Emma Kate’s Birth Story: Part 1

We celebrated having Emma Kate for a week yesterday, so I thought it was high time to start her birth story before I forgot everything! If you don’t care about birth stories, sometimes icky medical details and the like, you may want to skip this post and any other birth story posts.

I told you all I had an induction date, but what I didn’t tell you is that it was at 39 weeks 1 day. I had kind of hinted at the fact that baby M was measuring big and I really wanted a vagnial birth and was ok with being induced, but I didn’t want to give an exact day, then I started the baby pool and REALLY didn’t want to give the date!

On the 23rd, I was super nervous all day. I had to go to the hospital for pre admissions and lab work, and I couldn’t believe I was going to be back the next day to have a baby. It was surreal and I didn’t feel like it was really happening. I was instructed to not eat or drink after midnight that night, and was worried about being hungry and weak during labor, so I stayed up until 11:00 and stuffed my face before going to bed. The bad thing about a scheduled induction is knowing the day you are going to have your baby. I slept for exactly one hour that night, and knew it was going to be bad going into the day already exhausted. We had to be at the hospital at 5:30, so I was up at 4:00 to shower and load the car. The poor dogs were so confused and I felt bad leaving them for a couple days.

I took one more belly shot for good measure, I can’t believe I looked like that just a week ago!

birth story

We made it to the hospital, checked in, and were brought back to a room by 6:00. At 6:15, I was given my IV, and then it was time for a not so fun enema. I had never had one before, and am glad I didn’t know all it entailed ahead of time because I would have been loathing it as well. Let’s just say it was REALLY not pleasant and not a fun experience, but after it was all over, I was glad it was done with and it was one less thing to worry about for the day (or the next several days!) The nurse was so sweet and made it as easy as possible and I was bummed she about to get off her shift for the day at 7:00!

At 7:00, I was introduced to my new nurse for the day, Laura. I was so excited when I saw her! She was the nurse who helped me when I had to go into the hospital for pre term labor, and she was super sweet and told me she hoped she got to help the day I had my baby, and here she was. Huge sigh of relief, because I know having a good nurse can really change your birthing experience, well, from what I have heard of course.

unnamed (2)

Before all the fun began

At 7:30, I was given antibiotics and Pitocin through an IV (I tested positive for group B strep). I had heard that once you get the Pitocin, you start having strong and fast contractions, so I was nervous about just how quickly things would progress as far as pain goes. (By the way, I had Bobby write down the times that things happened and I am SO glad I did because I can’t remember them all!)

At 7:40, my doctor came in to break my water. She checked me and I was already at 4 cm, so she said after she broke my water I could have an epidural whenever I wanted. I have to say, the water breaking and that last check were pretty painful, but luckily didn’t last long.

unnamed (3)

Last selfie before baby arrives!

After all of the commotion in such a short time, there was a lot of waiting around. I had my phone and had posted that I was being induced, so I had a lot of sweet well wishes and texts to read while we waited.

Poor Bobby was freezing cold, we didn’t think about bringing him a jacket or anything to the chilly hospital, but we were able to snag him a blanket while we waited.

unnamed (4)

I started being able to feel some contractions, like strong period cramps, They were about four minutes apart and strong enough I had to stop talking, but not strong enough that I was in a ton of pain for a long time, so very manageable. At 8:40, my mom arrived and the contractions were amping up a bit in intensity and getting closer together, but were still irregular.

unnamed (5)

At around 9:30, I decided it was time for the epidural. I was starting to have contractions every 2-3 minutes regularly, and they were getting stronger and harder to get through. I knew all along I was going to get an epidural, so I figured at this point, no reason to be a hero if I am getting one anyway. I told the nurse I was ready and come to find out the girl in the room next to me who checked in when I did had already called for one so I was going to have to wait a few minutes.

Around this time, my nurse Laura came in with another nurse, Athena. Laura told me she was also the nurse for the girl next door and apparently she needed some special attention so she would not be able to be my nurse as well. I was SO bummed out! Laura assured me Athena was great, and she told me she would come back when it was time for me to deliver if she could. She also told me today would have been her mother’s 82nd birthday and so I had to have the baby today. I was really sad I wouldn’t have Laura, but Athena ended up being terrific. I kept telling her how nervous I was for the epidural and how my whole life I had heard horror stories about it. She told me not to worry, that is wasn’t bad, she had one three times, with her three kids. She talked me through what would happen, how I would sit, etc. so we would be ready for when the doctor came in.

