New Naked Juice and Giveaway

Mornings in my house can be pretty hectic. Everyone is trying to get out the door to start their day, and especially on days when the baby goes to daycare I don’t always have time to sit down and eat breakfast. As a multi tasker, it works better for me to gets things done WHILE making sure I get some breakfast, so grabbing a Naked juice before I jump in the car works for me a lot of mornings. DSC_0048

They are also a great and refreshing mid morning or afternoon snack. I like to make sure it is good and cold and then enjoy one as I cool down from a run, especially in this summer heat we have been experiencing. I have been drinking Naked juice for years, so I was really excited to learn they had some new flavors coming out. As a lover of almond milk and berry flavored things, I knew I would be all about the new berry almond nutmilk flavor, and I was correct. It. Is. Delicious. DSC_0055

Each bottle of Berry Almond Nutmilk contains: 26 blueberries, 8 blackberries, 2 raspberries, 1 strawberry, 24 almonds, 1 3/4 apples and 1/3 banana. Berry Almond Nutmilk is gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free. This non-dairy smoothie blends together fruit, almond milk and soy protein to deliver 11g of plant protein per bottle.


Naked Juice has a deep tradition of goodness. Since its founding in 1983, they have been committed to creating the most nutritious beverages. Naked Juice has no added sugars or preservatives, and is perfect for on-the-go active individuals who know it’s important to incorporate fruits and veggies into their diet, but doesn’t always have the time to chop, slice, cook or blend. (hello, this is me!) I admittedly have problems getting in the correct amount of fruits and veggies in a day, so, if you can’t eat ‘em, drink ‘em! DSC_0062

The kind people at Naked gave me some coupons for FREE Naked drinks and smoothies so I am passing them on to you guys for a giveaway! THREE people will win TWO coupons each so you can try the new flavors for yourselves. Please follow the instructions below to enter: Naked Juice Giveaway

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

The Instagram Life

Let’s face it. We all do it…Taking 25 photos to get the perfect shot for Instagram. We change the lighting, telling our kids to smile or they aren’t getting dessert, and frantically try to get the perfect shot before someone has a meltdown (I may or may not be talking about myself with the meltdowns.)

Social media is a beautiful thing that has bridged a gap so that we can be friends with people easily from around the world. However, with it has become a trap that you may not even be aware you have fallen into.

Instagram life

There are actually two sides the to this trap, the side of the photo taker and the side of the photo viewer. I have been on both sides and I fear unintentionally made someone to feel that my life is all butterflies and rainbows and perfectly posed photos that I get right on the first try. As a viewer, it’s so easy to get caught in the comparison trap “oh looks, she is taking her kids to the park AGAIN. I haven’t taken mine in weeks, I’m a bad mom.” Or, “she’s at the gym again, she takes the perfect mirror selfie and looks awesome after a sweat session!” Or, “her baby is perfect. She is always smiling or laughing in photos. I bet she takes long naps every day and never cries!”

I can assure you, what you see in my Instagram feed is NOT my reality. But let’s face it, we all want to look nice and no one wants to see pictures of a crying baby, so we do our best to show our “best” side, while at the same time potentially making people assume untrue things about our lives. Let me give you some examples I randomly pulled from my instagram:

This picture was taken just about 5 minutes before I got a phone call from my mom that my dad was taken to the ER for a terrible allergic reaction after he passed out. It was a few days before Christmas and I was FREAKING OUT. It wasn’t quite the cute little “daddy playing with baby” scene after that.


The following photo was labeled our “first walk as a family.” I had built up this moment in my head, with visions of Bobby and I walking hand in hand while the baby cooed, and the dogs healed happily at our sides and it was the perfect temperature outside. Heh. Bobby and I actually ended up getting into a fight on our first walk! I was upset because it wasn’t going as “planned”. The baby was crying, it was REALLY windy and the blanket wasn’t staying on the carset to cover the baby, further annoying her (and me). All I asked Bobby to do was KEEP THE DOGS OUT OF THE WAY OF THE STROLLER WHEELS so I didn’t run them over, and well, let’s just say he needs some work on how to handle dog leashes. I just wanted to go back to the house and forget it ever happened. Sigh.


Oh look at the cute first photo of the new family of three in the hospital. It looks like baby is happily eating and mom and dad are thrilled with their little bundle of joy. Oh boy. Emma Kate was jaundiced because she wasn’t getting enough to eat because I was producing zero milk. I was in an excruciating about of pain with a huge ice pack shoved into my giant mesh panties. I was so tired I just wanted to cry, and people kept coming in at all hours to take my blood, give me medicine, have me feed the baby and what not, so I was quite delirious. I honestly don’t even remember this picture being taken.


