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Inaugural Castaway Cay Challenge 5k

The Inaugural Castaway Cay Challenge 5k took place yesterday morning on Disney’s beautiful private island. Over 700 runners took to the beautiful course surrounded by lush tropical landscape, rolling waves, and an island breeze (well, some days!)

Any cruise that sails to the island has had a 5k in recent years, but this is the first time you could run a runDisney race in Walt Disney World, the follow immediately with a Disney Cruise Line cruise. If you completed a race at WDW and the Castaway 5k, you would also get the challenge medal, which is absolutely beautiful! (Please note you have to register for this challenge!)

Inaugural Castaway Cay Challenge 5K Event on Disney Cruise Line Private Island

The cruise is on the beautiful Disney Dream, for four nights as it sails to the Bahamas. The ship left from Port Canaveral, FL on Monday. Runners also have access to special speakers, merchandise, and activities all surrounding the Castaway Challenge.

Inaugural Castaway Cay Challenge 5K Event on Disney Cruise Line Private Island

There will be another Castaway Cay Challenge 5k following on the heels of the runDisney Princess half marathon weekend next month. Space is still available for this challenge, check out for details on registration.

I do hope runDisney and Disney Cruise Line continue this partnership with more races, as I would love to be able to participate! Who doesn’t want to relax on a Bahamian cruise after running hard at a runDisney event?

QOTD: What are your thoughts on this challenge? Is this something you would like to participate in?

Tips for Fitting in Workouts as a New Mom

Before I had Emma Kate and we lived in our old house, things were a lot more…flexible. My gym was within walking distance of my house, so I would get up and do some work on the computer, walk to the gym, come back, eat lunch, then work until Bobby came home. I always had my phone on me and could quickly check emails at a moments notice. I could go for a long run without having to plan ahead, and could jump in the car to run errands or drive down to the beach to workout or run. Now, things aren’t quite so simple.


Back when I could walk down to the gym whenever I wanted. Aahhh the bliss.

Fitting in exercise is a lot more work now, and requires a lot more advance planning. Here are my best tips for getting in your workouts as a new mom:

workouts new mom

1.) Go early: Sometimes I will get up early with the baby, and when it’s time for her first nap I will go for a run if my husband is still home. Or, I could get up early before she even wakes up for the day, go run, and then be back before everyone is awake. Also I am more likely to workout if I get it done earlier in the day before I get too tired and make a bunch of excuses.

2.) Advance planning: Gone are the days of working out on a whim, so I have to look at my week on Sunday and see what days I can go to the gym, and what days I can run at home based on what we have going on. I am more likely to stick to it if workouts are on my weekly calendar.

3.) Take the baby: I specifically joined a certain gym because it offers free childcare for up to two hours a day. Now, I can take Emma Kate with me to the gym during certain hours so I can get my workouts in. I also own a jogging stroller, so when the weather is nice I can take her with me on my runs. I get my workout in, and she gets to get out of the house and out into the fresh air. A win for everyone!


4.) Sacrifice: There are a lot of days I would rather take a nap then go for a run, or skip the gym in favor of watching my favorite TV series. However, I know if I don’t make an effort and make some sacrifices, I won’t get my workouts in, and I won’t be a happy person which equals not being a happy mommy. I NEED my sweat sessions, so it really is for everyone’s benefit for me to sacrifice something else so I can workout.

5.) Work together: If you have a significant other, you will need to work with them to make sure everyone gets some free time. Some families trade evenings off so one night mom can go as she pleases, and the next night is for dad. Everyone has to give and take in order to make a family work, and communication is essential. Holding in feelings of anger because you feel like you watch the baby more or don’t get as much free time will only lead to resentment and more frustration. Figure out a schedule that works for everyone!

QOTD: What are some other tips I am leaving out?

A Day in the Life…January 2015

I last did one of these posts at the end of October, and since babies change so quickly, I wanted to do another one. Today was a bit out of the ordinary because Bobby was home sick for a half day, but other than him being at home to help, this pretty much sums up my days.

