Wine and Dine Half Marathon 2017

This was my first time running the Wine and Dine Half in the daytime, and my first time participating in the two course challenge. Being tired and having my leg hurting me from the 10k the day before I was not feeling optimistic, but had no goals other than to have fun, and that’s what I did!

Keep in mind I was very under trained, I had run a 10k a few weeks prior and did a 9 mile run/walk (more walk than run) training run on a very hot day, but that was the extent of my training.

I was running solo again, and knew the first few miles would be dark and kind of boring, but I was ok with it. After my coral was set to go, I just got into a good rhythm and stuck with it. My leg started bothering me right from the start, but I pushed through, and am glad I did, because I ended up having a good race! I didn’t take any photos on the course because it was so. humid. My entire body was covered in sweat most of the race (and in the beginning before I was too sweaty, it was too dark!) and my fingers wouldn’t unlock my phone, but thankfully I got a ton of great photopass shots! (great as in I’m smiling and still running, not as in I look cute, because I don’t. I look like a sweaty mess.)

Running through Animal Kingdom was really fun because we were the first race to run through Pandora. I was kind of bummed that there were no photographers taking running shots of people in Pandora, just one if you wanted to stop and take a photo. Oh well, moving on.

So my quad and knee were really tight and hurt, but then honestly they just kind of went numb and were just a dull pain from mile 7 or so on. The only walk breaks I took were from stopping at water stops for about ten seconds each, and I stopped at every single one. Check out the photo below. The bottom left of my shirt is the color it’s “supposed” to be.

Running through Hollywood Studios was also fun because they had up their Christmas decorations. Once I got into this park I knew I would make it to the finish because the rest of the scenery was at least interesting after getting off the main roads.

I exited Hollywood Studios and headed towards the Boardwalk. OH! A total runner #fail I forgot to mention was fuel. Typically, runDisney races have GU packets which is what I take when I train anyway. However, this race handed out sport beans, which totally threw me off. Make sure to read all the info so you know what to expect. Do as I say, not as I do.

So I kept plugging along and realized I was keeping a pretty good clip despite my under trained status and the awful weather. I decided to keep pushing and see what I could do without absolutely killing myself. After all, I did want to end with a smile on my face and continue to enjoy the run.


I made it into EPCOT and knew I was in the home stretch. I was not anticipating turning RIGHT into EPCOT and going all the way around World Showcase (again, runner fail. I’m sure the map was in the runner guide). My GPS is always off so I thought we would be turning left and going around the “short side” so that kind of knocked the wind out of my sails, but I knew we were still close.

I love running around the World Showcase, lots of room, pretty scenery, and it also means you are almost done!

So up until this point I had stopped for zero characters and the only time I walked was for water stops. As I approached this little guy, he had NO ONE in line and I felt bad for him so I jumped in, took a picture and kept going. What a cute little guy. He just needed a friend.

I passed Spaceship Earth and headed “back stage” the old familiar way I have run so many times before. I made the last corner and heard cheering and decided to give everything I had left, which turned out to be a lot! I sprinted to the end and crossed the finish line.

I did it! Another runDisney race in the books. I got my half medal, my challenge medal, and then had to document with a photo since no one was there to take one for me. I was back at the hotel, showered and in bed for a nap before most people were headed into the parks for the day, and I had a great feeling of accomplishment.

I was reminded I am so much stronger than I think, and after all these years of running, even when I don’t actually train, my body knows what to do. I ended up finishing the half in 2:17, which is just a few minutes off my PR, and that’s with running a hard 10k the day before. My mile pace was actually FASTER at the half than the 10k! It just goes to show you every day and every race is different, and this one was fun. I’m so glad I was able to run and have such a fun runDisney weekend.


runDisney Wine and Dine 10K Recap 2017

At the beginning of November, I had the opportunity to run the runDisney Two Course Challenge, made up of the Wine and Dine 10K and half marathon. I registered last minute and was under trained, so I just had fun with it, and fun was definitely had!

I didn’t take many photos during the race since it was dark when I started and dark when I finished, but I did take some video, which is at the end of this post. I will give a brief recap though.

I woke up at 3:00 and met my friend Amanda to go to the bus at 3:45 (last bus is at 4:00 and we were at the back of the resort). We were on a bus within five minutes, and got to the start with TONS of time to kill. (Side note: notice how straight and thin my hair looks here? Remember this for later).

