Pregnancy Update: Week 38

So crazy to think I won’t have many more of these! I think baby M and I are both ready for this leg of our journey to be over (more me than her I imagine haha).

38weeks bump3

(sorry for the picture quality, it was starting to get dark outside).

Not a whole lot changes now form week to week, but I did have another doctor appointment yesterday that went well. Heartbeat sounds good, everything looks good, and I have gained right at 30 pounds. I am dilated just over 3 cm, so I am progressing woo hoo! I know it’s not time just yet, but we did go ahead and discuss an induction date, just in case baby M decides to overstay her welcome. I’m not sharing the date because I don’t want to ruin the baby pool. If you haven’t made a guess yet, go ahead it will be fun, and the winner gets a prize!

So let’s take a look at how this past week has been:

Symptoms: Pretty much the same as last week, just feeling huge, slow, and tired. Bobby now has to help me stand up out of the double reclining chairs we have, standing up in general is a major workout. I have been doing some serious nesting trying to get the last few boxes unpacked and the house cleaned. I try to keep everything clean and laundry done “just in case”. I think getting more things done makes me feel more calm and in control, as I am not nearly as anxious about getting things done as I was when we moved in five weeks ago. (Yes I know I still haven’t posted any house pictures, I am so sorry! I will!) Overall though, I can’t complain much about this pregnancy, just the usual symptoms besides my one big pre term labor scare.

Baby’s Size: Pumpkin! I love it. How “fall-ish” and appropriate

Maternity Clothes: I can fit into exactly 2 pairs of shorts and a handful of shirts. SO ready to wear my old stuff again!

Stretch Marks: Still hanging on without I think.

Sleep: Up and down. Some nights I only get up twice, and some nights it’s four times and I lie awake for hours at a time. I am trying to be more mindful of what I eat and drink prior to bedtime.

Miss Anything: Being able to move well on my own! It’s quite humbling to need to much assistance and be so out of breath after climbing stairs or walking across a parking lot. I am not a fan of the feeling.

Cravings: Still on cold/frozen things like popsicles, orange sherbet, slushies, and the like. But it’s still in the 90’s here as well, yuck! Also the sweet tooth is still hanging around.

Aversions: Large meals consisting of anything. Veggies. Lots of meats. Basically anything healthy.

38weeks bump228weeks bump3

(38 weeks vs. 28 weeks)

Looking Forward to: Meeting this baby girl and sharing her with my readers!

What I’m Loving: Knowing that the end is near, especially now that I have an induction date. I finally got a test to reveal the gender of my baby and am waiting for it to arrive in the mail. I’m so excited!

Workouts: I actually have something to report here for once. On Monday I walked just over 26 minutes, which is the longest continual walk I have done since before I was put on modified bed rest back in week 34ish. Sadly, it really wore me out (granted it was 11:00 on a sunny hot day, but still).

QOTD: Did you set a “just in case” induction date when you were pregnant? Is it still hot where you live?

Pregnancy Update: Week 36

One more week until I am considered full term! I fell like a ticking time bomb now, it’s so weird knowing I could go into labor any day. I had my weekly appointment yesterday, and I we discussed my constant cramping. She said baby M is right behind my pubic bone and probably pressing on some nerves, but cramping can be a good sign of progress, too. We are going to do an ultrasound next week to see if I am still measuring two weeks ahead. I am up a total of 26 pounds, and my doctor is very happy with the way things are going as of now. I have been more anxious/nervous trying to get things together knowing it could really be any time now, it definitely feels more “real!”

36weeks bump

Symptoms: Constant period like cramps of varying intensity, insomnia, general feeling of being tired and run down. Definitely have the pregnant waddle down pat! Just an “uncomfortable” feeling, nothing out of the ordinary, I would just call it “normal pregnancy misery” aside from the cramps. Everything else is still pretty much the same. My skin is super clear, just having slight swelling (it’s SO HOT here!), belly button STILL has not completely popped out! My eyesight is noticeably more blurry and my brain is foggy as well.