5:30: I hear some noises on the monitor. They wake me up, and I lay in bed listening to see if Emma Kate will go back to sleep. In about 10 minutes she does, but I am wide awake, because I keep thinking at any minute she will REALLY be up.

6:50: I’m still laying in bed awake, and EK wakes up for good. I go get her, change her diaper, and make her bottle. We sit on the couch together and watch TV while she eats. I make some coffee, take the dog out, feed her, and eat a Quest bar. Bobby wasn’t feeling good last night and told me to let him sleep until 9:00 and that he would go into work late.

7:15 It’s pouring down rain and chilly, and I’m trying to decide what to do about my workout. Normally, I would take Emma Kate to the gym childcare but I really don’t want to get out in this nasty weather, and I have no idea if Bobby will end up staying home or not so I just decide to think on it. I talk to Emma, she spits up a good bit per usual, and we play with her stuffed animals. She wants to sit up on her own so badly and gets mad when she can’t. She is getting really good at reaching out and grabbing toys, so I hold some in front of her to take.

7:45 We have moved from the couch to the activity mat to her bouncy seat. I answer a few emails while she entertains herself kicking and watching the toys dangle from above.

8:00: She is getting bored of the bouncy seat and lets me know it. I walk her around the house a bit pointing things out to her then put her in the jumparoo for a bit. I answer some more emails, wash some bottles, and tidy up the kitchen.

IMG_2104 (2)

8:40: EK is starting to get fussy, it’s almost nap time. She is wet and covered in spit up and drool, so I take her into her room to change her clothes and diaper. She knows that means it’s nap time and instantly starts to cry. I put her down and she cries for about 30 seconds and then falls asleep. whew.

8:45: I see a break in the rain, it’s now just a drizzle, and decide since the baby is asleep I could get my run over with while she naps and Bobby can still sleep. I hurry up and change, put the monitor on Bobby’s nightstand, and head out the door.

9:20: I am back from my 3 mile run. It was just “eh”. It rained the whole time, but I wisely wore a visor to keep the rain out of my eyes. Bobby wakes up when I come in and I tell him I’m going to jump in the shower and to listen for the baby.

9:45: I am clean again, feeling good after a morning workout, and the baby is awake. Since Bobby feels sick he doesn’t want to get too close to her, so I make her a bottle and he sits on the couch with her while I make Bobby some chicken noodle soup.

9:55: I take advantage of Bobby momentarily watching EK and fold and put away some of her laundry, clean up some things in her room, and unload the dishwasher.

10:15: Emma Kate is getting bored so we do some tummy time on her mat and I talk to Bobby. He’s feeling pretty crummy but has to go into work at some point, and decided to just go in a half day after lunch. I give him some Tylenol and cough drops.

IMG_2095 (2)

10:45: I play some more with EK, handing her different toys and saying different words to her. I film a video of her talking and put it on Instagram. She’s usually in a good mood and laughs a lot in the mornings, but as the day goes on she gets more cranky. Right now, she is still happy so I am getting lots of smiles and giggles. I eat some cheese and crackers and decide to eat lunch later.

11:15 Bobby decides to take a nap before going into work. I start walking the baby around my closet showing her different bright colors and patterns on my clothes. We walk all around until she starts yawning.

11:35 I begin walking into her room, and again she starts crying immediately, knowing it’s nap time. This little girl is going to be a handful, Very stubborn and dramatic. I wonder where she gets it? She goes into the swaddle and I rock her for a minute, but she is not having any of it. I put her down and she calms down on her own (we are really working on self soothing these days) and she is asleep in less than 10 minutes. I take advantage of my time and do some work. I have a few quotes to do and things to enter in for my travel work, and I start working on a blog post for work about the Disney Cruise Line.

12:20: Times flies, and I hear some grumblings coming from Emma’s room. I change her, shes smiling and happy to see me. Soon though, she starts getting really upset wanting a bottle. I go as fast as I can (which is apparently never fast enough!) and we settle in on the couch to eat and hang out.

12:50: Bobby wakes up from his nap and gets ready for work. It was nice having him there this morning even though he was asleep most of the time. I get pretty lonely at home with the baby some days.