This is one thing I dislike, that you are forced to arrive so early if you use Disney transportation. It was a few minutes after 4:00 when we arrived and the race didn’t start until 5:30. We hung out at the start and just chatted, went to the bathroom, etc. and then said our goodbyes and headed into our respective corals. I got as close to the front as I could and sat down. This is where I stayed for about 40 minutes waiting for the race. I didn’t want to play on my phone too much as I didn’t want the battery to die, so it was honestly pretty boring, heh. Finally they started moving the corals up, and then the race started. I was in coral B, so thankfully didn’t have to wait too long.

I started running and immediately remembered something about runDisney races, you get zero time to warm up since you are sitting in a corral for so long, then you take off on cold muscles. By the time I realized it was happening, my leg that has been bugging me tightened up like crazy and I knew I was in for a long weekend. It wasn’t bad, but I could “feel” it if that makes sense. My quad tightened then it worked its way down to my knee by mile three and was hurting a little.

Honestly, the first 3 miles were really boring until we got into Hollywood Studios. I only saw I think one character in the park, and the line was super long so I passed. We then headed across the way to the Boardwalk It was so humid the decking was slippery so I had to be careful.

I saw the line for tourist Genie, and it was long but not SUPER long, so I hopped in line because, why not? I don’t know if I have ever taken a picture with him. (Notice how wavy my hair is now!)

It was nice to take a little breather in the super thick humidity, and then I moved on to EPCOT.

I saw these guys in Canada (do you think they wold be upset if they knew I never saw their movie?)

I then knew I was in the homestretch. It was so weird running here in the dark, it’s usually daylight by time I get to this point, and think I have only run in the dark here the year I did Dopey.

I made it that final familiar stretch I have run so many times, and crossed the finish line somewhere around 1:04. Not bad for all my stopping!

wine and dine 10k

I was smiling when I finished, which is all I cared about. I was so thankful to have the opportunity to run so last minute, and in my favorite place. It’s often during races I am reminded how truly blessed I am.

wine and dine 10k

Now on to the half marathon recap! But first, in case you missed it, here’s my expo recap, and don’t forget to check out my video below:

Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend Expo 2017

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to run the runDisney Wine and Dine half marathon weekend two course challenge. I have not run this race since it was at night time, and since it added a 10k, so I was pumped to get to experience a new to me race.

I love race expos, especially runDisney race expos. Amanda and I went after lunch and it wasn’t bad/crazy at all! We got out bibs and shirts and did a little shopping. There was still plenty of merchandise left (it was Friday) but I know some sold out by Saturday.

I will say I missed the memo that the race merchandise would be where you pick up your bibs, so we did have to go BACK over there to do our shopping. However it was nice that they had more room and could spread out more!

I didn’t take a ton of photos, however I did take some video, so be sure to check it out below!


5 Things Friday XXIX

Happy Friday friends! It’s been awhile since I did a 5 things Friday, and I thought it would be a fun way to “catch up” with you all.

1.) A cruise redo: Remember when my husband and I were supposed to go on a cruise with Carnival in September and it got cancelled due to a little thing called hurricane Irma? Well we were finally able to reschedule! It’s a 6 night western instead of an 8 night eastern, but still on the gorgeous Carnival Vista and we are pumped to leave in just over two weeks! You can follow along with me on social media (@heatherslg) and the hashtag #CruisingCarnival.

(I just bought these towel clips so our towels won’t blow away on the ship, I have meant to do it for years!)

2.) Finally fall? Y’all, we had to put our heat on last night! It dropped down to 50 and this girl was cold, but I’m not complaining! We have had record breaking heat this October (90’s!) so I was thankful to get to wear pants and a cozy sweater today. I’m busting out my boots tomorrow! Unfortunately it’s not staying this way, but maybe now we won’t be reaching the 90’s anymore until May? One can hope!

3.) Wine and Dine: I announced on Instagram stories a couple weeks ago that due to the generosity of a sweet friend I will be running the two course challenge! Yes I’m under trained and I have no costume (help?) but I am running both races and am PUMPED! I haven’t run this once since 2013 so it’s time.