This is getting lengthy so I will save the next part for next week!

QOTD: If you were induced or had a scheduled section did you sleep the night before? Did you have a good nurse when you had your baby?

Anyone ever hear epidural horror stories growing up?

Pregnancy Update: Week 39

Pure insanity. I cannot believe we are “here” and honestly in disbelief baby M hasn’t come yet (so is my doctor!)

39weeks bump

I so clearly remember being jealous of women this close to delivering when I was at the beginning feeling so sick and wondering how I was going to make it to the end of September. But, here we are! I guess because we have been talking about the baby for so long, and it always seemed so far away, it is surreal that it has snuck up on me like this.

17weeks bump32weeks bump

Symptoms: VERY very antsy! I have been super cranky and hormonal this week, I’m sure it has to do with the anxiety and uncertainty of it all. Also probably the fact that I can’t get comfortable no matter what I do. I am starting to feel “puffy” and feel truly swollen all over for the first time. Also, people asking me if I have had the baby yet make me want to jump off a cliff. I PROMISE everyone will know when it’s time!

Baby’s Size: Watermelon! Crazy.

Maternity Clothes: I still fit into 2 pairs of shorts and a handful of tops. I sleep in Bobby’s large t-shirts.

Stretch Marks: None that I can see so far

Sleep: Not so good. Not because I’m not exhausted, but restless legs plus being super uncomfortable make it hard. More recently the anticipation has made it hard. I have been trying to nap when I can.

Miss Anything: Everything. Just…everything. Haha. (Can you tell I am so ready to be done?)

39weeks bump2

Cravings: I don’t eat much these days. I think I have lost weight.

Aversions: See above.

Looking Forward to: Getting her on the outside! Learning a new routine and a new normal.

What I’m Loving: Not feeling guilty for eating junk food, laying around the house, and taking naps. Soaking it up while I can!

Workouts: One walk, which was super uncomfortable

39weeks bump4

Don’t get me wrong, I feel so blessed to have had a pretty uneventful pregnancy so far, and know that things will be their own version of hard once baby M is here, but now I totally see what women mean at the end when they are just ready to be done and have the baby on the outside! I am definitely nervous about delivery, anxious about being in charge of a little person, but also so so done with this body that doesn’t feel like my own. Ready for my new normal!

QOTD: Did you get super antsy at the end of your pregnancy?

Now that it’s officially “fall” do your cravings change? (this question is for anyone!)

Pregnancy Update: Week 38

So crazy to think I won’t have many more of these! I think baby M and I are both ready for this leg of our journey to be over (more me than her I imagine haha).

38weeks bump3

(sorry for the picture quality, it was starting to get dark outside).

Not a whole lot changes now form week to week, but I did have another doctor appointment yesterday that went well. Heartbeat sounds good, everything looks good, and I have gained right at 30 pounds. I am dilated just over 3 cm, so I am progressing woo hoo! I know it’s not time just yet, but we did go ahead and discuss an induction date, just in case baby M decides to overstay her welcome. I’m not sharing the date because I don’t want to ruin the baby pool. If you haven’t made a guess yet, go ahead it will be fun, and the winner gets a prize!

So let’s take a look at how this past week has been:

Symptoms: Pretty much the same as last week, just feeling huge, slow, and tired. Bobby now has to help me stand up out of the double reclining chairs we have, standing up in general is a major workout. I have been doing some serious nesting trying to get the last few boxes unpacked and the house cleaned. I try to keep everything clean and laundry done “just in case”. I think getting more things done makes me feel more calm and in control, as I am not nearly as anxious about getting things done as I was when we moved in five weeks ago. (Yes I know I still haven’t posted any house pictures, I am so sorry! I will!) Overall though, I can’t complain much about this pregnancy, just the usual symptoms besides my one big pre term labor scare.

Baby’s Size: Pumpkin! I love it. How “fall-ish” and appropriate

Maternity Clothes: I can fit into exactly 2 pairs of shorts and a handful of shirts. SO ready to wear my old stuff again!

Stretch Marks: Still hanging on without I think.

Sleep: Up and down. Some nights I only get up twice, and some nights it’s four times and I lie awake for hours at a time. I am trying to be more mindful of what I eat and drink prior to bedtime.

Miss Anything: Being able to move well on my own! It’s quite humbling to need to much assistance and be so out of breath after climbing stairs or walking across a parking lot. I am not a fan of the feeling.