1:00: Bobby leaves, and Emma Kate and I spend the next hour rotating between her bouncy seat, bumbo, jumparoo, activity mat, and boppy. She is drooling a lot and is pretty cranky so I’m wondering if maybe a tooth is coming soon?

IMG_2113 (2)

2:00: I realize I never ate lunch. I pop some almonds in my mouth and text Bobby about going to the grocery store. He wants to get some ginger ale so offers to pick up a couple of things so I can make dinner later. By this point the baby is super cranky, so we walk around and “fly” around the room until I decide the only thing to cure the grump is a nap.

2:15: I change her outfit because again, the spit up and drool quantity is astronomical, change her diaper, and it’s time for a nap. She is really unhappy this time and screams pretty loud but just for about ten minutes, then she is out. I feel pretty lucky that she has gotten the hang of nap time quickly and only cries for just a few minutes, sometimes just a few seconds. MUCH better than rocking her to sleep for thirty minutes for 4 naps a day. (We just started putting her down awake this past weekend).

2:20: I am back on the computer writing, quoting, and answering emails for clients. I have several in Disney World right now and several going next month so it’s a busy time.

2:45: She. is. awake. that was like a 27 minute nap. I typically get 35-45 so this one is super short. She wants to eat again, so I fix another bottle and Bobby says he is coming home, that he still feels really crummy.


3:15: Bobby comes home so he entertains EK while I make some tacos. Neither of us have had lunch, so we decide to go ahead and have dinner now.

3:30: we eat and then it’s back to entertaining the wee one. Bobby is pretty pathetic on the couch, but I try to squeeze in some work since he can help with the baby a bit.

4:15: I get on the floor with EK and we do some more tummy time. Then she spits up EVERYWHERE. Time for another bib, outfit, and diaper change.

4:30: Almost time for our final nap. I really wish she would drop to three naps and just make them longer, but right now she is napping every two hours like clockwork.

4:45: Bobby puts her down for me so I can get back to blogging and working. She sleeps, and I sit at the kitchen table at my laptop and get as much done as I can. (by the way, if I get another email from a company asking me to write a blog post and in return “they will pick their favorites and give a social media shout out” I’m going to scream). I dust the living room, take the dog out, and hang up some clothes in my bedroom.

5:55: Over an hour nap, very long for her. Since her last one was so short maybe she is playing catch up. Another diaper change, and time to eat again. I give her a couple of ounces less than usual so she will eat a couple more ounces before she goes to bed.

5:55: We play some more, and she bounces in her jumparoo (she loves that thing!) She is learning to roll the wheel to make noises, etc. It’s really fun to watch her learn new things!

6:30: Time for a bath for the baby, PJ’s, snuggles and another couple of ounces from her bottle.

IMG_2120 (2)

7:00: bedtime for EK! Bobby puts her down at night typically which is nice because then I am “off duty”. I grab a snack since I had dinner so early, grab my iPad, and head upstairs to watch some tv. I check work emails (it never ends) while I watch, and end up doing some quotes for potential clients.

8:30: I decide to start heading towards bed. Typically EK lets me sleep until 6:30-7:00ish, so today was abnormal for me to be up at 5:30, which I am thankful for! I take Bella out, brush my teeth wash my face, and climb into bed with my iPad.

9:00: I end up reading and posting to social media, as well as replying to a couple of emails and finally turn the lights off at 9:30. I figure even if she is up at 5:30 I can get 8 hours. Five to six nights a week Emma Kate will sleep 11-12 hours straight though, and we are so very lucky!

10:00 I finally fall asleep. Then it starts all over again!

QOTD: Are your days pretty much the same or different every day?

Looking Ahead to the runDisney Princess Half

Now that the runDisney marathon weekend is over, it’s time to look on to the next event, which is one that I get to be a part of! After a long year of not being in my happy place, I finally get to go back and run the princess half marathon again! I won’t be doing the glass slipper challenge or 5k this year though. My past few Disney trips have involved multiple races and lots of early wake ups, and honestly this mama is tired and just wants to enjoy Walt Disney World and run one race. I’m sure I will be thinking otherwise once I see everyone’s bling from the other races though.

