Under Armour Visit Part 1: Welcome to Baltimore

What a whirlwind of a week it has been! But, it has been an AMAZING one! I did something this week I have never done. I flew somewhere and then back the very next day. That “somewhere” wasn’t just anywhere, it was Under Armour headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. I was a part of the What’s Beautiful competition through Fitfluential, and was chosen to go up for a visit. To say I was excited would be the understatement of the century.


My day started off VERY early. I had a 6:00 flight because I wanted to maximize my time in Baltimore. This meant a 3:40 wake up call, and a 45 minute drive to the New Orleans airport, and a long walk from the parking garage with no coffee.

under armour8

My “why am I up so dadgum early” face.

I had a smooth and uneventful flight, and met my driver at baggage claim. I felt like a total dork, but I was super excited to have someone waiting for me with one of those little signs with my name on it. It’s the little things folks. My kind driver promptly took my bag and I thought I could certainly get used to this!

under armour7

As we stepped outside I immediately noticed the awesome weather. Low humidity and breezy. I could DEFINITELY get used to this! We took a quick drive to headquarters where I was dropped off at the front desk and immediately saw this on the giant TV above the reception area.

under armour6

I squealed and said “HEY THAT’S ME! Before snapping a photo. Poor girl at the front desk must have thought I was a loon. I then finally got to meet the fabulous Jami. I love this girl. She is so passionate about Under Armour and marrying real women/bloggers with fitness and health. Her enthusiasm is contagious! We walked through a gorgeous building with huge photos of athletes on the walls. I may have secretly wished one day it would be me up there!

under armour5

Electra had already arrived, so the first of many photos happened.

under armour4

under armour3

We chatted and waited for the other girls Kasey and Tasha before heading over to the gym for a workout.

under armour2

We walked into the gym and each had an open locker with an outfit for our workout and an outfit to put on after our shower, plus some fun other things like a bag, water bottle, etc (AMAZING bag by the way, you all need one!) I instantly felt like a famous athlete with my own locker. Of course, we took pictures.

Under Armour

We quickly changed and headed out to the lobby to learn all about Armour 39. Let me tell you folks, this thing is a beast, and so awesome. It is a performance monitoring system for athletes that does SO much and I can’t wait to tell you more about it very soon, but for now just know it’s pretty epic.


Making sure I had the strap adjusted correctly before I put it on under my shirt.


After getting all set up, it was time for our assessment to get the most accuracy out of Armour 39, so we did a quick treadmill run after meeting our trainer, Chris. After our assessment, we headed out to a gorgeous turf/field right on the water for our circuit training.

I am going to stop here for the day because I have SO many more photos to share and amazing experiences, and don’t want to make this post too long. Stay tuned! Here is a sneak peek of our workout. (Photos taken by the awesome Matt Ryb!)



After I do my posts about the actual experience, I will be sure to recap what I learned and what this whole experience meant to me. I can’t wait to share!

QOTD: Do you own any UA gear? What is your favorite?

Weekly Workout Recap: July 2013 Week 4

Rainy weekend down here in Mississippi. Bobby and I  got POURED on during our 11 mile run yesterday. If only we had run a little bit faster we wouldn’t have had sand pelting our bodies (exfoliator anyone?) crazy wind and hard rain. At least it was in the last couple miles of our run.


soaking wet after 11 miles at the beach + a thunderstorm

Check out how the rest of my workout week went:

Sunday: rest

Monday: 6 mile treadmill run

Tuesday: weights, 40 minutes stationary bike

Wednesday: 3 mile run, 15 minutes stationary bike

Thursday: weights, 30 minutes stationary bike

Friday: 40 minutes elliptical

Saturday: 11 mile long run

I was very proud that I did cardio 6 days this week after being out of town for so long. It was tough getting back to it, but this is the first time I have run 20 miles in one week since February I think. This next week will be a running cut back week, then the next will have my last really long run before Dumbo Double Dare. I am not where I wanted to be speed wise, but I am confident in the distance. Now what about back to back runs…yeah I haven’t done any of those yet. Maybe this week.

QOTD: How many days of cardio do you do a week?

Weekly Workout Recap: July 2013 Week 3

Happy Sunday! I finally go home today! I have been at my parents since I flew in on Friday night since they live near the airport. In the past two weeks I have been home for 2 nights, so I am ready to get back in a routine, ESPECAILLY concerning my workouts. Oh, folks, it’s been bad. But that’s ok, I had a lot of fun on my trips and wouldn’t trade all the birthday cake and yummy meals!