4.) Giveaway: Head on over to Instagram because I am hosting a giveaway, a gift certificate, and if you like athletic apparel you need to check it out. It closes in a couple days so hurry.


5.) Webinar and pre sale: In case you aren’t on my email list or follow me on social, you may not know my pre sale for my e-course: Social Side Hustle, 21 days to becoming a social media manager, started yesterday. Not only can you get my course at the lowest price now, but you can sign up for a FREE webinar all about getting social media clients. Also if you would like to get on my email list here is the link for that.

I know I just gave you a ton of links and information, but y’all are sharp, I know you got this. I hope everyone has a fabulous fall weekend, has great weather, attends at least two pumpkin patches and three trunk or treats (no seriously we have a really busy weekend!)

QOTD: What are you or your kids dressing up as for Halloween? 

5 Fall Races in the Southeast

I am in the middle of my fall half marathon training plan, and I have heard many others say that they are beginning to ramp up their mileage as well. For us here in the south, half marathon and marathon season is VERY short. It won’t really start cooling down here until October, and most distances races are over by March, so we have to cram in as many races as we can.


Training in cooler weather! Yes!

I am honestly still undecided about my race season and thought many of you may be as well, so I decided to compile several fall races you may want to check out if you live or plan on running in the southeast. Some I have run myself, and some just look like a lot of fun! Hopefully some of you can give input on the ones that I haven’t run that look fun!

fall races

1.) Gulf Coast half Mandeville, Louisiana: This is a fun, flat half marathon in my hometown! Just a short drive to New Orleans, you can run a race and still visit the city without expensive city hotel prices. This course is beautiful and goes through old Mandeville and along the beautiful lakefront. October is a great time to race in Louisiana, too! I haven’t signed up yet, but really hoping to run this one with Bobby this year! I had just had Emma Kate last year so I missed it.

2.) Rock n Roll Savannah: As a member of the Rock ‘n Blog team, I am partial to Rock n Roll races, and while I haven’t run this one, it’s on my bucket list and I have heard nothing but wonderful things about this gorgeous course in such a historic city. It sounds like a great November weekend racecation to me! (enter code LOOKINGGLASS15 for $15 off registration!)

3.) runDisney Wine and Dine half and 5k: This race is sold out for this year, but listen to me, SIGN UP AS SOON AS YOU CAN for 2016! It’s SO MUCH FUN. It’s a nighttime race, in the happiest place on earth! Plus, it has an amazing after party in EPCOT celebrating the race and the food and wine festival. This race is typically held the second week in November.

photo (18)

4.) Space Coast marathon and half: This is another one I have heard nothing but good things about. This is Florida’s oldest marathon, and is run along a beautiful waterfront course on Florida’s east coast. The entire event revolves around the space theme, which is pretty awesome. Race is November 29th!

5.) Thunder Road marathon, half, and 5k: This race weekend is in Charlotte, North Carolina. There is a whole weekend of fun with a marathon, half, and 5k option. This is a fun weekend in mid November and celebrates stock car racing. Plenty of family friendly fun and music, this weekend is for the everyone. I have also heard the course is very scenic!

QOTD: Any favorite fall races in the south?

New runDisney Medals Revealed

Hey everyone, first of all thank you so much for your kind words yesterday about my grandmother. My dad met with the social worker yesterday afternoon, and she was moved to Hospice by ambulance yesterday evening. Please keep praying especially for my mom and dad as they have to handle all of this.

On a happier note, you may have noticed runDisney released two new medals in the past couple of days, and they are so pretty! Not only that, they spin! I have become obsessed with spinner medals ever since my 2013 marathon weekend medal was put around my neck. It’s still my favorite! Can I just say how bummed I am to be missing out, particularly on Wine and Dine? I’m guessing this is just one of many sacrifices I will be making for my children Smile I love the colors and designs for both medals. The creative minds behind these designs just keep impressing me every time!

First up, the Wine and Dine 5th Anniversary medal. I LOVE the color!

wineanddine2014(2) wineanddine2014

Next, the 10 year Goofy design.



Obsessed with both. Too bad I swore off full marathons for a long time. Heh.

Sadly it’s too late to register for Wine and Dine, but, you can sign up to get your very own shiny new Goofy medal when registration opens! Folks, anniversary years sell out FAST so DO NOT wait around if you want to take part. Registration opens April 22, but if you are an annual passholder or DVC member, you can register THIS WEDNESDAY, April 16th. You can go to for more information and to sign up when registration opens.

