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Good morning and happy weekend! A HUGE HUGE thank you for all of my birthday wishes! Between the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, my fan pages, texts, and phone calls I was overwhelmed with the love from my family, friends, and readers. You guys sure know how to make a girl feel special. You are all amazing! The fun is continuing for us this weekend, so while I unplug a bit and enjoy my family, I wanted to share another blog with you!

I am sure you already know who she is, and she needs no introduction, but here she is! Amazing mother of 4, veteran YouTube-er, and all around awesome girl!


Bex from Bex Life (and baby Summer!)

1.) How/Why did you start blogging?

I’ve been blogging since I became a mom at 19-years-old. I was looking for a community that I could connect with. The internet was brand new and there was no such word as “blog”… the good old days!

2.) Sum up your blog in a couple sentences is all about family, fitness, and urban farming. In a lot of ways I’m just a ordinary Jersey girl who likes the mall and the beach, but I’ve made sustainable living and the politics of health my life.

3.)What do you wish to accomplish/achieve by blogging?

I’m primarily a YouTuber, so my blog is more about revealing more of my personal views and an intimate look at my family life. is a community of devoted fans and respected health & fitness experts, all supporting each other. I hope that the community only grows larger and more dynamic with time.

4.)What is your biggest healthy living accomplishment?

My proudest and most triumphant physical accomplishment was delivering my fourth baby at home 16 months ago. I practiced and taught yoga up until two weeks before her birth to prepare for labor, and I’m so glad I did. I’ve never done something so difficult and rewarding in my life.

Thanks so much for sharing a bit about yourself Bex! To learn more about this awesome lady, be sure to check out her blog, find her on Twitter, and subscribe to her amazing YouTube channel. You will be glad you did!

QOTD: Do you vlog? Why or why not? Do you watch vlogs/You Tube channels? Why or why not?

July Goals 2012


Happy 4th of July eve! There is excitement in this house since we get the day off tomorrow! A day off in the middle of the week is always interesting. While I would rather it be tacked onto a weekend, it’s better than nothing, amen?

So I am a couple days late, but I wanted to talk to you about my July goals, and how I did with my June goals. (Some good, some…major fail.) So let’s start with June then I will share July’s goals.

Drink more water (A-):  I did pretty good at this in June, however, I feel this is an area in which there is always need for improvement. I try to chug a glass first thing in the morning and then keep refilling during the day, and especially during and after workouts! of course, I am sure a few snow balls will be thrown in there somewhere!


Keep up with my training plan (B+): I have my training plan on my refrigerator, and I write on it and highlight it as I do my workouts. I have run the amount of days I a supposed to for every run, but I have cut some runs short due to heat and run a bit slower than I was supposed to again due to heat.


Read my Bible every day (A-): I have been reading every day during the weekdays, but some Saturdays I wasn’t home or forgot. I am very proud of my consistency on weekdays though and plan to keep this up forever! I have a routine now, after I run in the mornings I sit outside with the pups and read while I cool off.

Foam roll (D+): Oh boy. I am ashamed to say I haven’t been rolling like I should be. I keep the foam roller upstairs in the bonus room so honestly, if I don’t go up there I just plain forget. I am going to really try and do better with this one this month, I don’t want to get injured again!

Take more pictures with my DSLR camera (F): Oy. This was a major, major fail. I don’t think I picked up my camera at all this month. How embarrassing! My iPhone is just so convenient. We are going to the beach next week, and I am DEFINITELY going to take a bunch of photos with my good camera. This is another one I am determined to do better on!



July Goals

Foam Roll: See failed June goal above. Enough said.

Take more photos with my DSLR camera: ditto ditto ditto. I hang my head in shame.

Read 2 books: I truly love reading, and am hoping to accomplish part of this goal when I go to the beach next week. Should be a no brainer, right?

Unplug more on the weekends: I know I will never completely unplug for a whole day (I can’t since I work some on the weekends via the internet/email) but I would love to stay off social media more often on the weekends and enjoy life with my family. I will still blog and occasionally tweet etc. But I don’t want to sit in front of a computer on the weekends.

Cook 2 new recipes: I made a enchilada casserole with ground turkey last week and Bobby loved it, so now I want to explore some more new recipes. I get tired of eating the same stuff every week. I need to add meals to my arsenal!


QOTD: What is a goal you have for July?

Friday Favorites: Food Edition


Good morning! Another weekend is upon us! We have some fun plans including a wedding to go to so I am stoked! What are you doing this weekend? I haven’t done Friday Favorites in awhile so I thought it would be fun to bring it back with a bang, vlog style! Enjoy my rambling!