Ah, this one is a gem. Worst. Disney. Trip. Ever. and it was totally and 100% my fault. This was during the 2014 Princess half marathon, at the height of my morning sickness and exhaustion during pregnancy. I have never KNOWN such exhaustion. I used to think staying up late to study in college and surviving on a 30 minute nap was exhausting. I was running the 5k, 10k, and half marathon and no one knew I was pregnant except my family and a couple friends. My parents went with us, and we had a big beautiful club level room at the Boardwalk with a great view. I stayed in bed about 80% of the trip, ate no yummy food, and was mean to everyone. I knew I was doing it I just couldn’t help it. Crazy pregnancy hormones for the win. I would literally get out of bed, eat breakfast, then be so exhausted I had to go sleep for 3 hours. Poor Bobby just hung out in the room with me and my parents went off to the parks. I am still not sure how I ran all three races without dying or killing someone. I have cried about this trip because I knew it would be our last chance to travel before baby, and I was “ruining” it. So “yay” for the fun balcony pic with all my bling and weeeee I’m in Disney World! Excuse me while I go vomit over the railing. blog5

Then there is poor sweet Emma Kate. Judging by my feed you would think the child is always laughing. You should see the out takes. I take anywhere from 10-30 pictures of her and the chalkboard every month, and get maybe 2-3 “keepers”. Homegirl can make some faces.


Don’t forget about the beautiful “I’m just chillin in Los Angeles, oh look it’s the ocean from my balcony!” pic. This was taken literally seconds after I got out of bed. The view was beautiful so I thought I could try to do some artsy creative “good morning from LA” shot. There is one tiny problem, I am neither artsy nor creative. I got some hilarious outtakes from this one. Because of the angle of the sun, I had to keep turning my phone certain ways or the sun was DIRECTLY IN MY EYES burning holes in my corneas. Those were keepers. Not.


I love candid shots, and this one came out really cute, except you could see some serious wrinkles around my eyes in the color shot. Enter black and white! There, now don’t I look about 18? I wish.


This is an old one, taken back in the fall of 2012. I was struggling with major anxiety during this time due to some personal and job stuff with my husband, and the side effect was bad stomach issues. This in turn caused me to drop about 15 pounds. This is the thinnest I had been since high school, and I was so sick I could barely eat. People kept telling me how good I looked, but if only they knew the crap I was going though and I was not intentionally trying to lose weight. I was really unhappy but “I feel great I just ran 18 miles!” Still not sure how I pulled that off on my 500 calorie a day anxiety diet.


And finally, another attempt at being artsy. I was on the Santa Monica Pier and wanted a cool medal shot. The only problem was the sun was beating down and I couldn’t see the screen on my phone. I took no less than 20 shots and just crossed my fingers that when I got back to the hotel where I could actually see that ONE of the photos came out ok. Aren’t I cool?

FullSizeRender (29)

So, as you can see, my life is messy, unpredictable, and boring. Not to mention all the mundane in between days where I don’t have anything exciting to post. For instance, I posted a picture yesterday of my dog in a laundry basket. That was about the most photo worthy thing that happened all day, I kid you not.

And don’t get me started on filters. They can really turn a photo around, and I very rarely post a “no filter” photo unless it’s of my dog in a laundry basket. She looks adorable in any lighting.

So what is my point to all of this? I guess just to take social media with a grain of salt. Yes I have gotten the opportunity to do some awesome things and go to fun places, but most of my life is your everyday mundane stuff like doing mountains of laundry, cleaning spit up off my pajama pants, and making tacos for the third time this week. But who wants to see pictures of that? I don’t think anyone is “at fault” here, I just want everyone to be careful to guard your minds from falling into the comparison trap based solely on the Instagram life. I can promise you the person behind the photos is struggling with SOMETHING, so let’s not forget that we are all fighting battles, and sometimes it’s ok to just be real. #NoFilter.

QOTD: What are your thoughts on Instagram photos and the comparison trap? Have you fallen for it?

Lorna Jane Fit Challenge: February Update

It has now been a month since I started the Lorna Jane fit challenge. I will admit I didn’t have my whole heart in it this month because 1.) I am marathon training and 2.) I went on a much needed vacation.

image1 (2)

My marathon is in two weeks and I plan to go big or go home after that with the challenge, but I did manage to make some small changes this month thanks to the fit challenge.