2012-02-26 07.31.15

Funny story about the below pic from Princess 2014. After I crossed the finish line with my husband and parents with a shout out from the announcers, I got a text from announcer Carissa. Apparently, our fellow buddy and announcer Rudy was curious if I was pregnant or not. I was shocked because well, I WAS pregnant but we weren’t telling people yet, so the fact that someone could tell scared the crap out of me! I told her that he was right and SWORE both of them to secrecy! I also told him he was lucky he was right or else I would have felt really bad about myself if I wasn’t pregnant.


Bobby and I will be staying for a week, at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside which is one of my favorite resorts. I am excited to eat good food, see lots of my running friends, and run through the castle again. Our flights, hotel and rental car are booked (oh yes, we rent a car because I loathe Disney buses), so now the countdown is on. I still have a half marathon to run between now and then, and a lot more training to do as well.


To get you pumped up about the race, check out some of my old recaps below:

Princess Half Marathon 2012

Tangled Royal Family 5k

Royal Family 5k

Princess Half Marathon 2013

Royal Family 5k 2014

Enchanted 10k 2014

Princess Half Marathon 2014


A lot of people ask me what my favorite runDisney race is, and honestly, it changes! Princess is definitely up there though, something about all the fun and girli-ness of this race is just really exciting! We had thought about taking the baby with us, but decided against it. She will be spending good quality time with both grandmothers here at our house, and Bobby and I will get an actual vacation. Let’s face it, it won’t be much of a vacation with a five month old!

photo 865

I hope some of you will be there and that I will get to meet you! I LOVE chatting with other runners, especially runDisney runners, so let’s get excited! The countdown is on!

*Also check out my tips for running Princess!

QOTD: Are you running a runDisney race this year?

What I’m loving: Three month old addition

I did a what I’m loving post when Emma Kate was still a tiny newborn. Now that she is three months old and much more of a little person I thought it would be fun to share what out favorite things are currently.

Rainforest Friends Jumparoo: I bought this for Emma Kate for Christmas. Her feet don’t touch the ground so we have a thick book under it, but she LOVES all the toys, lights and sounds on this. I can’t wait until she is a little bigger and can really jump in it!

IMG_2045 (2)

Sound machine: We have a fan in EK’s room that we run for noise, but since our house has a very open floor plan, we wanted something louder to drown out everyday noises (and the barking dog!) so I got a cheap sound machine for the white noise feature. It has been the best thing! It’s portable, and nice and loud! We use it every night and during naps.

Lil Helper: I saw this in a magazine but didn’t buy it until a friend of mine swore by it. Emma Kate can’t hold her bottle on her own yet, but with the lil helper she can, and it gives me a few minutes to get my coffee or breakfast, etc. while she eats. Life saver!

IMG_1959 (2)

Baby Breeza formula maker: Best invention ever. When it’s early in the morning and the baby is screaming to eat, and you are half asleep….waiting to warm up a bottle and trying to measure out scoops of formula can take forever (and be very messy!) When a friend told me about this invention, I had no idea it even existed. The original reason I made the purchase is because you don’t have to shake the bottle, which was causing lots of bubbles which then were causing baby EK lots of tummy troubles. We fell in love and this thing even travels with us. So easy to measure out different amounts. It’s like a baby Keurig!

HALO Sleepsack Swaddle: We have been using these since day one, and we still use it every day. We tried going a day without it, and Emma Kate kept waking herself up with her arm reflexes so it was back in the sleep sack. She sometimes fights it at first but in the end likes the security of it I think. We call her a baby burrito when she is in it. She has been sleeping 12 hours straight through the night since she was nine weeks old, so I attribute it to the sleep sack and sound machine!

IMG_0823 (2)

QOTD: What was your baby loving at three months? What is something I should get for EK for the next phase?

8 Year Anniversary

Yesterday Bobby and I celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary! It sneaks up on me every year because it’s right after the holidays. I’m not sure how we got everything all ready to go right after Christmas that year!

Looking back on everything Bobby and I have been through and done in the past eight years, it’s crazy to think that I still see myself as a college kid sometimes, and am quickly brought back to reality when a 19 year old calls me “mam”. We have had our ups and downs, but there is no one else I would rather have spent the past eight years with (over ten including the dating/engagement!)