In case you are curious about any of the products I mentioned in the video, here are the links:

Wild Harvest <—— Healthy Living Summit sponsors, you won’t want to miss them, so get a ticket while you still can!


Cascadian Farm: Great company, sweet people, yummy food.

photo (17)

Archer Farms: I love Target. Enough said.

Swanson Health Products*: The prices on this website are amazing yall, on everything! They also have so so many different products. Go check it out.

photo (16)

Fit Frappe: easy and convenient and packed with protein!

*I was provided free product in exchange for my thoughts and opinions expressed on my blog, however, they are my own.

QOTD: What foods are you loving this summer?

My Fitness Bucket List


You hear a lot of people talking about bucket lists. They may include things like skydiving, visit a certain country, learn a foreign language, or take a painting class. My bucket list seems to revolve around a lot of fitness related activities, so why not have one JUST for health and fitness? So I thought I would share with you a few of the items on my fitness bucket list. You can check out my full list on my #Fitfluential Fitness bucket list Pinterest board. In no particular order….


1.) Run the Tower of Terror ten miler or the tinkerbell half marathon in Disneyland. These are the only two runDisney races I have not run (aside from the expedition Everest challenge) and I have heard great things about tink…and the ToT 10 miler just looks SO fun!



2.) Run the Hood to Coast Relay. Ever since last year when I reviewed the movie, I have wanted to do this race. Them, after competing in the Rouge Orleans Ultra relay, I REALLY wanted to run!



3.) Paddle board or surf in a beautiful location. I kind of fear learning to do something like this, but would love to get over it and do it! Being in a beautiful location would make it a bit more enticing.



4.) Train with Bob Harper. I have loved the Biggest Loser since day one, and really like his approach to health and fitness! Meeting him or training with him would be awesome.



5.) Go to a yoga/spa retreat center. A nice long weekend of relaxation and fitness in a beautiful setting like you see on the movies sounds absolutely wonderful and rejuvenating!


I am adding to my bucket list all the time so be sure to check my Pinterest board often!

QOTD: What is on your fitness bucket list?

*Don’t forget to enter to win a $500 Under Armour gift card as part of the What’s beautiful challenge!

Coca-Cola: America is Your Park

I love going to the park. Even as an adult, there is just something so fun and energizing about playing in a common place where people from the community can gather. Parks are especially important, as they provide a place for kids to get out and play and be active. Living in a state that always tops the obesity charts, I feel that making improvements to our parks is a very important thing.

Thanks to Coca Cola, this is going to become a reality for four parks around the country! Yes, it’s true! Through the live positively campaign, Coca Cola is allowing you to vote for your favorite park, and you can earn even more points for checking in via a special foursquare link when you visit your favorite park. This is the third year of the successful campaign, so be sure to vote for YOUR favorite park. The America Is Your Park campaign was developed in collaboration with the National Park Foundation, America’s State Parks and the National Recreation and Park Association

You can vote now through July 15th for your favorite local park. I am voting for my favorite, Ft. Maurepas park in Ocean Springs, MS.

This park means a lot to me because it is usually a meeting spot for long runs, and it is right on the beach. It’s in a beautiful area, which is still trying to come back after hurricane Katrina. Bobby and I have even gone for a long run and then had a picnic at the park afterwards. It has a fun playground and a splash pad as well as bathrooms and a covered pavilion, but I would love to see a basketball court or some outdoor metal workout/circuit equipment.

It’s all up to you, folks. If you want your park to win, spread the word! You can share via Facebook and Twitter that you have voted, so you can get everyone you know involved. Last year, there were a total for 13 MILLION votes! I say we try to top that! Remember, any park big or small can win. First prize is a $100,000 grant, 2nd prize is a $50,000 grant, and third prize is a $25,000 grant. One lucky park in the top 25 will be randomly chosen for a $15,000 grant as well. It’s SO EASY to vote, so do it right now!

Ok so to recap, here are the two ways to vote:

o Going online (via computer or smartphone 1 vote each)
o “Checking in” and voting from the park via Foursquare (100 votes each) – Details on the site

QOTD: What park are you voting for? Every vote counts!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Only legal residents of the 50 U.S. (and D.C.) who are at least 13 years old and reside within the U.S. at the time of participation are eligible to vote for a Park. Participate on behalf of a Park by: July 15, 2012. The 3 most popular Parks will be offered a grant and there will be 1 Wild Card drawing at the end of the Contest to award an additional grant. To participate, for Official Rules, and complete details including grant descriptions, visit Void where prohibited.