I did several of the workouts included in my guide, and even tried a couple of new meals from the “nourish” portion. Something I definitely did a good job of this month is just getting outside. Even when it was cold out, I made it my goal to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. When I was on vacation I spent a ton of time outside, and I think in the winter months I forget just how much I enjoy it!

IMG_2848 (2)

Because of my hip injury and physical therapy, I have been focusing a lot on not only the PT exercises given to me for my hip, but also the strength moves from the challenge and am already seeing an improvement in my stability and balance.

I am excited for March, I know once my race is over I can focus more on this instead of logging so many miles. I plan to keep up the strength work and hopefully add in some new recipes this month!

Remember, to keep up with the challenge and what everyone is doing search and use #LJFitChallenge, #sweatpink #lornajane

QOTD: Do you work on stability and balance?

Weekly Training Recap 2015: Week 3

Now that I have at least four races I am training for, I think it will be helpful for me to go back to posting my weekly workouts here on the blog. It will help me hold myself accountable as I go forward. I have added a lot of distance since having Emma Kate, but my times are not where I thought they would be almost four months postpartum, so I need some accountability! I get in a trap of getting the miles in but they are “junk miles” a lot of times.

Races planned:

RnR New Orleans

rnDisney Princess Half Marathon

LA marathon

Crescent City Classic 10k


This is what I did last week:

Sunday: Off

Monday: 3 mile treadmill run

Tuesday: 4 mile treadmill run

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: 4 miles on the treadmill

Friday: 35 minutes stationary bike, arm weights

Saturday: 7 mile taper run, Rock ‘n Roll New Orleans half marathon is next Sunday!


This next week will be toned down quite a bit since my race is on Sunday, but after that I have to get going again for my next three races!

QOTD: What is the next race on your calendar?

Body After Baby: One Month

I posted Emma Kate’s one month update last week, and now it’s time for my update! I know these types of posts can be kind of touchy, so please keep in mind 1.) I have been cleared by my doctor for running, and 2.) These are MY personal feelings on my body, my progress, etc. Everyone is different, some people don’t care about working out again after a baby or losing the weight, but it is important for me to have goals and milestones to keep myself going.

I lost 17 pounds in the first ten days post partum. I was feeling great about myself and thought “hey, this isn’t so hard! I am still eating like I am pregnant and not working out, this is great!” But then..I stalled. From day 17 until now I have lost exactly one pound.


I know this is normal, but it can still be frustrating. But, as they say, it took 9 months for me to gain it, so I just need to be patient.

It’s not as much about the way I look, but more about the way I feel. I am chafing in places I never chaffed before, feel heavy on my feet running, and can’t fit into any of my pants or shorts which makes me feel uncomfortable. I’m back in most of my regular tops, but still in maternity bottoms (and stretchy forgiving capri pants to run in!)

one month

For month two I am going to focus more on what I am eating. I know I formed some bad habits while I was pregnant and I need to break them. Right now my biggest issue is time. I am so busy with my job and the baby I am having a hard time fitting in anything else. Working out is something that keeps me sane and calm, so when I don’t get to do it I am even more stressed. I am home alone with her all day, and sometimes Bobby works odd hours which can make it difficult to get a workout in other than walking the baby in the stroller.

one month3

So how exactly are my workouts going? Slow, but I am doing more at this stage than I thought I would be doing which makes me proud. Last week I ran four times. Well, run/walked. 2 miles twice and 2.25 miles twice. Yesterday I ran/walked 3 miles, a new post baby PDR. It’s slow, but I am building my base back up for my upcoming races that I cannot wait to run, I miss it!

QOTD: When did you go back to working out after you had a baby? Do you struggle more with workouts or eating right?

My Post Baby Shape Up Plan

Now that I am three weeks postpartum, I have started thinking about my post baby shape up plan. Even though I had a pretty good tear during delivery, my doctor gave me the ok to start going on slow strolls when I got home, and slowly resume workouts after two weeks if I felt up to it. I went for one walk a week and a half after Emma Kate was born, and then another two days ago, for one hour with her in the BOB Revolution SE.


Be looking for a full review of this awesome stroller in the next month. I am loving it so far, and luckily Emma Kate loves going for walks! It’s really easy to maneuver and is so smooth, but more on that later.