I think at year 10 we need to do a vow renewal, don’t you? Smile

**If you would like to read full recaps of my wedding with more pictures, go here.

QOTD: What was your favorite part of your wedding? Have you ever been to a vow renewal?

runDisney Marathon Weekend Last Minute Tips

I know many of you are traveling down to Walt Disney World this week for the runDisney marathon weekend. Congrats! I know when I was first planning for marathon weekend my first time in 2010, I had a ton of questions and wanted to soak up as many race recaps and as much information as I possibly could.


I thought I would do my best to try and help you by putting it all in one place. I hope you have a magical week/weekend and come back with some great stories and photos!


Tips for the Dopey Challenge

Marathon weekend packing list vlog

Tips for running a runDisney race

5 reasons to run a runDisney race


You can find all of my marathon weekend race recaps (along with others) on my runDisney page. I hope they pump you up and get you excited for a new adventure!


QOTD: Best runDisney tip? Anything you are looking forward to most?

2015 Goals

I waver back and forth with how I feel about New Year’s Resolutions. On one hand, I think it’s silly to wait until January to start something new or take control of your life. On the other hand, it is exciting to have a fresh start at the beginning of a new year, and to get hyped about doing things different this time around. I don’t know, I guess it just depends on my mood! With that being said, I used to do monthly goals here on the blog, and while I’m not sure I will go back to that or not, I do have a few things I wanted to share with the interwebs because it holds me more accountable.

2014 brought a LOT of changes to the Montgomery household, and I am having to learn to do things a lot differently (and with one hand ha!) as a baby truly does change everything! Here are just a few things I would like to do in 2015. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but more of a reminder to get my rear in gear.

2015 Goals:

1.) Read my Bible every day: I was REALLY good about this for the past year or so, as it was the first thing I did when I woke up. Now I wake up to a screaming child and the first thing I do is make a bottle as fast as humanly possible. ‘I’m thinking of switching it up and doing my devotions at night after the baby is in bed.

2.) PR in any race distance: I’m not being picky here. I have been out of the game for a long time not being able to run most of my pregnancy, so really I would be thrilled to PR in any distance!


3.) Foam roll and stretch: As much as I hat to admit it, my IT band and bursitis pain are back, and I have got to keep it under control so I can keep running. If I remember to foam roll before AND after a run, it’s much better, but it’s a hard habit to get into, especially when free time is at a minimum.


4.) Find a good work/life balance: Something I have not done well since having Emma Kate is finding a good work/life balance. Before she was born, I was working 40-50 hours a week between my blog and travel agency work, and that just doesn’t fly with a three month old at home all the time. It’s very hard for me to admit that I just have to cute back on things and prioritize what is most important, and I still haven’t found that balance yet.

IMG_1523 (2)

5.) Eat more healthy foods: Not going to lie, when I was pregnant I pretty much ate whatever I could stomach. My appetite was VERY finicky my entire pregnancy, so I indulged and ate what I could and what I was craving. I was ok with it, I knew it wouldn’t last forever and that I had a good excuse. Smile However, that time is over, and I am ready to get back to some healthier eating habits. I’m taking it one slow step at a time, because if I try to overhaul all at once, I know it won’t stick.

QOTD: What is one goal you have for 2015?

Learning to Love January

Anyone who has read my blog for awhile knows how much I love Christmas. I may have also announced once or twice that January is my least favorite month of the year. It’s cold. It’s dark. There are no Christmas trees or lights or baked goods. Frankly, January has always been pretty depressing to me. As I type this, it is freezing cold and pouring down rain, and we have just put our Christmas decorations away. What a pathetic day! The holidays were over in the blink of an eye, and I am left with….blah.

IMG_1765 (2)

For the past couple of years, I have combatted the January blues by booking destination races in Walt Disney World. Last year Bobby and I ran the Dopey Challenge, and the year before that, the Goofy Challenge. We also ran the marathon in January of 2011. Having a trip to look forward to right after Christmas seemed to “get me though” the post Christmas depression. This year, we have no marathon weekend trip.