Cravings: Still on cold/frozen things like popsicles, orange sherbet, slushies, and the like. But it’s still in the 90’s here as well, yuck! Also the sweet tooth is still hanging around.

Aversions: Large meals consisting of anything. Veggies. Lots of meats. Basically anything healthy.

38weeks bump228weeks bump3

(38 weeks vs. 28 weeks)

Looking Forward to: Meeting this baby girl and sharing her with my readers!

What I’m Loving: Knowing that the end is near, especially now that I have an induction date. I finally got a test to reveal the gender of my baby and am waiting for it to arrive in the mail. I’m so excited!

Workouts: I actually have something to report here for once. On Monday I walked just over 26 minutes, which is the longest continual walk I have done since before I was put on modified bed rest back in week 34ish. Sadly, it really wore me out (granted it was 11:00 on a sunny hot day, but still).

QOTD: Did you set a “just in case” induction date when you were pregnant? Is it still hot where you live?

Baby Pool Guessing

Today I am officially 38 weeks pregnant! I have my weekly doctor’s appointment this morning, and I am quite anxious to hear what she has to say. Last week we discussed possible induction, but it will depend on how I am progressing. I would prefer to go into labor on my own, but also don’t want to go past my due date due to baby M’s already large size and my desire for a vaginal delivery.


Anyway, I will have my weekly update up tomorrow, but I thought it would be fun to do a baby pool. My fellow coworkers have started guessing so I thought an “official” pool would make things easier, and all of my blog readers can join in! There MAY even be a prize for the person who wins, so there is some incentive to get it right!

So how does it work? It’s easy, just go to baby M’s Baby Pool page and enter in your guesses for day, time, weight, etc. Should be fun!

QOTD: Have you ever participated in or won a baby pool? Are you good at guessing things like this?

Pregnancy Update: Week 37

Here we are at 37 weeks! I had a really good appointment yesterday with my doctor and got to see baby M via ultrasound again! I can’t believe we will be seeing her “for real” soon!

37weeks bump3

Symptoms: Feeling huge. I am getting to the “get this baby out of me” stage and am very uncomfortable no matter how I sit, stand, or lay. Sleep is tough, standing up is tough, can you tell I am just ready to go here people? I waddle everywhere, and am starting to feel like baby M may fall out. I found out at my appointment yesterday her head is VERY very low, so that all makes sense. I am also measuring a little over a week ahead, they estimate baby M weights 7 pounds 5 ounces, which is more than I weighed when I was BORN! Everything on the ultrasound looked good though, and I am dilated a “loose 2 cm” and 70% effaced and am measuring a little over a week ahead. The doctor said although baby’s head is low, it needs to turn a bit, and she thinks when that happens I will dilate very quickly since I am pretty thinned out. Scary stuff!

Baby’s Size: Wintermelon <—–what is that?

Maternity Clothes: I am done, you won’t see me buying anymore, I am making do with what I have, I am way too close to the end!

Stretch Marks: I think I am still ok

Sleep: Oy. I am still getting up every 2-3 hours to pee, but funny story, last night I made it over FIVE HOURS without getting up, and when I did get up at 3:30, I was so excited about this that I woke myself up too much, and proceeded to lie awake for over two hours. What luck.

37weeks bump2

Miss Anything: Really everything at this point. Walking, running, sleeping, eating, just being normal I guess. I am so blessed that things are going well with no real complications as of right now, but I would be lying if I said I feel great and love this stage.

Cravings: Popsicles and sherbet this week. I may have just polished off a carton before I started this post.

Aversions: I went to my favorite chicken place, Raisin Canes, after my appointment yesterday and could barely eat my chicken. So sad.

Looking Forward To: Meeting baby M and sharing her pictures and name with you all! I am so glad you are following along with us on this journey, thanks for hanging in there!

What I’m Loving: Thinking about how insane it is that Bobby and I are about to be parents. I feel like a kid doing something I am not supposed to be doing. Aren’t we too young for this kind of responsibility? It’s crazy!

Workouts: None from last week since I was still on modified bed rest, but now that I’m at 37 she said I can go back to doing whatever and if baby M comes, so be it. AAAAHHH!

I forgot to mention last week in my update, my super sweet Sunday School class at church threw us a diaper shower! We had breakfast, lots of diapers, and then they circled up around us, put their hands on our shoulders, and prayed for us. It was a really special time and we are so grateful for them!