Be Your Own Advocate


Monday already?! I hope your weekend was a good one. Mine flew by as usual. We visited my parents because we went to a youth group reunion at my church. Our old youth pastor, who moved away my junior year, was coming into town and we had a reunion for all the youth that were in the church during his “time” as youth pastor. So many people are spread out all over the place so only a handful of people got to come, but it was still great to see everyone!

photo (5)


it rained all. weekend. No long run for us. Instead, we got flooded streets and yards. The dogs just LOVED going outside to potty in this…

photo (4)

and I MAY have had two snowballs this weekend…

photo (3)

Wedding cake is the best flavor ever created. Except for wedding cake cream. Oh my.

Anyway today’s post does have a bit of a serious tone to it. I have been struggling with a series of health issues and I am not sure where they are coming from. It’s so frustrating to try and pin point something based on a set of symptoms just to have something else come into play that changes everything. So, I just wanted to give a quick PSA to be an advocate for your health. Just because a doctor says something does not mean it’s true, and just because something wasn’t a problem for you in the past doesn’t mean it can’t be now. People make mistakes, medicines get misdiagnosed, and our body chemistry changes. it is SO important to do our own research, ask questions, and not be afraid to say “no! something still isn’t right!” Even when the doctor says everything seems fine.

Just a little something that has been on my mind. I used to always be the person who thought I could never disagree with my doctor and that they were always right and I would never go against what they said…but sometimes you have to take your health into your own hands. You only get one body, so don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself if something doesn’t seem right!

Ok that is all. Smile I hope you have a SUPER fabulous Monday! I’ve got work to do.

QOTD: Have you ever had to be an advocate for your own health? What happened?

Nutrex Hawaii


I have always been curious about supplements and vitamins, I think they are a great way to get extra nutrients to help your body, especially if you are a picky eater like myself. When I was given the opportunity from Nutrex Hawaii to review some of their products, I was really excited to see what they could do for me.

I was sent Spirulina in powder and pill form, as well as BioAstin. I had never heard of these before, so I did some research (and was sent some great literature) and I found out some pretty amazing stuff!


Spirulina has been called Nature’s most powerful superfood supplement. So what is it? Its a blue-green algae found in lakes in Africa and central America. Its a complete protein with super high levels of Beta-Carotene, omega 6 fatty acid, and B vitamins, among other things like antioxidants.

The brands Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica is the only spirulina cultivated in Biosecure zone free of pesticides. herbicides, and industrial pollutants, and this is all done in Kona, Hawaii.


Get this, one serving of spirulina has the same levels of antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals as 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, WHOA!

Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica is good for:

Your eyes

-boosting immunity

-boosting energy

-supports blood health

-is a building block for muscle tissue

-supports cellular health and immunity


The second product I was given is BioAstin.

photo (1)

This product has been called “Nature’s Anti-Inflammatory”.  It is also packed with antioxidants, and has been proven to help those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, joint and muscle soreness after exercise, and inflammation of the skin from UV exposure/sunburn. The last two are very interesting to me. As an athlete who is out in the sun a lot, I am excited to see some results regarding skin inflammation and post/workout muscle soreness.

Also, BioAstin is safe for people of all ages, and has has no known side effects. It also helps your immune function, cholesterol, eyes, brain, and central nervous system.  The key ingredient, Astaxanthin, is found in the highest concentration in the animal world in salmon. It has been thought that the strength and endurance for this fish to swim upstream can be attributed to Astaxathin. Sounds like a win win to me!

I just started taking these pills last week, and cannot wait to see the results, so stay tuned to see how I am feeling in a couple of weeks. A huge thanks to Nutrex Hawaii for letting me try the products out!


Guess what? There is going to be a TWITTER CHAT tonight at 8:00 pm CST. Be sure to use the #SuperNutrients and join in the fun! Not to mention, PRIZES! Two (2) chat participants will win a $50 Spafinder giftcard and Hawaiian Health Package (Hawaiian Spirulina tablets and powder, BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin, a signed book by Suzy Cohen, Astaxanthin and Spirulina books: all in a drawstring gym bag). ONE chat participant will win the Grand Prize: a $100 Spafinder giftcard and Hawaiian Health Package (same as above)


FitFluential LLC compensated me for this campaign. All opinions are my own.

QOTD: Have you ever tried a product with these benefits? Which health benefit intrigues you the most?