kind enough to send me several baby related items before EK was born, and it’s fun to try out all the different things. I really love these wipes for snotty noses and general face wiping when we are out and about. Convenient packaging and easy to throw in the diaper bag. Two thumbs up!

IMG_0752 (2)

Fabletics: I have heard a lot of things about Fabletics clothing line, both good and bad, but wanted to test it out for myself. I picked out this outfit and was pretty happy with it.The hoodie fits well and is really, really soft and is my favorite piece. The capris have a nice silky feel to them but were a little snug in the legs/felt a little like compression tights. I do love the fold over waistband. The white tank is lightweight and soft but the arm holes hang down really low under my armpits which isn’t my favorite, so not as crazy about that particular tank but really like the capris and hoodie.

IMG_0772 (2)

Cooler weather: It’s finally fall in Mississippi! We have had temps in the 90’s up until last week, and now we have had temps in the 20’s! Go figure. I went on a run the other night and it was just cool enough to be chilly while running but not cold, it really was perfect.

IMG_0780 (2)

Starbucks red cups: You know what this means! It’s time to start listening to Christmas music. I can’t help it. We only have such a limited time together I must cherish it. Also stoked it’s finally cool enough to get my favorite fall beverages in hot versions and not as frozen or iced ones.

unnamed (18)

QOTD: What are you loving lately?

Disclosure: I was provided with some of the products in this post free of charge, however all opinions are my own.

Rock ‘n Roll NOLA Announcement and Giveaway

Hello friends! Can you believe that we are less than three months away from the Rock ‘n Roll New Orleans marathon and half marathon weekend? I am just getting back into running after having my baby, but can’t wait to rock through 13.1 miles in my hometown.

I have a fun announcement for you today and a giveaway opportunity. First of all, one of the bands for the after party was announced, the KONGOS! (<—-Check out the link to learn more about them.) They will be part one of the Finish Line Festival lineup. Yall, trust me when I say New Orleans knows how to throw a party, and finish line festivities at races are no exception!


Don’t forget that live music will be performed throughout the race course. Think of them as mini concerts, and as much as you will want to stop and listen, don’t forget to keep running. Smile

***Also guys, don’t forget to use code LOOKINGGLASS at registration checkout for $10 off the half or full marathon, or LOOKINGGLASS10k for $5 off the 10k distance).


Ok, so who wants to win a Rock ‘n Roll New Orleans t-shirt? These shirts are gender specific and super soft! All you have to do is register for one of the New Orleans races using my code (LOOKINGGLASS or LOOKINGGLASS10K), and email me at [email protected] telling me that you did so, so that we can look you up to confirm. The first 5 people who do this starting today (past registrations don’t count) will get a FREE t-shirt. You know you have been on the fence about registering, and who doesn’t love free stuff? The men’s shirt is royal blue and the women’s is navy blue, they both have the same design on them. Check out Bobby modeling the men’s version:

rock n roll shirt

QOTD: If you could have any band perform at the end of a race for you, who would it be?