Baby’s Size: Honeydew

Maternity Clothes: My generous friend Jen sent me more clothes! It’s been such a blessing to not have to buy much, and I know this will hold me over until the end!

Stretch Marks: Same ole same ole, fingers crossed!

Sleep: Eh. Still getting up to pee between 2-5 times a night. Trying to stay super hydrated with the issues I had with contractions last week, which makes sleeping for long stretches harder!

Miss Anything: Being able to stand unassisted? I am getting to the point where I think if I sat on the floor I would be stuck there all day until Bobby came home from work to help me up. Movement in general is just harder these days.

Cravings: Popsicles! I eat 2-3 a day. Also sweets/chocolate.

36weeks bump3

This is my “OhMyGoshBobby stop taking random pictures” face.

Aversions: Boring me again, with the beef and chicken. I can only do it in small doses. Well, all meals are small these days or I feel awful after.

Looking Forward To: Being done with this stage! I am admittedly an anxious person already, so this “any day now” business is very distracting, it’s hard to get my work done during the day.

What I’m Loving: Chatting with people about the baby, everyone asks me about her now at the store, church, etc. It’s fun! Also, the nursery is VERY close to completion!

Did you see yesterday’s post on recovering a glider? It has a nursery sneak peek in it!

recover glider

Workouts: None. After being admitted last week, I have been on a modified bed rest of sorts. No exercise, limit walking and climbing stairs, no lifting, etc. Rest rest rest (which is SO hard for me to do!)

QOTD: Did you feel like a ticking time bomb when you were in your last month?

Are you good at following your doctors orders when you are sick/have surgery etc.?

Pregnancy Update: Week 35

Whew what a week! I have kind of an…interesting story to tell you, but I am going to save it for it’s own post tomorrow, but yes it has to deal with the pregnancy, and a trip to the hospital, ssoooo stay tuned.

35weeks bump

Symptoms: Things are progressing people! Baby M has definitely dropped, I can breathe a lot better than I have been able to, but I have had to go to the bathroom ALL THE TIME. Also feeling pressure “down there”, lots of nesting instincts, and I have slowed wwaayyy down. I’m not as achy in my hips or back as I have been, I think her dropping has changed the pressure points she had on my body for so long. Uptick in gas and slight constipation this week as well. I have been trying to stay off my feet to keep swelling to a minimum. It’s SO dang hot here, I don’t feel like moving much or even venturing outside anyway. I have been getting up at night every two hours (getting used to it for when baby comes?) and have been wide awake around 4:00 every morning this week. Weird.

Baby’s Size: Coconut!

Maternity Clothes: I bought a dress on sale last week without trying it on (fail) and it looks awful on me, so it will be going back.

Stretch Marks: nothing new

Sleep: very broken, taken a couple of naps this week

Miss anything: My sanity. Oh, it counts.

Cravings: popsicles.

Aversions: A lot of stuff. Hot food. It’s so hot here I don’t want to eat much.

35 weeks vs. 31 weeks, you can see how much I have dropped! I used to just stick straight out.

35weeks bump3 31weeks bump2

Looking forward to: Honestly, getting this baby on the OUTSIDE of me. I want her to bake another couple weeks, but I am ready for this stage to be over.

What I’m loving: EVERYONE things I’m “about to pop” at “anytime” and I love the looks on their faces when I tell them I’m only 35 weeks. I think they feel sorry for me.

Workouts: Yeah, about that….

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the “story” I have to tell.

QOTD: When did you drop when you were pregnant?

Who has had less of an appetite because of the heat?

Pregnancy Update: Week 34

6 weeks to go! I remember envying the women this close back when I was earlier in my pregnancy, and I can’t believe it’s me! I got back to the doctor in two weeks then after that every week, which blows my mind. I’m excited but petrified at the same time. I do not feel prepared, but am way more calm than I anticipated I would be at this stage. Possibly still in denial? I have been so busy unpacking the house and working that I guess I just haven’t had as much time to fret. here’s hoping I stay calm AFTER baby M’s arrival!