Also, in case you missed it, I posted baby M’s nursery tour on the blog yesterday, check it out!

nursery tour

QOTD: Do you ever feel like you are too young to be doing “grown up stuff”? I felt the same way when I went to college and when I got married, and bought a house!

Pregnancy Update: Week 36

One more week until I am considered full term! I fell like a ticking time bomb now, it’s so weird knowing I could go into labor any day. I had my weekly appointment yesterday, and I we discussed my constant cramping. She said baby M is right behind my pubic bone and probably pressing on some nerves, but cramping can be a good sign of progress, too. We are going to do an ultrasound next week to see if I am still measuring two weeks ahead. I am up a total of 26 pounds, and my doctor is very happy with the way things are going as of now. I have been more anxious/nervous trying to get things together knowing it could really be any time now, it definitely feels more “real!”

36weeks bump

Symptoms: Constant period like cramps of varying intensity, insomnia, general feeling of being tired and run down. Definitely have the pregnant waddle down pat! Just an “uncomfortable” feeling, nothing out of the ordinary, I would just call it “normal pregnancy misery” aside from the cramps. Everything else is still pretty much the same. My skin is super clear, just having slight swelling (it’s SO HOT here!), belly button STILL has not completely popped out! My eyesight is noticeably more blurry and my brain is foggy as well.

Baby’s Size: Honeydew

Maternity Clothes: My generous friend Jen sent me more clothes! It’s been such a blessing to not have to buy much, and I know this will hold me over until the end!

Stretch Marks: Same ole same ole, fingers crossed!

Sleep: Eh. Still getting up to pee between 2-5 times a night. Trying to stay super hydrated with the issues I had with contractions last week, which makes sleeping for long stretches harder!

Miss Anything: Being able to stand unassisted? I am getting to the point where I think if I sat on the floor I would be stuck there all day until Bobby came home from work to help me up. Movement in general is just harder these days.

Cravings: Popsicles! I eat 2-3 a day. Also sweets/chocolate.

36weeks bump3

This is my “OhMyGoshBobby stop taking random pictures” face.

Aversions: Boring me again, with the beef and chicken. I can only do it in small doses. Well, all meals are small these days or I feel awful after.

Looking Forward To: Being done with this stage! I am admittedly an anxious person already, so this “any day now” business is very distracting, it’s hard to get my work done during the day.

What I’m Loving: Chatting with people about the baby, everyone asks me about her now at the store, church, etc. It’s fun! Also, the nursery is VERY close to completion!

Did you see yesterday’s post on recovering a glider? It has a nursery sneak peek in it!

recover glider

Workouts: None. After being admitted last week, I have been on a modified bed rest of sorts. No exercise, limit walking and climbing stairs, no lifting, etc. Rest rest rest (which is SO hard for me to do!)

QOTD: Did you feel like a ticking time bomb when you were in your last month?

Are you good at following your doctors orders when you are sick/have surgery etc.?

Unexpected Hospital Visit

So Tuesday definitely went differently than I expected! Yesterday I promised the details so here is what happened:

I woke up Tuesday with slight period-type cramps. I thought it was maybe just constipation so decided to wait it out. I had to bring Sassy to the vet for a surgery, so I dropped her off, went home, and the cramping was worse. I gave myself a time limit of 10:00, and said if it wasn’t better by then I was calling the doctor. I drank a bunch of water and sat down with my feet up, and it didn’t help.

I am not one to call my doctor unless absolutely necessary, so you know I was not feeling great if I actually called. I gave the nurse my symptoms and was quickly called back and told to come on into the office that morning. I jumped in the car and drove the 30 minutes to the office, and was seen pretty quickly. When the doctor came in, she told me based on my urine sample from 10 minutes ago, I had a UTI. Lovely. At that time I still had no idea what that had to do with my cramping, so for those unaware, you can learn what I learned:

A UTI during pregnancy can cause cramping and contractions and also can cause preterm labor if untreated. Apparently mine was pretty bad. I thought me going to the bathroom all the time was just because baby M was on my bladder! She also said they are very common in pregnant women, she even had one last year when she was pregnant, and it can be hard to decipher symptoms.

She then checked me, and told me my cervix was thinning out and I was 1-2 cm dilated. The problem was that we didn’t know if I was already like that, or if the UTI was causing me to actively dilate. To be safe (and to knock out the UTI faster), she had me go next door to the hospital to be admitted so they could monitor me and baby M for a couple hours, and give me fluids and antibiotics in an IV drip.