QOTD: Did you/will you sign up for these? Thoughts on the medals? Do you like ones that spin?

Expo Time Again!

It’s runDisney expo day! I love it. So much excitement surrounding the race weekend, and everyone is PUMPED UP! Check out my expo recap from last year here.  I am pretty tired from the meet up (recap to come!) But still excited about the race tomorrow night.

photo (24)

Today we will be going to magic Kingdom for a bit before heading to the Wine and Dine expo after lunch. Then tomorrow it’s rest, lunch at Earl of Sandwich, and nap, then RACE! (Check out my race tips if you missed them).

Sunday we plan to sleep in after the race and post-race party, then head to EPCOT to bid farewell to the food and wine festival. Then we are meeting up with some friends before heading to ESPN to watch the Saints play Sunday night football. Monday is our last full day and we will head to Hollywood Studios and hopefully see the Osborne lights at some point (other than running through them at the race).

photo (19)

I can’t wait to reveal my race costume tomorrow, it’s going to be fun! If you see me at the expo today or at the race or party, be sure to say HI, I would love to chat! I get sad when people say they saw me but didn’t want to bother me etc. PLEASE say hello! Have a great day everyone!

QOTD: What is your favorite thing about a race expo?

Peer Pressure

I think this tweet sums it up:


It’s official. I will be running the runDisney Wine and Dine Half marathon again! Everyone on Twitter pushed me over the edge with their darn peer pressure. Ok, so many it didn’t take much convincing, but still.  I really wanted a redemption run. I was so sick last year I didn’t enjoy the race and had to leave the after party right as I had changed clothes to go out and enjoy it. Not so fun. Since we will have just been in Disney for the Tower of Terror 10 miler, we are only staying 4-5 days and will be staying at a new-to-me resort, Port Orleans French Quarter!


No offense to the resort, but being from New Orleans, I was never thrilled about staying here, but in an effort to stay at as many different resorts as possible, I thought I would give it a shot. I did spend some time over there on this past trip taking photos and I went on a run through the property, so I am kind of excited. I love how you can make a Disney trip “new” every time by staying at a different resort.


If you are on the fence for Wine and Dine, consider this your nudge to the other side. Hurry, this race probably won’t last through the weekend. Register now!

QOTD: Have you ever stayed at a hotel themed like your hometown? Thoughts?

September Look Back: Wine and Dine Half


Did you know it’s less than three months until Christmas? Don’t panic! We still have to get through Halloween and Thanksgiving, but I just wanted to throw that in there. It’s my favorite. I started thinking about last Christmas, which got me thinking about the past in general and what I was doing last year. If you have been reading RWS for awhile you know every now and then I like to look back and see what I was doing a year ago. I think it’s so important to look back and reflect, it’s the best way to learn from experience, and be thankful for all the blessings we have!

So, end of September 2011, I had just gotten back from my Disney vacation, and was heading BACK to Disney to work the runDisney Wine and Dine half marathon expo for Running Skirts and run the 5k and the half marathon. I had a really bad head cold, and it is probably the most exhausted I have been in my entire life, but also so much fun!


We set up the expo Thursday, worked all day Friday, then Saturday morning I was up at 4:45 for the 5k. After the 5k it was time for a quick shower and then back to the expo to work all day, then take down the booth, and pack all the skirts up. I had time to grab a quick bite for dinner, and then it was time to head to the busses for the race. I almost fell asleep on the bus on the way to the race and wondered what the HECK I was doing out here, by myself, trying to do all this. I ended up having a blast running and at the after party, and finally fell into bed after being awake for over 24 hours, running 2 races and working for 3 days while sick. It was crazy looking back on it.

I can’t wait to run Wine and Dine this year with Bobby and watch him get his coast to coast medal!


I went on to run another half marathon the next weekend, and then another one after that (which led to a stress fracture). Such a whirlwind, exhausting, but awesome race weekend in Disney World! As I look back, I realize I grew up a lot during that time. It was my first time being in charge of the booth at an expo, my first time flying to Disney and staying there by myself, I even walked around the parks by myself. It was a lot more fun being solo in Disney than I thought it would be, and I also have some great memories to look back on.