34weeks bump

Symptoms: I think baby M is dropping. I feel her movements much lower, and I am back to feeling like I have to pee non stop, so I think she is chilling on my bladder. I am achy and tired at the end of the day, and getting up from sitting is near impossible without help, but I really can’t complain. I haven’t had any real “issues” to deal with so far, and for that I am thankful! I have noticed my ears and nose are non stop stuffy, which could be pregnancy related or not, also restless legs and calf cramps have come back for some fun.

Baby’s size: Butternut squash

Maternity clothes: So my goal was to hold out and not buy anymore, but with 6 weeks to go and exactly 2 pair of shorts that fit, I broke down and bought another pair. I also bought a dress on sale for $18 at Old Navy and a tank top for $4.99. I have been rotating between the same 3 skirts every week for church and really wanted something else to add in!

Stretch marks: Still nothing, not doing anything special or using any special creams either.

Sleep: Sometimes good sometimes bad, but I am falling asleep more easily since I have been so busy during the day. I nap probably 3-4 days a week and don’t even feel bad about it!

34weeks bump3

Miss anything: I saw a wedding cake martini on a menu last night and I rrreeaalllyyyy wanted it.

Cravings: It has been SO HOT here I have been craving frozen things and popsicles non stop. Also Gatorade. Also candy. I have problems.

Aversions: Same as always friends, still having issues with chicken and beef and veggies. I eat a lot of carbs though! Oh, and cheese. Always can eat cheese.

Looking forward to: Hopefully getting the car seat installed this week and maybe even the crib put together!

What I’m loving: Shopping. I have a few gift cards and I have been hanging out in the baby section at target and Wal-mart, it’s been fun! We still have a few big items we need that I am holding off on.

34weeks bump4

Workouts: I have been wearing my fitbit every day and walking around 7-8,000 steps, which is pretty good for not having a formal walk or run, that’s just walking around my house unpacking and cleaning. I have gained zero weight in the past month (went to the doctor yesterday) so I think I am doing ok.

QOTD: Were you more calm than you thought before having your baby? What are some things I should be prioritizing right now in terms of getting prepared. Her clothes are washed, but car seat isn’t in (obviously this is a must) crib isn’t together, hospital bag isn’t packed, hospital hasn’t even been VISITED!

Pregnancy Update: Week 33


33 weeks! It’s getting real! I feel so unprepared. The crib isn’t put together, car seat isn’t installed, and I have yet to tour the hospital. Oy! Must. Get. Moving. This. Week.

Symptoms: Nothing majorly different except I am getting more and more uncomfortable every day. My hips and back ache, rolling over in bed and getting out of bed hurts, and you an forget standing up on my own after sitting on the ground. I just feel huge and am starting to feel pressure “down there” and am ssooo ready to be done with this. Of course I want baby to keep cooking, but you know what I mean! Also, it is HOT outside, and I am hot all. the. time. No matter what I do I can’t seem to cool off, and have been staying indoors as much as possible. Who’s idea was is to be 8 months pregnant in the summer? Oh wait…

Baby’s Size: durian fruit <—– What the heck is that?

Maternity clothes: Nothing new, I’m really trying to hold out!

Stretch marks: Knock on wood, still ok!

Sleep: Still getting up several times a night, but not having as hard of a time falling back asleep. I think I have just been so exhausted from unpacking!

Miss anything: walking without waddling, not feeling tired all the time, just generally miss feeling “normal”. I really miss racing too. Seeing everyone’s photos of their runs etc. makes me ready to get back to it!

Cravings: Morning sickness is making a comeback, I have had two days this week where I haven’t wanted to eat anything at all and felt nauseated. I have been eating a lot of ice cream though. Smile 

Aversions: Most foods? I just don’t seem hungry ever, and “meals” do not seem appetizing. This explains my two pound weight loss at my last dr. appt. I have another appt. on Tuesday so we will see where I stand.

Looking forward to: Getting the nursery all set up and showing you guys! We got it started but I am not ready to share pics just yet!