I was hooked up to monitors, and the doctor after a few minutes of looking, told me I was looking ok and could probably go home after the IV’s were finished. Well, about 50 minutes later, the nurse came in and said for the past 45 minutes I had been having contractions every eight minutes (I felt nothing!) and so the doctor wanted to give me a shot to stop labor, just in case. The shot made my heart race like crazy (which they warned me about) and I felt like I could go run a marathon.


Bobby stopped by to see me and give me a phone charger, but had to go back to work (well really, I shooed him back to work, no sense in him sitting there, this was before we knew I was having contractions though). Anyway, 30 minutes later the nurse comes back and said I only had one or two contractions so they wanted to give me a second shot just to be safe, so more jittering and heart racing, but after another 45 minutes  I was discharged. I was there in total from a little after noon until about 4:45.


I was given some antibiotics in pill form to take for a week, and I have another doctor appointment next Tuesday. It was quite the crazy day, and I am glad to be home and not at the hospital with a newborn! The good news is, since baby M was already measuring ahead and since girls seem to do better than boys, that even if I were to have her now she would more than likely be perfectly fine. However, my doctor preferred it if we could make it to 36 weeks (next Tuesday) but I could also not go into labor for another 4 weeks, so there is really no way of telling! I wasn’t put on bed rest, but was told no lifting, limit climbing stairs, no working out, etc. for a week until I go back to see the doctor. Some of you may have noticed I was wearing a hospital bracelet in my bump pics from yesterday’s post. Smile

QOTD: Anyone have experience with a UTI or preterm labor scare?

Who else is a bad patient like me? I kept asking when I could go home!

Pregnancy Update: Week 35

Whew what a week! I have kind of an…interesting story to tell you, but I am going to save it for it’s own post tomorrow, but yes it has to deal with the pregnancy, and a trip to the hospital, ssoooo stay tuned.

35weeks bump

Symptoms: Things are progressing people! Baby M has definitely dropped, I can breathe a lot better than I have been able to, but I have had to go to the bathroom ALL THE TIME. Also feeling pressure “down there”, lots of nesting instincts, and I have slowed wwaayyy down. I’m not as achy in my hips or back as I have been, I think her dropping has changed the pressure points she had on my body for so long. Uptick in gas and slight constipation this week as well. I have been trying to stay off my feet to keep swelling to a minimum. It’s SO dang hot here, I don’t feel like moving much or even venturing outside anyway. I have been getting up at night every two hours (getting used to it for when baby comes?) and have been wide awake around 4:00 every morning this week. Weird.

Baby’s Size: Coconut!

Maternity Clothes: I bought a dress on sale last week without trying it on (fail) and it looks awful on me, so it will be going back.

Stretch Marks: nothing new

Sleep: very broken, taken a couple of naps this week

Miss anything: My sanity. Oh, it counts.

Cravings: popsicles.

Aversions: A lot of stuff. Hot food. It’s so hot here I don’t want to eat much.

35 weeks vs. 31 weeks, you can see how much I have dropped! I used to just stick straight out.

35weeks bump3 31weeks bump2

Looking forward to: Honestly, getting this baby on the OUTSIDE of me. I want her to bake another couple weeks, but I am ready for this stage to be over.

What I’m loving: EVERYONE things I’m “about to pop” at “anytime” and I love the looks on their faces when I tell them I’m only 35 weeks. I think they feel sorry for me.

Workouts: Yeah, about that….

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the “story” I have to tell.

QOTD: When did you drop when you were pregnant?

Who has had less of an appetite because of the heat?

Pregnancy Update: Week 34

6 weeks to go! I remember envying the women this close back when I was earlier in my pregnancy, and I can’t believe it’s me! I got back to the doctor in two weeks then after that every week, which blows my mind. I’m excited but petrified at the same time. I do not feel prepared, but am way more calm than I anticipated I would be at this stage. Possibly still in denial? I have been so busy unpacking the house and working that I guess I just haven’t had as much time to fret. here’s hoping I stay calm AFTER baby M’s arrival!