Up until about day 19 I was seriously questioning my ability to get back into workouts. I was still not feeling “normal” from the delivery physically, and was experiencing pain and pressure, but I can honestly say I just woke up and turned a corner the other day, and now feel more confident in my ability to get going again. So, here is my “plan” to SLOWY get back into shape. Please keep in mind I am in no hurry, am not frantic about losing the weight, but I do feel if I don’t have a true plan outlined I will just kind of flounder around not really getting anywhere, so here goes:

1.) Cut back on the junk: My very sweet friends from church and my family have been bringing us meals for the past three weeks. This has been SO wonderful, but now that it is ending I am going to have to get back into cooking again, and not eating so much junk during the day. I cut myself slack the first three weeks because I was sleep deprived, still learning this whole mom thing and what not, but it’s time to stop making excuses. I can still be sleep deprived and eat healthy!

2.) Walk every other day until four weeks post partum, then start walk/running 2-3 times a week: Going on my one hour walk on Monday really boosted my confidence. Granted, it was a SLOW walk, but I was pushing the baby in the BOB. I plan to continue to walk, especially since the weather is nice this week, and am hoping next week to start a Galloway-type run/walk/run until I am strictly back to running and not walking. I do have some races coming up in early 2015!


new shoes make getting outside a lot easier!


3.) Join a gym at the beginning of November: When we first moved back up here in the summer, Bobby joined a local gym. I was getting to the very uncomfortable stage of pregnancy where all I was doing was walking, so I thought I would save some money and wait and join the gym after the baby came. By 4 weeks post partum I think I will be ready to start doing some light weight lifting and cross training. It will feel good to be back at a gym again!

4.) Keep track of my progress: If I don’t keep track of what I am doing to where I can see my progress, I am more likely to give up. I have been using my Aria wi-fi scale to track my weight, and will continue to do so and plan to go back to wearing my fit bit to help me keep track of what I am doing during the day.

QOTD: Any tips for getting back into shape post baby?

30 Day Get Picky Fiber Choice Challenge Update

I have been taking my Fiber Choice fruity bites now for about 30 days, and wanted to check in with yall to tell you how I am doing and my thoughts on the product after using it for a month.


First of all, let’s discuss taste. I stated this in my last post, and 30 days later it is still true: These fruity bites taste REALLY good! I actually remember to take them most of the time and WANT to take them because it’s like popping candy in my mouth every day!

I was concerned about taking too much fiber too soon, so I started with just one a day then upped my intake to two (which is one serving) and on days when I felt like I needed a little more I would take a second serving.

Being this late in pregnancy, I know a lot of ladies really suffer from constipation. In my first trimester, I had serious issues with that, so when I heard it comes back late in the game I was NOT looking forward to it. I am happy to report I have had VERY minimal problems with constipation, and the ones I have had were really my own doing. (Either forgetting my fruity bites or eating way too much bread, etc.) Some fiber pills have given me issues with bloating and a really full airy feeling, but I have not had that at all!


I felt very in control of my body and digestion all month, and was able to indulge a bit on things that would normally not sit well with me (especially being pregnant!) and I was ok in the end. I definitely plan to make the fruity bites part of my daily routine from here on out to continue to keep me regular and feeling good, and highly recommend them to you if you are looking for a little extra fiber in your diet.

I will be posting one more time about Fiber Choice soon, and it will involve a CHALLENGE that you can join in and see what Fiber Choice is all about yourself, so stay tuned!

You can get more info on fruity bites on their website, and be sure to check out the Fiber Choice Facebook page.

Disclosure: I was provided product and compensation for this challenge, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Detour SMART Bar Review

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Detour Bar.

I am quite picky about my snacking. I don’t eat large meals, so I snack all. the. time. I carry a lot of bar type foods around in my purse as well, and am always on the lookout for what fuels me best and is healthy while still tasting good.


I was sent two boxes of Detour’s SMART bars in Blueberry and Apple Cinnamon.


The day I got these in the mail, my husband and I busted open a box and both tried one, and were pleasantly surprised! The greek yogurt drizzle is what put it over the top for me! I also like the soft texture.


There are four total flavors: Blueberry, Apple Cinnamon, Cranberry Flax, and Peanut Butter Chocolate. I can only vouch for the two I was sent, but I will say both boxes are almost gone!

I know in the summer a lot of people tend to get lax on their healthy eating. There are tons of BBQ’s to go to, frozen treats to consume, and the heat makes you not want to workout. However, you don’t have to sacrifice your healthy lifestyle in the summer and can still snack smart!


I am a numbers nerd, so I really enjoyed checking out this chart comparing Detour bars to other brands. Don’t get me wrong, I still eat and enjoy some of these other brands, but it is nice to know that Detour bars have the lowest amount of sugar and are very high up there in terms of protein!