But I will show you this from the nursery Smile

What I’m loving: It’s pretty obvious to everyone I am due soon. People in stores, etc. always ask when I’m due and if it’s a boy or girl, and it’s fun to chat. Except when the man at Lowe’s says “wow, you look like you are about to drop that baby! You must be due any day!” You should have seen the look on his face when I said I have 7 weeks left!

Workouts: Lots and lots of unpacking and moving, walking around placing things, etc. I am exhausted and still have a lot to do!

QOTD: When you were pregnant did people think you were a lot farther along than you really were?

What are your favorite color combos for nurseries that you have seen lately?

Pregnancy Update: Week 32

No lie, the weeks are running together so much now I had to check my blog before I started writing to see what week I was in! I used to think women who couldn’t remember were crazy, I mean, how can you forget something so monumental, but it happens!

So, here we are, week 32, and my baby is due NEXT MONTH! mind blowing. I still laugh at how at week 20 I thought I was “huge” heh.

32weeks bump

I went to my doctor’s appointment yesterday, (my mom came too) and we heard baby M’s heartbeat and everything is looking good and still on track. I actually lost two pounds, but the doctor didn’t seem worried.

Symptoms: Most of the same, sorry I am not very exciting. I’m very tired and have had a few days where nausea has crept back in again. Overly emotional, peeing all the time, not sleeping well. My low pelvic pain shifted for a few days from straight across my lower pelvis to just on my right side/around my hip and shooting down the top of my right thigh. Not sure if I have pinched a nerve or something but just walking is quite painful so I have been sitting a lot. I have been feeling very overwhelmed a lot lately since we move into our new house tomorrow, but hoping once we get settled I will feel better and more prepared.

Baby’s Size: Squash

Maternity clothes: Nothing new, although I will admit I now have to sleep in Bobby’s size large t-shirts as the mediums don’t cover my belly anymore! Mediums used to be my “big” sleep shirts. I have a lot of tops that still do fit, but not very many bottoms, so you will see the same things over and over. My apologies.

Stretch marks: Still doing ok!

Sleep: Still getting up to potty 2-4 times a night and randomly waking up. I try to limit my naps to earlier in the day and to 45 minutes or so, in hopes I will sleep better at night.

32weeks bump2

Miss anything: At this point I just miss being able to roll over in bed without hurting! It’s the little things.

Cravings: Sweets sweets and more sweets.

Aversions: Spices, anything with a really full flavor, too much protein.

Looking Forward to: MOVING TOMORROW! Painting the nursery this weekend (thanks dad).

What I’m loving: Knowing that this is not forever!

Workouts: Pretty non existent with my new hip pain. However I know tomorrow and the days to follow I will get plenty of workouts in unpacking boxes.

QOTD: Did you ever have pain going down the top of one of your thighs while pregnant?

This heat is killing me…who is ready for fall?

Pregnancy Update: Week 31

Holy moly do I feel big. It’s scary to think I still have 2 months to go! How is it possible I will get much bigger than this? There is no more room, gah!

31weeks bump

This week has been pretty tiring with all the things going on with moving out of our old house. I felt pretty useless because I got tired so quickly, and I am feeling every single pound of this extra weight.

I am getting to the point where I am having a hard time standing from a chair or the bed, walking faster than a snails pace, or standing on my feet for too long. I think I am slowly starting to come to grips with the new norm, and just accept it for this time and not try to fight it.

Symptoms: I am starting to feel more pressure on my pelvis as the days go on, and my hip flexors are starting to feel very strained. A new ache would be my arches. I have super high arches in my feet, and they are not doing well supporting the extra weight so quickly. Still getting up a lot to go to the bathroom in the night, with last night being a new record of five times. My hormones are making me weepy and moody (sorry Bobby) and I get irrational about little things that I KNOW are crazy but I just can’t seem to help it.

Baby’s size: Pineapple  <—- whoa

Maternity clothes: A sweet girl that works in the same travel agency as me sent me a cute maternity top this week. Can’t wait to wear it!

Stretch marks: Knock on wood, nothing new!

31weeks bump2

Sleep: Some good nights some bad night, but I probably suffer from insomnia 4-5 nights a week which is no fun. Rolling over in bed is hard, and getting comfortable is getting very difficult.