Lots of great stuff coming up in the next couple weeks, including the Under Armour giveaway winner, a couple product reviews, and a giveaway my running fans will love.

As far as workouts this past week….they were pretty non existent. I wasn’t feeling great a few of the days I was gone, so I only ran once and it was the morning of the runDisney fun run which I will be blogging about this week as well as all the things I learned at the Disney Sports Festival, so stay tuned! My workout week looked liked this:

One run, lots of walking around the theme parks.

That’s it, and that’s ok, but I’m ready to hit the gym tomorrow!

***The winner of the Under Armour What’s Beautiful giveaway is Cindy A! Her comment:

My goal is to become a runner. I have been interested in running for what seems like forever, but to be perfectly honest, I’m intimidated. I need to to stop over-analyzing and just do it!


Please e mail me and I will get you your prizes! heatherslookingglass@gmail.com

QOTD: Favorite flavor of cake? Mine is wedding cake!

July Goals 2013

Yes, yes I know I know. Nine days in and just now posting my goals. I apologize! But, I’m here now so here we go! Let’s review my June goals:


1.) Heal my IT band:(C)  Eh. yes and no. It still bothers me but I can run on it. It aches after and sometimes my hip aches when I run longer than 4 miles, but I am managing.

2.) Get on track with Dumbo challenge training. (C-) Getting there. I have upped my mileage to 7, but I need to start skipping and run 9 next time, then 11 and 13 to get ready for dumbo. it’s so close!


3.) Get back to my happy weight. (B-) Yes and no. I did lose a couple pounds but I still have a couple more to go.

4.) Stop Worrying. (A-)  Happy to report that that this one has gotten much much better! Not perfect, but I am coming to grips with it.

Not my best month goal wise, but they can’t all be great right? I try to find a balance between hard to reach and not out of reach, but sometimes I fall short and that’s ok. This is why some months you will see me repeat some of the same goals again. I will do the same this month.


July goals:

1.) Heal my IT band: ‘nuff said

2.) Get back to my happy weight: again…

3.) Go back to body pump: I was enjoying this class until I hurt my IT band and I stopped going. I need to go back!

4.) Continue with my leg strengthening exercises: I have been told to do some certain exercises to help with strength and I want to keep it up to fast track my healing.

QOTD: What do you do when you don’t obtain a goal?

Weekly Workout Recap: July 2013 Week 1

Good morning from the beach! We drove in the rain for over three hours yesterday, and it has been raining on and off since we have been here. Hoping today is the last of it!

photo (6)

Regardless, we are staying at an amazing place and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!


But for today, here is a look at my workouts for the week. Yes, my IT band is still bothering be after runs. My hip hurts after about 4 miles of running, and my knee aches after. I am still foam rolling and stretching.

Sunday: rest

Monday: 35 minutes bike, weights

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: 3 mile run, weights

Thursday: one hour bike, weights

Friday: 15 minutes elliptical

Saturday: 7 mile run

Just an average week, but as you can see I am adding mileage. Dumbo double dare has snuck up on me, so I will have to up my mileage rather quickly to get ready for the challenge.

QOTD: How was your week of workouts?

Weekly Workout Recap: June Week 3

Good morning from Georgia! We go home today, so sad. It was such a quick trip but hope to come back and visit soon.


We have had a wonderful time. Sadly, I didn’t workout at all while we were here, but that’s ok my body probably needed the break. Here is what I did this week:

Sunday: rest

Monday: 3 mile run

Tuesday: 45 minutes stationary bike, upper body weights

Wednesday: 3 mile run

Thursday: rest

Friday: rest

Saturday: rest

Definitely not a great workout week, so I will be hitting it hard this week. I have got to start building my mileage back up. My right knee is STILL somewhat sore, but I am going to keep foam rolling and stretching!

QOTD: Do you cut yourself slack with workouts on vacation?

June Photo Dump

Good morning! I didn’t get home until 10:00 last night, so the great post I was working on isn’t going up until tomorrow because I needed more time on it. So today you get a “wordless Wednesday” of sorts (just ignore that I’m using words RIGHT NOW….ok so I will caption them…) and see some of the photos I am dumping into my computer from my phone. Some have appeared on Instagram, some haven’t.