34weeks bump

Symptoms: I think baby M is dropping. I feel her movements much lower, and I am back to feeling like I have to pee non stop, so I think she is chilling on my bladder. I am achy and tired at the end of the day, and getting up from sitting is near impossible without help, but I really can’t complain. I haven’t had any real “issues” to deal with so far, and for that I am thankful! I have noticed my ears and nose are non stop stuffy, which could be pregnancy related or not, also restless legs and calf cramps have come back for some fun.

Baby’s size: Butternut squash

Maternity clothes: So my goal was to hold out and not buy anymore, but with 6 weeks to go and exactly 2 pair of shorts that fit, I broke down and bought another pair. I also bought a dress on sale for $18 at Old Navy and a tank top for $4.99. I have been rotating between the same 3 skirts every week for church and really wanted something else to add in!

Stretch marks: Still nothing, not doing anything special or using any special creams either.

Sleep: Sometimes good sometimes bad, but I am falling asleep more easily since I have been so busy during the day. I nap probably 3-4 days a week and don’t even feel bad about it!

34weeks bump3

Miss anything: I saw a wedding cake martini on a menu last night and I rrreeaalllyyyy wanted it.

Cravings: It has been SO HOT here I have been craving frozen things and popsicles non stop. Also Gatorade. Also candy. I have problems.

Aversions: Same as always friends, still having issues with chicken and beef and veggies. I eat a lot of carbs though! Oh, and cheese. Always can eat cheese.

Looking forward to: Hopefully getting the car seat installed this week and maybe even the crib put together!

What I’m loving: Shopping. I have a few gift cards and I have been hanging out in the baby section at target and Wal-mart, it’s been fun! We still have a few big items we need that I am holding off on.

34weeks bump4

Workouts: I have been wearing my fitbit every day and walking around 7-8,000 steps, which is pretty good for not having a formal walk or run, that’s just walking around my house unpacking and cleaning. I have gained zero weight in the past month (went to the doctor yesterday) so I think I am doing ok.

QOTD: Were you more calm than you thought before having your baby? What are some things I should be prioritizing right now in terms of getting prepared. Her clothes are washed, but car seat isn’t in (obviously this is a must) crib isn’t together, hospital bag isn’t packed, hospital hasn’t even been VISITED!

Pregnancy Update: Week 33


33 weeks! It’s getting real! I feel so unprepared. The crib isn’t put together, car seat isn’t installed, and I have yet to tour the hospital. Oy! Must. Get. Moving. This. Week.

Symptoms: Nothing majorly different except I am getting more and more uncomfortable every day. My hips and back ache, rolling over in bed and getting out of bed hurts, and you an forget standing up on my own after sitting on the ground. I just feel huge and am starting to feel pressure “down there” and am ssooo ready to be done with this. Of course I want baby to keep cooking, but you know what I mean! Also, it is HOT outside, and I am hot all. the. time. No matter what I do I can’t seem to cool off, and have been staying indoors as much as possible. Who’s idea was is to be 8 months pregnant in the summer? Oh wait…

Baby’s Size: durian fruit <—– What the heck is that?

Maternity clothes: Nothing new, I’m really trying to hold out!

Stretch marks: Knock on wood, still ok!

Sleep: Still getting up several times a night, but not having as hard of a time falling back asleep. I think I have just been so exhausted from unpacking!

Miss anything: walking without waddling, not feeling tired all the time, just generally miss feeling “normal”. I really miss racing too. Seeing everyone’s photos of their runs etc. makes me ready to get back to it!

Cravings: Morning sickness is making a comeback, I have had two days this week where I haven’t wanted to eat anything at all and felt nauseated. I have been eating a lot of ice cream though. Smile 

Aversions: Most foods? I just don’t seem hungry ever, and “meals” do not seem appetizing. This explains my two pound weight loss at my last dr. appt. I have another appt. on Tuesday so we will see where I stand.

Looking forward to: Getting the nursery all set up and showing you guys! We got it started but I am not ready to share pics just yet!


But I will show you this from the nursery Smile

What I’m loving: It’s pretty obvious to everyone I am due soon. People in stores, etc. always ask when I’m due and if it’s a boy or girl, and it’s fun to chat. Except when the man at Lowe’s says “wow, you look like you are about to drop that baby! You must be due any day!” You should have seen the look on his face when I said I have 7 weeks left!

Workouts: Lots and lots of unpacking and moving, walking around placing things, etc. I am exhausted and still have a lot to do!

QOTD: When you were pregnant did people think you were a lot farther along than you really were?

What are your favorite color combos for nurseries that you have seen lately?