Miss anything: A lot of things if I’m being honest. Counting down until I can start getting back to normal Smile

Cravings: Not really a lot, I have not had a huge appetite this week. I think I am running out of room. That plus heartburn plus the return of a bit of nausea (seriously?!) has made it hard to eat.

Aversions: Food in general? Ha.

Looking forward to: My mom comes in town next week and will be going to my dr. appointment with me. She has never heard the heartbeat nor has she met my doctor.

What I’m loving: Finally relaxing a bit and not being so uptight about how I’m feeling. I am finally accepting this is just the way things are for now and it is freeing to not stress about my workouts, food, how productive I am (not) being etc.

Workouts: Does packing/moving count? I have been stretching, doing yoga, and getting in walks and squats and lunges when I can but nothing high intensity. Those days are sadly over for another couple months!

QOTD: Mamas, did you have 3rd tri morning sickness or food aversions?
Would you rather pack a hour or unpack a house?

Pregnancy Update: Week 30


30weeks bump

Symptoms: I feel bad complaining but I just feel big and slow and tired. I know it’s just going to get worse, but we just have a lot going on in our lives right now trying to move and get settled, so hopefully once that happens I can rest more (physically and mentally!) and prepare for baby M! I noticed it is getting much harder for me to do simple things like get out of bed, stand up out of a chair, roll over in bed at night etc. Also my hips have started aching regularly and I am trying to sit more/put my feet up.

Baby’s size: Cucumber/large cabbage

Let’s compare, 20 weeks to 30 weeks…..

20weeks bump 30weeks bump

Whoa, baby! 10 weeks makes a big difference! And to think I thought I was “huge” at 20 weeks! Ha!

Maternity Clothes: Still refusing to buy anything new, although I am having a hard time fitting into shorts now. I wear the same 2 paid over and over, and same pair of denim shorts and capris. Trying to make them last!

Stretch marks: Nothing new but I don’t check super close

Sleep: Oy. So up and down. Two day ago I was wide awake at 3:15, finally got out of bed at 5:00 when I realized I was tired of staring at the ceiling. Then last night I actually had a decent sleep, so confusing!

Miss anything: Feeling normal, running, good sleep.

30weeks preggo

Cravings: Same (I’m so boring) carbs, chocolate, frozen things

Aversions: large meals, that’s about it.

Looking forward to: MOVING! Yes my friends, we will be in a permanent home as of next Wednesday!

What I’m loving: Pinning nursery ideas, so much fun to think about and I can’t wait to nest!

Workouts: Just walking this week, I try to go every other day between 1-2 miles. Also doing stretches and a few leg exercises like squats, leg lifts, etc.

QOTD: Did you go all out decorating a nursery? Did you make a lot of things or just buy stuff?

Anyone else craving frozen things? Maybe it’s just because it’s summer and has nothing to do with pregnancy!

Pregnancy Update: Week 29

Hello last week of my 20’s (and last year of my 20’s!) Fun fact: I was 28 weeks pregnant at age 28, and 29 weeks pregnant at age 29. How cool is that? It’s the little things.

29week bump

This past week was quite the whirlwind, and not going to lie I have been a little overwhelmed. Still waiting for a few things to fall into place then I can share some fun news with you all.

Symptoms: This is the first week since my first trimester that I felt like my hormones were all over the place. I am sure a lot has to do with all of the thing we are going through right now other than me being pregnant, but I found myself just wanting to burst into tears a few times this past week, which was definitely odd because I was aware it was happening, but there was still nothing I could do about it.

Trying to pack up an entire house in your third trimester is not recommended. Talk about exhausted and sore! I almost fell asleep at the dinner table. My feet hurt like they do when I run a marathon, and my back and hips were throbbing after the two days we packed up the house. it had to be done though, and I am glad we got it over with, and I can unpack at a much slower pace. It’s been so hot here, and I have started noticing swelling in my feet. I am trying to elevate them, wear compression socks, and drink lots of water but haven’t noticed a ton of difference yet.