Getting stronger


Sweet girl

photo (9)

Give me caffeine

photo (8)

Pink kind of day

photo (10)

Father’s Day delivery

photo (11)

Sunset off the balcony

photo (12)

Post run cool down, it was 92 degrees and 88% humidity.

photo (13)

Golf outing

photo (14)

QOTD: Which pic is your favorite? Is your photo album CONSTANTLY full like mine because you have too many pictures on your phone?

Weekly Workout Recap: June Week 1


Another week has come and gone. How is it the second week of June? How is it the sixth month of 2013? Yeesh. Quick recap of a less than stellar and very frustrating workout week. My IT band is still not doing so great. I went to the chiropractor and that helped (active release) but it’s still tight but not as painful. I ran 3 times this week (well, run/walked) 1 mile, 2 miles, and 3 miles. I am going to wait until Tuesday to try again, and hit the treadmill instead od the hills around my neighborhood and see if that helps.

photo (6)

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Here is a summary of my week:

Sunday: rest

Monday: 30 minutes elliptical, weights

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: 1 mile run, weights

Thursday: 45 minutes stationary bike, weights

Friday: 2 mile run

Saturday: 3 mile run

I was doing SO WELL the past couple weeks with my two a days and my hard workouts, so it’s a little frustrating to have a lot of the high intensity come to a screeching halt, but I know I have to rest to heal. I am keeping KT Tape on 24/7 to aid in recovery and healing as well. That’s all I have to report for the day. back to stretching and foam rolling!

QOTD: How do you mental handle a sports injury?

Weekly Recap: April 2013 Week 2

Good morning! Yesterday I shared that Bobby and I are going on a Disney cruise in less than two weeks.


So, obviously I will be ramping up my workouts to prepare to be in a swimsuit for pretty much seven days straight. I have been taking it pretty easy the past couple of weeks which is needed sometimes, but it’s time to get back on track. Bobby and I were supposed to race a 5k yesterday at 5:00 but by 4:00 it was still SO hot and sunny (around 80 degrees) we decided to skip out, which honestly I have NEVER done for a race I have paid for. However, it was only $15 a person and proceeds go to the Make a Wish foundation. It was the fairy dust 5k, and while I was looking forward to running in my tutu again, I was exhausted after having my parents visit all day, and I knew it wouldn’t be a pretty race for me. Oh well. So this is what this past week of workouts looked like:

Sunday: rest

Monday: 3 mile run, triceps

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: 2 mile sprint workout

Thursday: rest

Friday: 35 minutes stationary bike, biceps

Saturday: rest

Definitely not my best week. With the weather warming up and half marathons season being over WAY too soon (jealous of everyone who still has months of half’s coming up! It’s hard to get faster when it’s hot most of the year!) I have slacked off a bit too much with my “non distance” running. August and the Dumbo double dare will be here before I know it, so I don’t need to completely lose all my fitness.


Disneyland half marathon 2012


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QOTD: Have you ever signed up for a race then not run it? Or any other sporting event?


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Weekly Recap: October Week 1


Happy Sunday! I am currently cruising the Caribbean, but I didn’t have a bad workout week this week and wanted to share. I also wanted to remind everyone to be on the safe side if you are feeling an ache or pain. I was supposed to run 6 miles Thursday, but was having some knee pain, like I had twisted them…both. The only thing I can think is when I ran on the treadmill the day before, I tried new insoles in my shoes and maybe it changed my gait. Either way, I got up early and started my run, and less than two tenths in, I knew something wasn’t right and that i wasn’t going to be able to do this. So instead of being dumb and running anyway, I hit the gym and rode the bike and lifted weights.


Here is my week summarized:

Sunday: rest

Monday: 3 mile run, chest, tri’s, abs

Tuesday: back, bi’s, abs, and legs, also walked the dogs 15 minutes)

Wednesday: 3 miles speed work on the TM, chest tri’s and abs

Thursday: 30 minutes bike, back, bi’s, abs

Friday: rest/travel day

Saturday: vacation

My running week wasn’t that great with the exclusion of my 6 mile run, but obviously my body was telling me to stop, and I am ok with that. I still had a good week of strength workouts (4 days) and some cross training.

On the cruise this week, my plan is to run 2-3 times, short easy runs, and lift weights 2-3 times. I do have a half marathon the day after we get back, so it is my taper week after all! have a great Sunday everyone.

QOTD: When your body says stop do you? Or do you push through anyway?