If you like high protein, healthy snacks, that give you energy through whole grain carbs and fiber, you should try a box of Detour SMART bars. You can find them at several locations or purchase online. For more information or to follow the brand on social media, be sure to check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

QOTD: What do you look for in a healthy snack bar? Taste? sugar? protein?

P.S. – Be on the lookout today on my Instagram account for a giveaway!

Fiber Choice 30-Day Get Picky Challenge

When I was contacted by Fiber Choice about joining in their 30-Day Get Picky Challenge, I was immediately intrigued because I have never been able to find a fiber regimen that I was crazy about. They always seem to swing from one side of the pendulum to the other, and I was looking for some middle ground that wouldn’t upset my stomach, but would still be beneficial. I was cleared by my OBGYN to join in the challenge, and was so excited to receive my product in the mail. I will be switching to the Fiber Choice products for 30 days and at the end of the challenge will evaluate my thoughts. So far after a few days, I will say I really enjoy taking my supplement! These babies taste good! It’s like eating candy so I don’t mind (and never forget) to take them.

On and off in my pregnancy I have struggled with constipation, so I am curious to see what happens in these 30 days. You can take up to 3 servings a day, but I started at one as to not overwhelm my system with too much fiber at once, and will be working up to taking more.


I chose to try the Fiber Choice Fruity Bites for the challenge. These are chewable fiber supplements in gummy form with natural flavor and colors. Not to mention, they taste great! The supplements Fiber Choice makes contain 3 grams of fiber per serving (two gummies in my case). The natural fiber helps support your immune system and digestive tract, and can be taken every day.

A lot of Americans do not get enough fiber in their diets. (Recommended intake is 25 to 35 grams). Choosing to take a supplement is something that is important to me, especially since I have been very picky about my food choices since being pregnant.

All of the Fiber Choice products contain a prebiotic fiber called inulin, which is a 100% natural fiber found in fruits and veggies). These prebiotics help the good bacteria (probiotics) grow and support our well being. Fiber choice products are also gluten free, and are available at most mass merchandisers, drug stores, and grocery stores.


I will be posting about the challenge at the midway point and at the end, and will let you know how I am feeling. So far so good! Be sure to follow Fiber Choice on Twitter for news and updates!

*Always be sure to consult with your physician before taking any new supplements.

QOTD: Do you take a fiber supplement? Do you think you get enough fiber in your diet?

Disclosure: I was provided product and compensation for this challenge, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Balance Bar Summer Shape Up (and giveaway)

Disclosure: I received a Walmart gift card as part of a sponsored collaboration for the Summer Shape Up Challenge with Balance Bar.

I have tried many different types of bars over the past few years, and have gotten very particular about them. When I was approached by Balance Bar about their summer shape up challenge, I was intrigued, as I had never tried this brand before.

The Balance Bar® Summer Shape-Up Challenge kicked off to help consumers move more, eat healthier and feel great while enjoying summer. The 40-day Challenge was filled with 30-minute workouts, healthy eating tips and multiple social media giveaways.


I took my Wal-Mart giftcard and headed off to the store to purchase my product. There were a lot of flavors to choose from, but I ended up settling on cookie dough and yogurt honey peanut. I also decided to try the caramel nut blast as well. My shopping trip was easy and seamless, and I was soon home with my new snacks.

unnamed (16)

After trying out the flavors, my favorite is definitely the cookie dough. It has a good flavor, not really chalky, and doesn’t feel like I am eating a bunch of chemicals. There are many other flavors to choose from, so be sure to check out all the products on their website.

About Balance Bar®        

Founded in 1992, Balance Bar®, one of America’s original nutrition/energy bars, offers the right ratio of ingredients and nutrients that are scientifically formulated to help keep you in balance, delivering the nutritional benefits to help you enjoy today while looking after tomorrow. Balance Bars® are available in four unique product lines (Original, Gold, Dark and bare) that offer more than 20 delicious flavors based on the 40/30/30 nutrition model – a proven formula developed by scientists to help maintain blood sugar levels already within a normal range and that represents the caloric ratio the body needs to enjoy lasting balanced energy and help satisfy hunger for longer; 40% of total calories from carbohydrates, 30% from protein and 30% from dietary fat.

*If you want to try Balance bar energy bars for yourself, the brand has been kind enough to sponsor a giveaway for one THLG reader to win a $10 Walmart gift card and a variety pack of Balance Bars! Simply follow the Rafflecoptor directions below. Good luck!


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