Still feeling lots of kicks, jabs and rolls, and I have another appointment next Monday with my doctor. This two week business makes me feel like I am always there!

Baby’s Size: Acorn squash (what the heck is that?)

Maternity Clothes: None, and hopefully no more. I don’t want to spend money on them at this point, so I apologize because you will see me wear the same things over and over for 2.5 more months!

Stretch Marks: Not that I can see, but I did have a nightmare this week that I got them all over my biceps and triceps, how weird is that?

Sleep: Sleep was really bad at the beginning of the week, but the past 2-3 nights have been much better. I am still getting up 2-4 times a night to go to the bathroom, but I am falling back asleep easier than I was before.

Miss Anything: Energy, feeling like “me”. The old me would have had no problem working hard packing up the house, and it’s been hard accepting limitations.

Cravings: Carbs and sugar. How healthy! I do eat sugar every day but try to limit it to a snack after dinner, and with my iced coffee.

Aversions: I just feel blah in general certain days to food, but then sometimes I am really hungry. I will never understand.


I did however eat a lot of cake last weekend.

Looking Forward to: Getting some things settled in our personal lives, which should happen by the end of July.

What I’m Loving: Setting up our newborn photography session! My birthday present from Bobby.

Workouts: Packing for two days was pretty brutal, then I rested Friday and had baby shower and birthday Saturday/Sunday, traveled home Monday, rained all day Tuesday. Hope to get in a walk today!

QOTD: Did you do newborn pictures of your baby?

What is the weirdest dream you ever had?

Pregnancy Update: Week 28

Hello third trimester! What a fun milestone to hit. I can confirm that the “honeymoon” phase of the 2nd tri is OVER and I am getting more uncomfortable every day. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful to have no serious complications so far, but I also underestimated back pain, inability to sleep, and other things that come along with this stage of pregnancy.

28weeks bump


This is the face of someone who slept 2 hours the night before. Oy.

On Monday I had another appointment, and even an ultrasound. The tech was really great and spent a lot of time with me pointing things out, and just letting me see baby girl move around. She had her hands up by her face, feet up by her head, and was sticking her tongue out. I feel so much better after seeing her again and knowing she’s still ok.

baby 28 weeks

Interesting development, baby M is measuring ahead! Like, almost two weeks ahead! The day of the appointment I was 27 weeks 6 days, and I am measuring 29 weeks four days. No wonder I feel so big! I wasn’t a big baby and neither was Bobby, so we will see what happens as we get closer.

Symptoms: Swelling (wedding ring has officially moved to my pinky) insomnia, sore back, round ligament pain, tiredness, hip pain, heartburn, hard to eat a lot of food at once/feeling very full quickly, just general uncomfortable-ness. Carrying around this extra weight has started taking it’s toll, and it’s quite humbling to be honest.

Baby’s Size: eggplant

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new

Stretch Marks: Nothing new, but belly has been a little itchy lately.

Sleep: Oh boy. Not good. Two nights ago was the worst. Felt asleep at 10:45, woke up at 12:45, was up till 4:45, took a short “nap” until just after 5. I was a zombie all day, I couldn’t thing straight and it made me sick to my stomach. Really hoping I can sleep tonight! Between the insomnia and getting up to go to the bathroom and waking up sweating it has been a long week.

Miss Anything: sslleeeppp, however I know this will only get worse Smile

Cravings: Just sweets and cold things in this hot weather. Oh, also cheese.

Aversions: Large meals of any kind. A lot of snacking happening in the Montgomery house.

Looking Forward to: My BABY SHOWER Saturday!

What I’m Loving: Hitting that third trimester milestone really takes some of the pressure and worry off. I am loving feeling not QUITE so stressed about health of baby M this week.

Workouts: Two walks this week, I have been focusing on yoga and stretching as well as some lunges, squats, leg lifts etc. while I watch tv. I have been feeling it in my hips the next day!

QOTD: What did you do to help you sleep when pregnant?

What do you do when you AREN’T pregnant and can’t sleep?