QOTD: What is something fun you were doing this time last year?

Disney’s Wine and Dine Half Marathon 2011


Good morning friends! Just had to brag, I FINALLY qualify for half fanatics! You can bet I will be signing up soon. That’s right, I ran half marathons on back to back weekends, and well, I can now say that is NOT an easy thing to do (especially after working the expos at both races!) The Gulf Coast Half went well yesterday, lots of stories to share, but before I get ahead of myself, I need to recap the Wine and Dine half from last weekend.

Just a reminder, I got up that Saturday morning at 5 after working all day Friday at the expo. I ran the 5k, then worked the expo again all day, and then tore down the booth, packed the boxes, etc. Then, I got on a bus at 7:45 pm to go run the Wine and Dine half! It was really strange getting on the race bus by myself.  I kept thinking “I have to run over 13 miles now?!” We got to the start area, which was already full of people.



I was meeting up with my skirt helper Brandi and her husband, and with our friend Dave (all three of us were wearing matching running skirts, so I kept looking for my twin!) After a while they arrived and then the fun began!


We also met up with a friend of Dave’s from work, and all 5 of us sort of decided to run together. After some dancing fun and more picture taking…



We headed to our corrals. We made it into one, and slowly started moving up towards the start.


There were of course fireworks and the regular Disney fanfare, and pretty soon we were off! We had decided to run this race slow and for fun, and stop and take as many pictures as we could with characters, landmarks, etc. So, that is exactly what we did! The first two miles were really annoying. They were very congested and it was impossible to bust through groups of people running four across or walking. We had five people and never ran more than two across, but we kind of figured out our own way to make sure everyone was still with us. Whoever was in the front would yell to the back to make sure we were all still there. It was a fun thing to do along the way and I think everyone around us thought we had lost our minds. (There may or may not have been a lot of singing, jumping, running in circles, etc.)

As promised, we hit every.single. character. Which, by the way, there were not as many as I thought there should have been, or compared to other Disney races I have run.



After a long stretch of well, nothingness, we finally made it into Animal Kingdom (did anyone else REALLY smell the animals? It was either that or someone forgot to shower…)




75420-683-014f 75420-683-015f

We made it out of Animal Kingdom (I was having SERIOUS deja vu from running the 5k there that morning!) We stopped for a potty break, and then headed back out onto the road.


we were commanded to sprint up the hill


and we finally made it into Hollywood Studios




where we ran into some friends

293429_2090772509538_1251990882_31999694_1502554357_n 301453_2090771629516_1251990882_31999692_390166835_n

321256_2090771069502_1251990882_31999690_604254521_n 308074_2090506942899_1251990882_31999476_1378171763_n

309323_2090505982875_1251990882_31999473_1909081267_n 315913_2090507942924_1251990882_31999480_813643773_n

309699_2087894797597_1251990882_31997520_1853951505_n DSC00036

Then we finally hit what I was looking forward to, the Osborne Lights! We literally stopped running and just wandered around for a good five minutes (on the course, of course!) It was so beautiful and cool to run through! They were playing Christmas music as well.

312532_2090507302908_1251990882_31999477_1773178827_n DSC00042

DSC00043 DSC00045

We spend a lot of time in DHS, and then headed out the front and towards the Boardwalk. We hit the boardwalk and there were a few spectators cheering us on home. We picked up the pace as we headed towards Epcot, knowing that we were so close! Right in front of the finish line, we saw Minnie and Mickey!


The finish was kind of anti climactic. It’s not like marathon weekend where there is a big grandstand of people, it was this weird twist and turn, and no spectators were allowed over there. Honestly I didn’t even realize we had crossed and that it was RIGHT by our Minnie/Mickey picture!



We did it! Half number 7, in the books! We finished in around 2:50, with hitting all the characters, and a potty stop. Definitely my slowest half, but my most fun!


It was so much fun running with my new friends and having no pressure to run fast. I think Disney races are so expensive, that we did it the way they should be run! I did not enjoy running that late at night, and I was disappointed in the amount of characters, but I still had a great time. It threw my sleep schedule very much out of whack, but I was leaving that day so it was alright!

I will do a separate post about the after party, so stay tuned!

QOTD: Have you ever run a night race? thoughts?