As I started thinking about my distain for the first month of the year, I realized it was all in my head and it doesn’t have to be this way. I can’t plan a trip for every January for the rest of my life, and I shouldn’t go through an entire month sad that Christmas is over, so I need to figure out a way to love January. So, here is what I have come up with so far.

1.) New beginnings: January is a great time to start anew. State a goal, get healthy, start over, and bask in the blank slate that has been wiped clean for 2015. Now is a great time to make some exciting plans and work on ME, inside and out.

2.) Long distance race season: Here in the south, the winter is when we have all of out half and full marathons. They typically start in October and end in March. I have several races coming up, so I need to enjoy this time of being able to run, and stay focused on my schedule and my goals. It’s an exciting time since I haven’t really raced in over a year now. I’m pumped!

3.) Enjoy the weather: It’s a crazy amount of hot here in Mississippi for the better part of the year. This fact especially stinks when I am trying to train for a race (or really do anything outside for that matter). As much as I dislike cold weather, I really need to learn to enjoy it while it lasts, because it will not last very long and I will be wishing for it back!

4.) Slower pace of life: As much as I love the time frame from Halloween through New Year’s, it’s typically also a very stressful time. Dinners and parties, things to do with family, church, friends. Lots and lots of pressure! As much as I say I would love the holiday season to go on and on, I’m pretty sure at some point I would collapse in exhaustion! Now that everything is put away and the house is back to “normal”, I can exhale and just BE, without wrapping presents, decorating cookies, and loading up the car to travel.


I’m sure some of you are like me and get the post Christmas blues, and that’s ok. It is an amazing time of year and being sad it’s over is normal. However, be sure to not let your sadness rob you of the joy of all the things January can bring.

QOTD: Any other great reasons to love January that you can think of?

Body After Baby: Three Months

Time for my three month body after baby update. Again, feel free to skip if this isn’t your thing. Keeping track helps me stay motivated through tough months (like this one). Has anyone ever tried losing weight between Thanksgiving and Christmas? It’s crazy hard!

I’d safety say I lost between one and two pounds this month. I’m still not a member of the gym, so my only means of workouts have been running. I ran between two and three days a week in December, and will be finally able to join the gym in January since Emma Kate will go to daycare for five hours a day two days a week, woo hoo!IMG_1930 (2)

I am still about 10 pounds or so from my happy weight, and now that all the holiday temptations and excuses are over, I feel like I will better be able to focus on my health.

Also, I mentioned yesterday on Instagram that I was invited by ASICS to run the LA marathon in March. Surprise! I will post more about it later, but for now, just know that I am terrified about running a full marathon less than 6 months postpartum! I know I can do it, but it’s going to be tough work getting my mileage back up by March. Luckily I have a great coach. More on that later, too!

IMG_1933 (2)

Side shot, not sucking in. Still have some belly fat to firm up, but I knew that would be the hardest part!

I went ahead and allowed myself to indulge and have fun with food around Thanksgiving and Christmas, but now I am buckling down. I am doing the Advocare herbal cleanse, taking my Omegaplex and catalyst as well as spark and every other day I drink a meal replacement shake for lunch. (You can purchase from my advocare store from the link above). I’m still trying to decide which spark flavor is my favorite, but I’m currently loving fruit punch!

IMG_1937 (2)

My hair is still coming out in huge clumps, and now I understand what moms meant when they said they thought they may go bald! Luckily I had very thick hair to begin with. Other than that, I am feeling pretty good. I think my body is more “back to normal” this month as far as how I feel. When I run I can tell there is still extra weight on my body, but that is to be expected. Now that I am going back to lifting weights again, I am excited to see myself get stronger.

With the LA marathon thrown into the mix now, I will have to do some very long runs which will be tough to schedule because of the baby, but at least it’s just for a couple of months and will hopefully be a good motivator for awhile. My longest run to date is 10 miles which I ran the day after Christmas. I have Rock ‘n Roll New Orleans half marathon coming up in less than a month, and I am excited and nervous for my comeback!

QOTD: How did you handle eating during the holidays? Strict? indulge a lot? In moderation?